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Raygun Gothic Zendula


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The Wyckoff Process


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Adrian’s Revenge


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Curse Of The Peryton


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William Terris


Wallace Reid

Die Young And Leave A Beautiful Corpse: A Short Biography of the Victorian Actor William Terriss


Beautiful And Damned: The Tragedy of Wallace Reid Hollywood’s First Movie Star

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Does Zendula Land exist?

According to J.E.F. Rose it does…

Professor Rose is a historian and archeologist of Zendula. After an illustrious career as a self admitted second tier scholar he retired. Then like so many academics he turned to writing of a more creative bend which combines his love of Zendulan history with fiction and art. He is determined to fictionalize the key eras of the history of Zendula from the moment of mythic creation to the modern day. Let’s hope his health holds out! Professor Rose is 63 years old and a widower. Professor Rose presently lives in The Havens which is the capital of Zendula.

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