Rise of the Elves

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Discover the Ancient Elves of Zendula, their origins, their First Age of City States, their Second Age of the Empire of Gildagad The Great, and their Decline and Fall during the Age of Chaos and Destruction. Discover their gods, their religion, their virtues and vices, their greatest achievements and bitterest defeats, their greatest marital warriors, their most flawed tragic heroes, and meet Gildagad their greatest king. Discover the sophisticated Twilight Terra Elves of Arcadia and their kindred the Twilight Ocean Elves of The Havens (Zendula’s present day capital city) and find out how they laid the foundations of Zendula civilization, religion, moral values, arts, culture, and government. Then meet their modern descendants the hybrid Pedigrees and the Royal Family who still rule today despite increasing prejudice and anti-Elvish hatred by Mundane Mere Mortals. Also discover the ancient Prehistoric Wild Green Elves, the Stone Age Dark Elves, as well as the Ainu who still live in the Far Far North and carry ancient Elvish genes as well as being Werewolves. See their faces and admire the ruins of their lost cities, the surviving relics of their clothes and arts and pavilions and talismans. And then wonder how long their descendants can survive Anti-Elvish hatred in this modern day and age as demographic conquest by Mundane Mere Mortals turn them into an ever smaller and more precarious minority. Also check out Horsham of Arcadia the first famous Pedigree hybrid Elve-Mere Mortal who was both the best of the Elves and the most deeply flawed of Men.

The Origins of the Elves

Unlike the other peoples of Zendula who migrated across Eurasia along the highway of the Steppes pioneered by the Neanderthals, the Elves appeared to have migrated into Zendula from the East where the coastline is today desert. Some archeologists believe that the Ancient Ancestors of the Prehistoric Elves migrated across parts of Pangea before the ancient super continent broke up. Ancient Elvish myths recount memories of other Elves who mysteriously vanished as their homelands vanished or else broke apart and drifted across the ancient oceans of time to inhabit entirely different places on the planet. As these mysterious Lost Elves do not exist today even in recessive genes by today’s Pedigrees the possibility is this: part of Pangea broke apart and carried some of the Ancient Ancestors of the Prehistoric Elves northward into the Arctic where this part of the Lost Elvish Homeland became Greenland during the Holocene Optimas. During the Holocene Optimas Greenland along with the rest of the extreme north of Eurasia was part of a mythic lost paradise called Greater Hyberborea.

But then climate changed and the lost homeland of the Ancient Ancestors of the Prehistoric Elves of Zendula was buried under ice, surfacing briefly during the Viking settlements, before becoming buried in ice yet again. Certainly to this day Greenland’s depths below its glaciers have not been studied with radar to any extent to discover what previous Holocenes or else the present Holocene Optimas might have spawned which the present unwinding Holocene is again surrendering. The Holocene Optimas a long ago fading memory. The Arctic now so cold no one can remember when long ago Arctic ice was considered an anomaly. The ice and snow triumphing despite temporary cycles of 11 year solar maximums that cast an illusionary spell of tantalizing warmth to fool humanity as if mirages. Greenland could very well be the lost northern paradise of some of the Lost Hyperboreans and the Lost Hyperboreans might very well have been the Lost Elves who are the Ancient Ancestors of the Elves of Zendula.

Other archeologists have speculated that the Elves originated from an entirely different evolutionary epicenter than Africa and thus inhabit a different branch of the tree of Homo sapiens entirely much the way that the Neanderthals and the Denisovans inhabit different branches of the tree of Homo sapiens revealed by the ‘Out of Africa’ theories of Evolution and proven by the genetics of Cro-Magnon hybrids and further buttressed by the fact that all Homo sapiens outside of Africans carry Neanderthal or Denisovan genes as well as genes of other lost ‘ghost’ peoples such as Peking Man or else the Ancient Ancestors of Prehistoric Elves of Zendula.

Ancient Eurasia was not empty when Homo Erectus migrated out of Africa. And the early Homo sapiens who migrated out of the Tropic Zone of Africa to continue to evolve in Eurasia in general and the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia in particular could not have survived the much harsher Eurasian environment without hybridizing with these mysterious ‘ghost’ peoples already dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia since at least the last Pleistocene Ice Age if not the previous Holocene warm period before the last Pleistocene Ice Age.

Who knows how long some of these ancient ‘ghost’ ancestors of prehistoric people might have roamed Ancient Eurasia? It is not impossible for some of these ‘ghost’ ancestors to have evolved as far back as the previous Holocene. They could very well have survived the last Pleistocene Ice Age in some parts of Eurasia just as it is entirely possible for the ancient ancestors of the Neanderthals to have evolved in the previous Holocene. The Neanderthals might have been Ancient Mundane Mere Mortals who survived the destruction of a previous civilization by devolving to fit the harsher Pleistocene Ice Age.

Evolution requires adoption to a particular environment. The Eurasian environment in general and the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia in particular poses a drastically different environment than the feral paradise of the Trophic Zone of Africa with its fatal blend of lush heat, dryness, and monsoons along with random and unpredictable diseases in contrast to the more predictable if harshly cold environment of the Northern Hemisphere. To survive in this colder and harsher northern environment be it the Mediterranean Levant or Southeast Monsoon Asia or the even further Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia required drastic evolutionary chances. The fastest way to evolve was by acquiring the winning genes and ancient knowledge of the first arrivals into the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia by intermarrying and hybridizing with these ancient ‘ghost’ peoples in order to survive in this much more harsh landscape of bounty and hunger, lushness and ice, verdant summers and killing winters, eleven year cycles of solar maximums and minimums, and even worse sixty or two hundred year cycles of grand solar maximums and minimums called little ice ages.

These crucial solar cycles of balmy warmth and temperate heat or else freezing coldness, storminess, and dampness accented by La Ninas and Los Ninos and garnished by even more crippling little ice ages of extreme weather represented a massive challenge for evolutionary survival out of Africa. After the initial Holocene Optimas that served as the evolutionary nursery for Humanoids was shattered by these new, relentlessly brutal bouts of climate change the pioneering Homo sapiens moving into Eurasia had to drastically evolve or else die under the impact of horrific extremes of coldness, storminess, and dampness garnished by drastic volcanic activity and earthquakes on top of annual and cyclic extremes called the seasonal winters and the solar minimums.

Ancient Man had to learn to observe and record these big or little or recurring annually or else sporadically deadly solar cycles in order to survive. They had to remember the previous deadly cycles and not be fooled by the deceptive summer or else the deceptive solar maximum that momentarily turns the Northern Hemisphere into a warm and balmy place. They had to always remember the past and prepare for the future return of the ice and cold and terrible storms and dreadful dampness that rots crops and ravishing floods and unexpected ice storms and volcanic years without summers and even earthquakes. And when the sun’s spots vanished and the solar winds went dormant and the the skies clouded over to nurture not balmy warmth but rather dreadful rains and destructive hail and killing sleet and all engulfing snow and deadly storms they had to recognize the warnings of the approach of yet another dire time and scheme and hoard and most of all invent in order to survive as their world yet again crashed down around them. Because survival in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia was always by the skin of their teeth. And the Ancient Ancestors of the Lost Elves and the Prehistoric Elves of Zendula, being among the oldest humanoids in the Northern Hemisphere, had this memory hot wired into their genetics.

All of these evolutionary leaps started to occur during the last big hurrah of the receding Pleistocene Ice Age called the Younger Dyras. As the Younger Dyras Big Little Age slowly retreated the new Cro-Magnon hybrids were able to move northward and also eastward across the new and fertile wilderness of the warming Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia during the incredibility balmy Holocene Optimas where they met and intermarried into and hybridized with other ancient ‘ghost’ ancestors of our more familiar Prehistoric Ancestors. We are just beginning to document these mysterious ‘ghost’ ancestors: these people who where already living in the Northern Hemisphere predating the arrival of the Holocene and surviving the last Ice Age named the ‘Wurm’. These ancient ‘ghost’ ancestors of the Elves could have roamed Eurasia from the previous Holocene. Or else they might have evolved like the Neanderthals during the last Pleistocene. Or else they might have built their first ancient civilization during the crucial transition before the deadly Younger Dryas. Or else they might have emerged even further back in time to the Age of Pangaea: the Mother of all Continents. It is certainly safe to say that we are not the first civilization to inhabit the world.

And Ancient Aliens of course have speculated that the Elves are eugenic experiments by ancient Aliens or else experiments in hybridization by the aforementioned ancient Aliens. While no Alien DNA has yet to be identified the Elvish DNA which has been mapped by the Wisteria Project did not originally contain Neanderthal genes or any recognized genes of the earliest known peoples to roam the Northern Hemisphere. Of course today the modern Elvish hybrids which are today’s Elvish Pedigrees do contain such genes through the hybridization of the prehistoric and historic Elves and Mundane Mere Mortals. Therefore, unlike the Dwarves, the Ancient Elves predate Cro-Magnon Man which is a Neanderthal /Denisovan / Homo sapiens hybrid. Elvish DNA being mapped by the Wisteria Project have revealed genetic fingerprints of other ‘ghost’ people’ who roamed Eurasia before the Neanderthals and the Denisovans as well as Peking Man.

The Evolution of the Elves

Elves certainly appeared in Zendula before Dwarves during the transitionary Chalcolitic Copper Age of Zendula which brought the Late Neolithic Stone Age to its close during the first of what would be a deadly series of cycles of little ice ages called the Piora Oscillation which formally ended the nearly two thousand year honeymoon of the Holocene Optimas. The Piora Oscillation delivered 140 years of vicious winters and starving springs garnished by ice, sleet, frost, snow, rain, floods, and other diverse deadly climatic weather patterns including volcanic years without summers which destroyed the Late Neolithic Stone Age and its transmittal Copper Age to usher in the Bronze Age. To survive, Humans had to adopt. Not just adopt! Invent!

The Bronze Age represented the zenith of the Age of the Elvish City States of Zendula. [The word Zendula means ‘Our World’ in Old Elvish referring to the Elvish possession of the Heartlands of Zendula.]Though the balmy Holocene Optimas retreated the Elves and their Mundane Mere Mortal serfs and peasants adopted by inventing in order to not only survive but prosper in this new Northern Hemisphere environment. In some respects the Bronze Age of Zendula is the the zenith of Elvish civilization which would become the foundation of Zendulian civilization to this day. And like other Bronze Age civilizations around the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia the First Age of the Elvish City States also imploded at the cusp of the introduction of Iron and early Steel during another Grand Solar Minimum Little Ice Age of devastating intensity from which Humans only survived by developing early carbon steel as well as the nation instead of the city state along with new forms of agriculture and other technologies.

Inventing to survive is the trademark of Humans of the Northern Hemisphere and it is the Humans of the Northern Hemisphere who have invented 97% of all inventions and discoveries in Human History. Evolutionary survival in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia required nonstop transformative invention and reinvention. The arrival of the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age as well as the Industrial Revolution all commenced with disastrous little ice ages garnished with agricultural devastation, famines, plagues, and massive bursts of warfare and invasion and empire building and destroying which would become typical of all future little ice ages in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia. All future little ice ages would be either civilization destroyers or else empire destroyers. Only transformative invention enables the survival of the people as their civilizations and empires crash with every new little ice age. Gildagad’s Empire would likewise be destroyed along with Ancient Rome and Ancient China in yet another little ice age. The cycle repeating with the destruction of the balmy Medieval Age by the arrival of the horrifying Maunder Little Ice Age which lasted for centuries. In Zendula the Maunder Little Ice Age marked our Age of Darkness and Chaos. A darkness which would all but extinguish the Elves of Zendula as we know them.

While the modern day Elvish hybrids are inferior in some way to their celebrated ancestors such Elvish hybrids do boast the superiority that comes from hybridization, especially when compared to Mundane Mere Mortals whose ancestor is Cro-Magnon Man. However, like their celebrated ancestors, the modern day Elvish Pedigree Hybrids still carry both the virtues and the flaws of Elves: besides possessing both K slow life history genetics and a high IQ plus unusual strengths of body and mind, resistance to disease, and longer life spans along with a genetic adoption for cold wintery weather (and a genetic inability to cope with extreme heat) they normally fall in love and marry only once, love only one person eternally, and often die of broken hearts after their beloveds die. Therefore the Elves and their Elvish hybrids breed slowly and breed small families accordingly which is tragically typical of K slow life history genes.

The Elvish Pedigrees including the Elvish Hybrids are also strikingly heroic and valiant in their behaviors and extraordinarily self sacrificing. Intensely loyal. Amazingly courageous. Passionately devoted. Highly responsible. Industrious. Tenacious. Territorial. Persevering. Determined. Disciplined. Self reliant. Resourceful. Hospitable. Gracious. High Trust. Highly civilized. Law abiding. Valuing Truth, Fidelity, and Personal Honor as well as Duty above even Love. Love alone cannot protect the family. Sometimes self sacrifice is required. Their overriding Elvish virtue is Moderation in all things and Cautionary Prudence though they learned the latter virtue belatedly after their excess of heroism and territorial instincts brought down the First Age and then the Second Age of Zendula. But the Maunder Little Ice Age destroyed every civilization in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia. The Elves alone cannot be blamed for the Age of Darkness and Chaos that followed their zenith.

The Elvish Pedigrees including the Elvish Hybrids still see themselves as the Hearthweru Guardians of the nation and its past, Guarantors of the nation’s future, and Protectors of the nation’s heritage, faith, civilization, beauty, and identity. They treasure their Ancestors, their Beloveds, their Children, and their Homeland above all. They embrace all five Moral Foundations of Care not Harm, Fairness not Cheating, Liberty not Oppression, Loyalty not Betrayal, and Authority not Subversion. Mundane Mere Mortal ‘r’s only care about Care and Fairness and nothing else. Indeed fast life history ‘r’s tend to be reckless to the extreme and most imprudent and incautious. The opposite of both the K slow life history genetic Elvish and Dwarvish Pedigrees as well as the Amberling Pedigree. The Elves and the Elvish Pedigree abhor chaos, anarchy, and messiness. As such they tend to be both conservative and ‘control freaks’. The Elvish Pedigrees and Hybrids are intensely private and require extensive personal space. They are usually quite introvert. Cool in personality and very self controlled. Obsessed with the Past and the Future rather than the Now. Extraordinarily able to defer gratification and capable of huge self sacrifice for what they deem to be important and worthy. They are also extraordinarily in-group preference as well as territorial. They have long memories. Accountability is their metaphorical middle name.

This is all typical of K slow life history genetics which dominates the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the Elves evolved in the Northern Hemisphere instead of the feral paradise of r genetic Africa. Their Elvish coolness is as much derived from the coldness of winter as their complexion which is the byproduct of the northern need for Vitamin D from the sun which is best processed from acute depigmentation of the complexion. Their bone structure, wiry builds, tallness, aquiline noses, body chemistry, larger brains, biological need for a carnivore instead of a simply a plant base diet, lactose tolerance, and slightly pronounced canine teeth also indicate evolution in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia. Particularly in the Western part of Eurasia which pins the location of their Lost Hyperborea to Greenland and Iceland (which means the Elves sailed away as the ice returned by taking the Northwest Passage across the Arctic before that froze as well to sail into the North Pacific and then Zendula). Their lack of body fat is another unusual characteristic along with a lack of body hair or facial hair. Their ‘deformed’ ears and the slightly distinctive cranial shape of their foreheads is probably based on a single gene mutation though Ancient Aliens experts insist on not only an ‘Out of Africa’ explanation but an ‘Out of Earth’ explanation.

The harshness of the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia forced K slow life history genetics to evolve in order to invest in packs, clans, city states, and nations built on the corner stone of nuclear families in order to invest in the quality of people instead of the quantity of people. High trust, responsibleness, lawfulness, and social cohesion comes from within the Elvish K genetics instead of catering to external authoritarian or totalitarian control imposed from above which r fast life history genetics requires because of their r lack of high trust, responsibleness, lawfulness, social cohesion, and strong nuclear family bonds. All such K genetic humans invest in their families and bastions to survive the harshness of winters and little ice ages out of memories of the last ice age and awareness of the next ice age. They do this by instilling high trust, responsibleness, lawfulness, social cohesion, in group preference, deference of gratification, self control, discipline, and also the compulsion to work hard in order to conserve and ration and hoard resources so a few can survive. So their children can survive. Saving their future generations the way their ancestors saved them.

Such investment in precious small families of a few highly protected children for which the males are willing to fight and die increases the odds of survival overall but also made the Elves, like other K slow life history genetic peoples, vulnerable to demographic conquest by high breeding and recklessly over breeding r fast life history genetic rivals such as some Mundane Mere Mortals who invade the carefully built and maintained K homelands which the Ks created out of their own flesh and blood and therefore see as Blood & Soil in order to take advantage of the K’s efforts and high trust hospitality to devour the Ks and their homelands down to the bones of the carcass.

Today the Elvish and also the Dwarvish hybrids are using modern science and modern day advanced evolutionary eugenics pioneered in K genetic Asian nations of China, Korea, and Japan in order to boaster their dwindling numbers while exploring the potential of their hybridized genetics to mount a counter attack against the out of control over population of the r fast life history genetic Mundane Mere Mortals who are aiding and abetting the r fast life history genetic invaders from the Islamic and African Third Worlds of the feral Trophic Zone to wage demographic conquest and ultimately genocide upon the Pedigrees in order to plunder Zendula. Open Borders would be genocide for the Elvish hybrids and the nation they built over eons.

While this modern evolutionary eugenics is politically incorrect in Europe, in Asia it is accepted as legitimate. China, Korea, and Japan are openly engaging in such research no less than Zendula’s Wisteria Project. Darwinian evolution theories certainly confirm that species that cannot breed enough to control and protect their territories will die out before other invasive species. Voluntary politically correct extinction is not an option regardless of UN and EU treaties to deliberately displace and replace and erase the indigenous K slow life history genetic people with what will be projected to be over seven billon additional r fast life history genetic migrants from the already grossly over populated Islamic and African Third World by the middle of this century. This is truly the Genes Wars Incarnate. It is also Genocide Incarnate. The Elvish Pedigrees will fight to the end.

The Arrival of the Elves into Zendula

However the evolutionary origins of the Ancient and Prehistoric Elves, the Elves as we know them today migrated into Zendula from the north and then along the east coast. Then the Elves slowly migrated across the towering mountains of The Pale when they discovered the then only known pass: the Ice Pass over the top of the towering, snow covered mountains that form the spine of Zendula. The Ice Pass is only open for some three months of the year. It is likely the migrating Elves, then Late Neolithic stone age hunter gather herders as well as emerging prehistoric farmers discovered the Ice Pass as they moved with their herds of dogs, sheep, goats, cattle, and horses from the seasonal meadows of the Eastern Lakes and Greenwood. As the east coast of Zendula dried up with ancient climate change resulting in increasingly acute deserts, the Elves, like the Tocharian Indo Europeans, were forced to migrate or else die.

The Prehistoric Elves migrated westward across the frozen Mighty Majestic River during especially severe winter months and then migrated across the icy mountains of The Pale in the Sumer months. Always driven westward by the ancient climate change drying up their previous territories. Finally the Prehistoric Elves enter a lush new world in Western Zendula Proper which was being unveiled by the second of the twin warming Holocene Optimas after the last glaciers retreated. After killing off the last of the abundant Ice Giants, the Wooly Mammoths and other huge mega fauna beasts and monsters, the Late Neolithic Stone Age Elves settled down as herding, hunting, and gathering evolved into full blown Neolithic farming complete with advance stone age edifices such as complex long tombs, barrows, henges, monoliths, and complex subterranean sacred chambers as well as astrological stone circles required to predict the passage of the seasons required by farming. The presence of copper and experiments in metallurgy indicates the Elves were arriving during the transition from stone to copper and then bronze. The Chalcolothic Age had begun. Soon it would be the Bronze Age.

Legend says that Bres The Bastard of Destiny blazed the first dirt road across Western Zendula which became the Old East West Road from the port city of The Havens through the Arcadian Heartlands on to the Old Citadel in the towering mountains of the Pale. And Bres boasted of brandishing the first copper knife as well as a recurve bow and arrows before which the native Paleolithic populations trembled having never seen the like, as well as riding a fearsome monster called a horse which made Bres appear to be a monstrous centaur. Soon the Barbaric Firbolgs and Savage Formorians were driven to extinction and the Wild Dark Elves and Green Elves either fled or else surrendered. Hunter Gatherers can never win against Hunter Gatherer Herder Farmers. So much like the invasion of Old Europe by the Ancient Levant Farmers and then the Proto Indo Europeans, the invasion of Western Zendula Proper by the Prehistoric Elves exorcised the old hunter gatherers and ushered in the Late Neolithic Agricultural Revolution during the transition to copper and crude bronze.

The result was a new landscape as the Elves embraced domestication and agriculture and terraformed the land of West Zendula Proper accordingly. The result was what today we call the Heartlands of Zendula. The Elves settled into farming communities which slowly evolved during the Copper and Bronze Age into the first City States of Zendula. Ultimately the Elves migrated all the way across Zendula to the Western coast itself. In the process the Elves settled Arcadia Proper, the Heartlands, the Westlands, the Western Blue Mountains, the Merry Fords, part of the Lake District, and Brummagem as well as Utopia. Two port city states were created: The Havens under Cleardan who led the Twilight Ocean Elves, and later what became the port city of Londinium. But the greatest of the First Age city states was Arcadia which was settled by the Twilight Terra Elves. Arcadia was tied economically to the Old Citadel of the Dwarves in an uneasy symbiosis of two rival sub species of Homo sapiens. The gracious city of Arcadia which was surrounded by the richest farm land in Zendula was tethered to the Old Citadel lodged in the mountains of The Pale by the first genuine stone road which zigzagged up the foothills to the Old Citadel which was carved out of the mother rock of the Pale right under the Ice Pass.

The Citadel’s grand portal was carved high up in the rock face to prevent sieges so the final miles of the zigzagging stone road became a switchback road of horrific steepness and hairpin turns. For a third of the year this road was closed to trade because of foul weather. Ice, snow, even mud makes it dangerous. But it certainly gave the Dwarves something to boast about achieving. In contrast Arcadia was a casually graciously meandering city which surrounded a single mountain. The lone mountain, an ancient dead volcano, contained a gigantic Great Maw with contained a deadly lake of mithril which glowed magically but was actually deadly. Arcadia had dirt city roads and boosted gracious, airy pavilions surrounded by gardens. The Elves also lived at rambling country farming estates. They did not bother to travel in the winter or else spring mud. Life was seasonal but gracious and genteel.

As Late Neolithic Stone Age Mundane Mere Mortals migrated into Bronze Age Zendula from the West across the last ice bridges of Eurasia and across the Island of Japan to Zendula they became the serfs or peasants of the Twilight Terra and Ocean Elves courtesy of the Elves’ superior agriculture and metallurgy as well as their novel urban infrastructure and more sophisticated farming techniques. The Twilight Terra and Twilight Ocean Elves did not engage in slavery but did engage in serfdom with understood rules of give and take of clientage. Each side getting something out of the relationship with mutual obligations and responsibilities on both sides. The Celestial Elves who returned to Zendula from their honeymoon somewhere else after it ceased to be a honeymoon and became exile did engage in slavery as they built their city states and country estates to try to rival the Twilight Elves they despised. Gildagad The Great later outlawed slavery and serfdom to his credit in the Second Age which was the full blooming of the Iron Age and the nascent Steel Age which brought Zendula to the cusp of the Industrial Revolution before the Age of Darkness and Chaos consumed it during another crippling Grand Solar Minimum Little Ice Age which also destroyed Ancient Rome and the corresponding Chinese Empire and Japan’s first Empire. No king or emperor no matter how wise can survive a ‘Oort’ or ‘Wolf’ or ‘Sporer’ or ‘Maunder’ or ‘Dalton’ Little Ice Age as Napoleon can attest.

The Bronze Age Elves had evolved into several branches as they migrated across Zendula. The Elves who stayed in Zendula became known as the Twilight Terra and Twilight Ocean Elves. They boosted both blond and dark hair and grey eyes with the trademark Elvish willowy build, aquiline nose, and big eared aristocratic beauty. Long. Lean. And lanky. But some Elves claimed they heard the siren song of unknown gods and sailed west to Old Terra Nova Island only to just as enigmatically return after pissing off the same mysterious gods. Old Terra Nova at the time was a very large island. Today it is destroyed by volcanic activity with the only surviving parts either desolate wastelands, underwater, or else serving as the Quarantine Colony and Penal Colony for Zendula. These returning Elves became known as the blond haired Celestial Elves and their notorious counterparts the red haired Maestusian Elves. The Celestial Elves never explained their sudden decision to return to Zendula, a nation they left so cavalierly. They settled in the western coastal Blue Mountains and north of the Merry Fords in the fortified bastion of Utopia.

As the red haired Maestusians were tarred by the infamy of the blond haired Celestial Elves they became outlaws living in the frontiers beyond genteel Twilight Elve civilization. These red haired Elves migrated northward into the barbaric wilderness of ice and snow beyond Utopia before seizing Utopia from their blond haired Celestial kindred. They also explored the south of Zendula and settled in the Bloodlands as the Reds and the Blacks as they intermarried with Mundane Mere Mortal Beorach desperados unwilling to accept the bit and bridle of Elvish law and order, unlike their Beorach kindred in Brummagem. Some red haired Maestusians also settled in the Iron Hills beyond the Mighty Majestic River or else the Badlands where they lived alongside Dwarves searching for gold and silver mines. Anywhere their criminality could accommodate them. Other Maestusians because traveling circus performers and entertainers or else gypsies, both despised and admired for their blood-red hair, exotic outsider existence, and entertaining if criminal lifestyles. They were pariahs but parishes with panache!

Many fair haired Paleolithic Green Elves fled to Greenwood east of the Mighty Majestic River far from Twilight Elvish civilization. They waged a low level guerrilla war against the Twilight Terra Elves. But the Twilight Terra Elves were ancient farmers so they just wanted the fertile Heartlands. Not the dark, dense, wild forest. So each side let the other have what they wanted be it Heartlands or else Greenwood. The Greenwood Elves slowly moved into Mesolithic hunting gathering herding and occasional farming of wild grains while building tree houses called flets which later the Twilight Terra Elves adopted for both burials and casual summer dwellings a la ‘native’ Green Elve. Later still the Greenwood Elves moved into casual sometime farming along with dairy to sell to the Dwarves of the Old Citadel via the East Portal and also the Dwarves of the Iron Hills who were gold and silver miners.

Though often accused of being ‘stupid’ by the Twilight Terra Elves, the Greenwood Elves just had a slower curve of development which meandered. They created an unique civilization which unfortunately the Twilight Terra Elves highjacked from them in the Third Age of Darkness and Chaos after New Arcadia fell yet again to the Dark Lord. But by then the Twilight Terra Elves were a dying race of ghostly refugees playing out their last act in Greenwood west of the Mighty Majestic River while the Greenwood Elves played out their last act east of the Mighty Majestic River. So to the end the rival Elves stayed apart in their decline and fall. But back to the First Act of this Elvish Tragedy!

Other Paleolithic Wild Green Elves migrated north of Utopia into the far north forested wilderness to escape civilization which was dealing them a losing hand. For a while they lived side by side with the red haired Maestusian Outlaws who took over Utopia after the Celestial Elves hiding there perished. Uther Dragon lived off and on with the Wild Green Elves and also wolves being a Werewolf. So ironically many of the Wild Green Elves of the Far North carry royal blood. From this stock emerged the Des Gallas Astels also known as the Pendragons as well as the White Astels who are today the descendants of Northfolk and Southfolk who Cleardan picked to succeed him as the Master of The Havens. Gawayne The Hawk also lived among these Wild Green Elves and enjoyed their company. Artorious The Glorious in his youth often lived among them too. Their protector was Myrddin Emrys Wyllt who was a shaman or wizard or Sidh or god or alien gone native. Whatever Wyllt was he protected the dwindling Wild Elves and exacted promises from first the Maestusian Strathclydes and then Gildagad The Great and later King Astel and every member of the Royal Family who assumes the throne to keep part of the Far North free of civilization for the Wildness.

The relics of the Wild Green Elves also live on to this day in the recessive genes of the Ainu and also mysterious Were Changelings known as the Hrktos. The word is very ancient but means a terrifying sort of bear. Fur trappers and mountain men and later gold miners and later still oil prospectors married into the Ainu and picked up recessive genes of the Wild Green Elves. Many of these Wild Green Elves are not only Ainu but Were. Usually Werewolves. This was probably an evolutionary adoption to the harsh conditions of the Far North. Many such Werewolves live with sentient wolves along the permafrost line and the dark forest and only walk on two legs during the spring hunts when the Ainu and Mountain Men come to hunt and celebrate lost friends by lending them human clothes.

Other Paleolithic Elves roamed the ever dwindling remains of their lost Stone Age stomping ground as civilization hounded them into the Wastelands. They became the Dark Elves. The word ‘dark’ referred to both their dark hair and apparently ‘dark’ Stone Age ways. So while some Elves settled to form Bronze Age city states during the First Age of Zendula other Elves continued to live the Paleolithic – Mesolithic life of migrating herder hunter gatherers in the wildernesses and forests and wastelands. Some Elves never moved beyond the Stone Age or settled down to farm or sail in order to fish or trade. Many Wild Elves roamed with the arriving Maleth Mundane Mere Mortals who were also dark haired being descendants of the Scythians and even intermarried into the Maleth. Today the Maleth boast enough Elvish genes among their Proto Indo European Scythian genes to probably qualify as a Pedigree excerpt for the fact the Maleth consider themselves so exceptional they don’t think they need to boost of being a Pedigree.

During the First Age other Dark Elves and Maleth were hired by the Twilight Terra Elves to be scouts for their army in its fight against the Dark Lord as Arcadia was increasingly garroted by escalating warfare. The Maleth were fearsome warriors being Scythian and were highly respected but the Arcadians still viewed the Wild Dark Elves with contempt despite their mastery of scouting. Ben The Beoarch brutally murdered Dark Of The Moon who was a Dark Elve scout for Horsham of Arcadia. Horsham accused Ben and ended up facing court-martial instead of Ben. Horsham later found evidence to prove that Ben did indeed brutally murder the lovely female Dark Elve and routed the evidence to young Gildagad to use over Ben during a military power grab. Horsham co-wrote The Savage Wars Operas to celebrate the Wild Elves at a time when they were despised. Today the Wild Elves are romanticized being conveniently dead except as recessive genes. Both the Blue Mountains and the Westlands carry many such recessive genes of the Dark Elves to this day but do not register them at Probate Court. In contrast many Arcadians carry Twilight Terra Elve genes, enough to qualify as a Pedigree, and do register them at Probate Court. There is more status and the claims buttress their ancient land claims because Probate Court has kept records of pedigrees and lineage of family clanns over several thousand years. Lineage is tied to inheritance of real estate. With or without registering, the ranchers and farmers of Arcadia probably have the most recessive Elvish hybrid genes of any population in Zendula today. However it is striking how many of the Rural Peoples of many of Zendula’s Territories carry various percentages of Elvish genes. As 23 & Me expands its tests and the Wisteria Project documents the genetic makeup of Zendula the actual number of Elvish Hybrids is actually raising to the surprise (or dismay) of the urban elite.

The Rise And Fall of The Elvish City States of the First Age Of Zendula

The gracious city of Arcadia appeared to be at the zenith of its civilization but it was already all but besieged when Ben The Beorach seduced the fragile Princess Royal Luna to marry him. Then he exploited her love to have himself declared temporary dictator after Rhingol’s insanity required a regency. Horsham of Arcadia led a coup against Ben which tragically failed. Horsham was exiled as Nitthing to be killed on sight if he ever returned. The cream of the Arcadian elite of the Twilight Terra Elves were killed. Later Celebeau led a successful coup to depose Ben. Then Celebeau, the last of the royal family of Arcadia with the death of Rufus Royal and his official lineage, exiled Ben and Luna as Nitthing. Ben abandoned Luna for one last adventure in Utopia and died in disgrace witnessed by a young Elve named Gildagad. Luna died alone of starvation, loathed and hated by one and all for her unwise love which speeded up the decline and fall of the Twilight Terra Elves. Soon beautiful Arcadia City was in flames.

The Dark Lord deliberately destroyed the elegant, gracious, wonderfully civilized city and built his brutal Fortress in the middle of the vandalized debris. The Dwarvish Citadels were besieged. The surviving Twilight Terra Elves fled to The Havens. By the end of the First Age the only two cites left were the besieged Citadels and the besieged Havens. All of the Elvish cities were destroyed. Ironically while Utopia, built by the Celestial Elves to be their final bastion, was abandoned, the outlaw Maestuseans Elves moved in and and rebuilt much of Utopia and made it their successful bastion against the Dark Lord and his army of monsters. The final battles were led by a young King called Gildagad (placed on the throne by Horsham of Arcadia, Durham The Deathless, and Cleardan). Years without summers, famine, plagues from famine, ergot poisoning from rotting crops, the collapse of law and order, nonstop wars, and earthquakes climaxed by tsunami brought the glorious Age of Elvish city states crashing down.

The Bronze Age city states of Zendula crashed into oblivion except for The Havens and the Old Citadel (along with its new relation the New Citadel which was built by pioneering Dwarves by what became known as the Horsham Pass). The Dark Lord’s wars, years without summer, failed harvests, the collapse of law and order, famines and plagues, and volcanic devastation was long seen as the reason for the decline and fall of the glorious Elvish Bronze Age City States. But today modern historians have linked the world wide collapse of ALL Bronze Age civilizations to another horrific Grand Solar Minimum Little Ice Age must like the devastating Piora Oscillation Little Ice Age which brought down the previous Late Neolithic Stone Age civilization. This cycle of civilizations and empires all over the Northern Hemisphere imploding simultaneously would prove to be something more than an anomaly. It was in fact the beginning of a cycle of calamitous little ice ages garnished by fierce storms, floods, failed crops and resulting famines and plagues, violent volcanic activity, and years without summers resulting in the collapse of law and order and wars. This apocalyptic climate intersectional disaster would afflict the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia ever after like recurring nightmares. This cycle of recurring little ice ages is the price that Mankind must pay to live in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia and is why two entirely new races, the Caucasian and the Asian, would evolve in the first place as well as the need for Neanderthal genes (including the K slow life history genes) to continue to be carried in the DNA of Humans outside of the Trophic Zone.

The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Gildagad The Great During the Second Age of Zendula

In the Second Age of the Empire of Gildagad The Great, also known as the Iron Age (and nascent pre-industrial Steel Age) the Elves along with the Dwarves and the ever increasing population of Mundane Mere Mortals rebuilt Arcadia among other cities and towns but Gildagad made the port of The Havens his capital which blessed it. But the one famous dowager city of Arcadia was destroyed a second time by the Dark Lord during the Second Our Word War waged by the Dark Lord. [In all there would be three Our World Wars waged upon Zendula by the Dark Lord.] After the Dark Lord destroyed New Arcadia even Celebeau gave up trying to resurrect the symbol of Elvish Civilization. The Havens triumphed because it was the crucial port as well as the capital of Gildagad. Cities located in the interior became economic backwaters except for the New Citadel which enjoyed the Dwarvish monopoly of heavy industry courtesy of the Horsham Pass and the eastern Iron Hills along with the endless favoritism of Gildagad who loved iron and steel the way Durham loved gold and mithril.

The Twilight Terra Elves built the elegant Garden District in The Havens and also built or rebuilt elaborate country estates (working farms). Many of these estates exist to this day and many squires and landed gentry of hybrid Elvish pedigree still exist on the land of their ancestors.They Elves concentrated their efforts on running the Courts of Gildagad and creating the Humanities including the arts, music, opera, singing, dancing, architecture, decor, and couture that defines Zendula today. Elves also buttressed the Amberlings in maintaining the Military Court and the officer corp to command the citizen militias. The appearance of Elvish hybrids appeared at this time. Mere Mortals are more fertile and simply breed more children. Were also appeared more and more in the Elvish Pedigrees because Were is famously fertile and virile and simply breeds more children. The older Were such as Were Eagles, Were Owls, and Were White Swans was increasingly replaced by Werewolves — especially in Arcadia Proper. The Elvish Pedigrees started to be dominated by hybrids and Were. This was a sort of demographic conquest in slow motion and at the time was not noticed by the Elves other than a general sense that like the Sidh, they in the midst of the ‘Great Diminishing’.

Durham The Deathless built elaborate canals across Zendula to connect the Citadels to Blue Mountains coal and Heartlands agriculture as well as iron Hills ore as well as Badlands silver which became the blue sterling guarantee for the gilda: the coinage and currency of Zendula. The Dwarves built the Goldbottom in The Havens which was and still is the financial bastion of the nation. Many of the treasuries (banks) exist even today. The Goldbottom includes deep subterranean tunnel roads full of vaults and treasuries including Durham’s Bones the Royal Vaults of the nation. But increasingly the New Citadel was the key bastion of industry because it produced iron, steel, and glass as well as labor saving machinery because Gildagad had outlawed slavery and serfdom. Slavery and serfdom always equals poverty and backwardness. Free labor always leads to industry and technological productivity. It is a golden rule few economists or politicians want to admit but cannot deny.

The Old Citadel found itself not only redundant but now increasingly dangerously polluted with mining wastes of radioactive mithril. Even its famous aquifers to manufacture the best beer in Zendula were shut down because of pollution. King Gildagad did everything he could to preserve the New Citadel but wrote off the Old Citadel long before Durham The Deathless realized it was doomed. Cleardan’s port city and Gildagad’s favoritism of the New Citadel Iron and Steel manufacturers like Smithiton left the Old Citadel redundant. And with New Arcadia now a burned out ruin yet again there was no economic reason for the remote Old Citadel to continue. So the old symbiosis of Elves and Dwarves that tied Arcadia City and the Old Citadel together in the First Age now withered as its rivals also started to die off. The days of the Elves and Dwarves were slowly coming to and end. Already demographic conquest by the Mundane Mere Mortals were leaving the Elves and Dwarves as minorities in the nation they had created. The Age of Men and Hybrids was arriving.

The Dwarves did not see their coming decline yet but the Elves felt the waning of their power bitterly as Gildagad favored the Dwarves and established a republican constitutional monarchy blessing meritocracy which also advanced Mundane Mere Mortals whose militias formed the bulk of the armies of Gildagad in his wars against the Dark Lord. Thought the bulk of the army of Gildagad were Mundane Mere Mortals Gildagad did need the Amberlings to be his small professional army as well as Celebeau’s Rangers which served as the army’s eyes and ears. The Elves became the officer corp but every time an Elve died in battle the Elvish population declined ever more dangerously while Mundane Mere Mortals outbred everyone. And warfare was increasingly based on weaponry that Mundane Mere Mortals could weld which did not need the long training and physical superiority of Elves. The evolutionary writing was on the wall. The Elves continued to fight and die heroically for the nation they created but now they were increasingly fighting for a future that would be populated by Mundane Mere Mortals and at best Elvish hybrids.

Gildagad did make the Royal Astels his sorta-kinda-heirs. The Royal Astels were diverse Twilight and Celestial Elves who were remotely related to the pedigree of the Royal Family of Old Arcadia. Remotely being the key word. The Astels were a dubious lot of quasi royals which Gildagad was stuck with when his chosen heir, Uther Dragon, ran away to Maestusian Utopia to play outlaw. Uther Dragon was the real royal pedigree based on the presumption that the descendants of Rufus Royal were supposedly officially extinct which left by default the descendants of King Rhingol: Luna the Princess Royal of Old Arcadia. Uther Dragon was remotely linked to the Luna Pedigree. Gildagad pitted the Astels against each other, trusting none of them except the Twilight Terra Elve Logan Monforte Astel who did not want the job of Heir Apparent. But Logan Montforte Astel’s decision after the Second Our World War to marry off his twin daughters to the Strathclydes of Utopia (possibly in a quid pro quo for the red haired outlaws’s rescue of Gildagad’s beleaguered army during the Siege of The Havens) was like a bayonet plunged into the bellies of the Royal Astels who had fought and in many cases dies heroically during the Second Our World War to save Gildagad’s empire and besieged capital city.

This ‘betrayal’ by Logan Montforte Astel simply increased the paranoia of the other Astels as the Celestial Astels feuded with the Twilight Terra Arcadian Astels. All as Cleardan The Master of The Havens rolled his eyes in contempt for all of the Astels being a no-nonsense Twilight Ocean Elve —- with no heirs himself. Gildagad did not help the situation by only siring two bastards among the Horse People who were Mundane Mere Mortals. By the time of Gildagad’s Third and Final War against the Dark Lord the Astels were killing each other over the Siege Perilous ie the Throne of Zendula. Anton Black Astel, a Celestrial Elve, killed the Arcadian Logan Montforte Astel in a duel and then killed himself.

The tragedy was all the worse because Anton Astel had been a valiant officer during the war until dynastic politics and Gildagad’s deviousness drove him mad. Letters found after Anton’s death also revealed that he had secretly loved one of Logan’s twin daughters and was shattered when she married a loathed red haired Maestusian barbarian to avoid his unwanted advances. Anton had actually thought she loved him and imagined that their wedding would unite the feuding Elves. Elves only love once and forever so Anton’s unwise and misplaced and unwanted and ultimately disastrous love could only destroy him. Ultimately it also destroyed Gildagad’s regime.

The Anton Black Astel’s death ended the so-called Black Astels who were the best and most heroic of the Celestial Astels. Logan’s death ended the Twilight Arcadian Astels. That pretty much only the Red Astels and they were even worse. Many of the Red Astels had not even fought in the war at all. Gildagad quipped to Artorious The Glorious, his best general, that he felt safer fighting the Dark Lord than spending an evening with the Royal Astels. Only Jamie Astel was popular with the old king but Jamie was a bastard so he was not in the running. Artorious The Glorious was technically a Celestial Elve of a very minor line of the bred out Celestrial Elves. But Artorious The Glorious thought the country would only accept a Twilight Elve at this point. None of the other Astels would accept him either. And there were rumors that Artorious The Glorious was illegitimate. Gildagad always trusted bastards over any Royal Astel because he was a bastard himself. Gildagad had originally launched a coup against his legitimate half brother. Hence Gildagad’s deviousness with his heirs apparent now.

By now the country simply hated the Celestrial Elves so much they even liked the red haired Maestusian Outlaws, the Strathclydes, more than most of the Celestial Astels. And at least the Strathclydes had surprised everyone by saving the country during the war instead of selling out to the Dark Lord. And the Strathclydes now boasted the royal blood of Uther Dragon too. Their outlawry was become rather charming and their roguery was considered picturesque. And they had discovered gold so they were now rich too. And both of Logan’s twin daughters actually enjoyed being married and living in barbaric Utopia. The Strathclydes could be notoriously charming. No wonder Uther Dragon had run away to Utopia. Utopia was as fun a place as Gildagad’s court had long ago ceased to be! So the Celestial Astels, to be exact the Red Astels, felt their claims to the Siege Perilous, the Royal Throne, slipping. And Gildagad’s dangling of the nomination of Artorious the Glorious to become his official heir did not help.

No other Astel would accept the popular Elvish general because his pedigree was highly suspect and despite his gold hair he was believed to be a Strathclyde bastard. The Utopian Strathclydes were becoming the Royal Barons and Kingmakers and that drove enraged the other Astels, especially the Celestial Astels, and especially the Red Astels mad. Especially as the the Red Astels like all Celestial Elves violently hated the red haired Maestusian Elves despite the fact they now also had red hair (howbeit a golden red hair versus the loathsome blood red hair of the scion of Maestus). Ironically Artorious was in fact popular with the country and ordinary people embraced his nomination. Artorius The Glorious was a popular general, brave, honorable, and had declined to claim the throne in order to be above politics. The Amberlings and the Dwarves thought Artorious The Glorious would save the country. During the Third and Final Our World War Gildagad made Artorious his heir on his deathbed as he died of his wounds in battle against the Dark Lord. The soldiers thought Zendula was saved! The Dark Lord was dead and so was old Gildagad but Artorious the Glorious would save the country and deliver a renaissance! Alas, it was not to be.

Artorious The Glorious won Gildagad’s last war against the Dark Lord but could not save Gildagad’s empire as he fought the diverse Astels and the invading Barbarians who were breaching the North Wall as well as attacking Maestusian Utopia as another dreadful Grand Solar Minimum little ice age descended with its usual intersectionality of calamity. So the red haired ex-outlaws could not come to the rescue of Zendula a second time because they were also besieged. New Terra Nova in the south, originally settled by Ancient Exiled Phoenicians who had not assimilated into Zendula, now erupted into civil war as the Red Astels commenced poisoning everyone to seize the Siege Perilous: The Royal Throne. Artorious found himself waging nonstop battles north, south, west, and even in the very Heartlands of Zendula as Zendula unraveled into civil war, barbaric invasion, and sectarian slaughter as yet another year without a summer occurred as volcanic eruptions in the Pacific tinted the skies at sunset a bloody red, green, and purple.

As the world fell apart the Mundane Mere Mortals became disillusioned with the Elves because of the betrayal of the Elvish Astels though ironically they stayed loyal to Artorious The Glorious to the bitter end. Rough, tough soldiers of all stripes and genetics wept openly over Artorious’ bloody body after the last battle to desperately save the besieged New Citadel where the nation’s mint had been hastily transferred. Inside the besieged industrial bastion the Dwarve Old Smithiton guarded the nation’s treasury with an old steel sword including what at the time was one million silver and gold Gildas ready to be struck with the face of old Gildagad on one side and Artorious The Glorious on the other side to celebrate the New Age of Zendula —-which was now becoming the Third Age of Darkness, Chaos, Anarchy, and Civil War. And to make matters worse the Zendula suffered a second year without a summer as volcanic activity caused a ‘Nuclear Winter’ typical of every dreadful little ice age. Crops rotted or else failed as famine descended followed by hunger and plagues followed by the breakdown of law and order. All across the Northern Hemisphere from Ancient Rome to Ancient China the populations were experiencing crop failures, famines, plagues. civil collapse, and nonstop wars.

But the betrayal of General Artorious The Glorious by the Red Astels and then the foul murder of the Pendragon of the Cavalry of Artorious The Glorious by the Black Eald of Zenroseda of the Horse People sealed the fate of the beleaguered country. Zendula plunged into centuries of civil war and barbaric invasion during the Third Age of Darkness and Chaos with paralleled the horrific little ice age and lasted into much of the Maunder. The heroism of the Elves in countless wars was besmirched by the tragic death in battle by Artorious The Glorious through the betrayal of the Red Astels despite the emergence of the White Astels and the Des Gallas Astels who were the new Pendragons to emerged from the barbaric north to fight with Cleardan to save The Havens if not Zendula. The desperation was made all the worse because Artorious’ sons were already dead so he had no heirs. Only a sister seeking refuge in Utopia.

The Restoration of Zendula by the Elvish Hybrids During the Fourth Age

King Perceval Astel, a very distant Astel relation who was mostly a none red haired hybrid pedigree Maestusian Utopian Ranger finally ushered in the Fourth Age after he helped to end the civil war in the south. Then aided and abetted by Prince Puski he persuaded the New Terra Novians to rejoin the nation of Zendula. At the same time the aging Cleardan and equally aging Celebeau delivered a death blow to the final barbarians, aided and abetted by the Utopian Strathclydes and the New Astels who were as heroic in saving the nation as the old Astels had been in destroying the nation. The Havens had not fallen despite centuries of sieges. Nor the New Citadel. So the accumulated wealth of the Dwarves and the Treasury of Gildagad promised to finance the resurrection of the shattered nation if a wise king could steer the ship of state to a safe harbor. The young Elvish hybrid Perceval Astel promised to be that wise young king.

The little known but prudent Perceval Astel did just that. He ushered in the Restoration of Zendula. Modernity arrived in Zendula as the nation was restored and rebuilt and modernized to become a prosperous nation. But most of the pure blooded Elves and Dwarves had perished during the Age of Darkness. What was left was mostly the Pedigrees who are Elvish and Dwarvish hybrids who carry recessive genes like King Astel who was likewise a hybrid. Not a pure blood Elve. But the Hybrids were still biologically superior to the Mundane Mere Mortals even if they were somewhat inferior to the old Elves (and Dwarves). The Pedigrees continued to dominate Zendula but less and less along with less and less respect from the Mundane Mere Mortals. It did not help that the most obviously Elvish people left were the descendants of the old red haired Maestusian Outlaws of Utopia: the Strathclydes. And it also did not help that the Royal red haired Barons of Utopia were more royal than King Astel. Ditto the Scion of the Bear, Prince Puski. Ditto the red haired Werewolves the Des Gallas Pendragons. Ditto the White Astels who were now the Mastership. King Astel’s claim to the Siege Perilous was perilous!

Fortunately there was no new civil war over the Siege Perilous because these patriots also refused the throne and backed King Astel. Though the aging King Astel was murdered in the Fin de Siecle of his long regime, young King Arthur Dagmar Astel ushered in 1900 as the new king uneasy on the Siege Perilous: the Royal Throne of Zendula. Rumors have run ever since that the Astels were either not really royal or else were Maestusian Werewolves. King Wolfe even joked about ‘inviting tantalizing people over for dinner during full moons’. And certainly the presence of Were genes appear to activate or ‘turn on’ recessive Elvish genes in Hybrids. The Elvish Pedigrees are facing a Faustian dilemma of embracing the Were which is usually the Were of Werewolves to maximize and even resurrect recessive Elvish genetics or else resort to the Wisteria Project to artificially ‘turn on’ recessive Elvish genetics with DNA manipulations and artificial insemination.

The Elvish Pedigree Deep State is ever more tenuous as the Millennial has arrived. But the young King and Queen of Zendula promise to both buttress the royal pedigree with older and more genuine royal linage and also carefully steer the ship of state to a safe harbor aided and abetted by the Privy Council and the Steering Committee which is still piloted by such as Hood The Younger aided and The Master —- both of whom are Elvish hybrid pedigrees.

The Ancient Virtues of the Elves

Hospitality and Gentility.
Neatness and Cleanness.
A merry heart and kindly nature.
The genteel Arts of Gracious Living including dancing, singing, performing
and enjoying music and the arts with gracefulness and good taste.
Hunting with valor to face danger to test oneself.
Heroism in war including Morrigu fearlessness, Neamhan berserker courage, and Macha war-like valor.
Maeve valor in the face of tragedy.
Mingmu clear eyed heroism in the face of defeat brought about by one’s own actions.
Wabi stoicism in the face of disaster or tragedy brought about by
forces outside of one’s own actions.
Yuugen is the flaw in the beauty which heightens the beauty with
tragic poignancy such as the ‘Wishfulness of Twilight’ or
‘The last rose of summer. In short: heroic tragedy not to be
confused with victimhood or self pity. The Elves despised the later.
Beauty in everything.
Courtly Love and Romantic Love until death.
The family and especially their precious children.
Moderation in all things including wise prudence.
Loyalty to their Homeland.
Respect for The Gods and the Sacredness of Life on Earth.

The historic Vices of the Elves

Miserly meanness or else the violence of hospitality with ingratitude or betrayal.
Infidelity and promiscuity or else abuse of women and children. Rapine was considering an especially vile act of evil. So was anything which unravelled the bonds of marriage and family or destroyed love between a husband and wife.
Illegitimacy and the lack of children though that was considered more a tragedy than a vice if the husband and wife wanted children. Adoption
was considered a moral alternative to childlessness. Elves considered
the family to be the foundation of civilization and children the roots that grounded human beings to the earth.
Excessive or disrupting or else destabilizing behavior or conduct imperiling the general well being and existential survival of the family and the homeland.
The violation of a person’s personal space or unwanted touching or pestering or nosy busybody interference.
Crudeness or cruelty.
Swearing or lower class accents.
Any extreme emotion such as jealousy, envy, gluttony, vanity, arrogance,resentment, or moroseness.
The lack of courtly, gracious, or romantic sensibility toward women.
The lack of courtly, gracious, or romantic sensibility toward men.
The lack of courtly, gracious, and tender sensibility toward children.
The lack of dignity, decorum, and acceptable civilized behavior in society.
Irresponsible sex or deviant, degenerate sexual behaviors outside of bisexuality or homosexuality which was allowed in the bedroom though not the public sphere because it threatened the family and imperiled children.
Excesses and extremes including emotional volatility or excessive sentimentalism or emotional ill-rationality or else unacceptable
lack of inner strength resulting in dangerous weakness that might
imperil the family and society.
The lack of personal responsibility, discipline, and self control.
Being an unwarranted burden to the family or society or else the homeland.
A citizen was suppose to hold his or her own place in the shield wall
and be reliable and trustworthy as well as honorable and valiant.
Disrespect for the Gods and the violation of Sacred Protocols

The Values, Beliefs, and Gods of the Ancient Elves

The Elves considered extreme emotions or insanity to be proof of demonic possession.
The Elves considered illness to be a sign of Black Glamour ( Magick).
The Elves considered festering battlefield wounds to be signs of a Banshee or else The Slaugh Unforgiving Dead.
The Elves considered blood poisoning to be a sign of a Orc’s bite or else
a Dragon’s venom.
The Elves believed that once a year their homes should be cleaned from top
to bottom including a Susuhara supernatural house cleaning. ‘Out with
old Oni’ (ghosts).
The Elves considered bad dreams to be proof of possession or else offense toward Baku the Eater of Dreams.
The Elves considered exile from their homeland to be the worse curse of all and therefore viewed being declared Nitthing ie No Man ie an outlaw to be worse than death. They would give sacrifices to Dosojin the god
of Exile to not be visited by him.
The Elves wound mourn on the anniversary of their greatest military disaster
called Dannoura by burning incense on their family altars and singing
songs in memory of their ancestors slain there.
The Elves feared anyone who offered them whatever they desired or wished
for or else offered them something too good to be true. This was seen as evidence of being tempted by a Habetrot Witch. Such wishes or gifts always turned out evil. As evil as a Transmutation Curse.
The Elves feared possessed tea pots though they loved tea. Drunkenness
was considered unseemly.
The Elves considered a white swan to be lucky but a black swan to be ascursed as seeing a Banshee washing their burial shroud.
The Elves were a tad obsessive compulsive about imbalance or anything
out of place or untidy or discordant. They considered gillytraps to be supernatural snares.
The Elves took all ghosts seriously including Oni demons, Yokai monsters,
Yurei ghosts, Ubume female ghosts spawned from abuse or cruelty or
neglect, Pwca ghosts of murdered children, Vengeful ghosts, the
ghosts of warriors denied honorable rites of burial, the Slaugh
Unforgiving Dead who refuse to stay dead on their flets (burial platforms placed in the branches of trees in sacred groves for sky
burial), and Succubus or Incubus demons who possessed the sleeper
in wet dreams.
The Elves considered handicaps to be a sign of the wrath of the Gods and
would abandoned such children to die in the wastelands.
The Elves considered flaws in a person’s appearance to be a sign of
being a fetch or else doppelgänger or changeling substituted for
their own beloved child.
The Elves considered twins to be a bad omen as well as still borns who
haunted their living sibling. If one twin was absorbed by its surviving twin in the womb the Elves deemed it to be murder and proof the surviving twin was destined to be the nemesis of another.
The violation of geasa taboos and sacred protocols which might spawn
transmutation curses and prevent the soul from crossing over the
Rainbow Bridge of Dreams to the Shining Plains of High Heaven.
The denial of Excarnation burial rites which might spawn hauntings.
The Elves did not conceive of a hell but saw the Fiery Fissure as hell on earth.

The Twilight Terra and Ocean Elves worshiped the Sidh Gods as well as Father God of Fire and Mother God of the Waters of Mercy. The Twilight Terra and Ocean Elves believed that the Dark Lord evolved from the Shadow of His Nature ie The Shadow of Father God of Fire. The Dark Lord is the personification of Evil being devoid of the Light of Creation. While the
Savage Wars and Celestial Wars started when the Sidh Gods and their Elvish and Dwarvish allies rejected Father God’s creation of Time, Change, and Death, they later embraced the necessity while acknowledging that the Sidh Gods actually invented Strife, Competition, and War.

The Celestial Elves worshiped alien gods which were rejected by most Zendulians because of the mischief caused by the Celestial Elves.
To this day most conservative Zendulians are suspicious of Outsiders
because of the mischief caused by the Celestial Elves and their alien

The Elves started the burial tradition of nailing the dead to the tree flet or else
the earthen grave with iron bars to ward off the Slaugh Unforgiving Dead.
They also used iron nails or iron shoes or else pepper or daisies so ghosts
would be paralyzed by counting the petals of daisies or else the grains of
pepper to prevent them from haunting the living. But Elves considered gathering up some of the bones of their dead after a year of sky burial as sacred relics of their ancestors to be respectful toward their ancestors. They would be kept as talismans inside their sacred home altars. Biers were considered iffy if the ash of the dead touched them.

The Elves thought that souls rose up as if butterflies to fly over the Rainbow Bridge of Dreams to the Shining Plains of High Heaven. Gigasidh sacred dances such as the Butterfly Dance of Excarnation were done to ease
souls on their way and to stop the untimely or brutally killed from
haunting the living.

The Dark Elves worshiped the Firbolgs who were stone age gods.

The Green Elves worshiped the Formorians who were stone age gods.

There were also the Unknown Gods who existed but are now forgotten.

The various branches of Elves of Zendula

The Twilight Terra Elves and their hybrids of the Territory of Arcadia as well as
the Lake District and parts of the Blue Mountains, Westlands, Heartlands.
The Twilight Terra Royal House is defined as descendants of the Princess
Royal Luna but in reality is defined by the descendants of Uther Dragon a
famous Werewolf who carried the Y Ddraig Goch Blood Of Him The Red
Dragon which has been scientifically determined to be the DNA of the Sidh
God Arawn.

The Twilight Ocean Elves of the city state of The Havens, the capital city of Zendula. Today most of the Twilight Ocean Elvish hybrids have merged into the Twilight Terra Elves and their hybrids and are besieged in their own city
by the Cultural Marxist Progressive Left which is the Rainbow Diversity
Democratic Socialist Party. Their bastion is the Garden District of the city
And governmental edifices. Otherwise they live in their Territories. The
Cities have become enemy strongholds advocating for their extinction.

The Celestial Elves who returned from Old Terra Nova to Zendula and settled in First Age city states in Tunlomin, Finnomin and Old Utopia as well as Goldenthrond and later Rainbowdale. Gildagad was technically a Celestial Elve though he loathed them. Today they are pretty much extinct. The last
Famous person with such genes was the Black Eald Theri Anthrope who
was a distant scion of a bastard of Gildagad. Ditto the Hoods though the
present Hood does not claim to be descended from Gildagad. (He is.)

The Maestusean Elves and their hybrids who live in Utopia and the Bloodlands and today also Rainbowdale and are the only plentiful obvious Elvish hybrids
left in Zendula. Many are also still full blooded Elves. They are distinctive
Because of their blood red hair. The most famous are the Strathclydes as well
As the Des Gallas Pendragons. The present day Royal Family is pretty
much Strathclyde with a veneer of pretense.

The Dark Elves who lived in the receding wild places of the Westlands, Blue Mountains, and the Lower Pale until driven into extinction by civilization or else intermarrying into the Maleth and Mundane Mere Mortals of the
Territories. The accusations of ‘muddy genes’ (Elvish genes) offends them.
They are proud of the once despised Wild Elves who are their ancient

The Green Elves who lived in Greenwood along both sides of the Mighty Majestic River and also in the Far North until they were also driven into reputed extinction by civilization. Though some Green Elve hybrids still exist in the icy far north where they bred with wild peoples often called Zendula’s Ainu and also Dire Werewolves and Were Polar Bears to survive in a desolation so
harsh few men dare explore to this day.

The Various Royal Elvish Houses of Zendula

The first chosen king of Arcadia was Rhingol the Great, a foolish choice which the Twilight Terra Elves later paid in nonstop war. The rightful claimant was Rufus Royal who was Lady Wisteria’s choice as well as the Sidh Gods. Rhingol cheated his way to the throne. Nevertheless, today his scion are still officially the designated lineage of the Royal Family of Zendula. There is some evidence that the lineage boasted then unknown recessive Were genes
and also Sidh genes. But Uther Dragon was a zigzag toward founding
the present Royal Family of Zendula.

The first chosen king of the Twilight Ocean Elves was Cleardan the Master of The Havens. His wisdom was such that after Arcadia fell the Twilight Terra Elves all settled in The Havens and today The Havens is still the capital of Zendula
while Arcadia City is nought but romantic ruins. Few of the Celestial city states likewise survived to the modern day. Most cities of today were founded in the Second Age during the Empire of Gildagad The Great when
the Elves had peaked and the Dwarves were at their zenith. Cleardan left
behind no heirs being homosexual. The Masterwhip which he founded is
today led by the White Astels. Admiral Skinner is the present Master.

The kings of the Celestial Elves were cleaved in twain by fratricide. King Finn and his sons Finngolden and Finngold along with Tungold and Tundungold ruled the Celestial city states of the First Age when they returned to Zendula from
Old Terra Nova. They betrayed and killed each other as well as everyone else. Few of their royal cities exist today except in ruins. Gildagad led a
coup to seized the crown aided and abetted by Cleardan, Durham, and
Horsham of Arcadia —- all non Celestial Elves.

The disinherited red haired Maestus The Damned along with his kindred Vendus and Ruedus were exiled to the wilderness including ultimately Utopia. The Maestusean Elves became the Fallen Elves because of lies spread by their golden haired kindred. Ironically today the kingmakers are the Royal Barons the Strathclydes who are the red haired descendants of the Maestuseans and Logan Montforte Astel a key Twilight Elve as well as Uther Dragon the official heir of Gildagad The Great who fled into voluntary exile in Utopia. Uther Dragon’s royal Werewolf genes (and Sidh genes) transformed the Strathclydes and ultimately the Royal Family of Zendula. Today the jovial
scion of ex-outlaws are hated by the urban ‘Woke’ as the incarnation of
Power plus Privilege Equals Domination and also as the icon of ‘muddy
genes’ .

The Celestial and Twilight Royal Elvish Houses are today extinct. After the death of Logan Montforte Astel and Anton Astel and his kindred Coel Hen Astel the lines went extinct excerpt in the blood of the Strathclydes. The last of the Celestial Elves in Rainbowdale are primarily Strathclyde stock or else odds and sods of recessive Celestial Elvish genes so diluted as to be all but Mundane Mere Mortal. Because of a notorious ancestor they are also barred from claiming the throne. The New Black Astels are likewise bastard peasant odds and sods of the Maestusean Strathclydes and are informally barred from the Throne because of a notorious ancestor. The old Black and Red Astels are today dead and loathed. The Des Gallas Astels (the Pendragons) ignore their royal pedigree as beneath their superior claim of being the Pendragon: the Guardians of Zendula. They are also primarily Strathclydes as well as Werewolves. The White Astels claim the Mastership as the chosen heirs of Cleardan and therefore decline their claims to the Throne as well. They are also sired primarily from the Maestusean Elves of Utopia no less than the Des Gallas Astels but today are primary the descendants of Amberlings and the famous Indian Skinners.

The Hood Stud is barred from claiming the Throne because it originated from a bastard of Gildagad The Great who was himself a bastard of the Celestial Elves. Likewise The Black Eald Theri Anthrope and his mater Queen Maeve were technically barred from claiming the throne because they were also descended from a bastard of Gildagad The Great. If the Black Eald had been the legal son of Prince Puski he would have been able to clam the throne. His premature death was

Prince Puski’s legitimate son Bear Sherker is technically entitled to claim the throne through a direct link to Uther Dragon. A more direct link than any Astel. However the Scion of The Bear also decline the Throne to allow the Strathclydes of Utopia to continue to be the red haired kingmakers and nominate the chosen heir to the Throne for the Master of The Havens to either veto or else advance to the Steering Committee to democratically vote yay or nay. Zendula is a constitutional

In hindsight all of the golden haired Celestial Elves who originally abandoned Zendula for Old Terra Nova at the call of Strange Gods before returning to make mischief became the Fallen Elves. Their fool’s gold pedigree is not boasted of. Ironically the red haired outlaws, the Maestusean Strathclydes who settled in Utopia, ended up the winners when they discovered gold and now oil and also through their savvy marriages with the twin daughters of Logan Montforte Astel and Uther Dragon the Lost Prince of Utopia. Possibly Logan Montforte Astel’s mysterious decision was part of a complex payback to the outlawed red haired Maestusean Strathclydes for their crucial help to King Gildagad during the second of this three great wars against the Dark Lord. Perhaps the payback was motivated by Logan Monforte Astel’s contempt for the Celestial Black Astels (and Anton Astel’s unwanted advances toward one of his twin daughters) as well as his loathing of the Celestial Red Astels. The Celestial Elvish hatred for the Maestusean Elves is surpassed only by the hatred of Twilight Elves toward anyone of Celestial Elvish lineage. But now pretty much every Astel is dead so the one time red haired outlaws have evolved into the Royal Barons and the Kingmakers of Zendula. The disinherited became the powerful while their pretentious Elvish rivals faded away into disgrace or else extinction.

Gildagad the Great was only half Celestial Elve and a bastard. He was put on the throne by Horsham of Arcadia, Durham The Deathless, and Cleardan. None of whom were either Celestial Elve or Twilight Terra Elve. The Twilight Terra and Twilight Ocean Elves who were so despised by the arrogant and pretentious Celestial Elves still dominate the history, culture, heritage, heroism, ethics, values, arts, humanities, language, religion, and subterranean deep state government of Zendula even today. Everything that defines Zendula has come primarily form the Twilight Terra and Twilight Ocean Elves —- aided and abetted by the one time outlaws the Maestusean Elves who today are the Strathclydes.

Even the jewel in the crown of the Celestial Elves, Artorious The Glorious, was probably of Strathclyde lineage rather than Celestial lineage despite his golden hair. And his sister’s descendants are Amberling and Maestusean and meander through such a genetic bailiwick that the result, the Astels, have very little genuinely Royal or even elite Elvish blood and are today are mostly Maestusian Were through zigzags with the Hood Stud, the Pedigree of the Golden Bear, and the Pedigree of Rufus Royal. —- all of whom are Were. Their dwindling Elvish hybrid genes are magnified by their Were genes. Thus ironically the Kingship of Zendula has come back to the original bloodline which should have become the original kings of Zendula: Rufus Royal a Twilight Terra Elve of Old Arcadia.

Demographic Change of the Elvish Hybrids by the Werewolves of Zendula

The Elves and their hybrids are today facing demographic extinction. The Elves today only exist in recessive genes. These genes are known as the Hidden Pedigree. The Hidden Pedigree crisscrosses with the Visible Pedigree of Amberling and also the Secret Pedigree of Were. Most of the elite Elvish Were shape shifters such as Were Owls, Were Eagles, Were Lions, Were White Swans (of the famous Pedigree of Heike), or else Were Bears are being replaced by Werewolves. Were certainly magnifies recessive genes. But the assent of the Werewolves in the Elvish Pedigree (but not the Dwarvish or Amberling Pedigrees) is a mixed bag. Outside of the Royal House of Zendula) and the Royal Barons being a Werewolf is considered to be lower class Were on par with Were Honey Badgers. And this Were igniting of heretofore recessive Elvish genes is also raising up the Rural Pedigrees who up to now were mostly assumed to be Mundane Mere Mortal. Now 23 & Me is revealing more and more rural people with quite pronounced Elvish genetics. In the diverse Territories of the Blue Mountains, the Westlands, the Heartlands, Arcadia, and the Bloodlands and some parts of the Great Gap as well as the Far North of Utopia people have been discovered to carry greater amounts of Elvish genes than have not been heretofore formally registered at Probate Court. And 23 & Me tests conform this sudden spike is explained by the increasing numbers of people who also carry Were genes. So is certainly changing the debate about Elvish extinction coming any time soon. Genetics continues to influence events. The intersectionality of Elvish genes and Were genes are definitely influencing events.

The dilemma of the Hidden Elvish Pedigree along withe the Hidden Dwarvish Pedigree is that not only are Mundane Mere Mortals waging demographic conquest upon them, the Werewolves are. Unlike the Elvish and Dwarvish Pedigrees, Werewolves are just as biologically superior (howbeit in different ways) and they are also conspicuously sexually virile as well as terrifying to the Mundane Mere Mortals. The later is helpful considering the brazen social media tweets and TV interviews by Mundane Mere Mortals of phases such as ‘All I want for the Solstice is White Pedigree Genocide’. Once a small minority among the Were, Werewolves are today the majority among the Were and not only feature in many Elvish Pedigrees but form the core of the supposed Elvish House of Strathclyde, the Des Gallas Pendragons, the Scion of the Bear, and the Royal House of Astel.

Just like the ascent of red hair, the ascent of Elvish Werewolves into the Elvish seats of power of the subterranean deep state of Zendula is changing power politics as much as the Wisteria Project which is using science to both save the Pedigrees and also to reignite the original Elvish and Dwarvish genetics to relaunch both sub species back into genetic dominance. The combination of the Elvish genes and Were genes has created in effect an entirely new hybrid because the Were genes appear to ‘ignite’ or ‘turn on’ recessive Elvish genes to a degree that is now becoming quite apparent. If the supposedly evil Elvish Empire (according to the Woke Mundane Mere Mortals) does strike back it will be because of the insurgence of Elvish Werewolves. And most of this insurgence is occurring in the conservative Territories. Not the cities.

The Urban Woke Elite have been counting on the demographic extinction of the Elves though increasingly recessive genes — the ‘Great Diminishing’ leading to a ‘gentle’ extinction. This combined with the Left’s deliberate importation of millions of Outsiders to deliberately displace, replace, and erase the indigenous people they hate:the Pedigrees and the Rural Peoples of the conservative fly over Territories, would guarantee the triumph of the urban Woke Progressive Left’s plan to deconstruct, decolonize, dismantle, vandalize, mutilate, rip apart, burn down, blow up, and atomize Zendula’s history, heritage, culture, faith, identity, laws, form of government, genetics, and the total reconfiguration of society form top to bottom in order to exterminate every last molecule of White Elvishness (and Dwarvishness and for that matter Amberlingness). Genocide. On the smoldering ruins of Zendula’s genocide a gloriously Woke Marxist utopia would be built.

But under the radar Were has also been waging demographic displacement, replacement, and erasure. Were is transforming the Rural Peoples as well as the Elvish Pedigrees to an unprecedented extent. This combined with the rural countryside’s embrace of the nuclear family and the extended clann has resulted in large families and many children —- we are increasingly Were and even Elvish. In contrast the Left’s embrace of the destruction of the nuclear family and the extended clann combined with abortion on demand and indeed the complete rejection of giving birth has resulted in a drastic drop in population. The result will be a demographic conquest of the urban Woke Progressive Left by a Conservative Majority by 2050 unless the Rainbow Diversity Socialist Party can flood Zendula with tens of millions of Outsiders to act as their stormtroopers.

Discrimination against the Elvish Hybrids by the Mundane Mere Mortals of Zendula

There is a bill in the Lower Chamber of the Steering Committee to legalize racial discrimination against ‘muddy genes’ and also segregation on the premise that ‘muddy genes’ are not only oppressing and persecuting Mundane Mere Mortals (and People of Color ie Outsiders ie illegal migrants being imported by the Left to wage demographic conquest) but threatening them by their mere presence and very existence. Morally speaking the People of Color of the World and every Mundane Mere Moral of the World cannot feel safe in their safe place free of victimhood and finally and at last able to enjoy the moral right to equity of outcome in a Marxist utopia where everyone is exactly equal and interchangeable and where all inequality caused by exceptionalism is eradicated unless and until the ‘muddy genes’ of the Elves, the Dwarves, and Amberlings, (despite being People of Color) and especially the Were are exterminated off the face of the earth —-gently of course! In a Progressive and enlightened manner! Perhaps with re-education camps or gulags as well as forced sterilization and castration as well as forced abortion such as China did so nobly except instead of the One Child Policy it would be the No Child Policy.

The Rainbow Diversity Socialist Party justifies racial and genetic discrimination, extermination, and segregation until extermination on the basis that the Pedigrees’ overwhelming exceptionalism has resulted in a crushing excess of achievement resulting in a crushing excess of success resulting in a crushing Power Plus Privilege Equals Domination over Mundane Mere Mortals and People of Color from every Third World Failed State who demand their human right to march into Zendula and take it by force if necessary because the Pedigrees ‘did not built that!’ —- which is to say the nation of Zendula which the Pedigrees have built and defended over centuries.

If the Pedigrees protests that they are not a racist and do not persecute anyone except criminals or illegal migrants who should be deported back to their violent and dysfunctional countries then they are accused of ‘fragility’ in their inability to understand the oppression which their mere biological existence and crushing exceptionalism causes Mundane Mere Mortals and People of Color ie illegal migrants being imported to displace, replace, and erase the indigenous people of Zendula in order to achieve the genocide of the Pedigrees —- for the greater good of Humanity of course!

And the Pedigrees’ refusal to acknowledge their sins and the sins of their ancestors dating back to Year One of the Paleolithic Age proves that they are racists and bigots and xenophobes and Islamophobes and this phobe that that phobe or else that ism or some other ism. And if the Pedigrees object to being damned and forced to bow down and ritually grovel for the sins of everything which has ever gone wrong anywhere in the entire world since the bringing of time then their refusal to be a scapegoat is denounced as evidence of not only ‘muddy genes’ but evil genes! Genes so inheriting evil and violent and destructive that they threaten the very survival of the entire population of the world!

And if the Pedigrees protest how wonderful Zendula is and what a great history and heritage and culture Zendula has and how prosperous Zendula is and law-abiding and peaceful and how wonderful the indigenous people of Zendula are then they are accused of being White Pedigree Supremacists and Alt Right Nationalists which is to say Fascists and Nazis plotting the genocide of the Mundane Mere Mortals and People of Color of the world which requires the genocide of the Pedigrees for the greater good. And if the Pedigrees remind the Woke demanding their genocide for the greater good how many hundreds of millions of people all over the world have been terrorized or brutally butchered or starved to death by Marxist, Socialist, and Communist regimes and that only Capitalism has lifted untold millions of people all over the world into the most unprecedented levels of prosperity in history then they are called Reactionaries and this phobe and that ism etc etc etc. The only cure for not only Pedigree Exceptionalism but Pedigree Fragility is genocide —- for the greater good of course!

The brainwashing of the children of Zendula by Mundane Mere Mortal‘Woke’ Radical Left and Feminist teachers and Marxist Mundane Mere Mortal professors is producing a new generation of social justice warriors called Antifa. And Antifa is attacking and vandalizing and burning and tearing down every evidence of ‘muddy genes’ and White Elvish Pedigree superiority and exceptionalism. Statues. Monuments. Building facades. Paintings. Artwork. Music. Opera. Sacred Gigasidh Dances. Books. History. Heritage. Language. Names. Literature. Poetry. Myths and epics. Movies. Old TV shows. Museums. Everything! Everyone who defends the history, heritage, culture, traditions, the values, the identity of the Elves including their gods The Sidh are being attacked and depersoned and deplatformed and censored and pillared and terminated from their jobs. Their lives are threatened. And that is simply anyone who defends the Elvish Pedigree or evidence of Elvishness! The actual Elvish Pedigrees themselves are violently attacked nonstop! The Pedigrees and especially the Elvish Pedigrees are being depersoned right out of history! If every evidence of Elvishness is sterilized off the face of the earth then won’t the Elves cease to have ever existed at all? The Genocide will be utterly utterly perfect! And for the greater good of course!

Legal Threats Faced by The Elvish Hybrids of Zendula

Because the Pedigrees have bled and died over thousand of years of wars to build and protect Zendula they see Zendula as literally blood and soil. Zendula’s soil is indeed literally drenched in Elvish blood, Dwavish blood, Amberling blood, and Were blood. Far more than Mundane Mere Mortal blood. In every war the Elves have been on the front lines to defend Zendula. Their very valor has brought them to the edge of extinction. The Rural People with emerging Elvish Were Pedigrees and the Historic Pedigrees be they Elve or Dwarve or Amberling or Were who have fought and died for Zendula and continue to fight and die for Zendula are being damned by todays’ Urban Mundane Mere Mortals and especially today’s spoiled and wilting Millennial ‘snowflakes’ who refuse to fight to defend Zendula in any way whatsoever. In fact they openly say that Zendula is garbage now worth defending! Much less dying for!

In fact the ‘Woke’ urban Progressive Left is trying to ban the keystone to Gildagad’s Magnanimous Charter which is Service for Citizenship requiring service in the civilian militias or else the Army or Navy or Royal Sheriffs. The urban ‘Woke’ Mundane Mere Mortals wave the white flag of surrender —— literally —— to Globalists and authoritarian and utterly undemocratic transnational institutions. They are even taking the knee to the aggressively threatening Islamists and Chinese. So now the Pedigrees’ blood and soil loyalty to their country is being damned as racist fascist nativist White Pedigree Nationalism (despite the irony of the reality that the Visible Pedigree of the Amberlings are made up of people of Indian Aryan descent).

The urban Mundane Mere Mortals are also trying to revoke the Magnanimous Charter’s embrace of ‘Stand Your Ground’ use of lawful weapons and gunnery by its citizenry while also trying to sever the Magnanimous Charter’s conjoining of citizenship with militia or else military duty requiring an armed and trained citizenry which today are almost entirely the Rural People of the Territories commanded by the Pedigrees be they Amberling, Elvish, Dwarvish, or Were —— who are therefore heavily armed compared to the urban Mundane Mere Mortals. It is pretty obvious why the ‘Woke’ want to disarm Zendulians. Even today the most genteel Garden District Pedigree courtier will still casually carry a gun no less than an Amberling in military uniform or a Militia Pedigree Officer in the countryside. Even the Dwarvish Pedigree not only embraces weapons but stubbornly do militia duty for citizenship despite being acutely nearsighted. Even the Military Industrial Complex Morlocks give the Zendula Military, Navy, Royal Sheriffs, and the Citizen Militias a discount in their manufacture of Weapons to affirm their claim of service for citizenship even though the Morlocks never leave their secured underground bastions.

The realities of rural life also require guns. The Territories cannot survive without guns be they farmers or ranchers or forestry or environmentalists. Militia armories dot the countryside dominated by the Rural Pedigrees. Elvish and Dwarvish gentry squires always command their local militias. Royal Sheriffs over see the local militias. The Amberlings always hold war games in the Territories. The Militias buttress the Military Court which is dominated by Pedigrees. And all of this is buttressed by the traditional teulu ‘wolf gangs’ private schools which not only educate the Pedigrees but the traditional Rural Pedigrees and the rural Mundane Mere Mortals who have remained true to the ideals of the past and embrace their history and heritage which is guarded by the shield wall of the Pedigrees. They know that right now the only people on their side in the government are the Pedigrees.

The majority of the Pedigrees live in the countryside and have farming or ranching estates in the countryside. The Woke urban elite could not survive one day in the countryside for all of their Green Revolution hysteria. The very fact the Woke are demanding the building of a quarter of a million Chinese wind turbines in the countryside to power the city at the coast of destroying the countryside and guillotining millions of birds of prey is enough to radicalize the Territories behind the Pedigrees who alone are refusing to be stampeded into the Green Revolution. And it is beyond ironic that a Dwarvish Pedigree in his full banker court regalia can still out debate a Woke activist on the reality of biofuels and a farmer’s methane converters as well as corn prices and dairy prices and dams and aquifers and even bird migrations. The Pedigrees have been driven out of the cities but they have always lived in the Territories alongside the Rural Peoples.

On top of this is the reality that most of the Royal Sheriffs are both controlled by the Elvish run Courts of Gildagad and more often than not are members of the Pedigrees and often are also ex-militia or else ex-military welders of gunnery (and heavily Werewolf besides). Urban police may or may not be armed. Sheriffs are aways heavily armed and also have access to military heavy vehicles and the armories because they liaison with the Militias and the Military. The Sheriffs are also heavily tilted toward Werewolves and the odd Were Honey Badger as well as the ancient families of the territories be they Pedigree or Mundane Mere Mortal. And the teulu private schools were the Pedigrees and the Rural People send their children have pre-militia training so the young men and women when they graduate can sign up immediately for their clann’s Militia or else Military regiments or Naval service.

So if the urban Mundane Mere Mortals (and their urban Mundane Mere Mortal Police and Antifa thugs) actually went mano y mano with the Pedigrees and the Royal Sheriffs and Royal Military Court and the Navy and the Rural Militias and even the teulu student wolf gangs they would be seriously outgunned —-which is why the urban Mundane Mere Mortals are desperately trying to confiscate all gunnery and militia armories while damning the Army, the Navy, and the Militias as well as the Royal Sheriffs and the teulus as racist, sexist, nativist, and reactionary Alt Right Nationalists with a very strong in-group preference which translates supposedly into fascist xenophobia. It is certainly very territorial. Extremely so. The Pedigrees are extraordinarily territorial. So are the Rural People possibly because of their diverse Elvish genes.

Why Do The Progressive Left ‘Woke’ Mundane Mere Mortals of the Cities Hate the Elvish Hybrids of Zendula And Will This Lead To Civil War?

The urban Mundane Mere Mortals have for over two centuries evolved on a different evolutionary tract than the Rural Mundane Mere Morals (many with Elvish or Were recessive genes). The urbanites have become increasingly different sub species. Their values, economies, identities, and very genetics are diverging drastically. It is not a wonder then that the Woke are also trying to disenfranchise not only the Historic Pedigrees but the Rural Pedigrees and the Rural Mundane Mere Mortals of the Territories by breaking the Magnanimous Charter’s counter balancing rights for the rural Territories to be represented in the Steering Committee. While every citizen of Zendula has the right to vote for their local Navigator based on militia or military or naval or else sheriff participation (with a humanitarian exemption as being a ‘ward of the nation’ which the urbanites exploit to dodge the bullet), the Territorial voices in the Upper Chamber are also based on historic titles of Pedigree and the right of each Territory to send special representatives to the historic Upper Chamber of Navigators of the Court of Gildagad based on Territorial representation instead of demographic population.

Today the population is tilted slightly in favor of two large coastal cites dominated by the urban Mundane Mere Mortal Cultural Marxist Progressive Leftists. If the Upper Chamber was struck down as ‘undemocratic’ and ‘a leftover of Pedigree power plus privilege’ and a byproduct of ‘colonialism’ and ‘slavery’ and ‘capitalism’ and this ism and that phobia etc etc etc then two large urban cities could control the Steering Committee entirely and shut out the populations of the historic Territories entirely through ‘pure demographic democracy’ in contradiction of the original Charter which was a republican constitutional monarchy. Thus the Territories would be disenfranchised in all but name. As most of the Territories are still populated and dominated by both the Historic Pedigrees and the Rural Pedigrees and the Rural Peoples while The Havens and Londinium and to a lessor extent Rondusburg are populated by urban Mundane Mere Mortal Leftists this would guarantee civil war —— especially as Globalism has favored only big port cities while economically devastating the rest of the country.

And as Brummagem is populated by Beorach Mundanes Mere Mortals who are conservative, contrarian, libertarian, heavily military or else militia, and violently loathing of anything Progressive or Leftist or Socialist or ‘Red Commie Marxist’ as well as being proudly masculine haters of radical Third Wave Feminism (and to an extent also being racists toward illegal migrants taking their jobs) they would ironically back the Historic Pedigrees and the Rural Pedigrees and their fellow Rural Peoples despite having no Elvish genes whatsoever. Throw in the Werewolves and the result would be a short if bloody civil war —- especially as the rural Merrach and Maleth Mundane Mere Mortals (who carry greater of lessor degrees of Elvish genes and Were) are also innately conservative and nationalistic. And the New Citadel, Zendula’s largest industrial bastion, is Dwarvish Pedigree and therefore capitalistic and nationalistic no less than the capitalistic Goldbottom (Treasury Court and the banking and finance center of Zendula). They hate the Globalists and the Woke for favoring outsourcing and the deindustrialization policy of the urban Woke. The Blue Mountains miners and Iron Hills miners would also bring the guns to an Antifa knife fight. So would the Bloodlands Cowboys and Great Gap ranchers. The idea of plugging a soy boy would be amusing to cattlemen.

And the Morlocks of the industrial Old Citadel have heretofore embraced Nationalistic Capitalism and Dwavish Enterprise according to their ‘Blessed Ancestors’ the Dwarves over Marxist Socialist Radicals calling for either the nationalization of their assets or else the banning of their businesses because of the purposed Green New Deal to totally deindustrialize Zendula down to banning of coal, oil, hydro power, and all natural resources except agriculture which would cease without biofuel methane converters which are targeted for banning too. In short everyone everywhere in Zendula outside of The Havens and Londinium would be totally economically destroyed of the urban Woke won. Whatever the rest of the country would do, the Morlocks would absolutely do something incredibly nasty! The Morlocks after all elect their CEOs and Boards of Directors through hostile takeovers ie shoot outs! Literally!

Durham Mansion, the largest and most powerful of the Seven Mansions ie Mountains ie Corporations of the Old Citadel, has heavily backed Hood ( an Elvish hybrid) for his populist and nationalist platform of industrial revival aided by tariffs. They also heavily oppose abusive globalist treaties or climate warming de-industrialization protocols as well as Chinese expansion into not only the South China Seas but Zendula Proper to such an extent that recently the new female CEO, Hexander Durham Sextet, has actually given a televised speech by Peryton House Media warning of the Chinese threat as being this century’s equivalency of Japan’s 1930’s jingoistic threat. She also voiced her disapproval for ‘Red Communism’ with a firm if whispering voice of sternness. The bright studios lights gleaming off her thick blue goggles. So the possible civil war facing Zendula will be brief if bloody accordingly. Antifa antics aside, the Pedigrees are a martial caste. The Elvish hybrids by they the Historic Pedigrees or the Rural Pedigrees will fight to the end. But demographic conquest can possibly still win the day if the Cultural Marxist Progressive Left can open Zendula’s borders to tens of millions of Mundane Mere Mortal Outsiders with absolutely no biological or racial or cultural loyalty to Zendula who would come for instant access to Zendula’s overburdened social safety net and free citizenship as long as they vote Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party!

Is There A Future For the Elvish Hybrid Deep State in Zendula?

The future of the descendants of the Elves is uncertain. But the Elves and their modern day hybrids the Pedigrees possessed and continue to possess a superior biology including superior life spans and physical strengths despite their wiry builds and lack of heavy muscle. They are highly resistant to diseases and the decay of age. After the usual youth they mature into exceptional prolonged middle ages which can continue for several centuries if not violently killed. The Pedigrees conceal this by adding numbers to their names to imply multiple generations though the short lived Mundane Mere Mortals are rarely fooled by their disinclination to die off fast enough to suit them. But these modern day Elvish hybrids reproduce slowly reflecting their K genetics and high IQs. This was and continues to be their only biological weakness because they rarely birth more than two children and rarely remarry if one mate dies. As the Elves and their modern day hybrid Pedigrees wage endless wars in defense of their homeland, their freedom, their heritage, and their values, always on the front lines, never seeking deferments being excessively valiant, this excessive heroism and self sacrifice combined with low reproduction rates is disastrous. Once the all powerful majority, the Elves and their modern day hybrid Pedigrees have become a minority in their own homelands. That usually never ends well.

The evolutionary biologically inferior Mundane Mere Mortals thus have so far at least successfully waged demographic conquest by simply out breeding the Elves. Today the Elves only live on in the recessive genetics of their modern day hybrids the Pedigrees. While the ‘Woke’ Cultural Marxists and their genocidal adherents in the Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party blandly say being a minority in one’s homeland is perfectly fine (usually while also tweeting how much they dream of White Pedigree Genocide), the Elves and their modern day reincarnations are tenacious in never letting go of their ancient, patriarchal, and hierarchical control of the reins of power over a nation which they created over many millennia and bled and died to defend from enemies from within and without until their blood literally has soaked into the very soil of Zendula.

The Hidden Pedigree of the Elves have formed the Iron Triangle of Alliance with another Pedigree: the Amberlings who control both the Military and much of the Bureaucracy of Government. This combined with the Elvish Pedigree’s control of the Mastership, the Pendragonship (second from the top military title), the Duxship (another top military title), the Siege Perilous (Kingship), the King’s Privy Council, usually the Chief Navigator (Prime Minster and his Cockpit), The Upper Chamber of the Steering Committee, much of the Courts of Gildagad ie the wheels of power of the Government, and Celebeau House (the home to Zendula’s rangers, spies, and investigators) further buttressed by their alliance with the Pedigree of the modern day Dwarvish hybrids who control the Goldbottom (Treasury Court and the Banking and Financial Institutions) all continues to allow the Pedigrees to continue to dominate and rule Zendula. The Hidden Pedigree of the Elves and Dwarves plus the Visible Pedigree of the Amberlings is further buttressed by another Secret Pedigree. Were.

At some point some Elves also crossbred with Were Changelings and Shape Shifters as well as Berserkers, Court Witches, Court Wizards, and Shadowy Ones (female shamans) who also carry a different form of Were genes. Today the Secret Pedigree of Were controls the Thiess Guards (paranormal and supernatural police) as well as the Shadowy Ones who by tradition oversee the private schools known as teulus. The teulus are where the Pedigrees as well as many ordinary traditional people of the Territories go to be educated instead of public financed government schools which are controlled by the Cultural Marxist Progressive Left. As most of the indoctrination in Progressive ‘Woke’ Marxism is through schools this means the conservative Shadowy Ones are successfully forming a educational hearthweru shield wall to protect the children of not only the Pedigrees but the conservative people of the Territories many of which carry various degrees of Elvish or Dwarvish or Were genes.

The Royal Sheriffs of the Courts of Gildagad are guesstimated to be two thirds Were as well. Mostly Werewolves but many are also Elvish Werewolves. Many Royal Sheriffs as well as country squires and mayors are Elvish hybrids not registered at Probate Court but still scion of the Elves. And the Royal Sheriffs oversees not only law and order for The Lord High Justice of Justice Court (which is outside of the command of the city police forces) under the authority of the Lord High Chancellor but also oversees elections and the armories of the militias —- all of which are overwhelming conservative, often Pedigree, and heavily teulu educated. The Royal Sheriffs are the law in the mostly conservative Territories. This combined with the Military and the Navy further buttresses the Deep State of the Pedigrees. The Were act as the ultimate enforcers of Pedigree power because they are so terrifying to the Mundane Mere Mortals in a way that Elves and even Dwarves and the Amberlings no longer are.

Indeed as the Mundane Mere Mortals of the cities who are ‘Woke’ play extreme identitiarian politics and harp on ‘muddy genes’ as well as ancestral evil of ‘power plus privilege equals historic domination’ poised by Elvish genes, Dwarvish genes, Amberling genes, and Were genes, as well as the necessity to expunge all Elvishness from off the face of the earth because of the existential evil posed to Mundane Mere Mortals and People of Color ie Outsiders ie illegal migrants by such horrifically genetically evil, violently homicidal, insanely marital, territorially possessive, nativist, xenophobic, hate filled, unspeakably oppressive, historically destructive, White Elitist Elvishness which is the sole cause for every evil which has occurred throughout the entire history of the world, the more the Pedigrees and Conservative Peoples of the Territories (many of which carry diverse ‘muddy genes’ in various amounts) will entrench and radicalize themselves and embrace their besieged and besmirched identity as the scion of the Elves, the Dwarves, the Amberlings, and Were. At some point every tormented scapegoat will raise up to tear off the calumnies and libels and slurs and vilifications and assassinations and fight back against their murderers trying to slaughter them on some altar to an unforgiving and genocidal god with a face resembling Karl Marx. For every action there is a Newtonian reaction. Identity politics will create reactionary identity politics as the infamous Elgar Lovell Reid Werewolf Pride Movement proved.

So even today the Pedigrees still dominate the subterranean deep state of Zendula despite their minority status because of their still superior physical genetics, longer lives, disciplined K slow life style genetics, higher IQs, excess of success achieved though overwhelming achievement, talent, sheer hard work, control of the levers of power, Were terror, and sheer territorial tenacity and determination. If ‘Snowflakes’ fear patriarchy and hierarchy elsewhere they would really, really, really fear Pedigree Patriarchy and Hierarchy. While initially gracious in the face of demographic conquest during the emerging Twentieth Century, the Millennia Pedigrees have become radicalized by the Mundane Mere Mortals of the cities who now openly advocate Pedigree Genocide down to the last biological molecule. In the face of this call for Pedigree Genocide and the deliberate vandalization and deconstruction amounting to destruction of the Elvish history, heritage, achievements, values, identity, faith, and even the nationalistic independence of Zendula the Pedigrees now not only refuse to go extinct but are now plotting their counter attack. The Empire of Gildagad strikes back! It there is going to be a civil war the Elvish Pedigree Hybrids will fight like they have always fought —-to the last blood of their being!


As proud nationalists who are still deeply loyal to their ancestors, to their ancient gods, and to their ancient values, the Hidden Pedigree of the Elvish hybrids along with the other Pedigrees and also conservative Rural Mundane Mere Mortals as well as the Morlocks are uniting in a shieldwall to fight a nonstop Cultural Marxist revolution that is openly advocating for their economic destruction and genetic extinction as well as the total deconstruction of Zendula’s economic security, border security, and security of identity. All with the radical goal of destroying every Zendulian institution and indeed its very civilization. All while deliberately unraveling the nation’s social cohesion and racial identity in the face of globalist atomization. If Zendula’s borders are opened to tens of millions of Mundane Mere Mortal migrants from the most violent and backward failed nations of the Third World it will not just be the Hidden Pedigree of the Elvish hybrids who will be displaced, replaced, erased, and exterminated. It will be half of the nation. This draconian ‘Hail Mary Pass’ being purposed by the ‘Woke’ urban Mundane Mere Mortal Leftists to openly and violently overthrow the Ancient Shieldwall of the Deep State of the Pedigrees in order to overthrow and destroy the entire nation of Zendula by launching nothing short of genocide upon the indigenous Zendulians is spawned from a visceral hatred for the Elves along with the Dwarves, the Amberlings, and the Were. This is a biological hatred so over overpowering and psychotic it is horrifying. It is a hatred that is all the more ironic for being a racial hatred by people claiming not to be racists.

You might like to read the e-book Fin De Siecle to meet an unlikely group of Elvish, Dwarvish, and Werewolf Pedigree Hybrids facing the coming of the Twentieth Century with bemused trepidation that the Mundane Mere Mortals no longer hold them in awe. Worse, their love lives are colliding as everyone wages romantic war with each other obvious to the political crisis of the Heir Apparent apparently disappearing and the newly elected Mayor of The Havens, the Black Eald, plotting plots that may or may not lead to a coup against an aging King Astel. Meanwhile, a mysterious Englishman named Dorian Grey is taking photographs of the Pedigree Elite with a curious camera that is reputed to steal the very soul of the sitter…..