Fahrenheit Postdate 2025

A Nightmare Quartet Of The Future Of Europe

These e-books portray London in 2025 when Great Britain and Europe have become transformed into Eurabia. It is seen through the eyes of a doomed Muslim fireman as he wanders the nightmare world of Soylent Green ravished London covered by millions and millions of starving Muslim migrants as his unconscious footsteps are drawn toward a hidden bastion: The Last Treasure House of Lost Europe. What will he discover in that doomed place as one of the last decrepit Baby Boomers reveals the last fragile treasures of Western Civilization to a fireman whose job it is to incinerate the haram Najis filthy, Kufr tainted, Jahiliyyah barbarity which Lost Europe incarnates?

Who is the mysterious Chauffeur and the Trophy Wife driving their armored limousine through the devastation of a destroyed Kent toward the Southampton Depot? The notorious stronghold of the infamous Black Market? Waging desperate gun battles with Calais Jungle Outlaws and Somali Pirates? And who is the bloody hitchhiker they have picked up. Who is the mysterious Irish Druid Sheridan and the strange men gathering covertly in the Haunted Hotel commanded by an anarchist named Wolfe?

And who is the mysterious artist painting β€˜The Death Of Europe’ for one of the very last organic relics of Japan as sentient robots garbed in the rich couture and exquisite masks of Noh flutter around the aging relics of humanity in Japan obvious to the thermonuclear crisis occurring in the top secret inner bastion of Islamic NATO? A crisis triggered by the final stages of a world war which has turned dire? A war being waged around the world by the Harbi Rebels. But who are these Harbi Rebels?

And who are the subterranean Morlocks of London? Creatures lurking underground in abandoned Tube stations and obscure tunnels and old WWII bastions and ancient Victorian sewers? And who are moving into position on roof tops of abandoned buildings which have been retrofitted as battle stations? Who are creeping out of sewers and up through manholes? Who are hunkering down inside gutted our churches while preparing for a mysterious signal? For the Chimes to toll at Midnight? Despite the fact all of the bells of London have been melted down and every church steeple and indeed every church has been burned by the conquerors of London and Europe? The conquerors who now rule as if the Eloi under devastated pleasure domes as an once great advanced city devolves into anarchy.

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Book One: The Fiendish Machine

Book Two: The Wolf Age of Garmr

Book Three: The Dire Wolf Fenrir

Book Four: The Fiery Sword of Ragnarok

The Complete Series Edition

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