Ragnarok Calls

A mysterious traveler materializes in the home of his old friend Rufus Raton a book collector only to find that the Raton descendants are being besieged by feral Eloi: radicalized college students and Antifa Black Bloc supporters determined to burn down the historic townhouse with its acclaimed collection of priceless books. The mysterious Englishman sides with the beleaguered Ratons in a city of his future which he finds to be one of utter horror and madness. Londinium is playing out the myth of Ragnarok in real time with Raton Townhouse slated to be the burning of Valhalla. The family’s public motto is to find a book for every reader and a reader for every book but the family’s private motto is ‘We must protect the past for the future but we must also protect the past from the future. Old Raton warned his descendants to expect a visit from mysterious George Herbert and now he has arrived.

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