Rise of the Amberlings

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The martial Amberlings migrated into Zendula during the First Age from India. They are part of the Diaspora of the Proto Indo European Steppes People who originated in Siberia before migrating into the Steppes and dispersing across the continent of Eurasia in every direction (as well as migrating across the Siberian land bridge to the Americas). To be exact the Amberlings are descendants of the Yamnaya, Androvanian, and Scythian Steppes Peoples as well as their descendants the Caucasus Peoples, Iranian (Aryan) Persian Pathans, the Kushan Empire Greco Indians, the Punjabis Rajputs, and the Bhat Aryans [Brahmins]. The oldest Proto Indo European word these ancient Steppes Peoples used to describe themselves is Heryos which later became ‘Heroes’ and actually is the root for the word ‘Aryan’ which later evolved into the modern word Iranian.

The Amberlings brought a martial caste to Zendula which is typical of the Pathans, Rajputs, and Bhat Brahmins. The Amberlings see themselves as both a martial hierarchy and also part of the ruling elite of Zendula. To this day the Amberlings consider the Army, the Navy, and Government administration as their only acceptable occupations. The Courts of Equity drenched in ancient power, privilege, and duty defines their identity. As such they display both the strength and the weakness of the Proto Indo European ‘Aryan’ caste mentality: hierarchy, patriarchy, history, heritage, authority, duty, martial heroism, patriotism, and elitism are incarnate in their privileged pedigree. To this day the Amberlings display the same over achieving zeal to dominate and rule as the self proclaimed shield wall of the nation and the preservers of the country just like their ancient ancestors who swept across half of Eurasia to dominate half of the world.

The ancient ancestors of the Amberlings are rooted in the long ago migrations of the Proto Indo European Steppes People across Eurasia. These migrations were propelled by the allure of trade, adventure, and conquest along the legendary Silk Road running across north India (and both the Hindu Kushi Mountain Range and the Himalayan Mountain Range) which connects Europe and China. This ancient highway was originally pioneered by the Neanderthals. People have crossed and crisscrossed it for eons. Originally this ancient highway across Eurasia was a rich sea of grass fed by many rivers and lakes. A lost Eden. Once these Steppes People drove huge herds of cattle, goats, and the new cold weather sheep (boasting a new dense wool ideal for spinning) across the sea of grass as they hunted the last of the Ice Age gigantic fauna into extinction like the giant mammoth and the giant stag and the giant bear. These huge herds allowed the Steppes People to become rich.

And the reason why they could become rich through this huge herds was because they had developed lactose tolerance so they did not need to prematurely kill the herds to survive. So they could commercialize the cattle and sheep instead. And because of the abundance of mega fauna and also luxurious wild grains they could thrive better than any Mesolithic hunter gatherer or Neolithic peasant farmer. And they could drive the herds across the Steppes from winter to summer pastures and then across the sea of grass to market across the Caucasus and the Black Sea because of some thing amazing: the Steppes horse which they not only domesticated to milk and eat but to ride! And not just ride but hitch to revolutionary technology called the wagon! A wagon which they new and improved with revolutionary spoked wheels, axles, yoke, harness, bridle, cheekpieces, and bit! Their kurgan tombs soon boasted a parvenu’s riches unprecedented in the Mesolithic and Neolithic worlds!

The ancient lust which fueled this Steppes trade along the Silk Road for horses, cattle, wool that could be spun to mass produce brightly dyed woolen textiles, lumber, ores, and minerals drove this global trade. Empires bought and sold the commodities of the Steppes in general and the Silk Road in particular which made the bold and audacious millions. In today’s valuation billons. Ancient Ur in Mesopotamia once bought hundreds of thousands of then rare and precious Steppes horses a year as well as lumber, wool, copper, gold, silver, and tin along with precious mineral gemstones. Ancient Neolithic Europe traded for the Steppes horse too. The Steppes horse was the both the prestigious thing for rich graves and the needful thing for everyone with a wagon or later chariot. Up to this point no one had the horse! The horse was revolutionary! Both to ride and to hitch to a wagon! And when the Steppes people then invented the chariot for their horses to haul then the known world was turned upside down!

Then Ancient Persia and Old Egypt cut its way into the deal. The Indo European Hittites introduced the chariot to Mesopotamia and Old Egypt in the form of warfare which swept though the Levant. The Mongols and the Huns used the Steppes horse as revolutionary cavalry (courtesy of the stirrup) to conquer swaths of Eurasia. Bronze trade thrived courtesy of the Steppes. Later came silk, porcelain, and tea as well as spices from China which was traded for silver and later technology from Europe. Ancient Rome hemorrhaged silver to buy the luxuries of China, India, and the Pearls of the Pacific. Medieval Europe also hemorrhaged silver to buy the China Triad. Venice was the richest place on earth in the 1500s based on its access to the luxuries of the Silk Road. The Islamic World became rich because of its monopoly of the Silk Road after the fall of the Kushan Empire which they destroyed to take over the Silk Road. Wars were fought over the Silk Road. The Mughals also fought to cut themselves into the honey pot of Silk Road riches. The increasingly parched and barren land of the Silk Road was watered with blood.

But then ancient climate change dried up swathes of the Steppes and made travel and trade ever more difficult and dangerous which ultimately encouraged the circumnavigation of the oceans to replace the slow and dangerous Silk Road with fast capitalistic clippers and later steam ships and today massive cargo ships because to this day not even trains can navigate the deserts that have become the Silk Road. So ancient climate change and the increasingly hostile and deadly deserts ultimately killed the Silk Road. It became simply too deadly and dangerous to navigate. To this day no train can even be built across it. All because of ancient climate change which dried up the ancient rivers and lakes that once watered it.

This is the same ancient climate change which dried up the Indus River which feed the Indus Valley civilization of Harappa Mohenjo-daro leaving India with just one life giving river the Ganges. It is the same ancient climate change which also dried up the original Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia while increasingly turning parts of the Mediterranean Levant into desert (which Arab Islamic conquest further aggravated) as well as drying up the Sahara rivers leaving Egypt with just the Nile River. The ancient myth of the loss of Eden by Adam and Eve and their descendants being driven out into a harsh world must be an ancient memory of this —- especially as Abel was an ancient Levant farmer and Cain was an ancient Hunter Gatherer herder.

The Steppes which once was the place where the bold got rich now became the desolate place where only the Mongolians still stubbornly roamed along wild and desolate plains and the Tocharian White Mummies bemused China. And certainly the ancient ancestors of the Amberlings were part of this exile from the Lost Eden of the once verdant Steppes and the Silk Road which propelled their migrations and wars across Eurasia after the Eurasian Heartland died leaving only the Ukraine Steppes and the Crimea as rich acreage worth being fought over.

But the primary impact of these ancient Steppes People, originally from Siberia, of which the Amberlings are among their descendants was in the form of migration, war, and conquest because of their martial skills and zeal for warfare. They hunted the Ice Age mega fauna giants the longest and absorbed the boldness that came from battling such monsters. And they were shaped by the horse.This ancient migrating people was the first to domesticate the Steppes horse to eat it and milk it, ride it, invent the bridle and bit, invent the recurved bow to shoot while mounted, invent better and better bronze and then iron to make the arrows more lethal when shot by a recurved bow on horseback, invent trousers to wear while riding in cold weather, (the later a fashion statement more than a crucial war tactic), followed by inventing raiding wolf gang raiders mounted on hoses for a fast escape, followed by inventing the wheel and yoke to harness the horse to the wagon for extreme speed and mobility across long distances, followed by finally reinventing the wagon into the war chariot which was the ancient version of the tank, followed by the invention of military style cavalry. Every empire fell before the descendants of these Steppes People.

The horse was perfect for herding huge herds of cattle and sheep. But the horse was also perfect for warfare as the later American Indians discovered when they domesticated the wild horses reintroduced by the Spanish to the American plains that were so much like the original Steppes. The horse allowed bold warriors to mount hit and run raids on rival tribes. This almost immediately tore the social fabric of the indigenous plains people apart. The horse (and then the gun) encouraged nonstop tribal warfare. This is what happened on the Steppes. The Steppes people routed their bold young men to ride off in wolf gangs to raid rival tribes across the Steppes to win booty, score dowries to buy brides, and accrue wealth and prestige and territory. Riches could buy not only brides but clientage alliances with other tribes and territories to expand as well as clientage with peasant farmers. The horse made war profitable!

This martial zeal spawned by the horse combined with a genius for technology combined with their original tall and stalwart build and increasing lactose tolerance allowed the Siberian Steppes Hunters of fierce Ice Age giant beasts to evolve into herders of huge herds of domesticated beasts for meat and trade and then evolve into fierce Steppes Warriors and finally Steppes conquerors. These Steppes Warriors were biologically as well as martially and technologically superior to the smaller, weaker, and more runty (from less access to vitamins and protein) ancient Neolithic and early Copper Age herders and farmers they encountered. Within centuries they were challenging Ur and other ancient city states. Even Old Egypt. They swept across the mineral rich Caucasus, Anatolia, the Black Sea, the Balkans, Europe, the Baltic, Siberia, down the Urals, and across the Levant into the Punjab and India.

Because these Steppes People stayed ice Age mega fauna hunters long after everyone else they also stayed larger and stronger than other people who by the Neolithic Age and Early Copper Age were becoming conspicuously runty and malnourished all over Eurasia. And lactose tolerance meant the Steppes People continued to enjoy access to more protein to stay taller and larger and stronger. Super warriors exploiting horses and then chariots along with revolutionary bronze weaponry like powerful socketed bronze arrows for their revolutionary recurve bows and powerful socketed bronze javelins to hurl from their revolutionary chariots. Many of their Steppes basins continued evidence of mass production of weaponry of every type to wage unprecedented warfare never before seen in Eurasia. All combined with revolutionary tactics. And ironically combined with nascent capitalism. They even had a sort of franchise operation going with clientage to encourage the people they were overwhelming to sign up with them as allies. This lead to the unprecedented speed of conquest and integration of the Steppes People across Eurasia, sowing the seeds of dozens nationalities and empires as well as languages.

Their pallid complexion from centuries in Siberia allowed the Proto indo European Steppes People to access vitamin D directly from sunshine so they could concentrate on slaughtering wild beasts to get enough vitamin C from meat along with even more protein from milk and cheese. So while the rest of Eurasia was shrinking the ‘R’s were thriving and were much larger and stronger and much more aggressive and martial. In short: the Rs became a super predator because of Darwinian evolution on the Steppes. And the horse made them super warriors. After sweeping across half of Eurasia and India the ancestors of the Amberlings, like the Tocharians, kept on moving, finally colliding with China. After the emerging Chinese used the new chariot to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Tocharians, the ancestors of the Amberlings detoured and finally ended up in Zendula where they debated conquering Zendula while hiring out as mercenaries to both the Twilight Elves and the Dark Lord.

Even before interbreeding with the other Pedigrees in Zendula the Amberlings featured a large percentage of blue or green eyes, occasional brown or fair hair as well as dark hair, and pale amber gold complexions reflecting their diverse Proto Indo European (Aryan) Steppes genetics. Hence their name. The Amberlings carry both R1a and R1b genes. The latest genetic tests indicate the Amberlngs carry the same genetic markers as the Corded Ware People (Copper Age Europeans) and the Androvono Steppes People as well as the later Scythians, Iranian Pathans, Greco Indian Kushans and Gandharans, as well as the Rajputs and Bhat Brahmins. They have no Dravidian blood and little Ancient Levant Farmer blood however. The closest is a shared genetics with the Anatolian Mediterranean Hittites, Trojans and Greeks as well as Romans.
R1a originates in North Europe and the Baltic and Northern Russia. As waves of Indo European Steppes People swept across Eurasia they picked up R1a as the spread R1b genes through the clockwise migrations and invasions. And the absence of Mongolian genes indicate the ancestors of the Amberlings had left the Steppes for good before the Huns or Mongols filled the void and became the dominate Steppes people.

As the Amberlings migrated into Zendula they bought with them both their ancient genetics of the Proto Indo European Steppes People in diverse R1a and R1b incarnations as well as a history of waging warfare both by chariot and by cavalry. They also brought along their most ancient memories of their long ago Aryan ancestors who once lived in the far north before being driven out by ice and snow. This was their version of Lost Eden before they lost their second Eden when the Steppes turned into a semi-desert or outright desert. One human year was for their gods only a 24 hour day in this lost Siberian homeland. And the stars were different too. Only in the far north and especially the Arctic is the year divided roughly into six months of ‘days’ featuring almost no darkness and six months of ‘nights’ featuring almost no light. And the stars in the sky were remembered as being different too. Other ancient memories recall unique arctic phenomena such as aurora borealis Northern Lights, coronas and halos of the sun or moon, ice blinks, white outs, sun dogs, fog bows, sound echos, optical hazes, and mirages. The ancient Vedas record this arctic phenomena among their ancient memories of a lost homeland which echo other ancient memories of other peoples who at one time or another lived in the northernmost part of the Northern Hemisphere: Lost Hyperborea.

The far north during the incredibly warm twin Holocene Optimums then the Arctic was all but ice free and Greenland really was green. This verdant landscape stretched across the entire far north from Eurasia to the Americas to what is today Greenland and Iceland. And it was once long ago all green and verdant and teeming with the last Ice Age mega fauna as well as the last Neanderthals as well as Cro-Magnon hybrids who invited themselves into this eden of the far north. The Vedas were written down in India but preserve ancient oral myths of long ago. Memories of Lost Hyperborea in the far north. The Norse myths of Ragnarok also record this except they document the people who stayed and ultimately died as their utopia died and Hel, the Norse goddess of Hell, ruled alone over a frozen wasteland.

And indeed R genetics indicate that the ancient Proto Indo European (Aryan) ancestors originally lived in Northern Eurasia in Siberia as well as the European Baltic before defusing across Eurasia in every direction and even across the frozen Siberian land bridge to the Americas as well as into Zendula as the final thrust of invasion moved downward and beyond. The migrations are many and overlap but many of the ancient ancestors of Zendula claim and probably did originate at one time or another in Lost Hyperborea which is to say parts of the far north which emerged from the ice and snow of the last Ice Age when the Holocene arrived to melt the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere to reveal a brief, lush, rich, verdant Eden of the North. It was the Paleolithic Stone Age last hurrah before the raising oceans (as the Holocene melted the ice and snow of the last Ice Age) rose up to flood part of this lost paradise and the Younger Dryas Big Little Ice Age temporarily refroze the brief Eden as well. This was followed by later little ice ages after the twin Holocene Optimums faded into cycles of little ice ages which rendered the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere more precarious and drove out the ancient Hyperboreans from their Lost Eden as exiles to roam Eurasia and the world.

The Vedas as well as the Amberling sacred myths recount the Amberlings’ divine Aryan ancestors’ exile from their Far Northern paradise. Lost Hyperborea. The ancient myths recount how the exiles were forced to invade the alien Steppes and then wander many strange lands as they waged ancient battles with giant monsters (the last Ice Age mega fauna and also some sort of Were Bear which was sentient and so fearsome its name could not be uttered outloud). Their ancient memories also second meeting alien peoples before finally sweeping into North India where they drove southward to collide with another alien people which they also battled —- and mostly massacred: the Harappa Mohenjo Daro Dravidians. Then down the Ganges the Amberlings’ ancestors battled more alien people. More Dravidians. Then the Tamils. More and more alien peoples! Always more and more alien peoples! Always more and more battles and massacres!

Their ancient languages and sacred myths used words to speak of their lives as the Steppes People and their endless migrations across the Steppes when it was a sea of grass. These words became their language: Proto Indo European which was later inshrined in the Vedas as Old Indric. These ancient R genetic Steppes People knew about rivers but not the sea, fresh water fish but not wild oceanic fish, herds of Steppes animals which they hunted and then domesticated for both meat, cheese, and milk, different trees and plants and herbs unique to the Steppes, but not trees or plants or herbs typical of India or the Levant or Europe. They had no words for cities or irrigation or dams or mud buildings. They had words for mobile wagon homes instead. They had words to describe harvesting wild grains but not domestic grains. They had other ancient words too including the most ancient of all words for what became the horse, the axle, the yoke, the harness, the bit. They had and net words for the powerful magic of the horse sacrifice to the sky gods.

They had ancient words as well to describe riding and driving —- linked to words of power and domination and triumph . And they had ancient words, some of the very first words, for the spoked wheel and wagon and chariot.Their ancient kurgan graves where they buried their ancient ancestors contained the first bones of domesticated and bridled horses, the first recurve bows, and the first yoke, some of the very first solid wheels and the very first spoked wheels as well as new and improved wagons acquired from the Balkans which they new and improved into the very first chariots to hurl the very first javelins, as well as some of the first bronze to make superior socketed arrows and javelins and other mass produced weapons of war. And they had graves filled with unprecedented riches earned through the blessings of they sky gods through warfare.

They had words too to describe their fierce battles against ancient giant beasts and fearsome monsters (the Ice Age Giant Mammals), fierce raids against weaker peoples, the power of the recurved bow and arrow, the spoked wheel, the horse, the bridle, the bit, the cheekpiece, and the chariot as they waged war. They had words to describe waldh: to be powerful and to possess and to prevail in war. There were other words as well to describe their ancient ancestors the Divine Twins, their Sun Gods, their War Gods, their Male Gods, and also their society based on Patriarchy and Hierarchy of Martial Authority and War as well as Caste and their first kings with names like rex. Words to describe daughters in law which meant the family unit was patriarchal and not matriarchal. The first words to describe themselves: heryos. Aryans. There were also words to describe Battle Maidens, Shadowy Ones (shamans), Raiding, Rampaging, Triumphing, Migrating across the most remote of mountains and endless landscapes of grass which were used to be the Steppes, and confronting people who were smaller and darker and weaker than they were. These people were slaves to alien things called grains which were called alien names such as wheat or barley and they lived in strange things of mud called houses in strange things called cities.

But these ‘farmers’ were helpless against these new conquerers sweeping down from the Steppes. These conquerors not only used fearsome things called the ‘horse’ and the ‘chariot’ and the ‘recurve bow’ and ‘javelin spear’ but magical runes such as the Swastika to evoke the blessing of their alien War Gods. These conquerers also boosted of magic and hymns of conquest and destruction which they inflicted upon strange mud mega villages called ‘cities’ which they set on fire including the destruction of strange blockages of the rivers with things called ‘dams’ for ‘irrigation’. All as they slaughtered and burned the ‘dark demons’ and ‘dark barbarians’ alive and plundered and destroyed all in their wake. Their horses and chariots crushing everything underneath their hoofs and wheels!

And these ancient and divine martial Heryos conquerers were often described as blond and also boasted blue or green eyes and golden pale complexions in contrast to their bloody foes who were described as ‘dark’ and ‘small’ and ‘runty’ and ‘weak’ and ‘cowardly’ toilers of dirt who were not lactose tolerant and did not enjoy the luxury of proteins and no longer hunted and instead lived in great clusters of mud surrounded by fields of strange grains and curious waterways called canals.

These alien conquerers brutally vanquished all in their wake with their superior martial valor, horses, wheeled chariots, javelins, and recurved bows as well as their superior size, strength, and physical power. Thus the divine ancestors of the Amberlings conquered half of Eurasia including not only Europe and the Levant but India. Only the deserts of the eastern Steppes finally stopped them from conquering Asia. Not even the Tocharian Indo Europeans could withstand battles that witnessed hundreds of thousands of their men, women, and children being slaughtered by the Chinese who were now using their own technology of war against them. Unfortunately the void left by the Tocharian Steppes People was filled by the Golden Horde instead.

The best myth of this mighty Aryan Bhat conquest of the darker and weaker and smaller indigenous people of India is the tale of General Rama who waged a mighty war against the darker barbaric wizard Ravana for kidnapping (or else eloping) with his wife Sita after General Rama may or may not have raped Ravana’s sister. General Rama is an archer of a pale golden complexion, unlike the darker and more savage Ravana who is noted to be very popular with the indigenous, darker Dravidian Indians and Tamils. The Vedas and Ramayana texts stress this. So does the art. This is an invasion by one race against another race and one civilization against another civilization. This is a war. One side must win. One side must lose. And the winner writes the history and picks the good guys and the bad guys. The heroes and the villains. And the heryos are sure they are the heroes. Or at least Rama is sure as the war starts….

Ravana shockingly considers himself the equal of Rama and the invading Bhat Aryans. He sees himself as the hero instead of the heryos. Besides being a warrior king and a very responsible ruler, Ravana is a scholar of every sort of knowledge including magic as well as the inventor of the Indian version of the philosopher’s stone of alchemic metamorphosis. Ravana is a renaissance man. He is a singer and musician. His many palm books include medicine, astronomy, linguistics, poetry, songs, hymns, and endless odes to the indigenous god of India: Shiva. Pre-Bhat Brahmanic India was Buddhist and Jain so in fact the supposedly savage indigenous Dravidian Indians were actually very civilized. The Indus Valley civilization extended back to Mesopotamia for which there are remote links. Buddhist Indian rulers were famous and Buddhist Indian libraries and universities were celebrated as far away as China. Ravana was part of this ancient pre-Bhat Aryan Brahminic civilization. And he considered the invading Bhat Aryan Brahmins to be the barbarians. Not him. And after seeing the besieged Indus Valley city of Mohenjo Daro put to the torch Ravana knows the rest of India and his own island kingdom will be next.

Interestingly, Ravana dares to study the first form of the written Vedas to understand the invaders. Non Bhat Brahmins were not suppose to read the sacred Aryan texts. The penalty for non Bhat Brahmins was blindness or cutting off of the fingers or hands or even death. In fact it was more likely the Vedas or the emerging Ramayana texts telling the ‘winner’s version of the conflict were not even written at that point in time. What was to become the Vedas were ancient Aryan myths orally recited. But either way Ravana studied the invaders’ sacred myths and magic in order to fight the invaders by using their strengths against them.

Ravana worshiped the indigenous god Shiva whose most ancient form was in fact formlessness. Abstract cosmic godhood. This was completely alien to the invaders. It was so alien it was discombobulating. Frightening in fact. So Ravana was figuring out how to terrorize the invaders with reverse psychology. Hence the later Ramayana tests calling him a wizard or sorcerer of black magic. Ravana was evoking terror against the invaders who were the ancestors of the Amberlings. The lesson would be carried by the Amberlings to Zendula where Gildagad would replay the Rama vs Ravana conflict but with a fundamentally different outcome.

The cunning Ravana’s guerrilla insurgency war against General Rama was shocking after the initial piece of cake conquest of Mohenjo Daro at Harappa. At the cusp of total victory the Bhat Aryan Brahmins faced a counterattack that threatened their entire conquest of the subcontinent of India. It was not just a counter attack against them but their War Gods and their view of themselves as Heryos. Demigods. Or at least invincible warriors. After centuries of successful invasions across Eurasia this counter attack was inconceivable. But after centuries the war tactics of the Proto Indo European War Machine was also becoming so well known other peoples were adopting the use of the horse, cavalry, the recurve bow, and the chariot as well as bronze and iron weapons of war.

Ravana was a man who did his homework. Ravana is described as meeting General Rama on the battlefield Mano y Mano and chariot y chariot. And South India and Sri Lanka were not experiencing environmental climate change leaving them vulnerable, unlike Harappa. There was lots of wonderful jungles too which was not good for chariots or cavalry but was very good for guerrilla ambushes. Ravanna was fighting the invaders as an ally so he would not have to fight the invaders in his own kingdom. The Dravidians saw Ravanna was their ally and General Rama as their enemy. And Shiva was as powerful a god as the Aryan gods of Vishnu and Brahma.

General Rama is presented in the official history, the Ramayana, (the history of the winners) as the idealized warrior of the invading Aryans and their all powerful gods crushing the shocking indigenous revolt of barbarians. This makes it liking that Rama probably was raping the women of the conquered for this is what all invaders and conquers do to subjugate the conquered: they rape their women. And indeed the Vedas later describe the mass slaughter of indigenous Indian males so the indigenous females could be seized by the Aryans much like the Roman myth of the rape of the Sabine Women by the conquering Romans (who were also Indo Europeans conquering the Etruscans who were Ancient Levant Farmers like the Minoans and Phoenicians. Not Indo Europeans).

But General Rama meets his match against this alien general who is giving tit for that and rape for rape. General Rama’s wife is kidnapped by Ravana. As Ravana is described as a responsible ruler and rescuer of the Dravidians he would not be raping. It would be bad PR. It would not be effective psychology —- unless Ravana was using psychology against General Rama by wooing his unhappy wife into running away with his sexy martial opponent. Thus psychologically castrating Rama. And apparently General Rama’s later behavior indicates that Rama does in fact believe that his unhappy wife Sita is seduced or else runs away willingly with a famously sexy warrior king. After all, the Proto Indo Europeans are a patriarchal society where words indicate that women are married into clans with dowries as daughters-in-law. Second status. Probably not voluntarily. Later Vedic Brahminic rules subjected even Brahminic women to laws as harsh as Islamic Sharia. Dynastic arranged marriages are not guarantees for love ever after. Various forms of later Indo European civilizations indicate greater or lessor degrees of patriarchal repression of women. Love was an option but not a requirement for marriage. Romantic Love would not exist until the Medieval Era of Europe and —— parts of the old pre-Bhat Aryan conquest of India when women were equals with men in a more matriarchal society.

The powerful indigenous god Shiva was famously in love with Parvati. They were the Cosmic Lovers. Cosmic equals. The Divine Nuclear Family. The wooing of Shiva, a widower, by Parvati was long and complex but ultimately psychologically redemptive of a traumatized god consumed by grief. Their love and marriage was a cosmic yin and yang. Opposites that merge perfectly into one whole. A harmony of souls. Their love gives Shiva his supreme power. The power of Shakti. Their sons are in their differing ways adorable. Shiva might be a wandering god with a wild streak but he is a besotted husband and father. This is what Pre-Bhat Brahminic India was like. He always returns to his soul mate. His family is his anchor. So as an enthusiastic worshiper of Shiva, Ravana would have been aware of this concept of Divine Love in Romantic Love in Domestic Love. Rape would be a violation of this. But this concept of Love would be powerfully effective with an unhappily married wife of General Rama. The war over Sita was probably like Helen of Troy: a war over control of the Motherland by the Invaders on search of a Fatherland. But it was also a clash of patriarchy and matriarchy and a clash of differing concepts of love between men and women by differing societies.

Ravana mounts a counterattack which almost stops the new conquerers of India. General Rama wins — barely —- by seeking an alliance with the a rival group of alien indigenous peoples based on the principle of ‘The enemy of my enemy is my temporary friend’ —- but only temporarily because these alien people are portrayed as Monkey People and therefore still not human and equal to the Ayran Bhat Brahmin conquerors. Ravana dies in battle. And with the death of Ravana all hopes of the Dravidians to fight off the invaders dies too. But General Rama also learns a lesson. General Rama has won the battle but lost the war for the souls of both his estranged wife and the people he is conquering and subjugating.

Jungle insurgencies can bleed out any war machine no matter how much more technologically advanced or possessions of tanks ie chariots. A prolonged jungle war could stop General Rama’s chariots the way Vietnam stopped the tanks of the Americans. General Rama realized that he had to stop being a conqueror and become a gracious ruler or else more Ravanas would raise up and revolt. If people have nothing to lose they will fight insurgencies even if they could not fight Mano y Mano and chariot y chariot in clean battles. General Rama had to change tactics.

The Vedas suggested the solution was the introduction of the hierarchal and patriarchal Caste System to subjugate and control the conquered with brutalizing efficiency combined with massacres. The the Ramayana indicates that General Rama apparently felt he had to find a more gracious way to rule the people he was conquering or else there would be nonstop warfare forever. And General Rama was not enjoying brutal conquest or mountains of corpses or endless massacres or rivers of blood. Introducing a brutal Caste System garnished by Sabine style rapes to repress the conquered did not seen the answer.

General Rama surveyed the horrors of the battlefield. Then he sent a soldier to stand at the feet of the dying Ravana to ask for wisdom to rule India, acknowledging in part that Ravana was a good ruler whose rebellion was on behalf of suffering people. No one could afford another messy war. General Rama knew he had to counterbalance a very bloody war with a redemptive peace and a very bloody slaughter with unexpected humanity. This General Rama affirmed the virtue of Dharma and the love of Kama with the honorable acquisition of wealth of Artha through other means than simply raiding and warring and looting and rampaging and conquering and subjugating. General Rama realized that he had to affirm his duties and responsibilities as a ruler of a conquered people by ruling honorably instead of being a tyrant.

Yet on the cusp of a triumphant peace General Rama shocked everyone and destroyed his reputation by exiling his wife to the wilderness to die of a broken heart. He either suspected Sita of infidelity or else of being raped by his nemesis Ravana who is described as darkly sexy and charming, unlike the rather prudish Rama. Probably General Rama discovered on ‘rescuing’ Sita that she not only was not raped or abused or violently kidnapped but rather had been honorably treated by Ravana in contrast to Rama’s treatment of Ravana’s sister. Worse, perhaps General Rama discovered or else suspected that his unhappy wife Sita had been seduced by love by his nemesis Ravana. General Rama, covered with blood from killing Ravana on the battlefield, probably ‘rescued’ Sita only to see her recoil from the sight of the blood of Ravana dripping from Rama and the news that Ravana was slain. The instinctive recoiling of Sita probably shattered General Rama to his core.

General Rama’s belated cruelty toward his estranged wife Sita is clearly psychological. Something dreadful had tainted his victory and ‘rescue’ of Sita. The probability had to be because General Rama discovered that Sita was treated with full honor by Ravana who did not take advantage of Sita —- unlike General Rama’s own shameful treatment of Ravana’s sister. That would mean that General Rama killed a honorable king and warrior after Rama himself took shameful advantage of Ravana’s sister —- what means General Rama is the villain instead of the hero no matter what official history he might compose. That would indeed destroy General Rama’s victory and ‘rescue’ of Sita. That would indeed psychologically destroy General Rama. That would also explain why Ravana died so curiously on the battlefield as if the victor instead of the defeated. Ravana knew he had psychologically defeated Rama.And worse, General Rama discovered that Sita was not only not raped and instead treated with upmost honor but was quite possibly even seduced by Ravana. Seduced with honor. Seduced with kindness. Seduced with love. A love which General Rama could not find in his own heart.

Possibly this delayed punishment of Sita was also caused by the discovery that Sita was possibly pregnant. General Rama could not be sure whose child Sita was carrying. But the over reaction of casting Sita into the jungle to die might simply be the memory of that instinctive recoil of horror which Sita did when she beheld General Rama covered with Ravana’s blood as he reached out to ‘rescue’ her only to discover she did not need to be ‘rescued’.

The Amberlings’ version of the war between Rama and Ravana for the sacred Motherland by a warring people who conquered and created Fatherlands helped to define what became their distinctive sub culture in Zendula after the Amberlings migrated to Zendula to wage war as mercenaries. A unique quirk of this alien Amberling sub culture features Amberling females being allowed to marry two husbands (but not visa versa) as well as the importance of respect, love, kindness, and domesticity between a man and a woman for the family to prosper peacefully and tenderly. This was a lesson their ancestors clearly learned from Shiva and Parvati no less than Rama and Sita. Another unique quirk was the early Amberling allowance for divorce if love and tenderness dies between a man and woman rather than punishing the woman the way Sita was punished. A punishment which also destroyed Rama. When love turns to hate everyone suffers.

Amberlings also displayed the martial traditions of Battle Maidens which other Indo European cultures displayed such as the Scythian ‘Amazons’ of the Yamnaya – Kurgan Cultures. Amberling men and women formed the Martial Caste of Professional Ruling Warriors or else the Caste who keeps the Rulers in power. The Enforcers who empower the Rulers. But the Amberlings also brought a concept of Responsibility and Duty to protect the Fatherland and be a shield wall of the people as well.

The Amberlings’ myths of Rama were used as they evolved from being mercenaries for hire into loyal warriors of the young King Gildagad. The Amberlings went from being mercenary slaughterers of the indigenous Zendulians into becoming King Gildagad’s Hearthweru of protectors of the nation and people of Zendula. Instead of conquering, robbing, and raping the weaker indigenous peoples, the Amberlings became the first Professional Army protecting the people of Zendula as well as the first professional army designed to work in tandem with the citizen militias of Zendula in order to protect the nation and maintain a prosperous and constructive peace as well as becoming the administers of the Courts of Equity of Gildagad’s government. Instead of the tyranny of conquest the Amberlings used Rama’s conflict with the rebel guerrilla leader Ravana to adopt a concept of Chivalry. Instead of living for war they learned how to maintain and administer the peace.

General Rama became the Amberlings’ version of King Arthur. Their ideal paladin king. Gracious. Courageous. Just. The Defender of the weak and the Protector of the vulnerable. Magnanimous in victory. Noble in defeat. And always courteous and romantic toward women. Women changed from trophies of conquest into soul mates and allies and also Battle Maidens and inspiring Shamans called Shadowy Ones. The Amberling sub culture embraced the equality of meritocracy of the sexes. Allies standing side by side in the shield wall to defend the nation. From Rama the Amberlings also developed their intense sense of personal honor, responsibility, duty, and honesty along with a contempt for venial corruption and exploitation of others. From Rama the Amberlings developed the Heroic Virtues of Truth, Courage, Fidelity, Honor, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, and Persistence. This time the Amberlings embraced Gildagad as they should have embraced Ravana and the People of Zendula the way they should have embraced the People of India.

Back in India the ancient ancestors of the Amberlings were struggling not only against Ravana and other guerrilla leaders fighting for bitterly conquered and cruelly oppressed indigenous Dravidian peoples but the god behind the indigenous revolts against the Aryan conquest of India. Their divine ancestors the Veda Gods were failing to conquer one rival divinity whose name in that alien language of the conquered meant shapelessness. The Cosmic Soul. The Cosmic Dharma. The Cosmic Force of Transformation and Redemption. The Cosmic Force of Destruction and Regeneration. An all encompassing god of no shape who was democratically concerned with everyone and especially the most poor and oppressed as well as the outsiders, the freaks, the feral, the wild, the bizarre, and the alienated, the ugly, the uncouth, and the troubled. The god of the wilderness and wild things and also the snowy mountains that formed the Shining Plains of High Heaven. The God Protector. The God Teacher. The God of Inspiration and Enlightenment. Buddha would have understood this. But this was entirely alien to the invading Aryan Bhat Brahmins. And this alien god had allies in wild things and savage beings and strange magicians and people with tragic flaws and also wild animals that could walk on four legs or else two legs at will and change their shapes and shift their skins. Shapeshifters. Shadowy Ones.

Forced to accept an uneasy peace with this alien god the divine Aryan ancestors gave this god a name: Shiva. They also gave this god a face and body. They reinvented this shapeless god as one like them: pale and beautiful —- but also alien and strange and wild and Were. An outsider. A changeling married to a changing of ever changing form. Not one of them. But one so powerful despite of or else because of his feral alienness that he could behead the fifth head of Brahma for arrogance before casually strolling off to use the Aryan skull of the Creator of the Hindu Aryan gods as his humble drinking bowl. The Amberlings who migrated to Zendula were so awed by this Were god they added him to their divine pantheon when they encountered Were in Zendula. Shiva became the God of the Were and Shapeshifters as well as Wizards and Witches and also Shadowy Ones. While Amberlings rarely work with the Thiess Guards they respect their authority and counterbalance what the Thiess Guards represents: the need to police and regulate the paranormal and supernatural with their own more rational world of the Military Court and Court bureaucracy.

While the Amberlings carry the more exotic of the genes of the Indo European Diaspora they are still genetically speaking the kissing cousins of the Bronze Age Indo Europeans of Europe and parts of the Ancient Levant dating from the Cradle of Civilization such has the Hittites and Sea Peoples as well as the Persians and Ancient Greeks and Ancient Trojans and Romans and Celts and Goths and Germanic Barbarians as well as the other invasive Indo European races of Northern India such as the Kushan Greco Gandharans, the Afghan Pathans, the Persian Pathans, the Punjabis Rajputs, and of course the Bhat Brahmins who display more generic connections with the Indo European Diaspora than with the originally indigenous Dravidian people of India including the genes of R1a and R1b. No Dravidian has such genes.

The simplest way to see the difference is to see the mark on the forehead: is it vertical of Vishnu or else horizontal of Shiva?The result today is an ethnically divided India as well as a religiously divided India and a caste divided India. And the castes originated when the Aryan Bhat Brahmins who originated in the Indo European Aryans. The Aryan Bhat Brahmins buttressed their conquest of India with a typical Indo European patriarchal system of hierarchy of rulers and the ruled dominated by masculine Sun Gods rather than matriarchal Moon Goddesses (or Shiva of the Moon and the River Ganges) to enforce their power and authority as the conquering rulers. Even today the symbol of India (a name invented by the British) is the Aryan wheel.

Caste today also features in the Amberling sub culture. The Amberlings see themselves as the martial caste like the Punjabis Rajputs and Iranian Pathans and Bhat Brahmins and also the ruling caste of the administrators of the Courts of Gildagad. Few Amberlings desire to be anything except a soldier of Military Court or else the Navy of the Mastership, or else a bureaucrat of the Courts of Equity of Gildagad. They do not farm. They are not entertainers. They are rarely writers or composers or business people. They are not bankers. They certainly are not Champagne Socialists or Cultural Marxists or Victims or Snowflakes or Feminists. They are martial. They are paladins. They are heroes. They are patriots. They are nationalists. They are the Protectors of the Nation. They are the Shieldwall of War when Zendula is in peril.

The Amberlings did incorporate some of the other Eurasian gods such as the Teugu Demon Predator Bird Gods and especially Sojobo the Harbinger of War which is prevalent in much of Asia and has connections to both the military castes in China and especially Shinto Japan. This is because the Teugu echo ancient aspects of the ancient Indo European religion and especially the divinity of the eagles of the Sun Gods and the belief that ravens are the eyes and ears of the Gods of War. It probably awed the Amberlings when Were Owls and Were Eagles morphed before their eyes into Elves and Were Ravens morphed into Shadowy Ones. Gildagad often picked Were Elves to lead some of his top Courts precisely because this so awed the Amberlings that they saw Gildagad as a king of great power. And their ancient traditions compels the Amberlings to obey the commands of the hierarchy and the top of the command structure is the Ri or Rix or Rex or King.

Besides displaying hybridized Neanderthal – Cro Magnon – Ancient Siberian Hunter Gatherer – Proto Indo European – Yamnaya -Corded Ware People – Androvanian – Aryan R1a and R1b genes the Amberlings display the the bone structure, skull shape, lactose tolerance, and also the typical K life history genetics and high IQ of the descendants of Homo sapiens indicating the continuing evolution out of Africa of the dominate sub species of the Northern Hemisphere: the Caucasian Race and the Asian Race. In short: the Cold Climate Theory of Out of Africa Evolution. These two races are the hybrid byproduct of Darwinian Evolution in the harsher Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia instead of the feral Eden of the Trophic Zone. It is the byproduct of ice and snow and hybridization with other peoples, many of which are still unknown even today. It is the byproduct of the late Ice Age and the emerging cycles of little ice ages that punctuate the warmth of the Holocene requiring drastically different life style strategies and reproduction strategies to survive the perils of predictable ice and snow and harsh winters which the feral Eden of the Trophic Zone does not have. [The chaotic dangers of the Trophic Zone are diseases and natural disasters which cannot be predicted or planned against or defeated with technology though today modern medicine can increase survival.] It is this genetics which created the advanced Northern Hemisphere super states of the Great Divergence of the West and Great Convergence of the East which together have produced 97% of all inventions and technological, scientific, and medical advances in the history of the world.

This makes the Amberlings part of the remarkable Pareto Distribution Principle of 20% out performing and thus dominating the 80% which in Zendula is called the Mundane Mere Mortals. In thus case the Amberlings are part of the 20% who started the Agricultural Revolution, the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and Discovery, the Financial Revolution, the Scientific Revolution, the Revolution of Metallurgy and Modern Medicine, the Industrial Revolution, the Revolution of Culture and the Humanities, and the Technological Revolution as well as the Military Revolution courtesy of the first inventions do dominate the world: the domestication of the horse, the bridle and bit, the wheel, the chariot, and the recurve bow. All of this is in contrast to the Third World failed states of the feral Trophic Zone, the Islamic World, and Africa.

This is why the Amberlings along with the Pedigrees originating in the Elves and Dwarves along with the Were form the elite castes of Zendula to this day and dominate the nation as the ‘deep state’ despite the vast majority of the people being Mundane Mere Mortals. Despite the fact Gildagad’s Courts of Equity are predicated on Meritocracy and Democracy (thought not direct democracy) the K life history long lived Pedigrees dominate relentlessly because they out perform the shorter life span Mundane Mere Mortals on the level playing field of qualification and over achievement. Proposals to achieve ‘equity’ through quotas instead of promotion by merit are met with shield wall of total opposition by the Pedigrees and especially the Amberlings. And the fact the Magnanimous Charter specifically refers to promotion by merit and competition of the best prevents the ‘Woke’ Progressives from throwing out the Pedigrees and especially the Amberlings who form populate the Courts of Gildagad as well as the Military. Unfortunately, the highly competitive and tenacious Amberlings refuse to budge being chips off the old PIE: Proto Indo Europeans. The fact the Amberlings are technically People of Color does not help the situation for the ‘Woke’. The Amberlings are ‘traitors’ to People of Color.

As such the Amberlings are today at logjams with the ‘Woke’ Progressive Left who consider everything the Amberlings value as racism, colonialism, oppression, exploitation, and domination of the oppressed and marginalized and therefore fascist. The later accusation by the ‘Woke’ Progressive Left is because the nation is by definition assumed to be fascist, and caste in-group preference is by definition assumed to be nazi, and marital patriotism is by definition assumed to be homicidal mania conjoined to the evils of weaponry and warfare and therefore colonialism and imperialism, especially as the Amberlings are very self reliant instead of being timid weaklings appealing to Socialist Big Government to save them because they cannot save themselves or be responsible for their own life’s outcomes.The Amberlings are Big Government but not Socialist Big Government so they are exasperated at being asked to save weaklings who hate them as well as the nation they serve and protect.

And the Amberlings are also aggressive and intimidating in their over achieving determination to excel, dominate, and rule. Therefore, because they despise weakness and scorn victimhood on which the entire ‘Woke’ Progressive Ideology is based the Amberlings are seen as oppressors of Mundane Mere Mortals as well as Outsiders, Illegal Aliens, Non Citizens who refuse to do service for citizenship, Weaklings, and Cowards who populate the ‘Woke’ Oppressive Left. In short the ‘Woke’ see the Amberlings as traitors to People of Color because they are the most genetically diverse of all of the R genetic Indo Europeans ie the Aryans and therefore part of the White Race despite their exotic pedigrees.

And though the martial caste of the Amberlings includes both sexes the very definition of over achieving martial heroism and self sacrifice is also assumed to be the definition of toxic masculinity with all female Amberlings seen as traitors to their sex because of their rejection of Feminism even if they are martial and heroic and often rise to the top of their marital caste. And because the Amberlings honor their ancient Aryan ancestors and worship ancient gods and venerate history and embrace tradition they are also nationalistic and conservative and therefore assumed to be bigoted and regressive as well as anti-globalist despite being originally from India because they keep the Hierarchy of Privileged Pedigrees in power. The other Pedigrees being the descendants of the ancient Elves and Dwarves as well as the terrifying Were (who are also descendants of the R genetic Proto Indo Europeans and therefore part of the hated White Race.

The ‘Woke’ Progressive Left see the Amberlings as enemies of progressive globalist change and foils of the ultimate triumph of the Mundane Mere Mortals because the Amberlings are the enforcers of the status quo of the Hierarchy of the Power of the Pedigrees and therefore the shield wall of the ‘White’ Elite who by ‘Woke’ definition are the oppressors of the Mundane Mere Mortals as well as Outsiders and Illegal Aliens and Non Citizens and Weaklings and Cowards. So ironically the ‘Woke’ Progressive Left hate the Amberlings despite the fact they are technically People of Color from India and ancient Outsiders and technically Illegal Aliens because they arrived uninvited long ago in Zendula to conquer it but stayed at the invitation of Gildagad The Great as loyal citizens and protectors of his new nation. And being tenacious in their self appointed mission to execute the ancient Elvish King’s Royal Commands the Amberlings persist to this day over the objections of the ‘Woke’ Progressive Left, Mundane Mere Mortals, Outsiders, Illegal Aliens, Non Citizens who refuse to do service for citizenship, Weaklings, and Cowards who very much want them gone or else dead. And being both martial and hybrids of Elves they are hard to kill and very long lived.

The oral history of the Amberings clearly indicates the classic Indo European heritage and their ancient myths recount battles against great monsters (the large Ice Age Mammals) and also magical sacrifices of bulls to the Gods to become Heryos and magical Horse Sacrifices to anoint their kings. The Amberlings are hierarchal and patriarchal despite the equity of sexes in their martial caste. They assume the right to rule others and assume power as their entitlement so they are the incarnation of the hierarchy of patriarchy of power and pedigree that the ‘Woke’ hate so much. Amberlings don’t submit or surrender to weakness or cowardice or intimidation. They are not the victims and don’t care if they are called victimizers. White Guilt or Toxic Masculinity runs off their amber gold skin like water off a duck. The old Bhat Brahmins thought they were demigods and the Amberlings still think they are descended from gods and demigods. If anyone raves ‘We love death more than you love life Allah u Akbar!’ they will casually pull out a revolver and put a plug straight through their brains in a professional kill shot. If a Beta soy boy raves about the coming Communist Revolution they will simply groin kick him and drag him off to prison by his man bun before enjoying a nice Chai tea. If a radical Feminist throws a milkshake at them they will punch her in her face and drag her off to jail by her purple hair before attending gunnery practice. If a Snowflake wails in hysteria at some micro aggression they will simply unleash their military attack dogs to incite real terror and real aggression.

Unlike the later incarnations of the Bhat Brahmins the Amberlings, like the martial Rajputs and Pathans, are both born horsemen and also meat eaters. They are lactose tolerant and even today offer guests ritual glasses of sweetened milk and cheese along with fresh fruit and nuts. Otherwise they are normally tea drinkers like most Zendulians. Industrial strength Indian Chai and black teas in the morning followed by Ceylon tea in the afternoon and Oolong tea at night. The verboten of alcohol except in certain ritual toasts and ceremonies is not based on ancient taboos but rather martial oaths to always be prepared to wage battle which is symbolized by always carrying a boot knife and a holster or else concealed gun. Their traditional embrace of dogs indicate their pre-Islamic and Bhat Brahmin past on the long ago Steppes. Of course their dogs are military grade attack dogs instead of cute lap dogs sporting pink ribbons. However they find black Scotties kept by other Pedigrees amusing because the Scottie terriers appear oblivious to the fact they are small terriers and think they are terrors incarnate. Amberlings admire the ‘no retreat no surrender’ attitude of Werewolves and Were Honey Badgers and think the Garden District Pedigrees are perhaps a tad too genteel in the face of Mundane Mere Mortals who do not appear to know their place.

To this day the Amberlings own and ride and race horses which are still seen as a status symbol. They learn all of the martial arts including the martial art of rearing attack dogs of war. They also play polo though that was a later evolution of war when balls replaced heads by mounted cavalry. Their home altars as well as their offices boast the Rune of Gildagad, the historic battle flags of Zendula, swastikas, icons of the sun, horses, and dogs reflecting their ancient Proto Indo European (Aryan) past. The Amberings use the older word for Aryan or Iranian (a Persian corruption of the word Aryan) which is Heryos. Thus the Amberlings are the Heryos People. The British on first hearing the word mistook it for Heroes but that word does sum up the Amberling view of themselves and their ancestors.

Like the old Proto Indo Europeans the Amberlings of both sexes are reared in waging war. The Ancient Scythians, Ancient Celts, Ancient Goths, Ancient Germans, and Ancient Norse also inherited this cult of the Amazonian Battle Maiden as well as the Druidic Shadowy Ones which also migrated into Zendula in the form of another descendent of the Proto Indo Europeans: the Maleth. The Maleth are descendants of the Scythians who migrated across the Steppes as well as into India (where the Jats claim to be their descendants) before migrating into Zendula. But the Maleth are a later descendant of the Indo Europeans and while boasting R 1 b genes they are in other ways different from their distant relations the Amberlings who carry both R1b and R1a genes. The Maleth also carry Asian genes including the genes of the modern day Mongolians. This is typical of the Steppes Peoples and is also displayed in parts of Steppes Russia. The Steppes was a melting pot of peoples. However, both the Amberlings and the Maleth share the same Zendulian marital culture and obscure religious practices thought the Amberlings heavily populate the Military and the Navy as well as the Court Bureaucracy while the Maleth heavily populate the Citizen Militias.

Artorious The Glorious, the most revered general in Zendula’s history and the final chosen heir of Gildagad was married to an Amberling who was technically the Lord High Gesith of Military Court and therefore technically his senior in command. Per tradition the Gesith of the Royal Hearthweru (Royal Bodyguards) of the King is always an Amberling. One of the greatest Amberling generals under Gildagad was General Omar of Cadbury, the ancient hill fortress of the Heartlands of Zendula. Amberling military court over tunics always feature patterns of the First and Second Age warriors of Gildagad in contrast to the court over tunics of the Courtiers and Navigators which are based on Ancient racing colors. Like most Elves, Gildagad was a racing enthusiast. Each Amberling picks his own traditional martial lining in order to embrace the martial heryoes of the past.

The traditional color of the formal dress Amberling uniforms is black. It is unknown where that originated. Many of the Amberling dress uniforms feature their traditional riding trousers but also Arcadian kilts from the Elves who originated kilts (though of solid black rather than the Scottish plaid). Amberling turbans are also part of their heritage and uniform and are tied according to personal preference. The most elite Amberling regiments are nicknamed the Ravens, the Rooks, and the Crows. Amberling officers still weld batons of war and swagger sticks to reflect status based on First Age symbols of command such as batons and fans as well as riding whips welded by long ago Elves. Amberlings do not hold the Martial Heike in awe but instead venerate Rufus Royal and use his Grey Owl Medals of Valor even today as their ultimate military award of valor. Amberlings also hire Gurkhas of Nepal who are another martial caste who share similar ancient martial values and codes of conduct. The Gurkhas are the only Outsiders the Amberlings accept through they have a professional relationship with British officers per a long alliance with Great Britain.

The Amberlings incorporated many of the martial traditions dating from the Late First Age of Zendula which led to the evolution of camouflage based on on the coloring of birds and animals such as the wild turkey, the pheasant, the snow leopard, the tiger, the snow owl, and the tawny lion which become formalized in the Second Age. Regiments as well as Fortresses have their own traditional camouflage colors though if Amberlings are deployed elsewhere they will use the traditional camouflage colors more appropriate to that fighting environment. They also use Elvish martial lining pattens such as the Rufus Royal Colors, the Horsham Colors, the Omar of Cadbury Colors, and the Artorious Colors. Except on formal court occasions they will use full camouflage for their field kits or else mix the camouflage with black elements. Kilts and trousers as well as battle gear are interchangeable. If coming from the field they will use berets instead of turbans.

Amberlings still worship Mithras which is an ancient Aryan god popular in India and Nepal today as well as long ago in Ancient Martial Rome as well as Roman outposts like Britain. The Amberling Cult of Mithras is a military cult/club of today is organized much like the Freemasons. It is a private institution dominated by soldiers, sailors, and militia members as well as bureaucrats of the government. The Worship of Mithras features seven levels of initiation featuring Astrological planets and elements of the Zodiac stressing the cycle of the seasons and the cycles of life and death reflecting Dharma as well as ancient Indo European elements. The key events are centered around the summer and winter Solstice when the sun is at its zeal or nadir reflecting the Indo European cult of the Sun. This is typical of evolution in the Northern Hemisphere where survival required the ability to measure time to predict the seasons. There are also secret rites during the eclipse of the sun by the moon and the eclipse of the moon by the sun called the Head of the Dragon or else the Tail of the Dragon. Next to the Cosmati, these secret rites are the most ancient and mysterious to this day in Zendula. Only The Master of The Havens or else the King can attend them with the Court High Wizard and Elder Shadowy One (shamanic witch). This also reflects the Indo European past where shamanistic Shadowy Ones (always female) were revered in life and in death were buried in ornate Kurgan graves reflecting their supernatural powers, usually with grave goods of both weapons and divine talismans as well as slain horses. Some of these rites reflect old Druidic rites.

Just like the Cosmati which is controlled by The Master, Military Court holds a top secret Mithras rite called the Ashvamedna which is an ancient European Horse Sacrifice of Kingship upon the death of one king and before the crowning of another king. It is so top secret there is no information upon it though it probably resembles the Indian Ashvamedna horse sacrifice and echos the similar horse sacrifices done by ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient Hittites, and also the ancient Celts and Germans as well as ancient Druids.The graves of ancient Proto Indo Europeans are littered with the bones of ritually slain horses, usually connected with Shadowy Ones who are female though the rite is to bless a male king – rex -raj- or ri which is the ancient Amberling word for the Rix ie King of Zendula which was first bestowed upon King Gildagad by the Amberlings after a climatic war against the Dark Lord in the First Age. These graves today prove that the Proto Indo Europeans were indeed the first people to domesticate the horse and not only eat it and milk it but ride it and then harness it to a wheeled chariot to weld a recurve bow. Ceremonial cavalry and chariots are featured in pomp and circumstance events today at Bors House which is the Headquarters of Military Court as well as Cadbury Hill Fortress in the Heartlands.

In the modern initiation rite Mithras must slay the sacred bull in the darkness of the holy maw illuminated only by torches of the initiates to sacrifice the blood of the bull to the Sun. The loyal dog, the evil serpent, the betraying scorpion, and the wise raven presides over the sacrifice of the blood which is the life of the cosmos. This is followed by a sacred feast of fellowship. This echos the original ancient myth of the twin ancestors of the Proto Indo Europeans who sacrificed a bull to the Sun God to earn the right to be the patriarchs of the Heryos. Parts of the still secret initiation rites including driving the bull into the Sacred Maw and the picking of the Initiate to slay the bull with their boot knife. The Gurkhas also engaged in this rite of passage to military manhood. This implies a degree of physical risk which reflects the cult as an institution of warriors. The sacrifice mimics the danger and potential for death during battle. The blood of battle of the bull blesses the valiant and brave who are willing to risk their life in martial combat. Thus it is a test of marital heroism.Other rituals of the secret levels of initiation feature Duty, Loyalty, Fraternity, Patriotism, Love of the Fatherland, Self Sacrifice, as well as Heroism.

The uniqueness of the cult of Mithras is that it is a solar cult performed in a cave or maw or secret dark place instead of a public sacrifice or ritual. The cult of Mithras also stresses the idea that the god is the god of the Contract or Oath. In this case the Oath of Citizenship to the Magnanimous Charter of the Nation. The initiates must swear a sacred oath to protect the Fatherland and the Magnanimous Charter with their lives and become the Shieldwall or Guardians of the Nation. The Protectors against invasion, chaos, pillage, rapine, devastation, and betrayal. Also distinctive is the segregation of the sexes of the soldiers and sailors as well as the militias. The private rituals are either all male or else all female though both are housed and administered by military and naval clubs or else militia armories where both sexes are otherwise equal and intermingle.

Military – militia clubs are public and lavish such as all such military or naval institutions and are open to soldiers of other countries allied with Zendula. The Military clubs front for Mithras Clubs. The initiate wears an ancient cap which dates back to the distant past. Interestingly, the cap is often used in the West as the ‘liberty cap’ or the ‘patriot cap’ echoing ancient Indo European memories of traditional caps by diverse peoples. No civilians or politicians are allowed into Mithras Clubs who have not served in either the military, the navy, or else deployed in militias. So while all Mithras Club members are Inns of Silk or the Steering Committee, not all Inns of Silk or Steering Committee are members of the Mithras Clubs. The Master of Cleardan House is a member because he is the Lord High Admiral of the Navy as part of his title as Master. So is the King per his title as the Supreme Warlord ie the Rix.

Today the Amberlings are seen by the Mundane Mere Mortals, especially those who do not serve in the military or navy or proper militias, as the visible guardians of the subterranean deep state of the Pedigrees (with the Werewolves as the enforcers and terrorizers). Many Amberlings today have married into the Hidden Pedigree but not the Secret Pedigree which they find as difficult as Rama found Ravana. But the Mithras Clubs do not per say discriminate against Were though they do discriminate against civilians who do not do proper martial service. ‘Service Earns Citizenship’ is the cornerstone of the Amberlings and the Mithras Clubs.

The Amberlings now also worship the Sidh Gods and see themselves as the guardians of the nation and its heritage, customs, values, and laws. As such they loath Cultural Marxists, Nihilists, Progressive Leftists, Globalists, and Communists as well as Muslims which they see as poising an existential threat to Zendula’s economic security, border security, cultural security, and especially Zendula’s national identity, integrity, and prosperity. The Amberlings have great respect for their ancestors and consider the survival of the nation to be a sacred duty to guard for their descendants. To protect the past. To protect the future. To protect the blood and the soil. The Cult of Mithras is after all about the sacrifice of blood on the alter over the sacred soil of the great maw of the earth.

Like all K life history genetics, the Amberlings display discipline, self denial, self control, trust based on honor and obligation, a vigorous work ethic, self sacrifice, sacred obligations, and awareness of their divine duties. Amberlings possess a drive for education and achievement, success though merit, a zeal for law and order, hierarchy and the chain of command, social cohesion, strong morals, conservative values, and stable marriages. Amberlings never birth children out of wedlock and rarely divorce. They tend to be remarkably phobic toward risk taking outside of warfare, and are cautious and lack impulsiveness. They are not by nature sentimental or reckless or excessively emotional. They see self indulgence as immoral and excessively self centered individualism devoid of social responsibility to the nation and society as selfish and narcissistic.

The Amberlings abhor welfare cheats, parasitic behaviors as well as deviant or perverted behaviors (though homosexuality and bisexuality is acceptable). They especially abhor chaotic people and weaklings, cowards, and betrayers. They hate anyone who is not patriotic or heroic. They especially despise victimhood and virtue signaling as a sign of weakness. A betrayal of the shield wall. A shield wall cannot withstand battle if one betrays the others by running away. Likewise the thin red line cannot stand if one soldier runs away. A man is suppose to stand by his mate and his pals even in the face of death. And trust is also expected. A good person is a trustworthy person who can be relied on in both war and peace to to do their duty.

The Amberlings consider the Cultural Marxists and Communists as well as Progressive Leftists as well as chaotic individuals to be traitors to the sacred Fatherland. If the Amberlings had their way they would shoot anyone who burns the national flags or else the martial colors. Ditto the Globalists who betray the nation for their own business interests in China as well as NGOs which threaten the nation’s borders and autonomy as well as Politicians who sign international treaties that cede national authority to outside institutions. Naturally Amberlings loath anyone who wants to strip Zendulian citizens of their right to bare arms. An Armory is a divine place. Gun clubs are as much part of every Military Club and Mithras Club as stables for horses and military trained attack dogs.

The Amberlings believe the nation belongs to the descendants of the ancestors who fought and sacrificed and died for the nation. The nation is the blood and the soil. And martial service earns citizenship. So Amberlings abhor Outsiders who by definition have no vested interest in the survival of the nation and by definition pose a threat to the indigenous citizenry by threatening to invade the Fatherland for whatever reason which would result in the disinheritance and disenfranchisement of the lawful citizenry of the nation as well as the debasement of the sacrifices of the ancestors. Amberlings do not believe that the nation owes the world anything whatsoever. The nation only owes citizenry and the ancestors and also the children who are the future. By guarding the past the Amberlings are guarding the future. By guarding the nation they are guarding the future.

Amberlings are the ultimate nationalists. In the 1930s many Amberlings found the siren song of Fascism appealing until it was pointed out that Fascism and Nazism were both founded by Socialists to transform their nations into Socialistic totalitarian regimes for the benefit of crony corporatists under the Marxist guise of equity and progressive social justice resulting in de facto totalitarian slavery and poverty for the citizenry. Amberlings might be ultra conservative but they embrace the democratic and meritorious Magnanimous Charter. Many Amberlings tattoo the rune for the Magnanimous Charter literally over their hearts as well as runes of military valor and their military regimental runes. Amberlings believe that the nation has a duty toward its citizenry just as the citizenry has a duty toward the nation.

Service earns citizenship so Amberlings disapprove of anyone who does not earn citizenship by serving in the Military, Navy, or citizen Militias. They are extremely conservative and hierarchical though Amberlings have always viewed war as an equal duty for both men and women. Many Amberling females have achieved the top rank of Lord High Gesith of Military Court. This is because Amberlings are raised from birth in the marital arts which today are technologically democratic and meritorious. A gun or tank or jet does not require huge upper body strength but rather intelligence, discipline, rationalization of violence, martial valor, and tenacious determination. Likewise, in the past King Gildagad fought his wars with citizen militias of both men and women who were trained from birth in the long bow as well as adolescent slingers. To this day militia service earns the right to vote in elections so on election day there are archery events and the elected Navigator always carries his or her arrow of election to the Great Hall of Gildagad to be accepted as a lawfully elected Navigator.

Female Amberlings are as K genetic as their male counterparts and do not wax sentimental or emotional. Amberlings are slow life history genetics incarnate. They abhor chaos and anarchy. No Amberling has ever been seen holding up a placard calling for open borders because of some frustrated biological implanted urge for mothering or empathy because of their lack of family and childlessness ie the biological empty nest syndrome. In the face of such placards Amberlings hold up machine guns. In this the female Amberlngs are similar to the Maleth who are matriarchal but equally dominated by a war heritage dating back to their fabled Amazonian history on the ancient Indo European Steppes.

The Mastership is today held by a Skinner who is the descendent of Indo European Ayran Anglo Indians as well as the Indo European Anglo Saxons. The royal bloodline of Astels boast the remote pedigree of Artorious The Glorious who was married to an Amberling. Amberlings are noted for their lack of music outside of military bands and dancing outside of military tattoos. Amberlings only read history books of wars and martial biographies with the occasional foray into pop culture if it is based on martial Heryos. Instead, Amberlings engage in endless martial rituals and pomp and circumstances events to celebrate their martial heritage and patriotism. Stoicism and heroism are engrained in them from birth along with extreme discipline and the embrace of tradition. So like China, Korea, and Japan the Amberlings represent extreme slow life history K genetic conservatism and hierarchy with a latent but frank racism toward Baizuos ie White Leftist Liberal virtue signaling Snowflakes.

Most Amberlings suspect the democratically elected Lower Chamber of the Steering Committee of selling out to the highest bribe packaged as an ‘election expense’ instead of protecting the country and its citizenry. Amberlings also despise the Lower Chamber for only thinking about the next election instead of the consequences of their votes ten or twenty or fifty years down the road. Navigators like most politicians do not think about the future and ignore the past, living for the present like gerbils which is typical fast life history r genetics. Amberling military and naval commanders along with conservative Upper Chamber Navigators representing the traditional Pedigrees and also theTerritories at large form a shield wall against the cities which are the bastions of Baizuo mentality. Amberlings populate the Upper Chamber of the Steering Committee along with the Pedigrees which they have heavily intermarried into. Amberlings revere their King and Queen and also the Master of The Havens. Amberlings revere King Gildagad The Great who first recruited them into his army and his nation. Amberlings especially revere Omar of Cadbury and Artorious The Glorious as well as the greatest Elve general in the First Age: Rufus Royal. The assent of King Horsham has greatly pleased the Amberlings because of his very distant pedigree to the long ago Rufus Royal.

The Amberlings have recently taken up the mantle of Free Speech against the Masters of the Universe, ie the Autocrats of Silicon Valley for heavily censoring Amberlings on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube though many suspect if the tables were turned the Amberlings would censor every Progressive Social Justice Warrior, Cultural Marxist, Socialist, Communist, and Baizuos as well as Degenerates. So right now the Amberlings are curiously allied with the Deployables and Populists on the New Right and Alternative Right as well as the New Conservatives including ironically the Liberalist – Libertarian Shit Lords they usually suspect rather than embrace. Politics makes strange bedfellows. What will happen in the future is unclear but if the radical Progressive Left pushes the nation toward civil war they might face a deadly backlash which more likely exterminate them rather than the people they are openly tainting with Tweets of ‘All I want for the Solstice is White Pedigree Genocide and all I want for my birthday is every Hierarchical,Privileged, Racist, Islamophobic, Transphobic, Alt Right Nationalist, Aryan Supremacist Amberling dead’.