Raygun Gothic Zendula Book 3: The Curse Of The Peryton

Plot summary

Adrian Reid has drawn up a death list of his enemies but can he kill them before they kill him? Duplicitous Spies, treasonous Spy Masters, rogue Killer Robots, Morlocks, and Merchants of Death converge in a coup to overthrow the country. Can Adrian stop the coup before Sneed plots his most vicious plot of sadistic revenge: committing Adrian to a ‘hospital’ where movie studios send troublemakers to die slowly and horribly in padded cells where no one can hear their dying screams. All while Adrian tries to finish his last film ( he is a movie star after all). Meanwhile, Sidney Fox shops for new homicidal killer teddy bear for his next assassination. Who is Sidney’s new target? As the padded walls close in on Adrian he is left playing one last wild card: Peryton House: a haunted —- sentient —- and murderous —- bastion but right now that is just about the only thing that can save Adrian Reid from Sneed’s sadistic plot of gruesome legal murder!

Quick read

….The icy water pounded Adrian to the concrete floor brutally. Finally the water hose cut off as the thugs in their white coats laughed. “Junkie! You don’t order us! We order you! Cold Turkey for two weeks! Water Therapy once a day to wash away the vomit and diarrhea and filth! No food until you stop screaming and go very quiet! I mean very quiet! And every time you fight us you will get the hose!

And you might as well shut up about anyone coming to your rescue! Your wife is dead! Gigantic Motion Picture Studio has been declared your legal conservator! Sneed has seized all of your assets! No one knows where you are! You are totally at Sneed’s mercy! And this is where troublemakers like you are sent to be punished! Enjoy the next two weeks of hell on earth!!” The thugs in their white coats laughed as they slammed the massive padded door leaving Adrian alone except for Mr. Morphine alias the Shadow Man. The smoky, jerky, shadowy fiend danced across the sodden padded walls as Adrian shivered icy wet, naked, and in absolute agony because of his burned hands.

“All alone! Just you and me Adrian!”

“You lie! You lie! Helena! Helena will find me!” Adrian screamed to the chemical fiend devouring him alive.

“Helena is dead!”Mr Morphine hissed. “This is where studio troublemakers come to die! Two weeks alone! Just you and me Adrian! All alone! No help! No one to find you or help you or even remember you!” the Shadow Man hissed as its smoky silhouette danced spastically across the padded cell. “Just you and me Adrian! Together at last! Finally and forever! Until death to us part!”

“You know if I go into cold turkey withdrawal I will die!” Adrian screamed in agony. You know the military doctor already told me even tapered withdrawal would kill me! You know I can’t survive withdrawal! Or else believe me I would have! You bastard! Morphine! You sadistic fiend! Do you want to die with me? Because you will die with me!”

“Did you think hiding in Peryton House would allow you to escape from me!” Mr Morphine the shadowy fiend hissed, it’s red eyes staring at Adrian. “I know you were plotting to try to do a tapered withdrawal! I won’t let you escape Adrian! I won’t let you have your own personal happy ever after!”

“Helena will rescue me!”Adrian screamed hoarse as his burned hands felt as if they were still on fire.

“Helena is dead! No one knows where you are! But don’t worry! I will draw your death out slowly! Slowly! Ever so slowly! Every excruciating pain! Until your organs shut down and your heart gives out! But slowly! Slowly! Oh so slowly! Believe me! Sneed appreciates what I do to people!” Mr Morphine the nightmare fiend told the tormented prisoner. “The studio moguls appreciate what I do to troublemakers! And the white coats! They take bets how long it takes for me to kill people! I will make you scream until they can hear it upstairs where the alcoholics enjoy their DTs! But don’t expect anyone to come down to this cold, concrete basement to rescue you! Blast you with the water hose until you all but drown! But help? I give you one week until your ravished body goes into total shutdown, coma, and then death! So where should we start?” The shadowy fiend told its prisoner. “I see they removed your burn bandages so you won’t hang yourself. So thoughtful! Let’s start with the burned hands eh?”



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Professor Rose is a historian and archeologist of Zendula. After an illustrious career as a self admitted second tier scholar he retired. Then like so many academics he turned to writing of a more creative bend which combines his love of Zendulan history with fiction and art. He is determined to fictionalized the key eras of the history of Zendula from the moment of mythic creation to the modern day. Let’s hope his health holds out! Prof Rose is 63 years old and a widower. Prof Rose presently lives in The Havens which is the capital of Zendula.