Illustrations: Werewolves

Discover the Werewolves of Zendula. Through the Elvish Blackhearts a genetic mutation appeared which procreated the biomorphic Werewolves of Zendula. The Werewolves are part of the Pedigrees that rule Zendula to this day despite growing Werephobia, Werewolf Prejudice, and Werewolf Discrimination including signs in windows that say ‘No Dogs Or Werewolves Allowed’ which triggered the founding of the controversial Werewolf Pride Movement founded by the notorious and also tragic Elgar Lovell Reid a genteel country manor Werewolf who aspired to save the country he loved only to be condemned for treason as an enemy of the state. Enjoy a slide show of over a hundred illustrations including Part I: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Werewolves And Was Afraid to Ask. The Werewolves of Zendula. Part II: The Curse Of The Black Swan The Founding of the Elvish Werewolves of Blackheart. Part III: Elgar Lovell Reid Zendula’s Most Notorious Werewolf. Also check out other famous Werewolves of Zendula like the feral Bill Sikes in The Rise And Fall Of The Swell Mob Of The Seven Dials, King Arthur Dagmar Astel in Gaslight Gothic Zendula, Walk Like A Werewolf which is the biggest baddest collection of every conceivable form of Werewolf imaginable, and the coming book: The Werewolves of Zendula — a romance? Is there anything more scary than two sexy young Werewolves in love with the same cool as a cucumber icy blond Elvish Pedigree heiress?

Part I: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Werewolves and Was Afraid to Ask. The Werewolves of Zendula.

*You might recognize Bill Sikes from The Rise and Fall of the Swell Mob of the Seven Dials book as a 19th century werewolf!

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Part II: The Curse of the Black Swan.

The Tragic History of Elvish Werewolves.

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Part III: The Rise and Fall of Elgar Lovell Reid.

Zendula’s Most Notorious Werewolf.

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Part IV: Endgame

Adrian Reid’s Final Visit to the Ruins of Elgar Lovell Reid’s Manor House

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