The Plague Doctor

Enjoy a fully colorized slide show populated by a dozen bizarre Plague Doctors. A discredited spy is hunting down a mysterious criminal mastermind called the Plague Doctor who leaves a plague bouquet by every corpse. The latest corpse is a possible criminal accountant who is found with a plague bouquet and a torn page from his ledger of mysterious cyphers clutched in his dead fingers. The discredited spy insists that the dead man, an old Franco Fascist, ran a black-market business in smuggled Spanish Colonial treasures. The ruins of his burned out bomb shelter conceal links to the infamous Plague Doctor. Was he killed before he could expose the Plague Doctor? Was his mysterious talk radio rants actual cyphers and codes to other criminals of the mysterious Plague Doctor’s world wide network of crime β€” or else was it just senile rants of a bitter old man? The police consider all of this too far fetched. But the discredited spy insists that the diabolical Plague Doctor, her own personal Moriarty, is hunting a lost Spanish Treasure Trove pilfered during the Spanish Civil War and this modern Day Moriarty doesn’t care how many people die in the pursuit. The discredited spy also tells the police that this diabolical Plague Doctor has a grudge and is taunting her with threats to kill her son in retribution’s for her own misdeeds. Ignored, the discredited spy hunts for this fiendish Plague Doctor during Carnival. Spies collide with spies as the discredited spy follows the last messages of the dead accountant from Venice Carnival to Spanish Carnival where the dead accountant apparently was trying to track down his lost grandson during recent terror attacks. Meanwhile, Interpol picks up chatter about a terror attack at the famous San Diego Harbor Side Convention Center annual hosting of Comic Con, a modern day Carnival for LARPers. Can the discredited spy track down the terrorist linked to the mysterious Plague Doctor before a terror attack kills thousands of tourists along with movie stand-ins for Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman? Or are all of the celebrants of Comic Con mere collateral damage to an actual plot of personal retribution? Or else is all of this nothing more than the ravings of a spy gone mad?

Zendula proudly presents The Plague Doctor, inspired by a work-in-progress by Tony Freyer.

Plot: a brutal murder sends the prime suspect on a dangerous search for the Plague Doctor: a rumored Spanish Moriarty Mastermind of Crime. Each is hunting down the other. All as rumors circulate of a coming terror attack.

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