The Werewolves of Zendula


The Werewolves of Zendula: Dispite acute Werephobia the Werewolves prepare to fight and die for Zendula as World War One approaches. Among the young citizen militias preparing for war is Roy Blackheart Wolfe a young teenager who lost his parents to smallpox. To his surprise Roy is given a scholarship to Badon Charity School For Orphans of Meritorious Militiamen through a mysterious benefactor named Rafer Wolfram Yew who has a beautiful daughter and a wicked wife. This means young Roy, a poor Werewolf son of a humble cowboy, might be able to enter the Cadetship to be a junior officer in his local shire citizen militia. Roy finds himself an orphan with great expectations!

Through the mysterious Rafer Wolfram Yew Roy meets the elite of the aristocratic Pedigrees descended from the ancient Elves and Dwarves like Lord Clare. Roy falls hopelessly in love with the mischievous Luna Clare to the anguish of Maeve Yew who quietly loves Roy β€” who loves Luna Clare. Luna Clare is also loved by another Pedigree, Lucien Raton, a somewhat ruthless young man being recruited into Military Intelligence as World War One approaches. Roy also learns that Rafer is being ordered back into military service in another Special Forces Unit called the Koryos Bersherkers: Paramilitary Special Forces Werewolves!

At the same time The Havens is terrorized by violent attacks by Reds and Anarchists as well as a mysterious mass murderer called the Smiley Face Killer. As the nation stumbles into war black-marketeers start pillaging the farms and ranches and manor estates of the citizen militias and Pedigree gentry who have gone off to fight leaving the countryside defenseless except for the plucky Militia Land Girls and a mysteorus paranormal White Wolf who magically appears to fight the forces of evil. A Werewolf vigilante! Or else could the White Wolf be a mysterious samurai’s son named Sessue Raiju who is exiled from Japan because of his secret pedigree? And who is the mysterious Mr Fox, a retired master criminal, who is allied to Sessue Raiju?

Who will survive the war Over There? What will the brave soldiers find when they come back home? Who will win the hand of the mischievous Luna? And why does Rafer want Roy to marry his beautiful and rich but most unhappy daughter Maeve? And who does Maeve love?


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