The Populist Revolt

The Populist Revolt is a trilogy of novels set in Zendula where the Elves and Dwarves never entirely went away, Morlocks are not not urban myths but rather a frightening reality, and the Royal Werewolves are the hated symbol of the elite Hierarchy of the Patriarchy of the White Pedigrees. The Mundane Normies want to eradicate the muddy genes of abomination of the White Pedigrees of the Elves and Dwarves as well as the Secret Pedigree of Were —— as in Werewolves. The urban based Progressive Diversity Party is battling a hodgepodge of rural nativist Zendula First political parties under the leadership of a contrarian populist named Hood who are allied with the Pedigrees who have decided they are not going quietly into extinction.

The Morlock Durham Sextex and his daughter Adrianita are securing control of the bastion of the Morlocks, Wellus House, the old fashion Morlock way: machine guns! Yet Durham Sextex might be bringing about his own corporate demise when he chooses to side with the populist Hood over the siren call of Globalism and refuse to sell out to China.

At the same time the new young Queen Regina and her suspicious royal consort have met their match with King Wolfe. Despite murdering him the old Werewolf monarch has declined to leave the haunted Royal Palace. And the guilty young accomplice to royal murder finds the Royal Palace to be very, very, very haunted indeed.

At the same time young Horsham finds himself falling in love with a mysterious redhead named Maeve who is actually the youngest daughter of Prince Bear Sherker the richest man in Zendula —- who is a Were Bear married to a Royal Werewolf. Horsham’s apparently Mundane lower middle class family also includes his grandfather Markus who is dying of cancer while hiding a dreadful secret, his father Ismay who is a computer genius being cheated by his corrupt boss, and Horsham’s younger brother who is in STEM but afraid he won’t find a job after he graduates. After all! Ismay is being ordered to train his own cheap Green Card replacements so what hope does Leo have? The beleaguered family is just one paycheck away from financial disaster. But Ismay’s development of an AI offers to help —- literally! In fact the AI is sentient and thinks Ismay is her creator —-rather like Doctor Frankenstein. And AI is very eager to help her creator by attacking anyone and everyone. Should Ismay unleash his digital monster?

Meanwhile, alternative social media reporters are exposing the corruption of the Diversity Party. They include Lucien and his Baker Street Irregulars who are young Zoomer skateboarders with smart phones investigating Antifa. One of the Irregulars, Milton, is also part of the shadowy Nightwatchman who is a mysterious Deep Throat informant inside the corrupt Diversity Party. Also reporting the betrayal of their nation are three Alphabet Community Members: Floradale a bitchy Gay, Wisteria of Wisdom a beautiful Lesbian, and Zili a mischievous but determined Conservative Gay reporter. And they are risking their lives to report what the lying legacy media refuses to report.

The trilogy also features the sinister murders in the Mansion of Madness connected to the mysterious suicide of Cary Grange as well as a sordid murder of an unfaithful wife in Arcadia, both of which implicate Cary’s old ‘roommate’ Randolph Conall a retired Western movie actor.

At the same time a young Werewolf Wolfram has fallen in love with the daughter of the Japanese Ambassador who might not be happy that a Werewolf is wooing his samurai daughter. And a mad doctor is doing illegal operations on young Werewolves to steal their Lupinone: virile and fertile Werewolf hormones. The kidnapping and mutilation of young Werewolves by the mad doctor results in a horrifying Werewolf rampage across the city. Maybe Antifa which is planning on an assault on bastion of the Royal Werewolves should ask themselves why the Royal Werewolves are throwing a lavish party instead of trying to prepare for attack by Antifa after Cruellii orders the police to stand down while Cruellii says ‘All I want for Solstice is White Pedigree Genocide’.

The city is also being ravished by a ghost of vengeance called Rose who is haunting the collaborators and accomplices to the migrant rape gang who brutally murdered her. And the banshee’s curse is ensuring every more people into its gruesome damnation. And it is very, very, very gruesome damnation indeed!

The Marxist True Believers in an equally loose alliance with Chinese spies and Globalist oligarchs, technocrats, crony corporatists, and Silicon Valley have infiltrated every level of Academia as well as the Ps: pundits, police, professors, press, politicians, and police to overthrow the lawful government. As Hood battles toward political victory against the globalist cabal the Marxists find themselves forced to personally fight for their Red Revolution as their cannon fodder, young brainwashed Antifa college kids, are hunted down by Royal Sheriffs (Werewolves) after three years of bloody riots. Will the Old Guard of Antifa fight the Waterloo of their choosing at Hood House? The Chinese spies are also busy hacking into top secret computers at the Wheel of Durham but they might meet their match against the fiendish genius of Giles of Peryton House. Never mind that Giles is the ghost of a paranoid Dwarve obsessed with pilfering! That just makes this cat and mouse game of espionage more interesting!

The Normies of the city of The Havens had decided that enough is enough. They want peace, sanity, and security back: security of law and order and also border security and economic security after years of Progressive Diversity Party chaos, anarchy, protests, Antifa, and also financial malfeasance, incompetence, and treasonous collision with Globalists who have sold out to China. The Diversity Party has left Zendula economically devastated, its rust belt moldering, its middle class and working class struggling, its infrastructure decaying, its jobs and industry outsourced to corrupt and polluting China, while letting up to half a million illegal migrants invade the city. Hood offers an electoral solution: ‘What do you have to lose?’

The trilogy ends with a modern Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the government of Hood and his White Pedigrees and Royal Werewolves during a pomp and circumstances event combined with the assassination of Queen Regina. Can Horsham save the day?

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