Raygun Gothic Zendula

Series Plot

Besides Adrian’s vendetta against devious spies, corrupt studio producers, and hidden enemies who have viciously betrayed him Adrian still has to do the occasional automobile race and even more occasional movie. Each book also shows how 1920 silent movies were created. Each book simultaneously tells the movie story alongside the making of the movie creating stories inside of stories all of which simultaneously climax in each novel. 

Throw in a Morlock revolution in the Old Citadel, a fascist movement,  a coup against a king who might actually deserve to be deposed, a beautiful queen in need of a handsome paladin, and the chance to fall in love with the perfect woman (who happens to be a sentient Robota) and you have an exciting trilogy plus a prequel. All lavishly illustrated!

Raygun Gothic continues the stories and characters of the previous Walk Like A Werewolf: The Rise And Fall Of Elgar Lovell Reid Zendula’s Most Notorious Werewolf, Fin De Siecle, and Gaslight Gothic, all of which are also lavishly illustrated as well as Fairawayland novellas about the young actor friend of Adrian Reid: Daffy Gilbert Blackheart. Like Adrian, Daffy will also find himself fighting Sneed the vicious movie studio producer. And of course it is also lavishly illustrated!

And if you are intrigued by the Morlocks please check out the ‘Steampunk’ inspired Rise And Fall Of The Swell Mobs Of The 7 Dials to learn more about the dangerous and fascinating Morlocks and their invention of a ray gun that causes death by spontaneous combustion. And check out the illustrations too!

And if you want to continue the history of Zendula then jump forward a century to the Randolph Conall Books about a cowboy movie star and the Populist Revolt Trilogy which climaxes with Ragnarok Calls to bring yourself up to date with the dramatic history of Zendula!