Illustrations: Dwarves

The Rise of the Dwarves

Discover the Dwarves of Zendula, where they originated, their closest kindred the Neanderthals, their fabled citadels, their libertarian virtues and vices, their capitalistic strengths and weaknesses, their surviving arts and relics, their ancient faces, and their modern descendants the hybrid Pedigrees who today run the treasuries and banks of the Goldbottom the financial epicenter of Zendula. Then meet the diseased mutants abandoned long ago to die in the mithril polluted Old Citadel. To everyone’s horror they not only refused to die but survived and evolved into something monstrous that nevertheless demands to be declared the True Heirs of the Dwarves of Durham The Deathless: the Morlocks! Then discover how the Dwarves became the Morlocks and confront the Morlocks face to face and hear their message for Mankind in The Morlocks of Zendula. From the books of horror of J.E.F. Rose. Also check out the Fin de Siecle and the romantic angst of a lovelorn Dwarvish Pedigree and his best friend an Elvish Pedigree during the waning years of the Nineteenth Century and the sinister foreigner they meet on a fog shrouded street named Dorian Grey.

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