Illustrations: The Great Mutiny of Zendula

Enjoy fifty lavishly colored illustrations of the 1857 India and savor the romance and beauty just before the tragedy of India’s violent civil war caused by a clash of three civilizations. Then check out the illustrations of John Nicholson and Bill Sikes who were both caught in the middle of the tragic Siege of Delhi in Tournament Of Shadows when Bill Sikes is trapped in the besieged city while trying to get away with a priceless jewel necklace intended for Queen Victoria β€”- if Bill can get out alive that is! Hint! Hint! Surviving both warring sides during the spiraling descent into madness of a captive city devolving into hell on earth requires organizing a black market while playing both sides against each other. What can possibly go wrong?

These illustrations are from the John Nicholson of India series.

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