Illustrations: Monsters

Discover the Monsters and Demons and things that go bump in the night from the Banshee to the Bogie Heart, from the bad to the bone Psychopath to the Bureaucrat from Hell, from Clinging Ghosts to charming Criminals, from Ghouls to Goblins and Gremlins and the utterly Grotesque, from Mimic Octopus Monsters to Madness and Mayhem, from Morlocks to Mass Murderers, from Mad Inventors to the Paranormal Scream, from Slithering Dragons to the the Succubus and the Satanic, from the Weird to Wyverns to gigantic Worms lurking in moldering sewers, from Warlocks to Werewolves, from Venal Villains to Vampires. And just in case you are worried about sleeping at night there are always the Seventh Sons of the Seventh Sons: the Thiess Guards who are the Police of the Paranormal. All in lurid color from the books of horror by J.E.F. Rose. Then check out the illustrations of Gaslight Gothic Zendula for another who’s who of monsters and horror including the evil Lir the mimic octopus monster who can mimic anybody who with the aid of a wicked princess conspires to overthrow the monarchy of Zendula. Then enjoy fifty illustrations as you read The Magic Of The Movie set in Zendula’s 1920s version of Hollywood which is part of the Fairawayland novella series. Daffy Gilbert Blackheart is writing and staring in ‘The Shining Prince’ for Tiger Davies but the imported director is the arrogant Von Haught who has just been thrown out of Hollywood for his extravagance and conceit. And the minor bit-part actor assigned the minor role of the evil Lir the mimic octopus monster is stealing the film in the worst possible way. Method acting is well into the future but Fetcht Maere isn’t just playing the infamous monster. He is becoming the infamous monster Lir!

These original monster illustrations can be found throughout various books by J.E.F. Rose. Enjoy!

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