Randolph Conall

The Randolph Conall novella series is a modern populist western featuring supernatural horror and a tragic love story. The series includes everything from westerns based on old cowboy movies to modern western adventure stories – and even some modern dramas featuring cowboy heroes or ranchers facing old and new challenges. The series ends with a modern drama of a lonely rancher trying to find his lost son in a modern city torn by Antifa riots and free speech protests where he finds unexpected love with a modern career woman. All of the novellas feature Randolph Conall’s iconic conservative, libertarian loner persona.

Novella 1: Boom Town

Boom Town is a remake of a famous Hollywood cowboy film produced and staring Randolph Conall for his Fairawayland Production Company. It is about a raucous, venal cowtown in the middle of a cow war between brawling cowboys and greenhorn farmers and only one man willing to keep the greedy cowtown from burning down is Sheriff Dan Mitchell. But are the greenhorn countryfolk what they seem? Who killed their leader Honeyberry? Who is murdering railroad surveyors and witnesses alike? And why has the greedy head of the Chamber of Commerce, Lucre, posted a sign saying ‘No dogs or Reds & Blacks or Werewolves Allowed!’

Novella 2: To the Last Man

To The Last Man is a novelization of a film by Randolph Conall. It is based on an old Hollywood movie derived from a novel by Zane Grey. To The Last Man tells a tale about two feuding families. One family tries to run away from the feud. One family embraces the slaughter that climaxes with a siege of a ranch house and a Mano y Mano fight to the death in the outlaws’ lair. The source of the feud is the youngest daughter of the beleaguered family by the other family who are Werewolves. Who will win? The Mundane Mere Mortals? Or the Werewolves? And can young Lynn Hayden and Ellen Colby survive the feud long enough to fall in love?

Novella 3: A Dancer’s Pivot

This cowboy novella based on an old Hollywood movie follows a murderer as he tries to reform while hoping that his past will not catch up with him. Jim Dancer gets an offer to become a town sheriff as the cattle drives arrive. Unfortunately the offer comes with a Damocles Sword having over his head in the form of the only witness to his murder of a corrupt sheriff, a child who is now eighteen years old. The now grownup witness to murder ironically falls head over heels in love with the mysterious new sheriff. Dancer is also concealing another secret. He is a closet Werewolf in a town of Mundane Mere Mortal Normies.

Novella 4: So Red the Rose

So Red The Rose chronicles a decades long family drama played out over decades of senseless wars and twists of fortune as a poor teenager walks away to remake his life after the Vietnam War as a cowboy star of B movies while his childhood sweetheart marries a real estate speculator and globalist schemer to save her parents’ beleaguered estate only to see it ruined by the scoundrel’s frauds. Can the two childhood sweethearts rediscover their love after decades of estrangement and will a bad-to-the-bone son of a bad-to-the-bone husband destroy any hope for a second chance at love?

Novella 5: He Rides the Hills

This novella is a modern western remake of The Walking Hills combined with a plot inside a plot of an aging cowboy movie star facing a difficult location shoot being sabotaged by a young starlet and her hunky boyfriend which the studio is grooming to replace him. Will the aging cowboy star have his revenge and complete the film on time and on budget? And what happens when a movie about discovering a treasure of gold takes on a life of its own when real gold is found?

Novella 6: Ten Wanted Men

In this modern western remake of Ten Wanted Men Wick Campbell, a misplaced liberal city slicker, tries to take on John Stewart the conservative owner of the largest ranch in North Rufus. Stewart is either a bad good man or else a good bad man. Either way Wick is out of his league. Wick’s Beta rivalry with the much bigger, tougher, Alpha Male turns bloody when Wick’s ward Maria runs away to the Stewart Ranch where young Howie Norm, a city raised Millennial, is struggling to learn how to become a cowboy as his humiliated father blunders into a robbery/murder plot. All as a psychopath named Baynard and his gang plot how to rob the bank and loot the town. And unlike the pathetic Wick, Bayard’s private vendetta with John Stewart can only end one way: one or the other man will end up dead!

Novella 7: The Doolins of the Bloodlands

Three war veterans and two young hackers betrayed by a corrupt bank plot their revenge by waging bank heists combined with 4 Chan /pol/ hacks and memes to expose the corruption of not only the crooked banker but the globalist elite who are betraying the ordinary working people. ‘We are the wrath of the forgotten people everyone is betraying!’ The Doolin Gang announces that after subtracting their one million dollar ‘service fee’ they will return all of the money of their heists if and when the corrupt CEO and Board of Directors are arrested and prosecuted. But while hiding out the mastermind of this daring Propaganda of the Deed, a grieving widower and rancher, falls in love with a simple minister’s daughter and tries to go straight only for their last heist to careen into disaster and a last tragic shootout.

Novella 8: The Egregore

The Egregore is a supernatural horror novel about a small country town which is mesmerized into unspeakable evil by an monster who comes in the shape of a small, dowdy, mousy, middle aged spinster school teacher with small beady eyes behind thick glasses and a simpering, little girl voice and coy mannerisms as if a adolescent girl possessed by a demon. Throw in Room 4 The Hell’s Mouth, an ouija board, a supernatural double dare game called The Closet Game, five adults haunted by a long ago childish Samhain prank gone wrong, a chimera that gives birth to a monstrous but beautiful little girl who is possessed, an old village witch on the run from modern day witch hunters, werewolves and shapeshifters, and a famous jurist who is accused of long ago rape which triggers riots and you have a dark novel befitting Halloween.

Novella 9: NPC

Modern love story of lonely man and a robot service companion. A poor working class man made redundant by outsourcing is released from jail to resume his tragic personal crusade against illegal migrants who are grooming and raping the underaged daughters of poor working class families. Alone and without allies Valere Morgan only has the help of his late mother’s caretaker: an obsolete Robota named Constance. Together two lonely souls fight entrenched corruption in high places who are protecting sadistic rapists and murderers of vulnerable underage girls of despised working class families who are considered expendable collateral damage to the great scheme of the New World Order to usher in utopia on the bodies of innocent White Girls.

Novella Series Complete Bundle

The bundle contains all (9) novellas, plus an exclusive dystopian nightmare short story, Shelter in Place

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