Introducing the Gaslight Gothic Zendula eBook Bundle

Whether you are hooked on the Gaslight Gothic series or new to discovering it, J.E.F. Rose’s Amazon bookshelf now includes a bundle of the entire series.

The reasonable price of $10 gets you all 3 books, plus the Fin de Siecle prequel.

Fin de Siecle can be downloaded for free on the Gaslight Gothic page here on the site. Pass along to all of your steampunk friends.

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Captain Nemo’s Armory

Art piece to be entered at the 2021 San Diego Count Fair’s Fine Art Show

Featuring four steampunk ray guns, goggles, magnifying glasses, cigarette case, spectacles case, workable gears inside and outside, as well as steampunk Edison light fixtures.

Gaslight Gothic Zendula: Cast of Characters

King Perceval Astel is the very aging king of a country he helped to become great. But now it is the blacken end of a grimy industrial era and he does not recognize his own capital city. He worries how history will judge his regime which both helped push Zendula into the elite club of Great Divergence Superpowers but has also left behind a legacy of industrial brutalization and broken dreams. He hopes Eald and Mayor Black Theri Anthrope can push through his proposed Perceval Social Reforms over the opposition of the Robber Barons and the Morlocks. But his legacy might only be the grand Underground Train Network. Alas, he knows something about that Wyvern lurking in the moldering 2nd Age sewers which the brand new and ultra modern 4th Age urban train engineers don’t know about. And the aging king is also afraid that the road to hell, ie the underground railroad, is paved in good intentions. To be exact: his decision in 1857 to allow Muslim ‘refugees’ to come to Zendula. Those ‘refugees’ are now radicalizing —- dangerously.

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