The Origins of the Diverse and Unique People of Zendula. An Overview.

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The first of the diverse and unique people of Zendula are the members of the Hidden Pedigree. The Hidden Pedigree are twofold. The first are the hybrid descendants of the Elves.The Elves migrated into Zendula at the end of the Prehistoric Age as the Neolithic Age was evolving into the Copper Age before emerging into the splendor of the Bronze Age: the First Age of Elvish City States which created the foundation of Zendulian civilization.

The origins of the Ancient Elves are still shrouded in mystery. The Ancient Elves do not appear to have come from Eurasia like the Mundane Mere Mortals or else the far north of Zendula which is called Hyperborea like the Sidh. Myths indicate the Elves arrived in Zendula’s eastern coastline by ancient sea craft. The Pacific, despite being large, has always been a watery highway for ancient seafarers colonizing the many islands and coastlines that edge the Pacific bringing with them both their families and diverse domestic animals while looking for a new life. Watery pioneers. And during the Holocene Optima there was a Northern Passage through the Arctic connecting swathes of the planet’s Far North coastline called Greater Hyperborea.

Though Caucasian, Elves did not descend from hybrid Neanderthal – Cro-Magnon Old Europeans or else the hybrid Neanderthal -Indo European Siberian Eurasian Steppes People. Though clearly byproducts of evolution in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia Elves appear to have evolved elsewhere. The question is where.The Elves originally possessed no Neanderthal genes as DNA extraction of ancient bones have confirmed though today their Mundane Mere Mortal hybrid descendants do possess hybrid Neanderthal – Cro-Magnon Old European genes and hybrid Neanderthal – Indo European Siberian Eurasian Steppes genes. Today the Elvish recessive genes live on in their hybrid descendants but pure blooded Elves are becoming rarer and rarer though the Wisteria Project is trying to resurrect the Elvish Pedigree by ‘turning on’ the recessive Elvish genes as well as boosting dwindling birthrates. Elves normally marry for life and rarely birth more than two children. So even in optimum times of peace they barely sustain a population at replacement levels.

Like all K genetic slow life history sub species of Homo sapiens the high IQ Elves mature slowly and age slowly and have small families. This is both a biological strength and also a weakness. Because many can ‘pass’ as Mundane Mere Mortal the Hidden Pedigree of Elves maintain their bloodlines in Probate Court registry which is secured off limits to public perusal by Mundane Mere Mortals who might desire to ‘dox’ them for harassment. But the Garden District of The Havens is their traditional bastion as well their remote estates especially in Arcadia where their ancient Bronze Age city once existed. Victoria Town Arcadia serves as another safe bastion for the Hidden Pedigree now that The Havens and Londinium have become increasingly hostile toward the Pedigrees as all things Elvish loses its cachet.

The Hidden Pedigree also refers to another particular hybrid of Cro-Magnon Caucasians which are unique in Zendula. Cro-Magnon Caucasians are a Northern Hemisphere hybrid of the Neanderthal and Homo sapiens. But the Dwarvish hybrid of Cro-Magnon Caucasians is distinctive in its high percentage of Neanderthal genes plus other unidentified genes seen nowhere else in Eurasia which are called ‘Oderic’ (whatever Oderic is). Like the Elves, the Dwarves are a highly K genetic, high IQ, slow life history who mature slowly and age slowly and have small families. That is both their strength and weakness. Today Dwarvish genes are recessive and are carried in their descendants who are Mundane Mere Mortal hybrids. These hybrids have very strong in-group preference just like the Elvish hybrids and the Amberlings. All three classes of the Pedigrees form the elite class (and caste) of Zendula.

The epicenter of the Dwarvish Pedigree is the Goldbottom (Zendula’s financial center) and also diverse urban districts of The Havens built during the Second Age which are off limits to direct public access as well as remote country estates away from public view or harassment which featured high walls garnished by lethal glass shards and barb wire as well as state of the art security and old fashion attack dogs. The Dwarvish Pedigrees often transverse The Havens via underground tunnels which lead to subterranean entrances to surface edifices via secured basements. Their homes are ‘iceberg’ townhouses featuring deep subterranean levels up to four stories deep including private access to the Tube lines which runs private Tube stations for private railroad cars exclusive to the Hidden Pedigrees. There are rumors of golf cart races through the labyrinth of subterranean tunnels but that might be an urban myth originating with motorcycle couriers carrying vault assets from one subterranean bank or treasury to another. The last time any of this was seen by ‘Normies’ was during the bombings of the Japanese during WWII. And many of these urban myths of ‘Normies’ originates with WW II construction of bomb shelters and wartime bunkers which rivaled the legendary labyrinth of Dresden during WWII.

The Havens has some of the deepest subterranean levels of any city in the developed world because of Second Age construction by Dwarves and much of this fabulous subterranean real estate is amazingly ornate and lavish as well as augmented by Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century technology (and presumedly now Twenty-first Century technology). Needless to say the splendor be it ornate glazed brick or carved stone or else gold gilt or crystal chandeliers is never defiled by graffiti because no unauthorized people are allowed inside this amazing labyrinth. There might not be a Minotaur but there are urban myths of gigantic prehistoric Worms and a legendary Wyvern in a decayed sewer oozing a deadly plague. Possibly also alligators or more likely Robota security guards.

There are also deep vaults and caches that run for miles under the city streets connecting the diverse Dwarve founded Treasuries and Banks that dot the Goldbottom. All are fortified and include private subterranean entrances as well as survival bastions and auxiliary escape routes through the massive Nineteenth Century sewers. There is another urban myth that one Dwarvish descendant keeps a tank parked under his iceberg house for a secured getaway in case of revolution. And all of it is secured by Dwarvish security vault doors garnished with deadly defenses and special keys or else security codes called beejaks which few ‘Normies’ can acquire. Needless to say there are no Mundane Mere Mortals allowed, much less tourists. But all of this feeds ‘Normie’ resentment.

The Hidden Pedigree of Elves and Dwarves and the Visible Pedigree of Amberlings can all trace their lineage though thousands of years of Probate Court ledgers and registry which today are sealed from the general public. As Pedigree-phobia has increased among the Mundane Mere Mortals the Hidden Pedigree keeps a low profile to ‘pass’ which the Visible Pedigree of Amberling cannot do so easily. Many of the Hidden Pedigree conceal their long lives by adding numbers after their names to imply they are descendants of generations of people of the same name. But most Mundane Mere Mortals are not fooled and the most pedigree-phobic often rave ‘They never die! They never die! They just change their name! But they never die! Why don’t they die? Why can’t we make them die?’

Both examples of the Hidden Pedigree be they Elve or Dwarve exist mostly in recessive genes and are manifested in distinctive physical manifestations be it tall and willowy with blond or else dark hair and dark grey eyes with ‘deformed ears’ along with aquiline noses and a lack of body hair or else the antipode: short and beefy and hairy with frizzy ginger hair, freckles, blunt noses, and hazel eyes. The ‘Dwarvish’ physicality is very close to Neanderthal including the weak chin, pronounced canine teeth, and the large brain and ‘genius bump’ along with the barrel build, stocky legs, extraordinary muscles, low hairline which contributes to a low beetle brow, and bristly beards. The Dwarvish hybrids display the Neanderthal penchant for anxiety depression and also an inferiority complex which they manifest as blistering over compensation and blunt no-nonsense amounting to arrogance. Many of the Dwarvish Pedigree have Aspergers combined with a very high IQ combined with antisocial behaviors and acute contrarian personalities typical of geniuses. They are often obsessive compulsive in their determination to achieve their goals and are obsessive perfectionists. The Elvish hybrid is more intensely introvert and aloof if steely.

The Elvish hybrid has a few more r genetics mixed into the K genetics so they are more flexible in thinking outside the box and being creative. They have an exceptional penchant for music and the arts yet unlike Mundane Mere Mortal actors and musicians are still powerfully K genetic and highly focused and very disciplined overachievers. So they are never wildly emotional or self indulgent or irrational or narcissistic and rarely display ‘spiteful mutant’ anomalies. So the Hidden Pedigree runs either hot or else cold, aggressive or else unapproachable, hale and hearty or else formal and reserve, sentimental or else stoic. All while being exceptionally disciplined and over achieving and implacably determined. Both examples of the Hidden Pedigree intensely love their children but both also have tragically few children and struggle against demographic conquest by Mundane Mere Mortals. Both face growing Pedigree-phobia.

Despite the growing Pedigree-phobia by the ‘Normie’ Mundane Mere Mortals the Hidden Pedigrees along with the Visible Pedigree still dominates the positions of power in the nation from the Mastership to the Kingship and Privy Council to the Upper Chamber of the Steering Committee to the Inns of Silk from which the Courtiers are chosen to run the Courts of Equity as well as the Dwarve founded Wheel of Durham which is the top university in the nation. The best teulu private schools are also Pedigree. The Mundane Mere Mortals call this tight grip on power the ‘Pedigree Deep State’. This is why the younger Mundane Mere Mortals are increasingly embracing Cultural Marxist Socialist Communism and its appeal to revolution to finally and at last overthrew this deep state of the Pedigrees who are no longer admired or romanticized but rather are envied, resented, and loathed.

Most of the upper class of the Hidden Pedigree live in secured Second Age built areas of The Havens which are off limits to nonresidents or else country estates. Nonstop attacks and harassment has compelled this but it also feeds the cycle of Pedigree-phobia. The Hidden Pedigree heavily populates the Territories where they are seen as ancient gentry which gives them a remarkable connection with the rural people resulting in a deep bond of mutual obligation and loyalty unlike the Pedigree-phobic urbanite ‘Normies’. As the urbanites increasingly openly despise and economically betray the Territories the rural Mundane Mere Mortals including even the normally combative Beorach see the Pedigrees as their allies and protectors.

As Disraeli and the Black Eald proved, the rural classes will unite against the urbanites just as the urbanites will always treat with utter contempt the rural people. And while the urbanites are usually Big Government loving, collectivist, and totalitarian inclined Leftists the countryside is naturally conservative and highly independent and self sufficient as well as libertarian and contrarian. As the Pedigrees are also naturally conservative, highly independent, and self sufficient as well as libertarian and contrarian the Pedigrees and the rural people actually get on very well. And a large minority of the rural population carry some degree of Pedigree genes, though often not registered at Probate Court.

So the ancient gentry who keep the bond with their country brethren can form an alliance of mutual survival that can become a powerful political counterweight to the urban Left. The Pedigrees have done just that. And the Dwarvish Pedigrees also value work and therefore value the blue collar working classes which the urbanites sneer as ‘gammon’. And the Dwarvish Pedigrees also oppose outsourcing jobs to China and importing cheap exploitable migrants to Zendula. So the working classes including miners and manufacturing towns and cities outside of The Havens and Londinium also see the Pedigrees as their natural allies against the urbanite Lefties and Globalists. The result is a recent comeback by the besieged Pedigrees.

As the urban environmentalists embrace open border migration of unlimited millions of Outsiders (which would surely degrade the environment) and also draconian Climate Change deindustrialization as well as gun control (gun bans) instead of traditional wardship and conservation of the rural countryside the countryside increasingly has sided with the Pedigree gentry who have an ancient connection with the land and a tradition of stewardship of the land. Urbanites think of food as coming from a supermarket wrapped in plastic. They have absolutely no concept of the working ranch or farm. Even the gentry estates are working farms or ranches. And hunters are mutually allied because the Pedigrees also are hunters and gun enthusiasts. The Pedigree gentry also lead the militias which the urbanites increasingly refuse to support despite the fact that Service Earns Citizenship. The Pedigrees have always led the militias and also the Military and Navy in every war in Zendulian history while the urbanite Lefties have increasingly refused to fight for their country and indeed openly express their hatred for their country.

The Pedigrees are very patriotic and traditional guardians of the nation. Despite the ancient shame of the Red Astels, the Pedigrees have amassed a historic record of selfless service to the nation and honesty in government. The few Pedigrees caught taking bribes and betraying their country or else cowardice have always shot themselves in disgrace. Power and Privilege brings Duty and Responsibility complete with Weregild blood money or else Weregilt blood for blood for anyone who betrays their Duty to the Country.

The head of the Goldbottom and Treasury is always a High Lord with a Dwarvish pedigree. The Elvish Pedigree dominates the rest of the Privy Council and the Courts of Equity as well as the Monarchy. The Upper Chamber of the Steering Committee is heavily stacked with the Pedigrees and also special Navigators representing the Territories to counter balance the Lower Chamber which is demographically dominated by the three big port cities. Durham The Deathless’ Dwarvish Protocols still rule the economy of the nation because they are embedded in the Magnanimous Charter. No deficits allowed! Ditto Globalist treaties which might compromise Zendulian independence. Forget the Paris Accords! The Dwarvish Protocols won’t even allow Zendula to enter the WTO though Zendula can enter the World Bank but only per carefully prescribed perimeters. Ditto the UN. Zendula cannot surrender its independence and ancient freedoms to any Outsider authority which is why the urbanite Leftist embrace of Globalism has become a constitutional crisis.

Dwarvish Pedigrees dominate much of the older manufacturing and financial bastions of the country. They dominate The ZOX (Zendula’s epicenter of business, mining, and manufacturing as well as its ancient guilds. The later fuels the accusation of national fascism because the Dwarvish guild system is basically Corporatism which Tom Mosley and Elgar Lovell Reid advocated. The Guild Corporatism Theory is the creation of mutual alliances for each industry or work force. A form and function super union. For instance shoe manufacturers and shoe workers and shoe stores and shoe designers and also shoe exporters would all unite in a form and function corporative guild to be represented by a guild elected Shoe Navigator in the Steering Committee.

In contrast, Zu House (Zendula’s Chamber of Commerce) is usually dominated by the Mundane Mere Mortal Corporations and Consortiums and Cartels who are usually under the thumb of Wellus House as well as Globalist Corporations and International Bankers. Often the ZOX clashes with Zu House because the ZOX operates by classic Dwarvish free market competitive Capitalism while Zu House curries favor of the Globalists who front for Crony Corporatists, International Monopolies and Consortiums, Davos and Bilderberg, China, as well as International Institutions and especially International Bankers.

The ZOX is proudly nationalist and Zendula First and Foremost! The ZOX also acknowledges the old Dwarvish concept of MOLK: the price of human suffering that must be factored into the cost and profit of manufacturing and commerce as well as the Durham Protocol for Patriotism and Nationalism Above Profit. For instance the ZOX measures national prosperity by GDP Per Capita while the Zu measures the GDP only. Per capita measures the prosperity of the citizen. Zu House advocates the exact opposite thought it gilds the national betrayal which has resulted in the near total destruction of the traditional Zendulian guilds and businesses as well as the Zendulian middle classes and working classes with cheap paper platitudes of ‘multicultural diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ and ‘Globalist Community’ and ‘The Greater Good’ and of course the tried and true ‘nationalism is fascism and racism and this ‘ism’ and that ‘ism’ and every other ‘ism’ to justify deconstructing and dismantling and deindustrializing Zendula while extracting and selling off all of Zendula’s assets to Outsiders and Crony Corporatists in general and China in particular. Basically inviting the economic predators of the world to come and devour Zendula down to the bones of the carcass while displacing and replacing indigenous Zendulian citizenry with cheap exploitable migrants so a few can become very rich while Zendula dies.

The recent move by Wellus House to back the ZOX instead of Zu House has surprised many of the urban elite and globalists as well as predatory Chinese companies. It certainly ambushed the CEO of Zu House. Literally. The man jumped to his death from the roof of Zu House which is the traditional Morlock ‘golden handshake of retirement’. Durham Mansion has been notoriously Populist for a while and has backed Hood ( Zendula’s Trump). That was shocking enough! But the entire bastion of Old Citadel Mansions (privately held family controlled corporations, each lodged in a particular mountain of the mountains of The Pale that contain the subterranean Old Citadel) recently came out in support of Hood’s Populist opposition to Globalism and especially supine kowtowing to China. The mystery appears to be this: the ruthless industrial Morlocks are compelled to respect their Blessed Ancestors the Dwarves so they are compelled to acknowledge their fellow Dwarvish descendants the Hidden Pedigree and also acknowledge the Dwarvish Protocols established by Durham The Deathless including the concept of MOLK and Patriotism Above Profit even if the Hidden Pedigree does not feel compelled to acknowledge the Morlocks.

The Morlockian mystery also lies in The ZOX’s opposition to Globalist outsourcing of jobs and industries, the extracting of national assets for predatory sale elsewhere, the deliberate deindustrialization of Zendula to meet Climate Change goals, as well as the importation of cheap, exploitable, uneducated, and low skilled de facto ‘serf’ migrant laborers to replace the well educated and high skilled indigenous Zendulian workers who as citizenry expect the country to serve and protect them instead of betraying and economically destroying them. The Morlocks of Wellus House also opposes this toxic Globalism even if they are Zendula’s military industrial complex’s Merchants of Death. Morlocks might be Morlocks but they protect their own workers and kill anyone who threatens their industries or dares to steal their research and development. They have that Dwarvish fetish against pilfering be it ancient dragons or else the Red Dragon of Communist China. (And they hate Communism too. Waving a Commie flag while calling for nationalism of industries is like waving a red flag at a Spanish bull. Don’t be surprised if the result is gorging by horns aiming for the tormentor’s family jewels or else being hurled off the roof of a very tall building. The dead CEO of ZU House did not even get a gold watch of retirement before exiting the building.

With the aid of the vindictive Morlocks as well as the Hidden Pedigree of the Dwarves (all carrying genes of Dwarvish rage toward anyone picking their pockets or their treasures) the ZOX is presently waging vindictive, tenacious, and Dwarvishly spiteful economic war against China’s economic war being waged upon Zendula as well as China’s industrial espionage and thievery of Zendula’s wealth and research and development as well as China’s illegal seizure of the South China Seas which would blockade sea lanes resulting in harassment of Zendula’s right of free trade. The ZOX is presently blue printing a Third Industrial Revolution to usher Zendula into a Twentieth First Century future. In fact the Morlocks have recently even embraced the idea of abandoning their mania for traditional copper wire in favor of high tech fiber optics (leaving Germany as the only industrial hold out).

In contrast Zu House is virtue signaling to the ‘Normies’, also known as ‘useful idiots’, by supporting the Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party’s Green New Deal to totally deindustrialize Zendula which would destroy the entire industrial and Middle Class and Working Class and Agricultural Class as well as the Miners and Petroleum Workers of the country while allowing China and Globalists and International Bankers to extract Zendula’s assets and wealth accumulated over eons while leaving Zendulians with nothing except the option of suicide or else Oxy overdosing.

The top university is The Wheel of Durham which heavily tilts toward the Pedigrees because of its uncompromising standards which cannot be watered down for ‘diversity quotas’ or else dumbed down or ‘de-pedigreed’ to allow less brilliant Mundane Mere Mortals to qualify. Some other minorities do get into the Wheel because they feature high IQs such as Northern Hemisphere Asians and Ashkenazi Jews with an occasional Amberling of the Visible Pedigree and of course the Secret Pedigree. The Pedigrees also cluster around the traditional teulu private schools which ironically also educate most of the children of the rural Territories. The graduates of these traditional teulu private schools usually register in the same traditional militias or military regiments and serve together side by side (howbeit the Pedigrees form the officer class and their rural compatriots form the men and women of the regiments or militias under their command). Service Earns Citizenship bonds the Pedigrees with the people of the rural Territories. They work and ranch and farm and hunt and fight and often also die side by side.

The ‘Visible Pedigree’ are the Amberlings are descendants of the Persian Iranian (Aryan) Pathans, Greco-Indian Kushans and Gandharans, the Rajputs, and the Bhat Aryan Brahmins of India who migrated from Eurasia Proper into Zendula during the Bronze Age. The last conspicuous Amberlings to arrive were members of the famous martial clan of Skinner in 1857. The Amberlings are part of the most exotic branch of the Indo European (Aryan) Steppes People who migrated out of the Baltic and Siberia in ancient times before migrating into the Steppes before migrating southward into Eurasia instead of west or east into Eurasia before circumnavigating into Zendula. More specifically the ancient ancestors of the Amberlings migrated into parts of the Levant, Anatolia, Caucasia, part of the southeast Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North India. Be they Hittites or Trojans or Mycenaeans or Scythians or Yamnaya or Persians or Pathans or Rajputs or Bhat Brahmins or else Amberlings, these fiercely martial warriors were the forefront of the Indo European Invasions of Southern Eurasia before fanning outward in every direction. The Amberlings are still primarily a martial caste to this day everywhere they migrated (invaded) and settled. Most of Zendula’s Amberlings now also have hybrid blood of the Hidden Pedigree as well as the Maleth which is another martial caste descended from the Scythian Indo European Steppes Peoples.

The Amberlings are a proud martial caste. They are proud of being part of the Pedigrees. They rarely intermarry into what they see as inferior castes. They proudly use the name ‘Aryan’ which is a form of the ancient Proto Indo European word for their ancient ancestors: Aryos or Aryas which is also the root for the modern word heroes. They rarely divorce and boast very strong nuclear families. They are extraordinarily disciplined. They are proudly xenophobic and unapologetically Identitarian and loath the concept of ‘diversity’ or caste mixing or ‘immigration’ of Outsiders into Zendula. The very idea of a Kalergi Plan to deliberately dilute the blood of races or sub races is abhorrent to them and an affront to their ancient ancestors and their ancient blood lines. Demographic conquest is seen as invasion and a declaration of cowardly and devious war. And they see anyone aiding and abetting demographic conquest ie invasion by stealth as cowardly and devious traitors.

Though the Amberlings do not have a racial hierarchy of superiors or inferiors among their own they are proud of their ethnicity and martial heritage. They see themselves as part of the elite and are proud of being part of the elite. Power Plus Privilege Equals Duty And Responsibility. They see every race and ethnicity as possessing their own homeland and therefore do not believe in being required to ‘share’ their own ethnic homeland with any other race or ethnicity. They see Israel as a blueprint for what every nation should be: a homeland for a particular race or ethnicity which is intended to both preserve their bloodlines and respect their ancient ancestors and to also preserve their heritage, culture, faith, and identity. Everyone should stay in their own historic homeland and make it great in order to repay their ancient ancestors for their sacrifices and also guarantee a homeland for their children and descendants. The term ‘Visible Pedigree’ reflects their ancient bloodlines in Probate Court registry as well as affirming both their ancient privileges and also their sacred duties to guard and serve the nation earned by eons of martial self sacrifice. Blood And Soil is a statement of fact because the Amberlings have fought and died in every war to protect and defend Zendula. Their blood has drenched Zendula’s soil. They will never give it up to any Outsider or traitor.

Today the Amberlings form the core of the nation’s military and navy, the Mastership, as well as much of its formal government bureaucracy. The Amberlings see themselves as the shield wall and the guardians of the nation and its institutions, heritage, security, and identity. This places them implacably against the Alt Left being by any definition members of the Alt Right. The heavily armed Alt Right. The Amberlings are K genetic and high IQ with lanky, medium builds, and dark hair with dark or else green or blue eyes. This is typical of the Darwinian evolution of hybrid Cro-Magnon Caucasians in Eurasia in general and the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia in particular before they seized swathes of Southern Eurasia and the Levant as well as Zendula to become their ancestral homelands.

Most of the Visible Pedigree no less than the Hidden Pedigree are conservative, libertarian, self reliant, competitive, capitalistic, and very nationalistic. They thrive in a meritocratic environment where they naturally dominate. The Amberlings did not inherit their elite position. They earned it. The Visible Pedigree is accused of being Alt Right but compared to the very real Alt Right the Amberings are generally simply right of center moderates and traditionalists with strong libertarian and contrarian streaks. (The Hidden Pedigree of the Elves tend to be old fashion liberals). But like the other Pedigrees the Amberlings sees themselves as the guardians and protectors of the nation against Outsiders, invaders, the Chinese Threat, and the increasingly radically Cultural Marxist Progressive Left who are primarily destabilizing r genetic generators of chaos and disruption who see Progressivism as Progress and therefore an excuse to destroy the nation and its heritage, history, economy, culture, values, identity and high trust social cohesion which the Pedigrees have built up over thousands of years with their blood and self sacrifice. What the Cultural Marxist Progressives see as fascist and racist and sexist and this ‘ism’ and that ‘ism’ and every other ideological incarnation of modern evil the Pedigrees see as precious and glorious and something to be protected with their lives. The Martial Amberlings take that literally.

The Amberlings reside in diverse forts, military bastions, Military Court Proper, and military units on deployment. The top of the military hierarchy of the Amberlings sit in the Upper Chamber of the Steering Committee. If the Amberlings retire they retire to the countryside where militias reside. The cities are increasingly hostile to them and Pedigree-phobia targets them. The Amberlings form the bulk of the military and navy of Zendula and they also liaison with the militias as well as the Royal Sheriffs who run the armories for the militias (as well as overseeing law and order and elections). So the Amberlings have a strong connection to the Territories and the Hidden Pedigrees who by tradition command the militias.

An Amberling always serves as the Lord High Gesith of Military Court and takes a seat in the Privy Council. An Amberling also commands the Hearthweru Royal Bodyguards for the Monarchy as well as commanding (with respect) the Pendragon and the Dux as well as Celebeau House (the Spy Master) which are the other senior military commands who are usually not Amberling. Amberlings also liaison with the Navy which is commanded by The Master of The Havens who is today also an Amberling: to be exact Admiral Skinner. The Amberling pomp and circumstances ceremonies at Bors House are famous and their black military uniforms are spectacular but Amberlings usually wear field dress which is camouflage. Today that means the traditional black Amberling kilt and gold trimmed turban are usually absent.

There is also another Pedigree. A more feared Pedigree. It is the Secret Pedigree of Were Shape Shifters, Changelings, and the Paranormalists such as Wizards, Witches, Shadowy Ones, Bersherkers, and also members of the Thiess Guards who are the police of the supernatural and paranormal being supernatural and paranormal themselves. The genes of the Secret Pedigree run the gamut of the diaspora of Indo European Caucasian genetics through thousands of years of migrations across the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia West to East to South to Zendula. The absorbing of mutant Were genes occurred after arriving in Zendula. The ancient source of these mutant Were genes was Angus Mac Org The Bear, a Sidh.

Some of these mutant Were genes are regressive. Some Were are carriers who pass as Normies and perhaps even assume they are Normies. Were can skip generations so a Normie might be ambushed at the sight of the birth of a baby in a caul amniotic sac that is horrifyingly un-human. Most Were are born in cauls which is why cauls are feared. Other mutant Were genes are regressive which activate during fight or flight when the body’s natural chemistry triggers acute responses to threats of danger. Other mutant Were genes are dormant but can be activated by chemical triggers in the body such as depression or personal crisis or intense emotions or else drug use or alcohol. Other mutant Were genes are dominate and fully activated. Such Were can shift their skins and morph into diverse forms depending on the nature of the genes they have inherited from their ancestors. When fully trained, such Were can morph effortlessly into their alternative genetics at will. Either a partial or full morphing.

This makes the Were highly prized recruits in the Thiess Guards or else the Military and also militias where their heightened senses make them the best advanced scouts as well as the strongest soldiers. Were is genetic so the myth of a Normie being bitten by a Werewolf or some other form of Were and then becoming Were is an urban myth. They might get Were rabies if the Were is infected by rabies. But even then they manifest a grotesque form of rabies. No one can actually become Were without carrying some sort of genes of Were to begin with. Even Berserkers who appear to be Normies who take drugs to become Were have some sort of recessive Were genes to begin with. The drugs or Black Magick simply triggers the recessive Were genes to turn on to full blown Were.

But some Were genes can clash with other Were genes resulting in tragic reactions beyond the usual Were tragedies of mothers murdering their own babies when they see them in the cauls or else husbands murdering their wives if they see them in their secret forms or else children on entering adolescence partly morphing and harming or killing a playmate or else a lover killing a lover. Were has left a trail of tragedy that has become legendary since Angus Mac Org The Bear murdered his young wife in their marriage bed before killing himself. And there are some examples of Were devolving into sentient wild animals who lose their ability to morph back into human form or else devolving into completely feral wild animals if the Were procreate with feral wild animals over too many generations, thus losing their humanity.

Some Were also features Elvish genetics and also Druid genetics through the Tocharian Celt connection as well as Maleth Shadowy Ones ie witches. Some Shadowy Ones are Were and if they are Were they are Were Ravens. The urban myth of witches turning into cats does not occur in Zendula. There are very few Amberlings who are Were because of the uneasy attitudes toward Were by Amberlings. If an Amberling is Were it is because he or she might carry Elvish genetics and many Elvish genetics are Were. Usually Were predator incarnations such as Were Eagles, Were Owls, Were Ravens, Were Bears, or other exotic forms of Were but almost always K genetic predatory incarnations. The most common form of Were today is of course the Were Wolf. And most examples of Were are predatory incarnations because predators are more likely to survive and dominate, especially in martial situations which usually rewards predator Were incarnations with hierarchical domination. In Zendula’s far north where the environment is especially harsh most of the population carry Were genes which are predatory and they exist for most of the year in their predatory form. But they usually do not mate with feral predators so their humanity has not been compromised.

Many Were reflect an intoxicating sensuality and sexuality as well as feral beauty which many ‘Normies’ find erotic and irresistible. Many Were also project a superhuman quality and enjoy being seen as superhuman howbeit monstrous and fearsome. Were dominate and intimidate the ‘Normies’ and consider that domination and intimidation a payback for being seen as monstrous and fearsome. The Were has superior strength and heightened senses which counterbalance the monstrousness and fear that Were evokes in ‘Normies’.

But other Were hate being seen as monstrous or fearsome by the ‘Normies’ and find Werephobia frustrating, insulting, and a sort of bigotry and prejudice. Were genes also have a penchant for tragedy —- especially if the Were is recessive. Many Were do not know they carry recessive Were genes until they accidentally morph into something monstrous and murder someone. Many Were call their genes the Genes of Beleaguerment. Many Were carry both r short life history genes and K long life history genes —- usually those Were who do not also carry recessive Elvish genes. So they are often erratic and impulsive and unable to control themselves. Many don’t want to. Were who do not go to teulu private schools often experience disaster because they do not receive the proper training to control their Were which the teulu can give them.

The Secret Pedigree of Were also carries a combination of genes that are conducive to Glamour (Magick) as well as Second Sight and heightened senses and therefore have the ability to see or hear alternative realities or inter-dimensions conducive to the specialized science of the paranormal. They might also possess a physical anomaly that allows them to be receptive toward Pranic energy (organic) or tantric energy (mineral or crystal) or else telluric energy (electric or static electric energy) or else Ley lines which are manifestations of magnetic energy. There are also some Were who are able to generate abnormally high amounts of psychokinesis which are brain waves or else PSI or CHI energy. Usually they are females and are recruited into the Thiess Guards at adolescence when they display poltergeist manifestations. It is not yet understood why females have this genetic penchant.

Teulu wolf gangs ie elite private schools are always run by a senior Shadowy One. The name is now figurative but once was literally ‘wolf gangs’ of young Werewolves or other predatory incarnations of Were as well as being an ancient name for young warriors. In some territories such as Arcadia most of the people including working class people and especially traditional militias also send their children to rural teulu private schools run by Shadowy Ones rather than the government financed schools which are abhorred as Commie indoctrination centers. Many a sincere young Mundane Mere Mortal teacher from the city has tried to teach at a government run school in the countryside only to see her schoolroom empty. The stigma is simply too great and the traditions are simply too strong. And because most teachers are now urban females and therefore Feminists and often Third Wave Progressive Feminists, the stigma is fatal. The people of the rural Territories will trust a Shadowy One (female witch) more than a female ‘Normie’.

In fact more and more government schools are closing outside of the three big cities and even in the cities the working classes no less than the Pedigrees now send their children to rural teulu schools to keep them away from ‘radicalization’, ‘degeneracy’, and ‘Cultural Marxist indoctrination’ as well as the influence of cowardice which the cult of snowflake safe place ‘victimhood’ conveys. After some very young Werewolf boys were forcibly experimented on by doctors under the pretense of Trans Gender fluidity (during which one one boy died and other boys violently tried to escape while one boy murdered the doctor on the surgical table by morphing into a young Werewolf) there was a stampede of working class people rushing to take their children out of government schools to send them to rural teulus.

The teulu wolf gang schools have a long tradition of teaching and training young Were to control their Were weirdness or paranormal proclivities as well as training the elite Pedigrees to take pride in their genetics. The teulus also teach traditional values and morality as well as patriotism and nationalism. The teulus are also tied to traditional militias and apprenticeships as well as preparation for entry into the Military or Navy so the working classes thrive in teulus no less than the young people of the officer classes. Especially boys who are being discriminated against in government schools. Teulu private schools have a strong tradition of teaching sports and physical activities as well survival techniques and the outdoor lifestyle favored by the rural Territories. Teulus also have elaborate initiation rites of passage of young people into adulthood. Even the Wheel of Durham will accept a promising graduate from a teulu (if they test well) over a graduate of an urban government school —- especially with a letter of recommendation from a Shadowy One.

Demographic conquest by the virile and fertile Werewolves have turned the Secret Pedigree primarily Werewolf. Werewolves adore their children and have large families in aggressive clann packs with strong hierarchies of alpha patriarchs and matriarchs.The Thiess Guards draft of seventh sons of the Were was suppose to stop large Werewolf families but failed to curb the demographic conquest by the Werewolves. Most Werewolves are rural, working class people. In the cities Werewolves who migrated into the alien urban concrete jungle in search of jobs are primarily blue collar industrial working class people. They face a class stigma by not only the ‘Normies’ but the Hidden Pedigree and Visible Pedigree.

Were often carry the genes of beleaguerment and are often misfits. Trouble trails them everywhere. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are too passionate for their own good. Their tragic love affairs are the stuff of melodramas and Fairawayland Movies. The Were, especially Werewolves, are often tragic souls. Especially Werewolves who carry recessive genes and do not know they are Were. Young Werewolves especially need to be trained starting in adolescence when hormones kick in or else they cannot control their Were. Young Werewolves without the support of their clann packs often become outlaws though the prisons often quickly identify them and route them to the Thiess Guards.

Elgar Lovell Reid who founded the Werewolf Pride Movement encouraged Werewolves to become proud of their genes instead of ashamed of their genes and to challenge Werephobia and ‘Normie’ prejudice. To come out of the closet as it were and be open Werewolves. He encouraged Werewolves to join the Royal Sheriffs instead of being vulnerable to abuse by the enforcers of law and order. Many Royal Sheriffs are now Werewolves to the discombobulation of the Mundane Mere Mortal Urban Police. Discombobulation and fear. In the cities where both law and order groups operate there is now much conflict between the ‘Normies’ of the urban Police and the Werewolves of the Royal Sheriffs —- especially as the city mayors control the police while the Royal Sheriffs are controlled by Chancery Court of the Monarchy. When a mayor orders the police to stand down —- usually to Antifa —- the Royal Sheriffs will march out and crush the young college protestors with full fang determination. Werewolves, like wolves, are very territorial and predatory as well as hierarchal and dominating.

In fact the Elgar Lovell Reid Drive to promote Werewolves into law and order organizations has dramatically changed the Royal Sheriffs and Territorial Sheriffs. Werewolves have now become the norm when for centuries Werewolves were terrified by Sheriffs. Now they are the Sheriffs. And being Sheriffs has given the Werewolves a new sense of pride —- especially as the Royal Sheriffs handle elections and the armories for the militias. There are no police in the countryside, only Sheriffs. So the position of Sheriff is prestigious and therefore alpha. Like all Wolves, Werewolves need pack hierarchy and rules to thrive as proud alphas. Like all Wolves, young Werewolves are encouraged at adolescence to move out of the clann pack and form new packs and become alphas themselves. Wolves love their children and nurture them through long childhoods but they also expect their children to grow up and become self sufficient alphas instead of basement dwelling snowflakes cowering in their safe places. If they cannot do this they often go rogue or criminalistic, especially if they do not have the needful training and competitive testing they need to mature. Werewolves are not mature until the age of 30 being very late bloomers. The Royal Sheriffs no less than militias are therefore an ideal form of the competitive but meritorious hierarchical pack for young Werewolves to join to mature into confident adult alphas. Though Elgar Lovell Reid fell into personal infamy and self destruction (so tragically typical of Werewolves) his Werewolf Pride Movement lives on.

In contrast to the mostly working class Werewolves, the elite Werewolves are the Strathclydes of Utopias. The Strathclydes are the Royal Barons and also the Royal Uncles of the Royal Family — which is Were as well. How the Royal Family becomes Were is disputed because King Astel was not suppose to be Were. His distant kin Artorious The Glorious was definitely not Were. Where came the Were? At least in part the Werewolf genes came from Uther Dragon who was a famous Royal Werewolf who fled to Utopia. The Strathclydes claim a royal exemption from Probate Court registry for Utopia so no one knows how many Were prowl there or their complex Were lineage which crisscrosses in and out of the Royal Family.

Arcadia also has a very high percentage of Were. Especially Werewolves. Probate Court has records of Arcadian Were dating back to the Bronze Age Elvish city state of Arcadia such as the Blackheart Pedigree dating to Lord Blackheart who was both Elvish and a Werewolf. But other parts of the Blackheart linage has gone underground and unrecorded by Probate Court. The Heartlands feature the Countryfolk who are ancient Werewolves who have also been granted an exception to register at Probate Court. Their number is also unknown. Most of the far north of Zendula are Werewolves with a strong Ainu – Green Elve genetic makeup: Were Dire Wolves. They do not register either and keep to themselves being secretive. But Werewolves and demographic conquest go together so the numbers must be high.

Urban cities also feature a high degree of Were Honey Badgers who are Zendula’s version of Cockneys: combative, unruly, prone to social mayhem and hooligan disruption, slightly criminal or at least mischievous, and defiant of political correctness or snowflake safe places. Were Honey Badgers do not retreat or surrender to anyone and love a good brawl as much as the Beorach who are born brawlers.

The elite Were are fewer and are usually hybrids of Elves be they Were Eagles or Were Owls or Were Lions or Were Cats. They are upper class Were. Were Snakes are considered the most erotic. Were Black Swans are considered forbidden erotic and just plain bad luck. They do not register at Probate Court to hide their bad luck. Few Amberlings or Dwarvish hybrids are Were however. Some of the Secret Pedigree are Berserkers who have the genetics to learn how to become Were though they do not carry active Were genes. They appear able to ‘turn on’ recessive genes through artificial techniques be they drugs or Magick. There are known Black Magick or Glamour castings (spells) which can trigger Were but again, it is the ‘turning on’ of recessive genes rather than turning a ‘Normie’ Mundane Mere Mortal into a Were. There have been no end of notorious scientific experiments by ‘Normies’ to try to achieve artificial Were over centuries but they are always failed —- horribly.

Some of the Secret Pedigree are Fetches ie Doppelgängers. Zendula have a fear of ‘Divine Twins’ and twins are feared and required to register —- especially if one twin ‘devours’ or absorbs the other twin in the womb. Such surviving twins are assumed to always be looking for their double to undermine or destroy as if Nemesis. The Reds & Blacks of the Bloodlands are Werewolf descendants of old Elvish red haired Maestusian Elves and Beoarch black haired outlaws. How the Maestusian Elves came to be Were is anyone’s guess. The Reds who fled to the Bloodlands were Werewolves who even predate Uther Dragon. Though today the Reds & Blacks reluctantly agree to register they are very contrarian and conservative and also frankly nativist and Alt Right —- even more than Amberlings. The Bloodlands still adore the now discredited Elgar Lovell Reid when his own Arcadia has denounced him as Nitthing and the Progressive Leftists of the cities still violently loath the notorious Werewolf as the founder of not only the Werewolf Pride Movement but Proto Fascism. Around Zenroseda there is also a pack of notorious feral Werewolves who run with sentient Wolves as they devolve and lose their humanity. They claim the huge ranching estate of Zenroseda as their territory to the exasperation of Prince and Eald Bear Sherker of the Clann of the Golden Bear (who like his pater Prince Puski is both Werewolf and Were Bear).

Most Were are conservative either because of Were-phobia or else Pedigree-phobia as well as Were prejudice and Were racism which the Progressive Left of the cities display quite openly despite their calls for tolerance and diversity and embrace of Black Lives Matter. Were Lives do not matter to the urban Progressive Woke Left who harp on the ‘inherently dangerous defects’ of ‘unstable’ and ‘vicious’ White Were genes ‘drenched in violence and racism’ and this ‘ism’ and that ’ism’ and every other ‘ism’. Ditto genes of ‘ rampaging toxic masculinity’ in Were as well as genes of ‘ alpha hierarchy and patriarchy’ as well as the genes of ‘domination and intimidation’ in Werewolves in particular.

Genetically speaking the latter accusation could be true as wolves as well as Werewolves do display strict pack hierarchies of alphas and betas with a strict pack society of tightly co-joined family units (who usually mate for life) with clear rules and roles and duties as well as rites of elaborate socialization. Both wolves and Werewolves are K slow life history alpha predators and carnivores who dominate the top of the food chain in Mother Nature and serve as Nature’s enforcers and dominators. Werewolves display martial aggression and can go rogue if not properly socialized in strong pack hierarchies as well as strong families. Werewolves need strong father figures as well as nurturing mother figures. Werewolves do not mature until past 30 and male Werewolves especially need aggressive, competitive, strenuous environments where they can excel and test their metal and prove their courage. Werewolves are conspicuously martial and thrive in militias and now sheriffs. But condemning Werewolves for any of this would also condemn their biological kin the Wolves too.

And of course all of this behavior is hot wired in the genes which the Leftists abhor. Genes that are typical of all K slow life history species. To denounce the genetics of Were is surely as racist as denouncing People of Color for their genetics. But the Lefties denounce Were genetics anyway. The Left also levels the accusation original sin of Were in the form of ancestral guilt of Were (in the form of ancient notorious Royal Were and Were Outlaws as well as damnable red haired Utopian Were. (Gingerphobia is strong in Zendula.)

But why should people of today be damned for whatever sins their ancestors may or may not have done? And denouncing Elgar Lovell Reid’s Werewolf Pride Movement because of Reid’s personal debacle is as unfair as denouncing the Black Lives Matter Movement because of protestors’ failures to control rioters and looters and murderers. Any movement can lose control of its members and stumble into infamy. But the Left is unforgiving of others while ignoring its own sins and failures. And no one can anticipate events down the road that might make actions problematic hindsight. Monday Morning Quarterbacking is easy from the armchair. Life is nuanced. Likewise, the Left likes to the harp on the existential genetic threat of Were to ‘Normies’ as well as unlawful Outsiders and People of Color entering Zendula unlawfully in violation of Zendula’s territorial sovereignty.

The latter accusation originates in the highly territorial instincts of the Pedigrees and especially the Were in general and Werewolves in particular which is triggered by the presence of illegal migrants and Outsiders invading Zendula’s sovereignty and disrupting Zendula’s high trust society and complex social cohesion. Highly territorial Werewolves especially tend to respond to unlawful Outsiders and illegal migrants freaking out at their Were weirdness with macro aggressions rather than micro aggressions. And the child grooming, which is to say child rapes, of children of the working classes by illegal Muslim and African migrants has triggered violence by the parents of the victims after police failed to act over twenty years of nonstop child rapes. Werewolves, like wolves, and like all K slow life history beings, deeply love their children and will kill anyone who harms them. It is hot wired into their DNA just as r fast life history genes to be careless and abusive toward children are not wired into the DNA of opportunistic child rapists. After twenty years of child rapes, the Were are going to be vigilantes if the police persist in standing down.

All of this of course has damned Were in general and Werewolves in particular with the Woke accusation of Were genes being drenched with ‘racial violence’ and ‘inherit racism’ as well as the Woke accusation that the the White Were is the ‘the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth.’ Some of the Woke Progressives of the Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party advocate for the ethnic cleansing of Werewolves in order to save People of Color as well as Mundane Mere Mortals. To be exact: them. When it was pointed out that the call to ethnically cleanse the Werewolves (and also the Were Honey Badgers) in the Woke urban cities is akin to the Nazi advocation of the ethnic cleansing of the Jews the Woke recently responded with a riot attacking Strathclyde House the city mansion of the Strathclyde Royal Werewolves.

Unfortunately the Strathclydes were entertaining a large party of what turned out to be Werewolves who responded to the ‘largely peaceful’ Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors hurling Molotov cocktails, improvised hand grenades, rockets, firework artillery shells, rocks, bricks, and a stolen vehicle used as a ‘truck of peace’ with macro aggressions instead of micro aggressions. The next morning the police who had stood down were forced to pick up the pieces, literally, of the Antifa and BLM protestors. It was especially difficult to climb up the trees to fetch the severed heads hurled like footballs or else pull the severed heads that had been impaled on iron fences adored with mock wrought iron javelins. Then there was the problem of reassembling the body parts correctly for the parents to pick up. When asked why the Royal Sheriffs for once stood down the Royal Sheriffs replied with a conspicuously toothy grin that if the police decided to stand down then they assumed they were also suppose to stand down. After that comment one Royal Sheriff used a toothpick to clean his fangs of some meat he devoured the previous night. But the outcome of the ‘largely peaceful protest’ only made Were more fearsome. The Strathclydes assured everyone that they had already dined before the boogaloo and anyway, they never ate human brains because of Mad Cow Disease.

Possibly this slightly excessive abhorrence of Were by the Progressive Left of the cities lays in the human fear of wolves in the wild. Werewolves are the public face of Were and the most common form of the Secret Pedigree. While Paleolithic and Mesolithic hunter gatherers viewed wolves as both teachers and fellow hunters in the wild by the Neolithic Age humans were domesticating herds which were vulnerable to wolves who picked off the smallest and weakest. As humans urbanized wolves became the iconic bogeyman of increasingly remote nature and a thing of almost Freudian fear. Werewolves were tarred by this ancient hot wired fear —— especially as Werewolves do often tend to have tragedy in their lives and sometimes leaves behind a trail of blood to their doors both figuratively and literally. And Were believe in ‘stand your ground’ and are very territorial. It is hot wired into their DNA.

Possibly this slightly irrational abhorrence of Were and especially Werewolves by the Progressive Left of the cities originates in the genetic makeup of the Progressive Left who tend to be primarily r fast life history genetic and therefore throughout evolutionary history the beta prey for K slow life history carnivores and predators and other biological alphas. The Pedigrees in general and the Were in particular and especially Werewolves incline to be the most extreme examples of K alpha carnivores and predators. Strip off the veneer of modernity and you will find that humans still carry hot wired physical, genetic, and psychological leftovers of eons of Darwinian Evolution implanted deep into the brain as well as the physicality of each human. r fast life history vs K slow life history behaviors which humans display no less than every other living thing on earth means that we are not entirely masters of our destiny in full control of our behaviors. Quite the contrary —- especially under a full moon when a ‘truck of peace’ is hurling through the front doors of one’s home or else one’s child had been gang raped by illegal migrants as the police stand down.

Were-phobia as well as Pedigree-phobia is deeply hot wired in our psyches. Cultural Marxists might say their pathological fear and loathing for the predatory dominators which they call the war of the classes or else the clash of the industrial workers vs the owners or else the intersectional totem pole of victimhood of powerless minorities and people of color vs the power and privilege of certain dominating Advanced World races or else the moral crusade against reactionary fascism by progressivism is justified. But the fancy Woke’ words but veneer deeper, unconscious, and irrational phobias and hot wired behaviors that date back to ancient evolutionary bygone eras when humans were just learning how to walk upright and were little different from other animals or insects or birds or fish all of whom behaved not out of sentiency but rather hot wired programed behaviors for survival called r fast life history or else K slow life history depending on the evolutionary environment in which each species struggles to survive long enough to reproduce in particular environments. And Were especially reminds the modern urbanite that humans are not entirely severed from their Darwinian past. Modernity has not entirely eradicated the primeval from Mankind to allow the Blank Slate to mold humans like plasticine. There is still the animal inside of all of us. The Were still have that animal when they walk on the wild side. And when they walk on the wild side they walk on all fours or else fly across the face of the full moon.

The egalitarian herds of small r fast life history genetic betas always fears like cowering rabbits the big K carnivore packs of powerful, aggressive, dominating, competitive, exceptional, fearsome, and hierarchical alphas who act as Nature’s predatory enforcers and policers as well as Nature’s elite aristocrats and rulers. Hierarchy and Authority complete with highly specialized class roles of alpha or else beta are found everywhere in nature because it is the implanted behavior. Everything in nature is one or the other. r or else K. Man is not except from Nature or Evolution.

Elgar Lovell Reid’s Werwolf Out And Proud Movement only aggravated this instinctive hot wired fear and loathing of the K slow life history Pedigrees and especially the Were by the r fast life history urbanite ‘Normie’ Mundane Mere Mortals. Instead of stopping the growing phobia after the arrival of the Twentieth Century as Marxists, Bolshevik Red Revolutionaries, Nihilists, Terrorists, and Radical Anarchists invaded the modern industrialized nations of the Advanced World Reid’s movement incited even worse Were-phobia and also Pedigree-phobia resulting in a backlash by the urbanized Mundane Mere Mortals which made the situation worse instead of better for the Pedigrees in general and Werewolves in particular.

Instead of Out and Proud the Pedigrees were forced into the metaphoric closet like the Countryfolk Werewolves of the Heartlands who for centuries took old Gildagad’s advice and simply pretended they were genteel ‘Normies’. The Pedigrees went underground and Probate Court sealed the registry records to public access of the ancient bloodlines of the elite who have always ruled Zendula. Pedigrees other than the obvious Amberlings were encouraged to genteelly pass for ‘Normie’ or else keep increasingly low profiles in the cities though in the Territories the Pedigrees continued to keep their historic profile with quiet pride.

This Pedigree-phobia and Were-phobia and especially Werewolf-phobia by the Progressive Left of the cities might also originate in the Cultural Marxist Socialist Communist urge for equity and equality of outcome ie Social Justice which the ‘Normies’ started to demand of big government which was and still is primarily dominated by the Deep State of the Pedigrees. The Pedigrees conspicuously debunk the Marxist Socialist Communist dream of equity and equality of outcome by simply existing and thus debunking the dream with the cognitive dissidence of obvious biological superiority and a track record of excellence and exceptionalism that the egalitarian herd of Mundane Mere Mortals cannot rival except at the high end of the bell curve. All despite Common Law that no one is above the law or beyond the law or outside the law which inshrines a level playing field and nondiscriminatory meritocracy as well as a republican constitutional monarchy. Just as in sports or chess or music or opera or ballet or art, not everyone can get the prize. Normies will never get the prize because by definition they are Normies. The middle of the bell curve. They are by definition not exceptional or extraordinary or over achieving or amazingly talented or brilliant or tenacious or competitive or strong. They are Normies. Mundane Mere Mortals. So only the Marxist Socialist Communist equity and equality of outcome can push them to the front of the line —— by smashing down all exceptional people ahead of them to the same bottom level of absolute mediocracy. Making everyone exactly the same to achieve the same equity of outcome can only be achieved by totalitarian Big Brother repression and tyranny. Pot’s Killing Fields. 1984 except set in the ‘current year’.

This radicalization started as the ‘Long March’ of Marxists, Socialists, and Communists infiltrated public institutions from the schools and universities to the press to the social sciences to social media to popular culture. The ‘Long March’ of radicalization has now reached critical mass. the Marxists, Socialists, and Communists smell victory. Revolution. A revolution that will occur in the cities among the virtue signaling wealthy and the college educated (indoctrinated) upper middle class elite and globalist corporations who want to continue to get rich by manipulating the situation they think will allow them to continue to drain the wealth of the nations they are cannibalizing while betraying the citizens. ‘A capitalist is a person who will sell the rope used to hang him’ as the saying goes. Radical Marxists, Socialists, and Communists are True Believers. ‘Liberals get the bullet too!’. Ditto globalist crony corporation CEOs.

Unlike the cities, the Territories are still too close to Darwinian Nature for such utopian demands to be entertained. There is no equity or equality of outcome in Nature or Evolution. The industrialized cities encouraged the r fast life history herds of urbanites to thrive. Improved living conditions during the Industrial Revolution allowed more people to survive Darwinian survival of the fittest K slow life history predator: to be exact more r fast life history betas. Prosperity courtesy of Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution allowed more mediocre people to not just survive but thrive. Capitalism could finance a social safety net. Retirement schemes. The dole. That allowed more r fast life history Normies to thrive. And ‘rs’ being herd creatures always beeline straight toward the delusional egalitarian herd utopia of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism with its promise of equity and equality of outcome devoid of competition or bell curves or responsibility or work ethic or self control or even libertarian individuality. The richer the nation becomes the more rs reproduce. Rs will reproduce to the maximum of the prosperity and the bounty recklessly, assuming the prosperity and bounty will always be there. And sooner or later the rs will max out the prosperity and devour the bounty and bust the bank account and bankrupt the nation’s ability to support them.

The countryside is still where the most K slow life history people lived. The countryside breeds Ks. The cities breeds rs. So the city was and is the perfect breeding ground for exactly these artificial, delusional, and evolutionarily irrational demands which only the rs could conceive of. Demands that the people who created the nation and the prosperity and the bounty being devoured recklessly ,which is to say the K slow life history Pedigrees, find so recklessly shocking, self indulgent, irresponsible, and suicidal. So the Ks say no and the rs riot. The result was and is a growing abhorrence for not only pack hierarchies of competitive, over achieving, and dominating power plus privilege but human anomalies that display ambition, drive, determination, and exceptionalism which results in an embarrassing excess of success and therefore wealth leading to positions of authority resulting in hierarchy and class as well as competitive, over achieving and dominating power and privilege by a specialized few over the many. The pack over the herd. The Ks over the rs.

The little r rabbit betas are compelled even in human form of advanced evolution to loathe the big K alpha carnivores even if the big K alpha carnivores are also in human form (at least some of the time). It is genetically hot wired no less than the tail bone that all humans still carry. It is genetically hot wired no less than the primitive brain stem which all humans still carry. It is hot wired in the DNA of all life forms to be either r fast life history betas or else K slow life history alphas. To be the herd or else the pack. To be the ruled or else the ruler. To be the dominated or else the dominator. To be the top of the hierarchy or else the bottom. And the little rs instinctively fear and loathe the big Ks and also are jealous and envious and resentful of the big Ks. They want to depose the big Ks. To live life free of big Ks who act like Nature’s police. They want to cavort in the pastures of Nature’s illusion of momentary, endless summers of plenty without fear of deadly predators or deadly winters or both. They want to live forever and never grow old or weak and thus become the prey of the big K carnivores and predators whose job it is to willow out the old and the weak betas and maintain ruthless order in Mother Nature’s Kingdom or else the modern advanced industrial capitalist nation.

It is the primeval group think dream of the r herd to have no death or predators or winter famine or restraints or limits or rules or rulers or hierarchies or classes or winners or losers of any kind in order to live in endless egalitarian abundance and overflowing prosperity and nonstop bounty that materializes as if by magic without the need to work while being cared for and nurtured by Mother Nature or else Big Brother Big Government. To be provided for. To be given safe places. To be cocooned. To never have to work or suffer. To have everything given to them like endless pastures of abundant summer’s plenty and/or social safety nets of free government stipends and free health care and free council homes and free food stamps while never ever having to work or else go hungry. No danger or toil. No struggling or strife. No humiliating failure in the ruthless competition of survival of the fittest. Equity and equality of the herd with ever little r exactly the same as every other little r cared for by Mother Nature or else Big Brother Big Government like pets or perpetual children. Snowflakes in their safe places. Or else as if pretty animals in a zoo feed and pampered by invisible zoo keepers who spend their days throwing their turds all over the place. It is the collective group think dream of every r fast life history creature including humans be they ancient or modern. Marxism Socialism Communism Progressivism is the modern veneer papering over ancient evolutionary behaviors called r fast life history survival behaviors.

Unfortunately, the little rs face the reality of winter and hunger and death and survival of the fittest and Big Government running out of money and every Marxist Socialist Communist dream ending up like Venezuela or else the Pot Killing Fields or Stalin Russia or Mao’s Cultural Revolution . The little rs face the evolutionary reality of the relentless stalking of the predatory pack of hierarchal, super aggressive, fearsome, predatory, big K carnivores who exact Mother Nature’s laws of survival of the fittest as they pick off the weakest and most vulnerable as the enforcers of Mother Nature’s rules for survival of the fittest alpha over the betas so the environment or else the nation cannot be overwhelmed by too many unproductive little rs outstripping the resources and devouring the social safety net as they indiscriminately over breed while whining for others to toil to provide for them and protect them and baby them like human pets or else zoo animals. Babies that never have to grow up and be forced out to fend for themselves and take responsibility to survive or else die the way the pack of big K carnivores expect their fewer, precious cubs to do when they grow up after a long apprenticeship of learning how to survive independently according to their talents and drives and ambitions and determination to survive and thrive as alphas in the big bad world.

The big K carnivore pack of predators and winter are Mother Nature’s enforcers because Mother Nature is not nurturing and has never read Marx. Mother Nature is Darwinian Evolution. Survival of the fittest amidst carnage and death. She is libertarian. She gives everyone the liberty to survive or else die. And in the Northern Hemisphere the deadly winters and the deadly predators always go together the same way that big K carnivores in human form and their hierarchies of power plus privilege courtesy of overachieving excess of success by the exceptional dominator go together. Just like in Nature, the big Ks must stop the nation’s limited resources and precarious social safety net from being overwhelmed and devoured by too many unproductive little rs while fighting off invaders to protect the territory ie nation. Someone must say No! Someone must be the heartless bad guy! Someone must be the big bad wolf! In Zendula that someone are the Pedigrees. And the Werewolves are the terrorizers and enforcers of the Hidden Pedigree when the Visible Pedigree fails to persuade the Mundane Mere Mortals to do what they are told and obey the rules of the Magnanimous Charter of the Courts of Equity of Gildagad which is the Government of Zendula. A government deceptively democratic and certainly meritocratic but fundamentally controlled by the Deep State of the Pedigrees. Not the Mundane Mere Mortals. And the day the Mundane Mere Mortals assume control is the day the nation will be destroyed.

Unless they are handicapped or persecuted or made to go away or else go extinct or else be murdered by a Red Revolution the alpha K Pedigrees will always excel and dominate and therefore rule the little r beta ‘Normies’. The Elves and Dwarves and Amberlings and the Were will always dominate and rule the Mundane Mere Mortals. They are biologically superior in diverse ways which is quite unfair but Mother Nature is unfair. The Pedigrees have slower, longer lives and live much, much, much longer than Mundane Mere Mortals. They have more resistance to diseases. The Pedigrees have higher IQs. They are more focused and determined and implacable and courageous. They are more disciplined and proactive in controlling events and predicting the future to end up on the winning side. They can calculate the consequences of actions to project the future they want. They have amazing memories. They are marital. They have many diverse gifts given to them by Mother Nature and Evolution. They are paranormal instead of mundane. They are super human instead of ‘Normie’. They are alphas. They are K carnivores. Their very genes are hot wired to allow them to excel and dominate and rule unless their personalities are too outside the bell curve of the Pedigree Norm. They will always win unless they are killed. And their only weakness is the inability to outbreed the r fast life history ‘Normies’ who over breed indiscriminately —- except for the Werewolves of course! Which is why the ‘Normies’ especially hate the Werewolves!

That is also why the ‘Normies’ incline to Big Brother socialistic governments where quotas and reverse discrimination and morally justified persecution and calls for Pedigree genocide can enforce artificial equity and equality by crushing the exceptional down to the bottom of mundane mediocrity while crushing all exceptionalism and aggressive competitiveness and remarkable talents as well as ambition and determination into the gutter. The Pedigrees and especially Werewolves are all of the above. And the Werewolves also sometimes kill people. Or at least devour or terrorize people. The weak. The vulnerable. Snowflake betas. Hence the rise of acute Pedigree-phobia and Were-phobia. Especially Werewolf-phobia after Elgar Lovell Reid’s Werewolf Pride Movement opened the closet to unleash the Werewolves. And the ‘Normie’ backlash is getting dangerous. The only thing keeping the ‘Normies’ from launching their Red Revolution to exterminate the Pedigrees are the Amberling led Army and Navy, the Royal Sheriffs, and especially the fear of the Werewolves along with the exasperating fact the Mundane Mere Mortals of the Territories are temporarily allied to the Pedigrees instead of their fellow Mundane Mere Mortals in the cities. But more about this later.

Were displays a blend of both r and K genetics and most Were have a fairly high to remarkably high IQ. But many Were and especially Werewolves incline to the genes of beleaguerment and social maladroitness, Aspergers, and anxiety depression related to their inability to fit into Mundane Mere Mortal ‘Normie’ situations. Many Were carry such recessive genes they often do not know they are Were until they accidentally hurt or else kill someone. Such ‘accidents’ usually result in drafting into the Thiess Guards. But tragedy dogs the Were. The self destruction of Elgar Lovell Reid remains a cautionary tale to all Werewolves. While the violent death of the Black Eald made him eternally romantic despite his registry in Probate Court on the infamous Nemesis Register the violent death of Elgar Lovell Reid made him eternally terrifying despite the sealing of his Probate Court registry entirely. It is striking that Daffy Gilbert Blackheart’s movie about the Black Eald romanticized him. Daffy was a Pedigree. Today no Fairawayland movie has chosen to romanticize Elgar Lovell Reid. Today Fairawayland is Woke so no one romanticizes any Pedigree in movies or TV shows or social media. Fairawayland demonizes the Pedigrees along with blackening Zendula’s history and heritage and culture and values and identity instead.

All Were except the Royal Family are required to be registered at Probate Court in sealed registers or else licensed and regulated except for the Utopian Werewolves, the Far North Werewolves, and the Heartlands Countryfolk who are Merrach Werewolves who have a historic exception courtesy of Gildagad The Great. The Reds and Blacks sometimes registers but often refuses. Probably half of the Were in the territories registers. So there is much more Were than the ‘Normies’ realize. The ‘Normies’ likewise underestimate the number of guns the Territories have too. The Pedigrees and especially the Were are still deeply embedded in not only the Military and the Navy but the Royal Sheriffs and the Militias. That means a lot of Pedigrees have military training as well as guns. And the Pedigrees have the genetics that encourage highly competitive martial behavior as well as highly territorial instincts. Their low profile does not mean they are retreating or surrendering. They are strategizing.

Most Were are Libertarian and Conservative and are accused by the increasingly radicalized Mundane Mere Mortal ‘Normies’ as being Alt Right. They actually are moderate right, blue collar working class populists and patriots who are also nationalists which nowadays is deemed ‘fascist’. Elgar Lovell Reid’s Werewolf Pride Paramilitary Movement did not help the situation because today it meets the definition of fascism though Reid could not anticipate WWII during his lifetime and died in 1920. Though Marx is never damned for what his theories have unleashed (including over one hundred million lives and also violent antisemitism and racism) Reid is eternally damned for what he unleashed which was simply a backlash to violent Radical Leftism prior to WW 1. The ‘Normies’ as usual fail to learn the nuanced lesson of Elgar Lovell Reid: for every Newtonian action there is an equal reaction. For every radical and violent Left revolution there is an equally radical and violent Alt Right reactionary counter revolution. And in the coming radical Marxist Socialist Communist putsch there will be another Elgar Lovell Reid calling on the Werewolves to raise up to save the country in the face of shocking radical Leftist riots, arson, chaos, terror, and intimidation. And if history is any indication the result will not be what Antifa wants.

The Secret Pedigree knows that the ‘Normies’ pathologically hate and fear them as Zendula’s bogiemen haunting them in their dreams and nightmares as well as the last hearthweru shield wall against Red Revolution. The elite Pedigrees might not like the Werewolves but they will call out the Werewolves if everything else fails. A history of Were accidents (such as kids eating ‘Normies’ at school or else freaking them out by accidentally morphing or else generating poltergeist chaos) have left the Mundane Mere Mortal ‘Normies’ deeply afraid of Were the way the ancient fear of snakes have hot-wired modern human brains with biological phobias toward snakes despite rarely seeing one. And the reality of Were Snakes does not help! Werephobia is very real. So is gingerphobia because of the fear of red haired Maestusian Elvish genetics or the sight of ‘deformed’ Elvish ears or else the Dwarvish or Were Honey Badger’s penchant to punch ‘Snowflakes’ on their noises when they wail about the violation of their safe places. But Werewolves are the biggest bogeyman for the ‘Normies’. And while the Pedigrees might be outnumbered by the ‘Normies’ the demographic conquest of the Pedigrees by the Werewolves means the Pedigrees will also be fighting the demographic conquest by the ‘Normies’ with tooth and fangs and claws and howls. Were has biologically radicalized the old fashion liberal Elvish hybrids. And when threatened the Dwarvish hybrids are genetically hot wired to go homicidal. The Visible Pedigree of Amberling is by definition the marital caste. So the radicalized ‘Normies’ will be facing radicalized Pedigrees in the coming putsch. If the Morlocks, the joker of the deck, decides to side with the Pedigrees against the ‘Normies’ the result will be very bloody indeed because the Morlocks are Arms Merchants who think ‘Janes Defense Weekly’ is a social convention for homicidal maniacs like them.

It is certainly odd that the only Mundane Mere Mortals who like Were or at least do not fear Were have Aspergers or else Goths and acute Geeks. People who are likewise rejected by the ‘Normies’. But some Mundane Mere Mortals actually wish they could be Were and dabble in Black Glamour ( Black Magick) or else outlawed science to try to become Were because of Were’s sexy notoriety. The Were and especially Werewolves also enjoy longer life spans than the ‘Normies’ though they do not compare to the exceptional life spans of the Elvish and Dwarvish Pedigrees. The Were are erotic, virile, fertile, often amazingly sexy, usually Cis but adored by Gays if terrifying to Lesbians, and radiate hormones that mesmerize the ‘Normies’. The Werewolf Strut both terrifies and enthralls the ‘Normies’. Werewolves are the ultimate mad, bad, and dangerous to know Pedigrees. They are the Desperados. The Outlaws. The black clad motorcycle Wolf Gangs. The sexy Royal Sheriffs in their dashing uniforms on motorcycles roaring after the black clad motorcycle Wolf Gangs. Betas both envy and fear the alpha Were and especially Werewolves and wish being them —- at least in their dreams. Then they wake up and tweet Were-phobia tweets.

In-group preference is an evolutionary survival instinct and the Normie in-group preference sometimes clashes with the more aggressive biological in-group survival instincts of the Pedigrees who see protection of the territory ie nation as essential for biological survival of the sub species ie the citizenry of Zendula. However, the Normie in-group preference is remarkably biologically weak. Being mostly r fast life history genetic the Normies are group beings who see strength in collectives and herds and therefore think importing millions of Outsiders and migrants from hostile Third World countries will boost their herd against the Pedigree packs. In fact the Outsiders they want to import are also aggressively in-group preference and despise the Normies as beta cuck useful idiots. The Islamic wolf among the beta cuck sheeple as it were.

Because the territorial Pedigree in-group preference is very aggressive to the point of being martial (typical of all K carnivore packs) the herd mentality Normies usually level the charge of Alt Right Racist Bigoted Xenophobic Islamophobic Transphobic Normiephobic Nationalistic Fascistic Remember Evil Elgar Lovell Reid accusations at the Pedigrees while painting their own biological lack of in-group preference and none existent territorial instincts toward Outsiders and migrants as tolerance, multicultural diversity, and open minded citizens of the world who believe in sharing Zendula with one hundred million of their very best Outsider chums who call them Najis Filthy Kaffirs when their soy boy and pearl clutching Karen Baizuo backs are turned. But the rival biological behaviors will either result in the survival of Zendula or else its physical and biological destruction.

Darwinian Evolution hot wires in-group preference including hot wired territorial domination to survive and reproduce which translates into either tribal territorialism or else nationalism. Every species or sub species needs a territory to biologically survive. For the sub species called Human that means nations. While the Intersectionality of Victimhood and the Open Borders Migration of Outsiders into Zendula leads to unstable victimhood tribalism of unrelated sub species only held together by the glue of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my temporary friend’, the firmly allied Pedigrees are aggressively nationalistic and that means territorial and that means marital as in guns at the shores shooting at the invaders. King Wolfe shot at the Japanese bombers with a machine gun no less! But if the citizenry refuse to defend their nation’s borders while social cohesion which glues a nation together breaks down then the ‘Normie’ Mundane Mere Mortals will see a civil war of rival tribes that will cause rivers of blood which will primarily feature their blood. The recent ‘Night of the Wolf’ in Londinium between working class Werewolves and Honey Badgers and Antifa college students featured rivers of blood literally flowing down the gutters —- mostly from Antifa. Not only do ‘Liberals get the bullet too!’ (Antifa’s motto) but Antifa gets the fang and the claw too! It was a horrifying nighttime riot caught on cell phones and it terrified the Normies to the depths of their snowflake souls in a way not seen since the Elgar Lovell Reid Werewolf Pride Riots.

And the delusion that the illegal migrants the urban Normies are welcoming into Zendula with placards pasted with hearts will thank them for opening the borders of their port cities will shatter very fast. Recently the Outlawed Muslim Council of Zendula announced that because Zendula is Dar ul Harb Abode of War per the Right Hand Verses and the Sword Verses of the Koran Muslims can rape every Najis Filthy Kaffir’s child per ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will!’ in order to justify mass rape by Muslim rape gangs. The Feminists were shocked when their placards pasted with hearts were rewarded with their rapes. Sub species rarely share territory. Herds might, but not predators. The Outsiders are acting like invading predators and not little r beta cuck soy boys and pearl clutches Karen Baizuos. The illegal migrants of the most violent failed states of the Third World are invading and colonizing Zendula through the breach of the shield wall of the port cities. Only the martial Pedigrees and the long despised Territory militias along with the Military and Navy can save the misguided urbanite Progressive Leftists from their ‘guests’ now. Predators fighting invading predators. But as yet the invading predators have only seen the beta cuck soy boy and pearl clutching Karen Baizuo Normies and not the Pedigrees in action. They might be watching grainy footage of the ‘Night of the Wolf’ with sudden misgivings now.

The final member of the Pedigrees is The Scion of The Bear ie The Clann of the Golden Bear who carry the Sidh genetics of Beardon the Bear God the scion of Angus Mac Org the Sidh God of Were as well as the Y Ddraig Goch Dragon Seed of Him the Red Dragon who is Arawn the Sidh God though Uther Dragon the Lost Prince of Utopia. The Scion of the Bear is today the children of Prince and Eald Bear Sherker and Baroness Dagmar Strathclyde of Utopia including the present Queen of Zendula. The Scion of the Bear are both Werewolves and Were Bears as well as the Scion of Demigods. Thus the once iffy Royal Astels have incorporated both the Hood Pedigree of Gildagad and the Pedigree of the Scion of the Bear as well as the Pedigree of Rufus Royal who was the originally intended King of the City State of the Twilight Terra Elves of Arcadia through a detour of the Blackhearts of Arcadia —- both official and unofficial.

Between the lines the invisible words are both Elvish and Were. The Royal Family is once again full blooded Pedigree and also Were and are firmly in control no less than the Pedigreed Master of The Havens. The Pedigrees under Chief Navigator Hood are still firmly in control of the Courts of Gildagad: the Government of Zendula. The Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party of the ‘Normie’ urbanite Mundane Mere Mortals is out. Not just out but crushed after the ‘Night of the Wolf’ in Londinium after recent elections proved to be a political massacre the day after a genuine massacre. The Urban Normies are not especially happy accordingly —- especially as they now need the Pedigrees and especially the Werewolves to kill their recently invited house guests in order to save them from Radical Islam. The little rs are very unhappy that as usual it is the big bad Ks that are taking control yet again to both defend them and kill them and rule them. The Red putsch is temporality on hold. But the Long March of radical Marxists, Socialists, and Communists continue. True Believers never give up! But neither do the Pedigrees!

The Mundane Mere Mortals

The oldest example of the Mundane Mere Mortals in Zendula are the pink complexion, flaxen fair haired, blue eyed Merrach. They are descended from the lactose tolerant Ancient Siberian Eurasian R genetic Hunter Gatherers who gave Europe the distinctive R genes which defined so many Caucasians in general and the Merrach in particular. But the Merrach also feature the Baltic U 5 genes of the Ancient Northwest Hunter Gatherers. The Merrach carry both R 1 a and R 1 b genes which are reflected by their fair but occasionally freckled complexions, flaxen hair, and also their cornflower blue eyes. They also carry the ancient genes and ancient culture of the Celts through their far traveling kindred the Tocharians (the White Mummies of West China). This far ranging migration across the Steppes stopped in the deserts that edged the western frontier of China and then detoured to Zendula in a curious hop the way Denisovians and the Ainu hopped across swathes of geography to survive in similarly isolated backwaters. Zendula tends to be a Galapagos backwater where species and sub species go to avoid extinction such as the extinction of the Tocharian Celts in the dying deserts of a hostile China.

The Merrach have a strong U 5 Baltic Ancient Northwest Hunter Gatherer genetics with very little U 5 Levant Ancient Southwest Hunter Gatherer genetics. This ancient U5 Baltic kindred have been conspicuously found in the famous Loschbour/Motala burial sites dating from the mid Mesolithic Era which predate the arrival of the lactose tolerant Siberian Eurasian Ancient Hunter Gatherer R Proto Indo Europeans which delivered R 1b genes which gave the Celts and Tocharians as well as the Merrach their distinctive biological and cultural identity. Unlike the Ancient Southwest Hunter Gatherers who evolved into the Ancient Levant Farmers who delivered the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution to Mesolithic Eurasia, the Ancient Northwest Hunter Gatherers were already under intense evolutionary pressure in the Nordic Baltic to depigment in order to get enough Vitamin C and D to survive as the Ice Age Giant Mammals they hunted stated to go extinct. The result was a people who even before the arrival of the Ancient Levant Farmers or the Proto Indo Europeans were boasting blond, red, and brown hair, freckles, hazel or green or blue eyes, and fair skin typical of R 1 a and R 1 b genes. They were Otzi the Ice Man Mummy in all but name. Key genes such as SLC24A5, SLC45A2 were already present and feature conspicuously in the Merrach.

The Motala/Loschbour mystery still perplexes scientists to this day and gives rise to speculation that these Nordic Baltic Northwest European U 5 genetic people were already in contact or else connected with the R genetic Baltic Siberian Eurasian Indo Europeans before they later erupted out of the Steppes to invade half of Eurasia to dominate the Northern Hemisphere as if born to occupy a distinctive environmental niche.

The Merrach are also the farthermost incarnation of the Tocharian Celts and share many of their genes and culture including burial which the Merrach introduced to Zendula including the ancient memory of the arrangement of the body in the earth in a distinctive, curled position as well as anointments and symbols to help the deceased toward the Shining Plains of High Heaven. There is even evidence that the ancient Merrach brought the same distinctive Celtic plaids and trousers seen in the remote desert graves of the Tocharians as well as ancient Druid and Celtic graves. The Merrach certainly introduced the first trousers even before the trouser wearing Amberlings arrived. The Twilight Terra Elves of Arcadia like the Sidh usually wore long or short kilts created out of simple solid colored linen or wool, not twill plaids.

Most Merrach live in the Heartlands, Westlands, Blue Mountains, and Bloodlands as well as Arcadia and usually are farmers and ranchers. They were serfs under the Arcadian Elves and absorbed much of the Elvish culture, heritage, language, and values so today their original Indo European Celtic language survives only in isolated words. The Merrach prefer villages and small towns and always send their children to wolf gang teulu private school run by Shadowy Ones. The Merrach are conservative and maintain their heritage, religion, values, and cult of the nuclear family as well as the traditional clann. They are very sentimental and romantic in their elaborate courtship rituals and rarely divorce. They have large families and keep clanns through many generations though first cousin marriage is taboo.
The Merrach abhor the urban Leftist Progressive Cultural Marxism and what they see as Leftist Modernity immorality and degeneracy. They are very in-group preference and highly nationalistic. Despite their stout, flaxen, apparently domesticated county bumpkin appearance the Merrach are capable of surprising heroism in every war in Zendula’s history.The Merrach were drafted into militias in the First Age by Gildagad The Great. To be exact they formed the peasant long bow archers and slingers of Gildagad’s armies. While protected by a thin line of heavily armed Amberlings, the Merrach archers and slingers formed the bulk of the muscle. Raised from birth to weld the long bow (and today long guns) they perform with regimental heroism. Their militias have been in existence for thousands of years and they are very patriotic and nationalistic as well a conservative, rooted in tradition, and abhor radical change. Their clanns mean they also abhor the concept of diversity of intermarriage with Outsiders and their many centuries fighting for Zendula means they embrace blood and soil. The Merrach are extraordinarily territorial. They don’t share their ancestral homelands with any Outsider and even see urbanites trying to buy summer homes in the Heartlands as outsiders.

The Merrach maintain many rituals around the sacredness of virginity and marriage and started the Probate Court’s Registry of Dowries by boys and girls to allow them to marry into assets to start a home and family immediately on leaving school. This registry goes back over thousands of years and enshrines the Merrach bond to their land as well as cementing the bloodlines and the clanns. Few Merrach ever wish to move to the depersonalized cities accordingly. The Merrach have started a College Deferment Fund so Merrach girls can marry young and have children before collecting a College Deferment Fund grant to pursue higher education if they desire after the age of 35. The Merrach find the Third Wave Feminist loathing of marriage and childbirth and obsession with sterile careers irrational. Marriage and children are considered so desirable for happiness the Merrach will adopt other Merrach orphans if the Gods do not bless them with children. The Merrach have terraformed the Heartlands into the richest and most prosperous farming territory in Zendula. They still thatch their ancient homes and have contests for the best hedges, roses, and vegetable gardens. Ever home has both a front rose garden and a back vegetable garden. Once a year the Merrach hold Dragon Feasts to celebrate the harvest with BBQ while reliving the legendary dragon which Horsham of Arcadia killed which was promptly devoured by their Merrach ancestors. The Merrach like to eat and they are not vegetarians. Part of the Merrach are the Countryfolk who are Merrach – Werewolves. The Countryfolk have an exemption from registering as Were after Gildagad declared them ‘Perfectly pleasantly Merrach in all of their charm and common sense and kindly hearted’. Many Merrach have recessive Elvish genes which have never been registered.

The famous Merrach common sense makes them immune to Cultural Marxist indoctrination and their famous self reliance and country survival skills makes them immune to the siren song of Socialism. They are libertarian and highly independent and resourceful. So the Merrach always vote for cutting taxes and campaign every election for outlawing the dole or anyone abusing the social safety net which they never use being extraordinary frugal and self sufficient. Their heritage as longbow archers started the tradition of holding archery contests every election season and delivering the arrow of election to their Navigator.

The last election featured a rare brouhaha when many Merrach tarred and feathered their Navigators after they voted to give social benefits to illegal migrants and Outsiders with their hard raised tax money. The Merrach are very in-group preference, Alt Right, nativist, and xenophobic. The international Asian insult for morally panicked, White Upper Middle Class, virtue signaling Liberal, hysterical pearl clutching ‘Karen soccer moms’ is Baizuo. Baizuo was picked up by the Merrach in endless memes which the Wheel of Durham as well as the Zendulian 4 Chan sites created. Because of this nonstop meme ridicule as well as aggressively organized Merrach Youtube sites and alternative social media sites the Navigators usually curry to the Merrach every election the way Japanese politicians curry toward their small but traditional farming population. So the recent tar and feathering represents a growing crisis in the country between the insular Progressive Leftist urbanites and the insular Conservative and Libertarian rural populations they openly loathe and openly advocate for humanitarian extinction for the ‘Greater Good’. This is a cleft which is being ignored at the capital at everyone’s peril.

Much of the Merry Fords is also heavily Merrach. The Merry Fords is the center of the textile industry in Zendula. The speciality is luxurious weavings of ornate patterns in silk in up to twenty colors courtesy of industrial Jacquard looms programed with punch cards. These silk textiles which are visual works of art are both required for the official over tunics for courtiers working in government and also high fashion. But the Merry Fords also operate printed silk, much of which is hand painted or hand garnished, loss wax silk, embossed silk, and also cotton as well as linen and wool. When Globalist crony corporatists and international financiers purposed outsourcing Merry Fords production to China and India starting around 1900 there were massive strikes and even riots by the Merrach textile workers who had heretofore resisted Socialist unions.

This triggered more riots in the New Citadel which manufactured sewing machines and then tailors resulting in a massive strike when the Merrach of the Heartlands joined the strike followed by the Arcadian Merrach and the Merrach of the Bloodlands. King ADA and Queen Flavia had to personally intervene with the strike organizer Elgar Lovell Reid who had organized the Merrach after the Countryfolk Werewolves invited the controversial Werewolf to speak at the Merry Fords Guildhall. While King ADA and Queen Flavia could not impose tariffs (because of opposition by the High Lord of the Treasury who was a Dwarvish hybrid) he did negotiate a deal for the ZOW and Zu House to oppose outsourcing or investing in cheap Indian or Japanese textiles.

But in 2000 Globalist crony Corporatists and International financiers yet again advocated for mass outsourcing of Merry Fords textiles and investment in cheaper and much more shoddy China and India textiles by the ZOX and Zu House which would have destroyed the Merry Fords textiles industry (and New Citadel manufacturing of sewing machines as well as main street merchants and retailers). King Wolfe had to intervene against Chief Navigator Sneed and the Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party’s support of outsourcing of a crucial regional industry in the Territories. Zu House supported Sneed. The ZOX opposed it after Prince Bear Sherker and Durham Mansion Old Citadel (the most powerful Morlock corporation of the Old Citadel) came out in opposition along with Chief Navigator Hood who railed against it in the Lower Chamber of the Steering Committee in fierce speeches which rallied his unraveling alliance of Territorial political parties. Again the Merrach triggered a near national strike as Sneed and the Progressive Left resurrected the fascist bogey-wolf Elgar Lovell Reid.

But the usual tactics of name calling and the hurling of words like ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ suddenly failed to work as the Territories united for the first time in a long time against the wealthy elite of the three big port cities and International globalist bankers and corporatists. After a boycott against all foreign textiles, followed by a general strike against all imported Chinese products being sold by targeted International corporatists and international banks promoting outsourcing of Zendula’s manufacturers, followed by a targeted strike against Fairawayland movies and TV shows when the virtue signaling actors and actresses came out in favor of Chinese textiles which were then exposed as byproducts of sweat shops complete with suicide nets, followed by a riot in Brummagem by the Beorach (over a football game), followed by a strike by the New Citadel Workers, followed by a Naval Yards strike which held up production of a new carrier which caused the Master of The Havens to order his Guildhall’s Sea’s Favor Rooms vacated by the the Mayor who was the second in command of the Rainbow Diversity Party and Sneed’s right hand advocate, the now besieged Chief Navigator Sneed who was facing being evicted from his temporary digs at Logan Montforte Astel House by King Wolf who owned the celebrated digs, was forced to surrender to the ‘Dirty little fascists those Merrach pigs of the Alt Right Heartlands that epicenter of racist and sexist and xenophobic and nativist bigots as well as those damn Countryfolk Werewolves lurking in the shadows while they plot their devious plots to kill us all!

“Elgar Lovell Reid must be celebrating in Hell! This day will go down in infamy!”Sneed bellowed as a moving truck drove up to Logan Montforte Astel House to vacate him. “This boycott of morally superior Chinese and Indian goods is nothing short of racist and bigoted and xenophobic toward hard working People of Color and Asians! And fuck the Japanese manufacturers who backed the strike in solidarity! Everyone knows how racist the Japs are!” Ten hours later Sneed withdrew his bill in the Lower Chamber of the Steering Committee so he could stay in the lavish block long historic residence provided by the King to the Chief Navigator. A courtesy only! But a courtesy which Sneed refused to surrender! His cheap made-in-China clothes were scattered all along the street by an ‘accidental’ mover. Across the street Hood laughed from the steps of Hood House as Sneed was forced to pick up his cheap clothes from the dirty cobblestones. Worse, Sneed’s antiquated cell phone fizzled out as he shouted into it. Being Tech-challenged, Sneed always clung to obsolete technology made in China.

But this protest laid the foundation for the prolonged economic assault on the Territories by Sneed’s Rainbow Diversity Party in revenge for the Merrach Uprising which almost led to both Sneed and Mayor ‘Cruella’ being evicted from their celebrated historic digs owned by the Master and King Wolfe and only loaned to them by historic courtesy. All while Hood celebrated the debacle from his celebrated digs at Hood House across the street from Logan Montforte Astel House where Sneed was clinging by his fingertips. All as memes exploited all over social media as the infamous Elgar Lovell Reid’s image was sprayed all over The Havens with the words ‘The Best Chief Navigator Zendula Never Had!’ Sneed plotted his revenge for this humiliation and systemically attacked the Territories with devious economic assaults to monopolize all monies and funnel them into the cities he controlled while starving the Territories economically. So the Merrach Uprising proved very costly to everyone involved. The result was a decade long slow boil quasi civil war between the cities controlled by Sneed and ‘Cruella’ and the Territories which joined Hood’s opposition True Blue Party. Sneed’s revenge for the Merrach Uprising might have been best served cold (and vindictively) it could also be described as ‘cutting off one’s nose to spit one’s face’ because of his revengeful persecution of the Territories. It also polarized every class and bastion and institution. Everyone had to pick one side or the other as the entire nation split apart. What shocked everyone was not the shameless Globalists and Zu House along with Big Media and Fairawayland move stars who all sided with Sneed but rather the Morlocks of the Old Citadel who when forced to pick a side picked the side of not only the New Citadel (their distant kindred) and the Merrach but Hood.

While the Merrach are probably one of the largest populations of Mundane Mere Mortals there are others. The Horse Masters of the Great Gap are descended from the Celts and Scythians. Most are blond and blue eyed but some are dark haired and dark eyed or else boast dark grey eyes reflecting the Scythians. The Horse Masters are usually ranchers and cowboys and preserve parts of their ancient Amazon heritage which originated long ago on the wild Siberian Steppes. Queen Maeve turned the Horse Masters into a matriarchal society through the peculiarities of inheritance of clann assets. Fathers bequeath their assets to their sons. Mothers bequeath their assets to their daughters. Men during the Age of Darkness were careless in conserving their assets so by the Restoration the remaining clann assets were controlled by females rather than males.

But today the situation is ironically reversing as females have become irresponsible in conserving their assets so the clann assets are now mostly again in the hands of males who rarely go to university and concentrate on farming, ranching, blue collar jobs, and practical occupations needed by the economy of the Great Gap. All as many young Great Gap girls have graduated with useless degrees and heavy student loan debts which leaves them marooned in the cities and reduced to being baristas because they refuse to marry beneath them while seeing blue collar working men as their social inferiors even if they have more viable jobs and ranches. Most males in the Great Gap only go to teulu private schools run by Shadowy Ones which teach them the older values, heritage, religion, and culture with strong links to the older Indo European Scythian Amazon culture of the Steppes transplanted to Zendula’s prairie complete with a horse culture that dates back to the eons of history including ancient horse sacrifices which the elected ruler of the Horse Master along with the Ealds of the Seven Clanns along with the elected Three Marshalls preside over every seven years or else key elections.

It is an irony that so many young Great Gap females have used their clann money to go to the cities and become atomized urbanites and even whimpering Snowflakes cowering in their safe places while it is the long despised Great Gap males who have maintained their heroic Scythian Amazon heritage and ancient identity as well as preserving their ranches and tradition of riding, racing, and hunting as well as cross country dirt automobile racing and dirt bike racing along with rodeos. Possibly the Maeve implanted contempt for Great Gap males has metastasized into Third Wave Feminism. Many Great Gap men are now courting Merrach who have settled in the Bloodlands to become their wives which is changing the Great Gap prairie while introducing Countryfolk genetics into a heretofore Were free population. Up to this point the only Were in the Great Gap were the notorious sentient wolves and feral Werewolves of Zenroseda and the remote Swanfleet. What this arrival of Countryfolk Werewolves will do is anyone’s guess. But as the large family Merrach clanns including the Merrach Countryfolk are intensely rural and conservative this will certainly have political repercussions. The Great Gap has recently turned True Blue Conservative in the last election to the shock of everyone.

The Seven Clann Ealds and the three elected Marshals as well as the elected honorary Monarchy has recently all gone to men for the first time since Queen Maeve right after a ritual horse sacrifice was held which evoked the ancient gods. The campaigns turned on Post Modern Cultural Marxist anti-white cis male propaganda. Some called this the ‘Mother of all backlashes’. In response to this straight white male backlash the Shadowy Ones (witches) who run the wolf gang teulu private schools which nurtures Great Gap Masculinity warn the defecting Great Gap females to renounce leftist collage indoctrination and Third Wave Feminism and return to the traditions of their Scythian Amazon ancestors once again in order to recover their place in the still mostly rural Great Gap society and economy.

The Great Gap females are rapidly squandering their clann monies on student debts so this could rapidly result in no future girls having any clann monies at all. Without clann money or dowries the females will lose their traditional place in Great Gap society and the Great Gap economy, exiling them to the cities where they will not be able to marry or have children because of student debts and the doctrine of Third Wave Feminism which abhors marriage and reproduction. Thus, the unmarried and soon unmarriageable 30 something Great Gap females will literally go extinct as Bloodlands Merrach young females from large Merrach families marry into Great Gap clanns and take over the Great Gap. And the Merrach of the Bloodlands also boast how they have assimilated into the Reds & Blacks Bloodlands unconquerable defiance, over the top patriotism, and hatred for traitors. The Bloodlands are populist and Alt Right as well as very territorial and xenophobic to ‘invaders’ or ‘traitors’ so the Great Gap is also becoming populist and Alt Right accordingly when it used to be moderately liberal under Queen Maeve and moderately conservative under the Black Eald.

Teulu wolf gang traditional private schools require money though they are cheaper than urban city schools and much cheaper than expensive universities. So teulus are often communally financed as well as boasting patrons from among the Pedigree gentry. The children of tomorrow’s Great Gap are being formed in the rural teulus as much as the urban universities. But only the teulus see their graduates marrying and having children. Conservatives marry and have children. Radical Third Wave Feminists with heavy student loans do not marry until they are 35 or older. By then they rarely can find a man who wants to marry them. Thus they discover they are doomed to live alone with only a cat for company. Men are hot wired to want to marry young women who want to have children. Not childless career women. The Great Gap still outlaws abortion except to save the life of the mother. So the future of the Great Gap will be teulu and male, not urban and career female.

Though the three large cities of Zendula presently boast a slightly larger population than the Territories the future of demographics blesses the Territories unless the radical Leftists of the cities import Outsiders to boaster their declining demographics. But that will come at the cost of Outsiders displacing, replacing, and erasing the indigenous Zendulians which will turn the cities of Zendula into hostile Outsider colonies competing and warring with the still indigenous Territories. And the Outsiders being imported to supposedly finance the unraveling social safety net with their hard work are instead overwhelming the unraveling social safety net with their parasitic refusal to work at all. The 30 something childless career females are facing old age alone with a bankrupted social safety net.

Outsiders have very strong in-group preference so they have absolutely no intention of working to finance the retirement stipends of ‘Najis filthy’ ‘uncovered meat’ ‘white whore’ Baizuo Zendulian spinsters with no in-group preference or territorial instincts. The spinsters will find themselves not only alone in their old age but living in cities that might be entirely Muslim and Islamic and acutely intolerant if not downright hostile toward the aging white Baizuos. Evolutionary survival to reproduce requires territories free of rival sub species or hostile predators. The Territories might be in-group nativist and xenophobic and Alt Right and Conservative and every other bad name and even frankly openly hostile to Outsiders but they are waging demographic conquest on the urban ‘Normies’ and they have absolutely no intention of any Outsiders waging demographic conquest upon them as they win back control of Zendula which is their ancestral homeland drenched with the blood of their ancestors.

Once a year the Great Gap cross country race is held. It features both horses and race cars and motorcycles. The Horse Masters are still judged by their ability to mount a horse and race a car and ride a motorcycle. Teams of Great Gap ranchers and cowboys must transverse the Great Gap from the Great Gap Pass all the way though the seven Ealdoms (with a pause to toast the Black Eald at his gravesite) around the Mannax Gate that warns of the taboo Swanfleet up to the traditional terminal which is the last train stop across the border in the Bloodlands which originally was the last Boom Town of the old cowboy cattle drives before the railroad finally reached the Great Gap prairie. This is rooted in the ancient Scythian Amazon Steppes Culture of the Horse and the Chariot. However the urban educated Great Gap girls now despise all of this —- especially the idea of toasting the Black Eald who they equate with the notorious Elgar Lovell Reid. (The Black Eald Theri Anthrope of Zenroseda was a cowboy rancher and also a follower of Disraeli and introduced Patriotic Populist Reformist Conservatism to Zendula.)

In fact the urbane educated females despise every form of racing be it automobile or motorcycle or horse. Rodeos are also extremely popular to the infinite disgust of urban educated females. So is the prime product of the Great Gap: cattle. Meat. Many of the Great Gap rodeos have links back to the ancient Scythians and anthropologists have identified symbols all the way back to Siberian graves of the ancient Proto Indo European Horse People. Many Great Gap burial traditions are connected to this ancient past including burials of horses and chariots in the kurgan graves of Monarchs, Ealds, and Marshals. Today that means automobiles, motorcycles, and sacrifices of horses which today feature the use of horse totems and horseshoes or else engine parts left in the coffins of the Horse Masters as well as ritual horse sacrifices to crown the election of the Great Gap king or queen as well as the awarding of fine race horses to the Marshals by the Ealds as well as the giving of ceremonial whips.

The city educated Feminist renouncement of the the horse and racing, ranching, and hunting and now also meat is seen as a shocking breakdown of the Great Gap society. So is the city educated Feminist advocation of abortion up to birth and even after birth. This is a violation of an ancient taboo. While birth control pills are acceptable, abortion is taboo in the Great Gap except if the mother’s life is in grave danger. Great Gap Men vote very conservative while keeping their teulu raised values and taboos inshrined in the modern day version of the Ancient Druids and Ancient Amazons: the Shadowy Ones. (Witches, female shamans, and priestesses.)

Many Shadowy Ones who lead the teulu wolf gang private schools also have a very strong Maleth bloodline which also dates back to the Scythian Siberian Steppes of the most ancient of the Indo Europeans. There is almost an unbroken line from ancient graves in Siberia all the way to modern teulus today in the Great Gap. When the Shadowy Ones warn of taboos it is wise to heed them. Taboos lead to Transmutation Curses. And the Shadowy Ones are warning the females of the Great Gap now. Great Gap Women are presently split between radical Feminism and Conservatism and Populism as well as the Ancient Ancestors and the Ancient Gods. One Post Modern ideology promotes childlessness. One ancient ideology promotes families and children as well as the celebration of marriage between a man and a woman while respecting Straight White Masculinity as well as Traditional Empowering Femininity which is inshrined by the Shadowy Ones who are ironically female and the ancient incarnation of the Scythian Amazon female warriors of yore. The Ancient Indo European tradition of the Shadowy Ones and the Amazon Shield Maidens have never before been so splintered. This civil war of the female descendants of the Scythian Amazons does not bode well.

The recent landslide election for Chief Navigator Hood, (Zendula’s Trump) shocked The Havens and the Great Gap expatriates manning Starbucks coffee bars for minimum wages. This threatens to cleave the Horse Masters in twain. Ironically, despite the feminist barista protests that straight white male, blue collar working class, meat eating, hard working, dirt bike racing Great Gap cowboys are beneath them, the great replacement occurring in the Great Gap is presently happening at an ever escalating rate as the despised XYs court large Merrach families in the nearby Bloodlands and bring back replacements for Great Gap female ex-Amazons who will breed the next generation of the Horse Masters of the Great Gap. Perhaps the young Third Wave Feminists should listen to the Shadowy Ones and rediscover their inner Indo European Scythian and Amazonian Shield Maiden.

The dark haired and dark eyed Maleth are another matriarchal race descended from the Indo European Scythians and Amazonian Shield Maidens of the Steppes. A tradition that continued with the Celtic female Druid Shadowy Ones who resemble Zendula’s primarily (though not exclusively) Maleth Shadowy Ones. There is also a small but strong genetic presence of the present day of Siberian Steppes People and the Mongolian Steppes People in the Maleth. This probably reflects the fact the Ancient Ancestors of the Maleth stayed longer on the Steppes than other Indo European Steppes Peoples before they disbursed around Eurasia.

The Maleth Queen is considered on par with the Royal Family of Zendula and by tradition the Queen of the Battle Maidens of the Maleth crowns the new king or queen of Zendula. The ancient Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice to bless the coronation of the new king or queen of Zendula is always presided over by the Maleth Queen. Though the Maleth are ‘matriarchal’ the sexes are equal. Only the Queenship is restricted to a female who alone presides over secret shamanic rites. (The Ashvamedha Horse Sacrifice must be done by a female with powerful Glamour ie Magick.) All teulu wolf gang private schools must be led by Shadowy Ones though the Shadowy Ones can and usually are married to fellow teachers. But all sacred rites of initiation of boys and girls (the teulus are single sex) into adolescence and then on graduation into adulthood must be done by the Shadowy Ones. The Glamour (Magick) must be done by a female shaman or priestess.

Many ancient kurgan graves on the Steppes reveal the tombs of such ancient female Shadowy One shamans and priestesses who were buried with their magic talismans and horse sacrifices. It represents a tradition which the Indo European (Aryan) Steppes People carried everywhere be it into the British Isles to become the Druids or else the Virgin Priestesses of Ancient Rome or far away India. The Ashvamedha can only be done by a female then and now. Though Third Wave Feminists loath the ancient Indo European Steppes Peoples and their martial wolf gangs and patriarchy and hierarchy and male sky gods and supposed oppression of women the truth is the Ancient (mostly male) Ancestors treated Shadowy Ones with divine respect no less than their respect for the Amazons, Shield Maidens, and Battle Maidens. The Fatherlands and Motherlands of the descendants of the ancient Indo European Steppes Peoples have always been ritually led by females such as Britannia or Marianne or Lady Liberty. No Asian or Islamic or African tradition exists for such a divine female role of sacred magical authority.

Most Maleth serve in citizen militias rather than the Amberling dominated military or navy because of the looser command hierarchy of citizen militias which reflects their individualistic sense of marital heroism. The Maleth live all over Zendula but have ancestral gatherings in Greenwood once a year to affirm their bonds with their clanns, their ancestors, their heritage, and their traditional riding, hunting, and martial skills. They never send their children to modern urban schools but rather keep them in traditional wolf pack teulu private schools run by Shadowy Ones. The Maleth are extremely self reliant and libertarian and hate cities though they will live in villages and small towns. Many Maleth have Dark Elve genes but little Were genes except for the famous Arcadian Blackhearts who are the legitimate acknowledged bastards of Lord Blackheart of the First Age City State of Elvish Arcadia who is one of Elvish Arcadia’s greatest warrior families. Lord Blackheard, a Werewolf, abandoned his Elvish wife for a Maleth Battle Maiden who was secretly Were. If a Maleth Shadowy One is Were she will be a Were Raven. More rarely she might be a Blackheart Werewolf or else a Blackheart Were Black Swan. But the later are considered unlucky in love and tragic in destiny. Elgar Lovell Reid was brought down to tragic ruination through his elicit love for a Blackheart Were Black Swan. Since then No teulu will recruit a Blackheart Were Black Swan to lead them.

The Maleth militias are always separated by sexes for maximum fighting effectiveness. Maleth Battle Maidens are very celebrated for their history of warfare. The Wagnerian memories of such ancient Battle Maidens and Shield Maidens such as the Valkyries echo this ancient marital heritage that dates back to the oldest of the ancient Indo European Steppes Peoples. Their ancient Maleth rites are keep secret from outsiders but Maleth war totems and trophies echo ancient Ice Maidens found in graves in the Siberian permafrost surrounded by weapons of war and magic as well as horse sacrifices. The battle feather is a deemed a medal for the Maleth.

The Maleth are very libertarian, avid hunters, and enthusiastic gun owners as well as very in-group preference, xenophobic, and Alt Right. Even today much of the dangerous allure of Elgar Lovell Reid lingers on with people like the Maleth who find his nascent, proto-fascist message alluring. This probably reflects the escalating insecurity of a people under acute stress from economic betrayal, open borders betrayal, and the betrayal of a people’s history, heritage, traditions, gods, identity, and biological right to exist and not displaced and replaced by Outsiders in a nation unraveling. Elgar Lovell Reid is a barometer of the rise or fall of social – economic pressure. In good times like the 1920s or else the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s Reid’s dark allure recedes. In times of acute upheaval and chaos (but without the rallying call for a united front during wartime) Reid’s dark allure returns to haunt a hurting people feeling abandoned or betrayed. Oddly, while Arcadia views its most notorious Arcadian celebrity with conflicted emotions, the Maleth have persisted in their odd embrace of this dark and terribly flawed anti-hero. Shadowy Ones hold elaborate rites on the night of his terrible death. Are they exorcisms of his clinging ghost? Excarnations to free his soul to pass over the Rainbow Bridge to the Shining Plains of High Heaven? No one knows. The ruins of his Arcadian ancestral home are even today the mecca for the Maleth True Believers. A shrine for his discredited message. And a monument for his betrayed crusade.

It is believed that the Maleth invented the death for traitors: tying the traitor’s four limbs to four wild horses and then whipping the beasts to tear the traitor’s body apart. In the last election the Maleth delivered paper-mache limbs to Navigators and TV reporters supporting radical Progressive Left candidates. Such violations of safe places have needless to day upset the Limousine Liberals, Champagne Socialists, and Cultural Marxists accordingly. Yet the Maleth do not view Elgar Lovell Reid as a traitor. Quite the contrary. It is a perplexing mystery. Some explain it this way: ‘Elgar Lovell Reid was ambushed by history and destroyed by the Curse of the Black Swan. He could not anticipate what would happen in the 30s or WW II. And though he loved most unwisely the Black Swan he was seduced by her fatal allure. Like all tragic heroes he was both the architect of his undoing and at the same time heroic on his Maeve Valor in staring calm eyed into his destruction which came from without rather than within. Therefore he is tragic but he is still a hero —— at least to us.’

The radical Left Third Wave Feminists are perplexed why the Maleth Battle Maidens refuse to join them. Are they not the descendants of the Ancient Amazons? But all such Third Wave Feminist appeals are returned with papier-mâché limbs garnished with fake blood. Or real blood. Horse blood. And the Shadowy Ones who lead the conservative teulu schools teach their young boys and girls to hate everything the urban Third Wave Feminists represent. And the Maleth loyalty to the discredited Elgar Lovell Reid is also very disconcerting to the urban Progressive Left and the ‘Normies’.

And the Shadowy One Court Witches who serve at Celebeau House are ultra conservative too. This is a shield wall the feminist urbanites cannot understand. Much less the ‘Normies’. The best Shadowy Ones are Maleth and such teulus have long waiting lists from the elite of the Pedigrees, the Were, as well as the majority of the rural people and the working classes. Many of the Maleth Shadowy Ones have bloodlines that date back to the most ancient of the Siberian kurgan Ice burials of Shadowy Ones (witches and shamans) who once led ancient Indo European warriors into battle and advised their male kings. They are performing the same role now to a new generation of young warriors in a possible coming civil war. The present King and Queen of Zendula have very carefully consulted with the Queen of the Maleth and the Elder Shadowy Ones as Zendula lunges toward civil war which is predicted by the renewal of the dark Cult of Elgar Lovell Reid. And as the Shadowy Ones have ancient powers in Glamour (Magick) their opinions will count heavily in who will win this possible coming civil war. But perhaps Maleth Glamour (Magick) can exorcise the dark ghost of Elgar Lovell Reid before civil war can erupt. The young monarchs have ordered the Royal Mint to strike a new coin of Mother God Of the Waters (our version of Britannia or Lady Liberty) to appeal to the gods. Hopefully Mother God of The Waters will mediate with Father God of Fire to extinguish the fires of war and chain the Dire Wolf of Death and Destruction.

The tall, ‘lean and mean’, dark haired and grey eyed Beorach carry the ancient ‘R’ genes of the Lost Land of the Vanished Ancestors of the Elves which some call Greater Hyperborea and others believe is today ice covered Greenland or else swaths of the Baltic or Arctic or Siberian Far North edge of the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia: the lost homeland of the Ancient ‘R’ Baltic Siberian Hunter Gatherers before they were exiled into the Steppes to become the R1b genes and then the R1a genes of the Ancient Indo European Caucasians. While some parts of Ancient Greater Hyperborea still exist in the verdant if rocky and snowy Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark or else Siberia and Alaska most of the lost arctic paradise that once existed between the end of the last Pleistocene Wurm Ice Age, the Younger Dryas Cataclysm, and the blooming Holocene are now submerged or else refrozen. If so these lost peoples of Greater Hyperborea were forced to sail the seas or else trod the freezing landscape southward as the ironies of ancient climate change doomed their originally verdant homeland in the far north.

Part of Greater Hyperborea is believed to exist just north of Zendula which is today known as submerged Damnation Land because its jagged mountains and hills and once verdant valleys are yet again submerged under ice floes off Zendula’s frozen northern tundra where it lurks to snare unwary ships to their watery doom. What the Holocene temporarily opened up by melting the last glaciers of the Ice Age the resulting rising waters caused by the Holocene have since submerged most of lost Hyperborea over the course of thousands of years. All as cycles of little ice ages reveal and then refreeze parts of lost Hyperborea as if a game of hide and seek. One millennium brings warming. Then another millennium brings ice yet again. Another millennium reveals parts of ancient lost forests or else arctic meadows long concealed underneath glaciers as if a lost eden. Another millennium covers them yet again.

The Holocene Paleolithic Age Optima or Mesolithic Age Optima or the Bronze Age Optima of Egypt and Crete or the Iron Age Optima of Ancient Greece or the Roman Optima or the Medieval – Maya Optima Periods might melt parts of glaciers revealing long hidden landscapes while giving civilizations a rich, lush, warm, glorious eon to wax abundant. Then the Pier Oscillation or Wolf or Sporer or Maunder or Dalton Little Ice Ages might just as quickly regrow the glaciers anew and ravish the Northern Hemisphere and wreak harvests and ignite volcanos and deliver years without summers to unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, Conquest, Famine, and Death. One millennium sees Greenland or Iceland verdant, the dreamy paradise of Vikings. Another millennium buries the dreamy paradise of the Vikings in ice yet again while leaving behind evidence of slow motion horrible freezing extinction for later archaeologists to excavate: the final bones of children gnawed by the human teeth marks of starving parents.

No wonder the last map of Hyperborea echos the landscape of the Nordic countries wrapped around the Baltic Sea before the rising waters and the the recoiling pressure as the weight of receding Ice Age glaciers pushed up Normandy, Germany, and Denmark to change the landscape completely and thus lose the last known figment of Hyperborea forever. The Nordic peoples continue to enjoy this last relic of lost Hyperborea while their distant kindred drew the losing straws and where forced to flee by land or sea or else perish. Such where the Beorach. They carry the original R genes of the Ancient Eurasian Siberian Baltic Hunter Gatherers. These refugees of a lost paradise which the Indian Aryans later documented in the Vedas are a large, strong, rugged, distinctive people with aggressive, bony faces, distinctive brow ridges, and pale complexions. They were tenacious enough to wander the world as exiles. Curiously, some of their Elvish masters apparently chose to stay and die in doomed Hyperborea as ice and snow and icy floes invaded their northern Hyperborean homeland and either buried it in ice or else flooded it forever.

The Beorach are a contrarian people famous for saying ‘Do whatever you can get away with!’ —- at least with others not of themselves. They are such brawlers their main city is named Brummagem to this day. Brummagem is heavily industrialized, featuring oil, coal, and biofuel refineries as well as the huge slaughter houses to process meat and recycle cattle and sheep byproducts. Because the rugged mountainous region around Brummagem was heavily deforested and destroyed by the Beorach in the 19th Century the Beorach are mostly an urban people by necessity rather than inclination. They are gamblers and risk taking is their middle name. Dangerous jobs appeal to them. They are also miners in the Blue Mountains and Iron Hills because of this love of danger. While the Great Gap love cross country and dirt bike racing, the Beoarch love urban track racing and collision courses. Opportunistic criminality and organized crime is just as dangerously exciting. Nightclubs and breweries are fun too. Drag racing down empty dark streets at three o’clock in the morning is fun too. Ditto knife fights and fist fights and football hooliganism. Sports riots. Any excuse to brawl and riot and fight. Their Navigators face a continuous occupational hazard in tar and feathering every election season. Beorach sheriffs are notoriously ruthless and brawl with Beorach police. The only Beorach ‘safe place’ is a funeral bier. But the Beorach never whine or wail or cry out to be mollycoddled as ‘victims’. They take pride in being the toughest bastards in Zendula.

The Beorach have a mixture of r and K genetics typical of their sometimes opportunistic recklessness and violence. The Beorach either can’t project the consequences of their reckless bravado or else don’t care.They are certainly r fast life history incarnate but many have a blend of r and K genes and most Beorach actually score a high IQ. They are not stupid but they are recklessly over the top heroic, stubborn, and uncompromising. They are simply contrarian and that is that! But the Beorach also have a rugged masculinity, valor, heroism in war, resolute militia service, and a strong sense of duty toward their clanns and families. ‘A man is suppose to protect his woman and his children’ is another Beorach saying. They utterly despise cowardice or betrayal. While marriages can be tempestuous the Beorach are a proud patriarchal people who will do anything for their families as well as their nation. A Beorach male’s greatest moment of pride is walking home after a brutally hard day at his industrial job to slap a fist full of dirty wages on the kitchen table before their wife who will simply nod, wipe her hands on her apron, and then pass over a Twenty Gilda to her mate. ‘Go out for a night with your mates. Tomorrow I will cook a roast as you watch sports in TV.’

The Beorach tend to be libertarian and violently oppose Globalist policies which outsource Beorach jobs while conspiring to ban all oil, coal, and biofuel production which would destroy Brummagem’s economy and every Beoarch job. They are mostly blue collar working class but many Beorach work in the upper ranks of engineers, technicians, and scientists in the oil, coal, and bio-fuel industries and are highly skilled in essential industries on which the modern advanced nations are built. They are the incarnation of the Industrial Revolution but hate Post Industrial Modernity. The Beorach are not hunters per se but are heavily armed and do not suffer fools gladly. During recent riots by Outsiders a Beorach Chief of Police announced ‘My folks are Beoarch! I encourage my Beorach to have legal gunnery. We have stand your ground laws. So if you rioters want to come into our territory and boogaloo be advised that I have also told my folks that they can and should stand their ground and protect their homes and property and families with their legal gunnery. If you try to riot or loot or rob or burn then my folks will blow you away!. So stay away!’

The Beorach are violently xenophobic against Outsiders and therefore illegal migrants who they see quite accurately as scabs taking their blue collar jobs away as well as taking their tax money away while they cling to their unraveling lower middle class prosperity precariously by their grimy fingertips. There have been violent riots in Brummagem and also murders of Muslim and African illegal migrants by the Beorach after their womenfolk and especially their children have been ‘groomed’ ie seduced and raped by Muslim migrant sex gangs. Though few Beorach carry recessive Were genes and fewer still are Werewolves the Beorach liked Elgar Lovell Reid and still say ‘Elgar Lovell Reid did nothing wrong but tell the truth that we are being screwed! We have always been screwed! We will always be screwed!’ Another favorite Beorach saying is ‘Never retreat! Never surrender! Stand your ground and never take a knife to a gun fight!’

The loss of working class jobs have also driven the proud Beorach into poverty and alcoholism and drug addiction through cheap Chinese fentanyl drugs and cynical Ony pharma companies. The Beorach connect their pride and self worth to their jobs and refuse to take the dole and violently hate anyone who does. The Beoarch hate handouts or charity and just want jobs. The sort of jobs their fathers and grandfathers once enjoyed. While aggressive union supporting the Beorach hate ‘Red Commies’ and the siren song of Socialism and Communism falls on deaf ears and bare knuckle fists. The Beorach are highly individualistic and hate the bit of the bridle be it old Gildagad’s law and order or the ‘Nanny State’ or todays politically correctness and Twitter mobs and Woke de-personing.

The Beorach love being deplatformed by social justice warriors while they troll pearl clutching Karen Baizuos mercilessly with malicious glee. They slap Nazi Pepes on Reddit sites and chant ‘CNN sucks’ even thought no CNN reporter would dare visit Brummagem. They only visit Twitter or Facebook to troll. They torment the JDL shamelessly though Brummagem Jews are on perfectly friendly terms with their counterparts and some of the Nazi Pepes being posted are by Brummagem Jews. They lurk on 4 Chan /pol/ or Alt Right sites where they banter gleefully. Insults are a blood sport to them. They love it when Antifa college kids come to town so they can beat them into a bloody pulp. But they respect anyone while has the guts to stand up to their trolling and banter. They love video games with lots of digital gore but riot when a game comes out as Woke. Then they launch nonstop social media attacks that can last for months. They can relentlessly harangue DC Comics or Marvel Comics or the Star Wars reboot or Doctor Who reboot for a year in nonstop cyber wars. They are the front line of the Fandom Menace. They are presently trying to make the first female Doctor Who cry long enough to digitally kill herself into a new generation.

The masculine and patriarchal Beorach are very in-group preference and are the point of the spear of the backlash being generated by the Urban Elitists, Limousine Liberals, Champagne Socialists, Cultural Marxists, and Third Wave Feminists with their nonstop anti-straight white male calamines. The more the Beorach watch TV talking heads or else read twitter twits about White Privilege while jobs are being outsourced and cheap illegal migrants are being imported the more the Beorach vote Alt Right and join increasingly violent and genuinely scary radical organizations which the Progressives call Nazis and Fascists. Recently the Beorach resurrected the Werewolf Pride Movement even though few are Werewolves. And they resurrected it a a Neo White Nationalist organization even though Elgar Lovell Reid was not part of anything remotely like that. But if the Beorach are turning into monsters they are the Frankenstein Monsters being created by the Radical Globalist Progressive Left. People without hope have nothing to lose. The raw boned Beorach have nothing to lose.

The two newest, genetically speaking, peoples of Zendula are the People of the industrial Citadels. The People of the New Citadel are genetically different from the Dwarves who once lived there before the Age of Darkness all but destroyed Zendula. These are the ‘New Workers’: trim, thin, pale, dark haired, with cold grey eyes and fingers which boast extra digits. The New Workers still proudly work in the largest industrial bastion in the country: the New Citadel: a bastion isolated by its location in the rocky heart of the towering mountains of the Pale. The New Workers still proudly mass produce steel, glass, plastic and also every sort of manufacture of technological luxury or necessity or marvel and especially Robotics including Robota: Artificial Life incased in a humanoid form so conceiving even the Robota think thy are human. Possibly because of their murky origins the New Workers have both a mania and a sympathy for the Robota who think they are human.

The New Workers claim to be Dwarves but genetics reveals the secret of Smithiton the last Dwarvish CEO ( Celebrated Efficiency Officer) of the New Citadel: he used the last surviving Orc Breeding Queen to mass produce his New Workers with clones of himself. His secret eugenic program to resurrect the Dwarves of the New Citadel created an entirely new people with a mixture of Neanderthal dense Dwarvish genes, Orc genes, and mutated Elvish genes. It is believed that the Dark Lord captured female Elvish warriors and used them to create breeding queens to mass produce his infamous Orc army which he maintained through brutalized dis-eugenics. Smithiton reversed the process to eugenically mass produce a superior industrial worker to replace the Dwarves who were fast dying out. Today the New People are using the Wisteria Project to try to resurrect the original Dwarve genetics while embracing the fact they are Dwarvish-Elvish hybrids while ignoring the genetic ‘anomalies’.

The Old Citadel carved out of the depths oft the rocky, snow covered Pale has also evolved another new people of Zendula: the Morlocks. In the Second Age Fror Ironshield and Gildagad finally forced Durham the Deathless to realize that the Dwarvish mania for the ‘Mother of all metals’ Mithril was poisoning the Dwarves to the point of genetic suicide. The last healthy Dwarves fled to the New Citadel. Then Ironshield sealed every portal of the now grossly contaminated bastion carved into the depths of the mountains of The Pale. He assumed the dying Dwarves he was abandoning as he sealed the last great stone doors closed forever would die as well as the sickly, deformed, and abnormal byproducts of radioactive mithril which the seven Mansions (mountains) of the Seven Clanns of the Dwarves had for decades concealed in the depths of their mountain carved clann houses.

Clann houses carved out of solid stone that reached from the deepest hottest and foulest mines to the very mountain tops. Clann houses still ornate and lavishly decorated and outfitted with every luxury from running water from mountain aquifers to water wheels that powered ventilation and also engines to provide artificial power to gigantic pumps to complex automations and mechanical mimics of life to store rooms full of foodstuffs and beer to caches and treasuries of riches to ornate public rooms and rich private rooms to the monumental tombs of the clann Blessed Ancestors. Clann houses where the toxic wastes of their deep mines slowly seeped upward slowly contaminating every level of each luxurious mountain house all the way up past the stone tombs of their beloved ancestors to the very mountain tops where towering dome greenhouses still shown with greenish gold light from mithril. Instead, the dying Dwarves and the grotesquely mutating freaks who where their grandchildren still trapped inside that sealed up stoney city lingered….

Dwarves were famous after all for hoarding at least five years of foodstuffs along with luxuries and monies and jewels and aquifers (even if they were tainted). Of course there were still the mines and factories and warehouses and storerooms which made each clann rich. The dying Dwarves kept the machines going and kept the sealed up city inside the depths of the mountains of the Pale going as they taught their increasingly deformed bairns their industrial secrets. Ever more deformed but still loyal to their clanns and to their ancestors in their stony tombs which they mistook for their clann mansions the freaks abandoned by the healthy stayed dutifully loyal to their Blessed Ancestors who abandoned them unaware that they were freaks. Unaware that they were abandoned. Unaware why they were abandoned. Unaware that no one was coming back to rescue them —- or that they needed to be rescued. The deformed and mutating children did not realize that they were deformed and mutating because that was all they ever saw as the sick, elderly Dwarves left behind died off. Sick and elderly and therefore grotesque too. So sick and elderly and deformed and mutating was all these bairns knew.

So the deformed and mutating children grew up. And the deformed and mutating inhabitants of this sealed up subterranean city were not sterile either. They were finally forced to eat cockroaches but by then the cockroaches were as large as glowing lobsters. They keep the greenhouses going to also grow food even as the glowing mithril mutated the plants into gigantic freaks. They mutated into freaks too but somehow keep the sealed up Old Citadel going as they became the Morlocks. Evolution took a dark turn in the contaminated city carved out of the bowels of the mountains of the Pale. The once richest and most amazing city in Zendula lived on —- in a new and sinister form.

Today the Morlocks are still a secretive people who rarely leave the Old Citadel except in sealed trains to other sealed industrial bastions built in towering urban edifices sans windows to manufacture weapons of war and other advanced technologies beloved by the Globalists. Merchants of War essential to the Globalists who love war being the incarnation of the Military Industrial Complex. The Morlocks evolved in industrial pollution so pure air and pure soil and pure water and indeed purity in any form is deadly to them just as their cocktails of industrial pollution are deadly to Normies. These modern day industrial bogeymen are short, stunted, runty, pallid, with platinum white hair often dyed black and strangely pale blue eyes which normally they must keep sheathed against the alien light of the outside. Their fingers boost extra digits which give them a spidery quality. They whisper instead of speaking loudly. They hunch, painfully skinny, as they creep. They are the MOLK. The Dwarvish accounting term for the cost of human suffering factored into the manufacturing cost of a product for sale to Normies which they called the Eloi: the Elves. Now us.

The Morlocks are divided into grades of castes. The lowest caste are the Grunts who toil in the loathsome mines in the burning depths until they are too radiated. Then and only then are they allowed to enjoy the Shining Plains of High Heaven: the paradise of the towering glass domed greenhouses where once their blessed ancestors such as Durham The Deathless lived lives of luxuries beyond comprehension today. Only the Grunts, though imbeciles, have normal if strange blue eyes to see the light of the day for the last year of their tragic lives. The industrial fires which power the Old Citadel and the glowing mithril of the mines required them to tolerate the light. But to make them work willingly the Grunts when they are born have their eyes sewn closed so all they know is the Fiery Fissure of Hell. So when they are at last allowed to see the beautiful greenhouses as dawn comes rosy fingered they think they are in Paradise.

The next caste is populated by the Enforcers who police the Old Citadel and other bastions to prevent the Grunts or other Morlocks from trying to escape to see for a few stolen moments the light of dawn. The Enforcers also act as hit men and assassins to enforce the will of the clann board of directors of each clann mansion corporation though CEO elections are normally bloodbaths. The Enforcers usually need to use breathing apparatus because of their clone-like mass breeding. They are never tempted by the allure of the outside or Normies. Or at least they are not suppose to be temped for the forbidden. They maintain the authority of each clann mansion corporation be it Grunt or rogue CEO. No one can escape or mutiny and live to hope.

The next castes are the factory floor workers, engineers, designers, accountants, and programers. They live further up each clann mansion mountain and further away from the radiation of the mines. The biggest motivation (besides not being executed) is the thought of living higher and higher and higher up and farther and farther and farther away from the burning heat of the lethal mines. It is not the dream of seeing the light of the greenhouses so much as the thought of simply being ‘farther away’ and ‘higher up’. It is the dream of ‘escape’. Not the reality or even the illusion of reality of escape. It is simply the illusion of the dream of escape. That there might possibly be something else. They are allowed regulated and regimented perks such as computer games and virtual reality or else comics to escape the drudgery of their lives along with tickets to enjoy sex Robota. The best who produce new products or fulfill production quotas are allowed to enter the lottery to breed. But children are raised in industrial nurseries. There is no such thing as a ‘family’ outside of the CEO: the celebrated efficiency officer of Caste Six.

The top castes are the administrators and inventors. They are given digs next to the great tombs of the Blessed Ancestors far from the seeping industrial contamination. They live in the old luxury apartments of their Blessed Ancestors and worship the great stone tombs wherein their Blessed Ancestors dwell as fossilized corpses. Many of this Caste Five have been bred to be hybrids capable of leaving the polluted environments to visit the surface of the earth and behold the forbidden: Normies! But the Enforcers hunt down any who are tempted to escape. Though you would think Normies would spot Morlocks the hybrid Caste 5 Morlocks have always cultivated a Steampunk Gothic facade as they covertly prowl the surface with dark goggles or else dark reflective glasses concealing their strange pale blue eyes. They are allowed to breed and occasionally raise their own children if they achieve manufacturing goals.

There are rumors that a Caste 5.1 has been created: Genius. But if so the Morlocks are taking risks because genius genes are usually mutant, erratic, uncooperative, and difficult to control. But to keep ahead of China, Japan, and the West the Morlocks need to think outside of the box of inventiveness which required genius. So the Morlocks have reached a critical impasse. Right now, like the Germans, they are still using copper wiring. They can’t seem to move beyond the perfection of hard manufacturing or the beauty of the metal of the machine parts as each clog or wheel meshes together perfectly with the next. The gyrations of a complex engine whirling perfectly is hypnotic to them and the admiration of a perfectly executed piece of manufacturing is like a wet dream. Why escape? Except of course for some irrational reason some do….

The top caste is the CEO and board of directors of each clann mansion (mountain) corporation. They are descendants of generations of eugenic hybrids evolved to be capable of living on the surface and are bred to interface with the Normies. They live above the tombs of the Blessed Ancestors just below the towering glass dome greenhouses or else the penthouses because now they have been bred to no longer be capable of tolerating the industrial pollution which the other Morlocks require and need to survive. They have become more erratic of late as if being tempted by the Outside and the Enforcers have started to execute some of the boards of directors or CEOs who have been rumored to have gone ‘rogue’ or ‘native’ ie Normie.

The Morlocks originally thought of conquering the world as the Industrial Revolution blackened the advanced world nations and especially Zendula. Industrial pollution was their perfect environment and it sickened the ‘Normies’ so wonderfully! Conquest seemed entirely feasible, especially as the Morlocks expanded outward and used their sinister industrial bastions to spew out deadly toxins into the air and water and earth. But then the ‘Normies’ discovered ‘Environmentalism’ after the smog started to kill too many ‘Normies’. And by then the Morlocks were making so much money from world wars they lost sight of their original goal of world conquest through the Industrial Revolution. Instead, they concentrated on being Merchants of Death for ‘Normies’ eager to wage world war upon each other.

But recently the Morlocks become conflicted. The first threat was the raise of Marxism Socialism Communism along with Anarchism during the Fin de Siecle which threatened to nationalize their industries and exterminate them (being industrialists and factory owners and therefore enemies of the Proletariat). While some industrialists might sell the rope used to hang them the Morlocks were more focused in their devious opposition to the Red Threat. After anarchists bombed warehouses, docks, shipping, and railroads linked to fortified Wellus House bastions while the Guttersnipes tried to unionize Wellus House hostile takeovers of New Citadel businesses like Smithiton Steel the Red Threat because so terrifying the Durham Mansion’s CEO decided instead of destroying Elgar Lovell Reid’s Werewolf Pride Movement to tentatively side with the charismatic Werewolf because of the Red Threat. At the very least it was a way to divide and conquer the Proletariat some of whom were being wooed by the charismatic politician many thought either a savior or else a demagogue.

But by 1920 the Red Threat was receding as new post war prosperity started to seduce the people of Zendula into enjoying the Roaring Twenties instead of launching Red Revolutions. And then Stalin started gulags and genocides along with mass starvation in the Ukraine. The Red Utopia started to look more like a Red Dystopia. And gaslighting by Leftist newspapers and reporters started to fail as the body count started to raise high enough for the Communists to no longer be able to conceal the corpses. The public turned against the Red Threat. And Capitalism was introducing such prosperity the Middle Class was booming. Therefore the Consumer Class was buying. People just wanted to have fun! So the Morlocks betrayed Elgar Lovell Reid because they did not need him anymore.

That was the early Twentieth Century. But by the early Twenty First Century Globalism arrived. Dangerous world treaties that undermined nations while enriching a few while destroying millions. The Wealthy became ever more wealthy as the Middle Classes and Working Classes were hollowed out and the poor were reduced to welfare —- but only if they voted for the Globalist political parties which made them de facto serfs tethered to the Globalist plantations. Outsourcing started. Cheap migrants were imported to drive down wages and displace and replace the besieged indigenous workers. Wages dropped and dropped and dropped. The Globalist promotion of Red China escalated as Advanced Nations found themselves being cannibalized and deconstructed and extracted as if decaying rust belt Third World nations. China boomed as if an economic vampire sucking out the wealth of the decaying First World Nations. All despite China’s shocking industrial espionage, currency manipulation, use of tariffs while protesting anyone else using tariffs, government run monopolies dumping cheap products to gut China’s rivals, forced intellectual transfers, and robbery of research and development in other countries.

Globalists and China used international globalist institutions and treaties to de-industrialize and deconstruct and dismantle moldering Advanced World industries and economies while achieving monopolistic control of vital industries like medicine and steel as well as computers. More and more once proud industrial towns moldered into decayed rust belts. Whole villages and towns became ghost towns or derelict gutted out ruins. Extracting of the resources and accumulated wealth achieved over centuries of the Advanced World continue until it amounted to wholesale looting of the industrial crown jewels of the nations of the Advanced World. This was suppose to just happen to the Third World! The importation of cheap migrants to be the new exploitable serfs of the Globalist crony corporations escalated as the indigenous middle classes and working classes were destroyed. Why would a globalist international corporation hire a bitter indigenous worker once used to an union and living wages and safe working conditions and an eight hour day with breaks and health care and a retirement IRA when you could hire cheap migrants who can be ruthlessly exploited? Worse! The cost of maintaining those exploited cheap migrants working ten or twelve hour days at below living wages were off-sourced to the taxpayers to maintain with free health care, free food stamps, and free council houses. All as the social safety net, under financed for decades, started to implode.

Go to the back of the line you damn racist citizen! Your job and your country belongs to the migrants now! The unions that once fought for the blue collar working classes now sided with the migrants! Open borders! These were not ‘scabs! They were People of Color! They were better! They were the best! They were the moral front of the line for everything! The unemployed blue collar workers stared dazed as unions parroted the Globalist mantra of open borders! Every nation was morally and legally required to bring in a million cheap migrants a year! Two million! Five million! Ten million! A hundred Million! By the middle of the new century billions of People of Color from every grossly over populated Failed State had every right to march into every country of the Advanced World (except China) and demand everything!

The nations of the Advanced World no longer belonged to the indigenous citizenry! They belonged to the Outsiders! The migrants! And illegal migrants were just as entitled to every benefit of citizenship! In fact they were ‘better’ than the disgustingly racist and bigoted and xenophobic and Islamophobic and fascist and evil indigenous scum who should be displaced and replaced and erased and exterminated for the good of People of Color of the World! Genocide for the Greater Good! It amounted to a deliberate wholesale destruction of the indigenous workers. More! It was carefully planned genocide to replace contrarian and defiant citizens with cheap exploitable low IQ replacement workers to become the new serfs of the Globalist Elite and international crony Corporations!

All as Post Modernist Cultural Marxists advocated for the total deconstruction and dismantling of Advanced World nations’ culture, heritage, identity, economic and cultural security, and the total unraveling of the social cohesion which was the glue that held nations together. The nations of the Advanced World started to be overwhelmed. Infrastructure breaking down. Cities turning into Third World slums. Everything crumbling. Disintegrating. Falling down. Homeless people filing once beautiful streets. Feces and urine everywhere along with an explosion of Third World diseases not seen for over a centuries for which the indigenous people had no immunity.

Suddenly migrants were everywhere as crime exploited out of control. Whole swathes of once beautiful cities turned into Third World migrant camps. People sunbathing on beaches watched dazed as boats casually sailed up and illegal migrants casually waded through the surf and ran off, a virtual invasion in all but name. First a few. Then more and and more. Ten a day. Fifty a day. A hundred a day. A thousand a day…. The nations of the Advanced World started to be overwhelmed, atomized, ripped apart, shredded, devoured as if noble lions being devoured by jackals and hyenas. The infrastructure of the besieged nations moldered as no go zones swelled as Outsiders colonized swathes of once beautiful cities. Law and order broke down. Bombings and terrorism escalated along with rapes. The police were ordered to stand down.

When the besieged indigenous citizens of the nations of the Advanced World protested they were told that they were racists and bigots and colonial oppressors and morally blighted and xenophobes and nativists and fascists and every sort of ‘phobe’ if they protested the systematic destruction of their once beautiful cities and the dismantling of their once prosperous nations as the once booming 1950s and 1960s prosperity vanished. All as Red China swelled and swelled and swelled as if some bloated vampire as the Globalist Elite boasted of becoming not just millionaires but billionaires and even trillionaires! Zillionaires! China flooded the besieged nations with illegal drugs as the Globalists legalized once outlawed drugs so the betrayed and despairing indigenous workers would overdose and die. Suicide rates swelled and no one cared!

While the Globalists did keep the profitable world wars going nonstop the rest of the Globalist Agenda stared to frighten even the Morlocks. Then the Globalist Agenda started to be a direct threat to the Morlocks as well as the New Workers so both Citadels were now in existential peril. So was Brummagem for that matter. The Merry Fords. Every economy including Zendula’s economy was under direct assault. Every Zendulian industry! Every Zendulian manufacturer! Every Zendulian resource except raw materials as if Zendula was devolving into a Post Modernist Third World country! As if Zendula was being colonized by China! Why was the Globalists doing this? The Morlocks could not see the rationality of this economic carnage. And it was now threatening them!

At the same time military espionage was also happening. China’s army and navy were becoming bigger and bigger and bigger as China’s generals and admirals boasted of the day they would win WWIII. It was like a repeat of Imperial Japan in the 1920s and 1930s. China illegally seized the South China Seas to garrote the other nations including Zendula. China bribed its way into control of the UN, the EU, the WTO and the WHO as well as the World Bank. China promoted the Paris Accord to force every other Advanced World nation to deindustrialize while they continued to industrialize. The demands became ever more draconian as China militarized the South China Seas. China achieved more critical monopolies including rare earths. China colonized swathes of Africa and erected slave plantations. China flooded First World and Third World nations with unauthorized Chinese migrants (ordered to spy for China). The Chinese sent a satellite into space capable to shooting down rival satellites needed by every Advanced World nation. Then Globalists assassinated King Wolfe. The UN, WTO, and the IMF attacked Morlock corporations and cartels on behalf of the Chinese. The Who denounced the Morlocks as ‘sick’. To be exact: as less than ‘human’. Perhaps a vaccine might ‘fix’ them. A vaccine manufactured in China. That was the last straw.

The Morlocks confronted the CEO of Zu House. After that ‘golden handshake’ ended very messily the Morlocks meet the CEO of The ZOX which presently was Prince and Eald Bear Sherker. That was more promising but Bear Sherker was wary and also fighting a hostile takeover of his world industries by China.

So the new CEO of Durham Mansion did the impossible: she took a sealed antique train used by her grandfather and great grandfather and great great grandfather to The Havens to meet a distant kindred: Adrian Reid of Peryton House. This top secret trip revealed the desperation of not only Durham Mansion but the entire Old Citadel and indeed all of Wellus House that a Morlock who never ever once stepped foot out of the sealed stone portal of the Old Citadel actually emerged from the subterranean depths to train across Zendula as she pressed her special blue goggles over her fragile eyes as she fugitively peered out of the corner of one dark curtain to watch the alien surface of Zendula rush past her!

The two reclusive distant relatives prepared to meet. What each thought can only be speculated. The location would of course be Peryton House which was not only notoriously haunted but massively fortified both above ground and deep under ground by both antique Dwarvish death traps and modern state of the art security. But ironically the Morlock training across the alien and frightening surface of Zendula actually trusted the massively fortified bastion precisely because Peryton House was originally built by Giles the last full blooded Dwarve of The Havens. And Giles still haunted Peryton House along with diverse other ghosts. A Blessed Ancestor would protect her. The irony is this: even if Giles’ ghost wanted to materialize he would not recognize the CEO of Durham Manson as a Dwarve. He would stare at the sinister creature before him dazed and confused and possibly even frightened.

And possibly the Morlock daring to do the impossible and train across country to enter an alien surface city full of alien ‘Normies’ trusted Adrian Reid despite never ever meeting him or contacting him or else being contacted by him. Their connection was long ago and mysterious and shrouded in mystery. It was the byproduct of an 1920s spy mission ordered by King ADA and Queen Flavia. But Reid was the only human the new CEO of Durham Mansion remotely knew. Reid had previously mediated for the Morlockian Durhams who were not natural diplomats after the death of Elgar Lovell Reid courtesy of King ADA and Queen Flavia. Reid had previously mediated for Durham Mansion and Smithiton Steel Works after workers rioted. The hostile takeover of Smithiton Steel Works by Durham Mansion was so bitter it could not be resolved and indeed still nagged the present CEO of Durham Mansion. Nevertheless, Adrian Reid was willing to mediate again for the new King and Queen of Zendula.

And the Morlockian Durhams were again desperate enough to reach out to the sometime spy Adrian Reid because he was the present owner of haunted Peryton House which meant Giles had agreed to give Reid the keys which implied that Giles bless him and Giles was a Blessed Ancestor. And Adrian Reid was remote kindred of the Morlockian Durhams who had assassinated previous CEOs of Durham Mansion to assume control of Durham Mansion with Reid’s help. So wasn’t Reid a sort of Blessed Ancestor? The new CEO of Durham Mansion carried the genes of distant Dwarves dating back to Durham The Deathless and also Adrian Reid. Surely he had to acknowledge her as his kindred just as Giles surely had to acknowledge her as his kindred? At least the nervous Morlock told herself this over and over as she prepared for the rendezvous. Her spidery fingers tapping the arms of her carriage chair. Her strange blue glasses protecting her fragile eyes as she peered furtively at the alien world rushing past her train carriage. The Chinese insult still hot in her mind as she prepared to meet Adrian Reid. Would he see her as kindred or else a monster? A freak? Something sub human? Something sick or mutating or frightening? The byproduct of an environmental detour to a dark place? Or would he see her as she wanted to be seen:his kindred as she wanted to see him: a Blessed Ancestor.

And Adrian Reid was the godson of Elgar Lovell Reid. Despite betraying the elder Reid the Morlocks still trusted the younger Reid. After all! This Morlock did not have very many human contacts to interface so the Reids were all she knew! Did it worry the Morlockian Durham that her previous CEO of Durham Mansion had betrayed Elgar Lovell Reid? Did it worry the Morlockian Durham that Adrian Reid was a ghost for everyone at Peryton House was a ghost? Not really. It seemly meant that Adrian Reid was not a ‘Normie’ and that was good —- at least as far as the new CEO or Durham Mansion was concerned! The last thing this stressed out young Morlock wanted to meet was a ‘Normie’!

So the new CEO of Durham Mansion stared into the mirror of her private train, staring at her pasty pale visage with long platinum hair dyed half way black in a bizarre sort of ‘fashion statement’ to the extent that Morlocks understood ‘fashion statements’ as she nervously checked her skin tight black and red industrial boiler suit before slipping special blue goggles over her strange baby blue eyes . Then she slid black gloves over her spidery fingers. Then she inserted an ear microphone and slipped a tiny spy camera next to her pin #6 indicating her caste of CEO. Then she slipped a stiletto into her high heeled stiletto boots. The young Morlock stared into the mirror. Did she like what she saw? Did she understood why anyone who met Morlocks were terrified? Was she terrified of the ‘Normies’? Did she wonder why the ‘Normies’ were terrified? Did she enjoy being frightening to ‘Normies’? Or did she long to meet someone of the Surface who would not be frightened by her? Would he see her as she wanted to see herself: as human! As a Dwarve!

She nodded at her heavily armed private bodyguards caste #2. Each heavily armed Morlock in a helmet and visor and breathing devices holding ray guns that cause death by spontaneous combustion. Thus prepared she exited her antique private train to meet Adrian Reid at haunted Peryton House courtesy of the Tube Underground electric railroad which intersected a special tunnel line of the Golden Bear Railroad. Peryton House boasted its own private subterranean Tube station so the new CEO of Durham Mansion did not need to surface into the sunlight at any time whatsoever as she transferred from her private railroad car to a private tube car to the private Tube station of Peryton House basement Annex # 5 before taking the elevator up to the private study of haunted Peryton House to meet the present owner courtesy of Giles’ ghost giving him the golden keys that deactivated every Dwarvish death device.

Whatever happened in that secret study Adrian Reid clinched a deal as the liaison of the Morlocks and Chief Navigator Hood and the New Monarchs of Zendula. Also rumored to be present was Prince and Eald Bear Sherker of the Clann of the Golden Bear who is Zendula’s richest trillionaire having fought off Chinese economic assaults, sabotage, and hostile takeovers. Officially deniable of course! But to everyone’s amazement the new CEO of Durham Mansion and the front for Wellus House Old Citadel actually appeared on camera in an elegant room of Peryton House with Adrian Reid being casually interviewed so the world could behold a Morlock for the first time as the new CEO of Durham Mansion came out swinging for Hood’s nationalist populist Zendula First agenda and against the Globalists and Red China!

What a coup! But the zigzags of the Morlocks continue to amaze everyone in Zendula even if everyone outside of Zendula still finds the Morlocks the stuff of urban legends or else nightmares —- especially the Chinese as the Morlocks commenced engaging in Morlockian business negotiations Morlock style: assassination, cutthroat espionage, new contracts with the Master of The Havens to deliver revolutionary state of the art naval lasers and satellite weaponry garnished by computer attack viruses, and a private satellite armed with experimental death lasers to attack Chinese killer satellites along with killer memes of Winnie the Pooh Bear.

Probably the saddest of the Mundane Mere Mortals are the Little People who migrated to Zendula during the Age of Chaos to live in the subterranean ice houses carved into hillsides of the Merrach of the Heartlands until the Restoration when the Merrach returned to reclaim their ancient homes. Probate Court still possessed their ancient records of ownership and the Merrach can be a stubborn people when their territorial instincts are roused so the Little People were driven out of the Heartlands to live in the waste places in acute poverty. The Little People have not been able to integrate or assimilate into Zendula society or compete successfully in order to thrive. Most languish on the dole as alcoholics. One recently tried to kill the late King Wolfe. The Little People, such as still survive, have been identified to be the surviving members of the extinct Little People of remote islands in the Pearls of the Pacific who today are called the ‘Hobbits’. They are presently on the verge of extinction being unable to compete with their larger and more aggressive counterparts. The Little People are not to be confused with midgets. Their genetics are unique but alas not remarkable enough to allow them to survive.

The New Terra Nova People are descendants of the Old Terra Novans who settled the large island of Terra Nova to the north west of Zendula. Their distant ancestors were sea going peoples with genetics similar to the mysterious Phoenicians. As the Phoenicians were driven out of the Levant after losing the Carthage led Punic Wars they sailed beyond the Mediterranean to form lost colonies as far afield as France and Spain and possibly America and also parts of Africa including finally Zendula as their ships explored the Ancient World. But as their population was always too small, much like the Vikings, their far flung colonies were finally defeated by demographic conquest by more abundant, indigenous peoples leaving their last major outpost as remote Zendula.

The Phoenicians were a Semitic people related to the ancient Levant Farmers who were distantly related to the Southwest Ancient European Hunter Gathers: the First Cro-Magnon hybrids who evolved in the Levant Mediterranean environment between the feral Tropic Zone of Africa and the colder environment of the Northern Hemisphere of Europe. As such the Phoenicians were alien to the descendants of the invading ancient Indo Europeans such as the Hittites, the Trojans, the Ancient Greeks, the Greco Romans, the Mediterranean Greco Roman Egyptians, and the Persian Pathans. The Phoenicians as well as other ancient Levant people such as the Minoans and Etruscans fell to waves of Indo European conquerors which changed the Levant’s genetics just as later waves of Arabs and Africans further changed the Levant’s genetics. As such the Phoenicians more closely resemble the lost people of Crete as well as the Semitic half of the Ashkenazi Jews who are hybrids of the Semitic Levant Peoples and Western Indo Europeans. The Phoenicians are the descendants of the Levant People who refused to be conquered by the descendants of the Indo Europeans — until they were finally and at last conquered.

After the fall of the last Phoenician colony of Terra Nova during an oceanic earthquake and tsunami (such as destroyed Crete) the survivors migrated entirely to New Terra Nova which is located in the south of Zendula which was less settled and boasted a warmer and more humid climate which originally prevented expansion by the cold weather Elves and Dwarves —- though King Gildagad claimed the south as part of his empire.

Other Mundane Mere Mortals started to migrate into New Terra Nova during the last part of the reign of Gildagad The Great as he affirmed his authority over New Terra Nova per an ancient peace treaty with King Rondus of Terra Nova. After the death of King Rondus of Terra Nova the peace treaty broke down and some Terra Novans waged war to preserve their identity against a larger and more dominating neighbor while other Terra Novans embraced the rule of Gildagad The Great. This is a dilemma such as faced Ireland with their bigger neighbor Great Britain and New Zealand faces with Australia. While Gildagad was tolerant of this alien people and their alien culture he had no intention of allowing colonizers to invade his nation. The last stand of the Terra Novans started after Gildagad died.

During the Age of Darkness which featured devastating barbaric assaults and piratical attacks many Mundane Mere Mortals fled south to New Terra Nova after the Civil War waged by the Red Astels against the last chosen heir of Gildagad: Artorious The Glorious. General Artorious was a supposed Celestial Elve who was despite his gold hair probably a hated Strathclyde Elve from uppity outlaw Utopia and certainly not a Twilight Elve. As such he was not legally entitled to claim the throne despite being a very popular general and Gildagad’s heir in a will the dying Elve wrote on the battlefield. The Royal Astels rose up in rebellion despite the fact only a general could keep Gildagad’s unraveling empire together against barbaric assault. The crisis was made worse by the fact a Red Astel seduced the younger second wife of Artorious after the death of his beloved first wife and sons who were Elvish hybrid Amberlings. The seduction triggered a full blown civil war right after the third and most devastating war waged by Gildagad against the Dark Lord. All as barbarians from the far north and across the seas were attacking Zendula on all fronts. The result plunged the North, then the most developed part of Zendula, into centuries of darkness and chaos. Gildagad’s capital city, The Havens, was besieged and rendered almost into a ghost town though Cleardan the Master of The Havens did prevent out and out sacking with the remains of his unraveling navy.

With the Citadels shut, there was no industry whatsoever and while the Goldbottom was not looted it was sealed up by Giles the last Dwarve of The Havens who erected endless death traps everywhere so the city was all but garroted from within as well as without. Giles, always inclined to be paranoid, went mad as he barricaded the city against pirate attack. After Giles died no one knew how to deactivate his death traps. The Mint of Gildagad was locked up inside the besieged New Citadel where Smithition the last Dwarve of the Citadels guarded the national treasure with an old sword and some experimental black powder from a chemistry experiment. There was no money or steel or iron or any metal whatsoever because of the old Dwarvish guilds had monopolized mass production of vital products. Everything imploded. Starving people were reduced to looting graves for precious metal. Londinium was besieged as well. Plagues and famines killed over half of the population of North Zendula. Every year barbarians and pirates attacked everywhere and everyone.

Rebellious New Terra Nova was much less ravished by barbaric and piratical assaults so it survived better. The last of the accurst Red Astels ruled New Terra Nova as illegal kings. New Terra Nova had always maintained a culture very different from the North being derived from Old Terra Nova with its ancient residue of Phoenician culture and identity which was as alien to Zendula as Carthage was alien to Rome. Now that alien culture waxed into a new civilization which was very alien indeed.

Slavery and serfdom was restored which Gildagad had outlawed. Old Terra Nova and therefore New Terra Nova accepted slavery because it was part of the old Phoenician culture and heritage. And slavery was required to settle the wild south with its monsoon heat, especially now as New Terra Nova was raising tobacco and sugar cane along with exotic spices as cash crops which required hard manual labor as well as rice which required elaborate terraces and irrigation construction. But the increasingly dictatorial rule and nonstop wars to reconquer the North waged by King Rondor, the last of the Red Astels combined with mismanagement and corruption pauperized the people and corrupted the regime. Many New Terra Novans felt they had been exploited by the Red Astels and certainly the Red Astels had exploited the South to wage a nonstop civil war which did not benefit anyone. Multiculturalism and diversity rarely leads to strength but rather to tribalism as aliens waged wars of sedition and insurrection rather than fusing together into one unified people.

King Rondor’s war against the besieged Last Citadel held by the Amberlings in the Great Southern Lakes broke the back of the corrupt regime. The defeat was shocking and humiliating. Prince Puski of the Scion of the Golden Bear brokered a peace treaty to restore the rule of Gildagad’s successor King Perceval Astel of the Strathclydes of Utopia which the aging Cleardan the Master of The Havens blessed. Rondusburg which cling to the memories of old King Rondus who had promoted the unification of the islands of Terra Nova and Zendula backed the peace treaty. Rondusburg as recently seen pirate attacks and wanted the protection of Cleardan’s moldering navy. It wanted to trade and be a thriving port again. Rondor had neglected it because of the city’s loyalty to old King Rondus the best pal of old King Gildagad who had passed over the Red Astels to crown Artorious The Glorious. The Red Astels were now hated and New Terra Nova had lost all of its allies. The shock faced by New Terra Nova as the presumed shattered North resurrected itself and the fact even a small army of Amberlings could defeat the larger army of Terra Novans shattered their illusion of invincibility. King Rondor ‘The Ferret’ was deposed and the last of the Red Astels was consigned to ignominy.

The Restoration which ushered in the Fourth Age of Zendula restored the domination of Zendula by the North and by the Pedigrees including the restoration of the Magnanimous Charter and Common Law as well as the heritage, culture, language, and religion of the Pedigrees. King Astel thought he had to merge the New Terra Novans and also the defeated Far North Barbarians into the fabric of Zendula or else there would be more insurrections. It was either the Melting Pot or else more civil wars. And the resulting demographic and cultural conquest of the original Phoenician New Terra Novans by Zendulians from the North slowly reduced the Terra Novan culture, language, and religion as they were firmly assimilated. The lack of heavy industry and primarily agricultural economy of New Terra Nova left it vulnerable to the Northern domination because of the North’s resurgent Citadels of industry. The Goldbottom which preserved the ancient banking treasures of the Dwarves was needed to rebuild the country in the face of piratical assaults. New Terra Nova was now bankrupt and therefore at the mercy of the Goldbottom. The soon booming global trade cinched the slow but relentless assimilation of New Terra Nova into Zendula. The Far North Barbarians took longer to surrender but finally poverty forced them to take the knee though the very far north of Zendula continued to be a wild place for another century and the very Far North is still off limits to development or settlement to this day.

As the North modernized the South became a backwater until well into the Nineteenth Century when King Astel launched a modernization program to drag New Terra Nova into the modern technological era. By then there was little left of the original Phoenician Terra Novan culture, language, or religion. They had been demographically and culturally absorbed. This is a warning to European countries as the Globalists and Cultural Marxists encourage open borders and the importation of tens of millions, and soon hundreds of millions, and by the middle of this century billons of aliens into their countries until the indigenous people are demographically and culturally conquered by their ‘guests’ without firing a shot. Diversity is not strength. Diversity is demographic and cultural genocide.

Today the New Terra Novans are an elegant but slightly faded people though King Arthur Dagmar Astel and King Wolfe and now the new King Horsham are continuing to try to launch economic stimulus programs to invigorate the still largely agricultural South. A famous New Terra Novan was Lady Desiree Machinatii who was the mistress of the Black Eald Theri Anthrope. Her exotic beauty lives on today as the romantic alternative to the ideal of the Pedigrees. The Scion of the Golden Bear moved northward to prosper in the soon booming North. Prince Puski thrived and today Prince and Eald Bear Sherker preserves and expands the commercial empire of the Golden Bear. Prince Puski’s empire tied Zendula together with bonds of iron: the Broad Gauge Golden Bear Railroad. Bear Sherker expanded the transportation network with Airship terminals and Airport terminals as well as massive commercial piers to expand Zendula’s trade as well as the trade empire of the Golden Bear. Few Terra Novans had the same savvy.

The flaxen haired descendants of the Old Barbarians of the Far North are believed to have originated with escaped slaves of the Phoenicians who settled Old Terra Nova. Slav means slave after all. The escaped slaves settled in the Far North which was then entirely uncivilized where they clashed with the descendants of the Green and Dark Elves who had intermarried into the Ainu and also the Were Dire Wolves. The escaped slaves drove the Ainu further north toward the Far Far North called Lost Hyperborea. Then the ex-slaves waged nonstop border wars with the red haired Utopian Maestusian Elves and Gildagad who built a great wall to ward off the Barbarians —- at least for a time. The Barbarians breached the Great Wall of Gildagad after his death and triggered such devastating barbaric wars as to almost destroy the North. This caused the Age of Darkness and Chaos which all but destroyed the shattered hulk of what was once Gildagad’s Empire.

The Old Barbarians are Slav and Germanic. They carry both the R1b genes of ancient Proto Indo European invaders of Neolithic Europe and also the older genes of the original Neolithic population of Europe before the arrival of the ancient Photo Indo Europeans (also known as the Yamnaya, Scythians, and Aryans). These older Pre PIE genes includes both the genes of the Ancient Levant Farmers who migrated north as pioneers to settle in Europe after ancient climate change started to desiccate the originally lush and verdant Levant as well as the original U5 Ancient European Hunter Gatherers (in contrast to the Ancient Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers ie the ‘R’s who became the ancient Photo Indo Europeans). So Zendula’s Old Northern Barbarians are a hybridization or fusion of diverse peoples. Today they are often called Descendants of the Corded Ware People and/or the Andronovian People.

Even today the people of Europe carry five different sets of genes: the Ancient U5 Southwest Hunter Gatherers, the Ancient U5 – 1a Northwest European Hunter Gatherers, the Ancient Levant Pioneering Farmers, the Ancient R Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers who became the R1b Proto Indo European Steppes Peoples, the Neanderthals, and the original genes of Homo sapiens which were carried out of Africa. This is quite a cocktail of genes! The Caucasian Race is quite complex. And the ancient Photo Indo European Steppes Peoples made the originally European and Levant Caucasian Race even more exotic when it commingled the genes of Anatolia, Iranian Persia, the Kush Mountains, the Punjab of North India, and the Silk Road! And the Corded Ware Peoples’ cocktail of genes became ever more diverse as it produced new Europeans like the Slavs, the Germans, the Celts, the Gaelic Irish/Scottish/Welsh, the Franks, the Goths, the Gauls, the Norse, the Anglo Saxons, the Greeks, and the Latins. But the Slav and Germanic genes which the Old Barbarians carried into Zendula reflect something else as well.

U 5 genetic Ancient Northwest European Hunter Gatherers were the original hybridized Cro-Magnon Paleolithic – Mesolithic population of Old Europe before the arrival of the Ancient pioneering Levant Farmers. But these U5 genetic Ancient Northwest European Hunter Gatherers differed from the their Southwest kindred and also the neighboring R genetic Ancient Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers. The later migrated southward out of Baltic Siberia to invade the Steppes which became the ancient highway into ever part of the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia including the Levant, North India, South Europe, and then North Europe before finally being blocked at the Western Frontier of China. This indicates an evolutionary split of the Ancient hybridized Cro-Magnon European Hunter Gatherers as if a genetic fork in the road. North or South? Each took a different path before the ancient R Proto Indo European Steppes People swept across Eurasia to mix up all of the genes into a new genetic cocktail called R 1a and R 1b. So the environment of the Northern Hemisphere continued to mold the people. The funny thing is this: the U5 genes of the Ancient hybridized Cro-Magnon Northwest European Hunter Gatherers were evolving into something very different from their ancient Southwest Hunter Gatherer kindred.

These dwellers of southern Europe had ruddy skin and blue eyes and dark hair along with the aggressive residue of the Neanderthal profile than their Northern counterparts in the Baltic Nordic or else Siberia. These Old Europeans’ present genetic descendants are ironically the Estonians. So much for Wakanda of Cheddar! However, these Ancient Old Europeans did have a more ruddy, sunburnt complexion from their northern kindred because environmental pressures were not yet intense enough to force them to totally depigment. Remember that Cro-Magnon Ancient European Hunter Gatherers were hybrids of depigmented Neanderthals. So the hybrid Cro-Magnon Ancient Europeans, both North and South, were already the brand new race called the Caucasians in every way except acute de-pigmentation. The new Asian Race was also moving along a radically new evolutionary direction as well. Eurasia was terraforming Humans to fit particular environmental niches be they southwest, northwest, north, steppes, or else northeast or southeast.

Even in the Levant there were no Africans. Africans would not even appear in mass in North Africa until well after the Islamic Conquest of the Levant as the Bantu Zulu Empire Wars drove African refugees northward. Out of Africa Evolution proceeded to terraform two radical new races in the harsher environment of the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia precisely because evolutionary pressures meant that the African Race could not successfully survive in the Northern Hemisphere even after the Ice Age receded and the Holocene arrived. If Africans could have survived in the Northern Hemisphere or the Levant there would not have been a need for two new races to appear: the Caucasian and the Asian. So Out of Africa Evolution is simply another chapter of Darwin’s Evolution Of The Species based on the Galapagos Islands evolution of sub species placed in a new environment.

Southern Europe is part of the Levant. The Levant has much less severe winters than northern Europe (but much more severe than Africa). So the Ancient Southwest European Hunter Gatherers were mostly suffering from loss of winter foodstuffs ie meat as they killed off the last of the gigantic Ice Age Mega Fauna beasts which was forcing them to hunt smaller animals, fish, and experiment with domestication of small animals. Their northern kin the Northwest U5 -1a Hunter Gatherers were struggling against much harsher winters. Neither Old European Hunter Gatherer People was yet lactose tolerant to get protein from milk, whey, butter, and cheese. So as the Ice Age mega fauna were driven into extinction on which Hunter Gatherers depended the environmental pressures intensified.

The environmental pressure of the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia was intense enough for all Ancient Old European Hunter Gatherers (North or South or Levant) to be shrinking and becoming quite runty from winter malnourishment. In contrast their Ancient R Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherer cousins were still dining on Ice Age Mega Fauna beasts while mating with the last hardy Neanderthals. So while the ‘R’s were still big, strong, tough beefcake guys battling ancient gigantic Ice Age monsters, the U5s were increasingly runty and increasingly malnourished —-at least in winter. And the U5-1a Old Europeans were especially increasingly runty and malnourished in the Baltic Nordic north. But that was always the kicker of living in the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia. Even during the Holocene Honeymoon the winters were killing. And the winters were especially killing the more north the Ancient Old European Hunter Gatherers went. As the Holocene Honeymoon waned and Hyperboreaa turned increasingly deadly each winter the evolving Caucasians had to further evolve or die. And they had to evolve and change fast! There was no loitering in evolutionary modifications for the folks up north, unlike the folks down south.

The Northwest ‘U5 -1a’ Ancient Hunter Gatherers who had settled in northern parts of Europe and the Nordic Baltic were facing this evolutionary crisis acutely now as their Hyperborean paradise turned dire. By now the once lush northern paradise of Hyperborea was turning into very cold harsh evergreen forest and tundra or else it was being flooded or else it was icing over. It was going to Hel in a handbaskst to use the Viking name for frozen Hell. The winters were even more killing now! Evergreen forests had taken over the once verdant pastures and driven out the honey bees as the terraforming Ice Age Mega Fauna died out. Animals were becoming smaller and people were becoming runty too. And the experiment in this new thing called ‘herding’ was hard to do in forests. Herds needed pastureland. This was a different crisis from what the old Neanderthals faced in the Ice Age.

As the Holocene Optima Honeymoon waned the ice and snow and tundra and hostile forests were becoming quite hostile indeed. Even ice fishing was difficult. All wild foodstuffs pretty much perished in the depths of winter. Hunting was becoming harder as the animals were shrinking. It was harder to kill enough small animals to replace killing one big animal. In winter the far north of Europe was becoming quite nasty indeed! Winters were becoming killing enough that even the Neanderthals were dying out and they once survived the worse of the Wurm Ice Age! So the Northwest ‘U5 – 1a’s were under huge environmental pressures to again kick start evolution into overdrive. Hybridizing with the Neanderthals was not enough! The Cro-Magnons had to up their evolutionary game!

There is also some genetic evidence to prove that these U5 -1a Northwest Ancient European Hunter Gatherers migrated back and forth across Greater Hyperborea which spanned much of the northernmost part of Eurasia until floods from Ancient Sea Raise broke it apart. So the ‘U5 – 1a’s were possibly commingling with their kissing cousins the ‘R’ Northern Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers. Some of these people also migrated across the ice bridge into Alaska before it was severed. So there was a lot of kissing going on between the ‘U5 -1a’s, the ‘R’s, and the last Neanderthals —- at least in winters to stay warm. So the ‘U5 -1a’s up north were evolving into something else. They were evolving into something different from their kindred further south in Old Europe. To be exact they were evolving into the classic ‘1a’ which later became the famous R1a genes of the Corded War People. After all! Where did the lusty Indo European ‘R 1b’s get those lovely 1a genes? They got them up North while cuddling under the furs with pretty ‘U5 -1a’s! Where did the ‘U5-1a’s get milk tolerance? From the lusty ‘R’s! Then the fruits of all of that cuddling under the furs under the Northern Lights returned to the Steppes as the R 1b R1a Andronovian People! The result was a genetic marriage made in Valhalla!

All of this cuddling under the furs under the Northern Lights would result in such diverse New Europeans as the Northern Slavs and Germanic Peoples among others —- some of whom ended up in Zendula as the one time slaves of the Phoenician Terra Novans. It is also reflected even today in Modern Europe. The North Europeans are genetically different from the South Europeans. This genetic change was further accented by the presence of greater or lessor percentages of genes of the Ancient pioneering Levant Farmers, many of whom did not make it very far north. The genes of the Ancient Levant People are found mostly in New Terra Nova who also have very little R1a or R1b genes. The Far North Barbarian ex-slaves of the Terra Novans have very little such Ancient Levant genes but a lot of U5 -R1a genes.

The Ancient Northwest Hunter Gatherer Motala and Loschbour bone caches reflect an emerging U5 1a people who were already clearly what today we would call Proto Slav or Germanic or Nordic or Celtic even before the arrival of the ‘Rs’ to kiss and procreate the famous R1a genes. The Motala and Loshcbour bone caches also reflect an emerging U5 1a people where were already rapidly depigmenting even before the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution brought by migrating Ancient Levant pioneer Farmers whose present descendants are the Sardinians. So Neolithic agriculture was not the sole trigger for the drastic depigmentation of the Ancient U5 – 1a Cro-Magnon Hunter Gatherers of Old Europe —- especially as the Ancient Levant Farmers did not make it all the way north. The R Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers were also rapidly depigmenting as they dined on the last of the Ice Age Mega Fauna. All of the Ancient Northern Hyperborean Hunter Gatherers were assuming the now classic Northern Caucasian European physiology which is different enough from the Southern Levant Caucasians as to make them a sub species terraformed to be different because of evolutionary pressures of survival in the far north of the Northern Hemisphere. No wonder the escaped slaves of the Terra Novans gravitated northward in Zendula!

The Motala and Loschbour bone caches reveal that even by the Mesolithic Age the U 5 – 1a Cro-Magnon European Hunter Gatherers were being placed under increasing environmental pressure to depigment in order for their bodies to produce enough vitamin C and D to survive the killing winters. Vitamin D could be produced from the sun to allow their bodies to concentrate on producing vitamin C to stop deadly rickets and scurry which the dwindling of their original diets, heavy with Ice Age Giant Mammal meats, required to survive the winters. Winter foodstuffs was becoming a crisis which the old Neanderthals never worried about. The Cro-Magnons were killing the old Ice Age giant beasts to extinction which once allowed the Neanderthals to survive even the worse of the Ice Age winters. And the Cro-Magnons had migrated farther north when the warming Holocene Honeymoon opened up the far north of the Northern Hemisphere. But now Hyperborea was turning into a death trap. Either the Cro-Magnon ‘U5 – 1a’s had to retreat south (the way their kissing cousins the ‘Rs’ were retreating south to the Steppes) or else they had to further evolve to survive. They had to change yet again. They had to become super ‘1a’s! So the Northwest ‘U5 – 1a’s Ancient European Hunter Gatherers no less than the Neanderthals had to further depigment to survive. Especially as the Younger Dryas threw an eons kink in the ushering in of the Holocene Optimas

The Motala and Loschbour bones indicate that the Northwest European Mesolithic Hunter Gatherers were both probably communing with their Baltic and Siberian R Eurasian counterparts and rapidly evolving to meet this evolutionary crisis. There are already genes emerging for not only blue eyes like their Southwest Ancient Hunter Gatherer counterparts but also green and hazel eyes as well as freckles, and also blond, ginger, and brown hair as well as dark hair. In short: Otzi the Ice Man before he ever bartered some wild Alps game for a fancy copper knife to augment his bow and arrows before meeting his demise in an Alps ambush. [Though he gave as good as he got by killing his killers.]

There is evidence of new genes emerging like SLC24A5, SLC45A2, and HERC2/0CA2. While still lactose intolerant, these Cro-Magnon Northwest U5 – 1a Ancient European Hunter Gatherers are like their compatriots the lactose tolerant R Baltic Siberian Eurasian Hunter Gatherers who were also mutating to survive as Hyperborea turned dire. The Baltic Siberian Eurasian ‘Rs’ ultimately left for the Steppes. The Northwest European ‘U5 – 1a’s stayed north. Then over more eons the ‘R1b’s (having picked up some 1b in the Steppes) arrived and snuggled under the winter furs with the ‘U5 -1a’s to procreate the famous R1a genes of destiny which the Photo Indo European Steppes People would then carry across the globe. Some of these modern day descendants of the Old Barbarians of Zendula’s Far North carry these Motala and Loschbour genes as part of the now famous R1a genes of the Germanic, Slavic, and Nordic Peoples. Slav is the origin of the world slave. The Slavs (and Proto Germans) were the slaves of the New Terrans. Soon they were also escaped slaves heading north into Zendula. Interesting, the old Barbarians of the Far North of Zendula attacked the Heartlands Merrach viciously but the Merach also boast many of these same Molata Loschbour Baltic Nordic 1a genes. But by the Age of Darkness the diverse descendants of these ancient ancestors did not know they were related anymore.

While the ‘lean and mean’ Beorach migrated south from doomed Hyperborea and then slowly integrated into the nation by both persuasion and force of law by Gildagad and the Pedigrees, the Old Barbarians lived farther north on the wrong side of Gildagad’s Wall and Forts. They had no intention of being persuaded to join Gildagad’s Empire under the benign rule of the Pedigrees. Gildagad doubted if his chain of stone wall and forts could really hold the Northern Barbarians at bay. During his final war against the Dark Lord the Barbarians breached the wall as the Dark Lord paid them with cheap iron weapons and supplies to wage a low grade guerrilla insurgency against Utopia and the Lake District of Zendula’s settled north. When Gildagad died during his final battle against the Dark Lord his nation was exhausted and his army was unraveling. General Artorious The Glorious and the Lord High Gesith (who was his Amberling wife) were forced to immediately mount a desperate defensive assault among the breached Wall and Forts with shattered regiments hastily cobbled together and peasant militias that were a fraction of their pre-war strength as Barbaric raiders by land and sea and set fire to swathes of Zendula’s North and even attacked The Havens, the capital city of the nation.

Farms were set on fire. Villages and towns were gutted. The economy was all but bankrupt. The New Citadel was besieged. Then the Red Astels who refused to cede the throne to Gildagad’s last chosen successor, General Artorious The Glorious, ignited a civil war after one of their own seduced Artorious’ second wife, a young girl unhappily married to a battle scarred widower waging desperate defensive battles everywhere as the exhausted and bleeding nation was besieged while civilization unraveled as infrastructure and the economy collapsed. He had too little time for her so she found time to be consoled by a dashing young cavalry officer who was a Red Astel with a grudge.

When the Great Gap Horse People betrayed their oath of allegiance and murdered Uther Dragon The Younger the Pendragon of Artorious’ Heavy Cavalry the besieged nation imploded. Artorious The Glorious died in battle trying to save the besieged New Citadel. Besides containing the nation’s iron and steel foundries the New Citadel now guarded the nation’s mint. Gildagad had secretly moved his entire nation’s treasury outside of the Goldbottom to the New Citadel in anticipation of assault while ordering Giles to secure the Goldbottom where the Dwarvish Treasures (banks) were located in anticipation of looting. Gildagad was right. On his death the Red Astels proclaimed themselves king of New Terra Nova and also Zendula and attacked the capital city of Zendula and also the Mint Fortress of Arcadia. Finding it empty they mounted an invasion of the North to capture the capital city of The Havens while looting the countryside and attacking the New Citadel to loot it. After Artorious The Glorious and Cleardan mounted the defenses of the capital city of The Havens Artorious fought off non stop barbaric attacks by Barbarians emboldened by the treason of the Red Astels. But he could not defend every part of the besieged country as it was attacked and torn apart piece meat. While the Red Astel led New Terra Novan invasion of Zendula failed it sealed the fate of the bleeding North.

While the Mundane Mere Mortals of North Zendula could survive centuries of chaos and war by the skin of their teeth courtesy of their ability to rapidly breed, the Pedigrees were devastated as the Age of Darkness and Chaos unfolded. Zendulian civilization devolved back to the the most primitive of levels. The Elves and Dwarves faced extinction because too many had already died in these last disastrous wars on top of disastrous wars. And without their expertise and leadership the Mundane Mere Mortals, even those still loyal, could not organize to save the country or maintain its crumbling infrastructure. Zendulian’s economy and manufacturing was already pretty much dead. The Amberlings were also blooded and now too few to maintain a professional army. Cleardan’s Navy was moldering in nonstop barbaric assaults and pirate attacks. There was no more money to maintain anything. Gildagad’s mighty empire collapsed!

The Barbarians plunged the North into a Dark Age as they looted every village and town though they were ultimately defeated by the massive urban defenses of The Havens and Londinium. The Bloodlands ironically embraced the losing side as the notorious Reds & Blacks outlaws fought with the last Elves against the Barbarians and the Army of Rondor the Red Astel of New Terra Nova. Rondusburg was set on fire twice by Barbarians and pirates from the Pearls of the Pacific. But as the North was devoured down to the bones of the carcass the Barbarians also starved. Being parasites they needed something to attack. Their forests had been devastated by slash and burning. And the Maunder Little Ice Age was turning the entire Northern Hemisphere into a deadly place. Every empire and civilization all over the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia was collapsing. It was like the world wide collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations all over again.

As the Maunder Little Ice Age intensified the lands farther north became more dire. Agriculture all but collapsed. Volcanic eruptions (typical of every little ice age) delivered years without summers. Fatal Ergot fungus infected rotting and moldy grains and drove animals and people mad. But the Far North Barbarians suffered the worse because the Far North was becoming all but inhabitable outside of Utopia. Further North the Ainu and the remains of the Green Elves perished except for those who carried Were genes who could morph into animal form to survive. By the end of the Age of Darkness the only survivors of the Maunder Little Ice Age in the Far North were Were, mostly Were Dire Wolves and also Were Polar Bears. Utopia survived by the collective skin of its teeth because the Maestusian Elves were tenacious, determined, and enough in population to maintain their territory. And of course the Maestusian Elves and their hybrid kindred were pretty much all Were. Were genes gave the survivors that biological edge which the Barbarian Mundane Mere Mortals did not have. The few Barbarians who carried Were or Elvish genes were loyal to Artorious The Glorious and had sided with him against the Barbarians. So the Were Des Gallas Pendragons survived. So did the Pedigree White Astels. But not the Barbarians. They were almost entirely Mundane Mere Mortal. Their generic U5 R1a genes did not give them that evolutionary edge.

The Barbarians had almost no agriculture or metallurgy or industry of their own. They lived off raiding. But now there was nothing left to raid. And they had also attacked the Green Elves and their Ainu kin as well as the Maestusian Elves and their kin. Though the Barbarians drove the Wild Elves further north they could not kill them. The Wild Elves merged into their Ainu hybrid kindred and became the notorious Were Dire Wolves. Then they mounted a counter attack and ravished the Barbarian homelands while cutting them off from the wild forests and spring tundra hunts that could keep the Ainu alive. The Ainu were also expert fishermen. So the Barbarians were soon fighting the Ainu and the Were Dire Wolves on both the land and sea while they attacked —— and were attacked —- by the Strathclyde Utopians and resurgent Northern Zendulians under the aging Elve Cleardan.

Then slowly the aging Cleardan’s beleaguered Navy and Rangers as well as Utopia’s Strathclydes and the remaining Amberlings along with the dying Elves and Dwarves ever so slowly drove the Barbarians back beyond the ruins of the Wall and Forts of Gildagad into their devastated barbaric homeland during the worse of the Maunder Little Ice Age. The Barbarians were now on the receiving end of the Age of Darkness and Chaos they had unleashed.

Utopian gold started to buy the clientage of many increasingly desperate Barbarians. The Cleardan Navy crushed them with hit and run raids as if payback for what they had tried to do to The Havens. No sea coast or river was safe for the Barbarians now. The Were Dire Wolves also waged a vicious war with their sentient wild wolf pack allies as ancient grudges recoiled on the Barbarians. They found themselves attacked on all sides now. As the Maunder Little Ice Age’s icy grip on the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia took its deadly toil, the Barbarians found themselves starving.

Then the Des Gallas Pendragons appeared as if on cue to fight for the dead Artorious The Glorious and also the dead Gawayne the Hawk of the North. Both names of long dead men still inspired amazing loyalty even in this age of darkness and anarchy. The White Astels sailed to The Havens to ironically pledge clientage to the aging Cleardan who just as ironically named them his successors to the Mastership. Smithiton reopened the long sealed New Citadel with his ‘New Workers’ to relaunch Zendula’s renaissance with iron and steel manufacturing anew. He flooded beleaguered Zendula with tons of new steel weapons which cut through the cheap iron weapons of the Barbarians as if butter. The mint of the nation was saved! And the New Citadel had hoarded the Mint of Gildagad with a Dwarve’s frugal duty to conserve! The aged Smithiton produced a Mint Audit to account for every single gold and silver gilda! The Goldbottom with the accumulated wealth of the dying Dwarves of The Havens along with the national Mint made the gilda a ‘blue sterling backed’ currency again and also financed Zendula’s renaissance which was formally called the Restoration.

After fending off first Islamic pirates and then Spanish pirates King Perceval Astel negotiated trade treaties with Holland’s VOC and then the East India Company by buying stock in both companies to buy off conquest by Holland and Britain. Savvy capitalists shook hands to launch the Age of Discovery and Exploration. World trade resumed. Colonies are only needed if a place is too unstable to handle world trade. The Havens guaranteed lawful trade and investment per international treaties. And the White Astels rebuilt the Royal Navy so Zendula was again so well defended the Europeans found it more advantageous to trade than wage war. Parts of harbor of The Havens was leased to the VOC and EIC and then other international traders for safe and well regulated commerce. The Havens because a busy trade city of world commerce. It welcomed the clipper trade. The banks of the Goldbottom became international banks. And the Goldbottom launched the ZOX trade consortium and then the Zu House corporation of Zendulian manufacturers, retailers, commercial traders, and bankers. As world stock brokerages appeared, Zendula bought and sold stocks and bonds in every capital city. It established a sister city in Calcutta. It reopened the Birdcage Opera House and launched a massive urban rebuilding and restoration program to turn The Havens back into a booming city that respected its past but also welcomed the future too.

The Barbarians in the ruins of their wastage in the north beyond the Wall and Forts decided to come in from the cold and asked to exchange their clientage for citizenship. Utopia’s Strathclydes haggled a hard deal being tough old ex-outlaws. This was a long wished for prize after King Perceval Astel also defeated the New Terra Novan rebels as the last treasonous Red Astel bit the dust. Prince Puski who had previously negotiated a peace treaty to unify the shattered nation now negotiated a treaty with the Barbarians.

Prince Puski also negotiated another secret treaty with Myrddin Emrys Wyllt to keep the Far Far North off limits for its Wild Peoples and Wild Beings to continue to live as they wish. These invisible borders are marked by Mannaz Gates as taboos warning of paranormal danger —- and/or state secrets. Since the 1960s urban myths have sprung up that at least one off limits site featured a crashed UFO or other such alien event. That secret treaty is still in force today and most of the Far Far North known as Lost Hyperborea is still off limits to most Zendulians except the Thiess Guards which is a pity because the lost Sidh city of Hyperborea was apparently found by Burke and Hanning though it is still vigorously disputed officially to this day.

Then Prince Puski and King Astel launched a massive infrastructure and modernization rebuilding program as the New Citadel was modernized to mass produce wrought iron and crucible steel. The coal mines were reopened. The Golden Bear Railroad soon spread everywhere as Prince Puski and his genius confidant Gerry Riggins laid the first railroads across Zendula. Prince Puski also restored and modernized some of the old canals that once crisscrossed Zendula and laid modern roads along with telegraph lines followed later by the telephone lines. [The Golden Bear is presently installing Broadband and 5 G now.] Soon there would be a major discovery of oil. Then bio-fuel. The Havens became an international city.

Today the descendants of the Old Barbarians’ are modern and fully integrated into Zendula society, having abandoned their notorious past. Because of the stigma of their role in the Age of Darkness and Chaos few descendants of the Old Barbarians boast of their pedigrees.They register at Probate Court with claims of being Merrach whose records were lost during the Dark Ages. The lies are obvious but blandly accepted. Unlike the Norse and Danes and Swedes, there is no celebration of Barbarian Day with horned helmets in Zendula. The descendants of the ex-Barbarians take jobs in Utopia or work at oil rigs along the Bay of Northern Lights or else take jobs at Carlisle, Eboracum, Careleon, the Lake District, Mere, or else Lindsey or the Iron Hills. They live on both sides of Gildagad’s Great Wall and Forts now but stay north of the Heartlands. They also manage the Royal Forests which have been regrown.They joined the potato revolution and their potatoes and winter wheat feeds Zendula. But they don’t venture into the Far Far North or else south into the Merrach Heartlands er they be exposed as the descendants of ex-Barbarians.

Robota were invented in the 19th Century in Zendula and are still the most advanced in the world. Robota are artificial humanoids. They were first developed as amusing toys and luxurious personal companions. They were were expanded to become specialized status servants or else companions, Computer interfaces, and top secret Military killers. While Robota toys along with Robota windows simulating alternative realties are cheap enough for the general public to enjoy the other advanced Robota are too expensive for the general public. They are worth more than fifty times a human’s life. These Robota are so top secret no one knows much about them. The Core (soul) is suppose to be controlled by a Primary Program including the Yuugen Forgiveness Program: ‘A Robota can not harm those it is programed to serve and protect’. But the existence of Military Robota means some Robota can kill. Other Robota have been developed to not only mimic being human but believe that they are human.

As Zendula no less than Japan has a declining birth rate in a world where UN population projections say the failed states of the Third World will number between five and ten billion poor and desperate people by the middle of this century, the reality is that billions of desperate migrants of war age will be increasingly attacking every nation that cannot or will not shoot them. Japan and Zendula see military robots as their desperate future as billions of Third World invaders desperately try to breach their high tech defenses to invade their under populated countries to devour them down to the bones of the carcass.

Hyphen Zendulians originated in Japan, China, India, as well as a small colony of Jews and Christians from the West. They are expected to obey their Oaths of Loyalty and do Service for Citizenship or else evoke dire transmutation curses, Nitthing Exile on peril of death, or else execution for sedition and treason. Zendula still has a death sentence and hanging is that death sentence. Like China, Japan, and Korea, most Zendulians rejects multiculturalism, diversity, and open borders along with Baizuo Progressive Leftist virtue signaling pathological altruism. The few Outsiders who are allowed to settle must integrate, assimilate, learn the language, culture, values, and morals of Zendula. Duel citizenship is outlawed. A citizen cannot serve two masters. During WW II the Japanese Zendulians were interned after The Havens was bombed by the Japanese. Today many Chinese Zendulians are being questioned for their loyalty as Communist China launches an aggressive expansion program into the South China Sea while building the largest military in Asia while announcing that by the end of this century China will reclaim its rightful place as the Middle Kingdom and dominate and rule the world.

As this echos the 1930s expansion by Japan many Zendulians are worried. All Chinese immigrants are ordered by China to spy even if they become citizens of new homelands. There is endless evidence of Chinese spying at every level of society in the West and East. ‘Not all Chinese’ perhaps but how can one tell? That is the dilemma. Chinese students have been forbidden to attend the Wheel of Durham and now Chinese Zendulians have been barred from attending the top secret programs into Artificial Intelligence or other advanced research after Chinese spies stole industrial secrets. It is rumored several Chinese spies have been executed and their severed heads sent back to China in pickle jars. One Chinese spy was rumored to have been tied to four wild horses and torn to pieces for especially vile treason. Normally this is a death sentence for attempted royal assassination. And the Mastership and the Kingship have both evoked the War Industries Act to protect national industries including steel, plastics, Robotics, Advanced Intelligence, 5G, and also pharmaceuticals as well as engine technology. The Navy and Army are working on joint programs to prevent highjacking of computers in Zendula as well as developing satellites to defend Zendulian satellites from Chinese killer satellites.

This backlash against China is being heavily debated but most Chinese Zendulians are recent enough to have kin in China to allow the Communist Regime to blackmail them into spying. And some have indeed been caught spying for China. China has also ordered Zendulian companies who made the mistake of building factories in China to hand over all of their research and development to the Chinese military. The ZOX has had to drastically reconfigure its economic and commercial goals under new leadership of Prince and Eald Bear Sherker of the Golden Bear as well as the new CEO of Durham Mansion. But several Zu House CEOs have been indicted for high treason for compromising Zendulian’s industrial independence to China for cheap profits from outsourcing and de-industrializing.

The Morlocks of the Old Citadel have sent Grade Two assassins to kill members of the ZOX and Zu House for advocating for globalist outsourcing to de-industrialize Zendula which the Morlocks consider to be treason. Morlock Grade Two Enforcers have been rumored to have executed Chinese spies trying to steal industrial secrets by incinerating them with ray guns causing death by spontaneous combustion. [They used conventional guns to kill Zendulian traitors.] Even Merchants of Death of the Military Industrial Complex have a red line in the sand. Unlike the previous short lived queen, the new King and Queen of Zendula have been very proactive in ‘divorcing’ Zendula’s economy and industry from China in anticipation of WWIII by China by 2040. And the Master of The Havens who is also the Lord High Admiral of the Navy has launched a massive modernization and rearmament program in unison with the new King and Queen of the nation. The Ambassador of Japan is rumored to be operating in liaison with the Master and the young Monarchs to jointly prepare for WW III sometime between 2030 and 2040. This time Zendula and Japan will be fighting on the same side.

The New Citadel has been rumored to have thrown five Chinese spies into the steel foundries fires. The Wheel has been rumored to have terminated several spies with ‘accidents’ and also engaged in reverse espionage by tricking Chinese spies into ‘stealing’ fatal gifts of flawed R & D to destroy Chinese R. & D and paralyze Chinese computers. China has accused The Wheel of engaging in computer hacking of Chinese computers which are hacking Zendulian computers. Recently a new Chinese satellite was mysteriously blown up in space. The Chinese blamed The Wheel for testing its own killer satellite on a Chinese killer satellite. (In probability it was actually the work of the Morlocks.) And recently a theft of a top secret New Citadel Robota by Chinese spies resulted in the assassination of a Chinese Admiral who recently boasted of soon attacking the Zendulian Navy and blowing it to smithereens. One Chinese Zendulian has been tried and found guilty of treason after spying for China and was hanged on the Fields of the Moon before a phalanx of reporters and cameras. Someone sardonically placed a Whinne the Poo toy on the scaffold.

The Steering Committee has been debating a bill to declare Zendulian globalist corporations selling out to China to be acts of treason. As China no longer conceals its military aspirations for world domination many Zendulian corporations have now moved their outsourced manufacturing from China back to Zendula or else to Cambodia or India. The Morlocks always opposed outsourcing and the de-industrialization of Zendula along with hostile globalist treaties that hurt Zendula. They have shocked everyone by agreeing to TV and internet interviews with not only the Golden Bear Media and Peryton House Media but even liberal and progressive media Baizuos. The sight of the slightly grotesque Morlock CEOs in their dark glasses whispering as their spidery fingers drum the plastic studio sets is remarkable. It indicates the severity of the danger which Zendula faces.

Right now Wellus House (the front for the Morlocks) actually has higher polling numbers than the Rainbow Diversity Democratic Socialist Party does. Which says something. The Morlocks are virulent against Chinese expansion as well as globalist outsourcing and deindustrialization as well as the Trojan horse of Climate Change which is designed to stop all industries in the Advanced World countries by banning all viable power sources like coal, oil, natural gas, methane biofuels, and dams. They are furious with New Zealand and Australia which is rolling over to Chinese expansion which Japan is taking very seriously. The working classes of Zendula who have lost jobs to China have joined the sudden Lynch mob against anything Chinese. The recent threat by China to hold up pharmaceuticals and especially antibiotics which Zendulian hospitals need has been a wake up call. Fortunately Zendula does not have a national debt because per the Durham Protocols the government cannot borrow money or run a deficit or print funny money and the Zendulian gilda must be backed by sterling or gold or treasure. So China cannot blackmail Zendula by threatening its bonds.

This is placing the Chinese Zendulians in a dangerous situation for which there is no clear solution. A house united cannot stand and a nation which accepts Outsiders historically always falls as Ancient Rome can attest as well as Hindu India which has the largest minority of Muslims in the world —- who still have not integrated or assimilated or learned the Hindu languages and violently hate the Hindu as well as Buddhist, Christian, and Jewish religions who live in India as peaceful minorities while the unassimilated Muslims openly calling India Dar ul Harb abode of War requiring the ‘unfinished business’ of Islamic conquest while backing Pakistan’s takeover of Kashmiri. And the recent attempted invasion by Turkey of Muslim migrants of war age rushing the Greek border has terrified Zendulians who are demoralized that Italy after heroically fighting off invasion by hundreds of thousands of migrants has apparently surrendered to the Five Star Betrayal. Bangladesh migrants are flooding the oceans to force their way into every advanced world nation. Every Asian nation is in peril including Zendula. When does millions of male ‘refugees’ of war age become an invasion? When does UN projections of billions of male ‘refugees’ of war age invading every nation become an act of war?

More problematic is the arrest of a Zendulian Jew for posting racist anti-White Zendulian tweets calling Zendulians muddy genes as well as demanding that Zendula should be censored by the UN for being fascist, racist, nativist, bigoted, xenophobic, Alt Right Nationalists. Nazis. All despite the fact Zendula was bombed in WW II by fascists and fought on the right side of history as allies of the besieged British, Australians, and Americans. She was arrested for smuggling illegal migrants from Africa and Bangladesh into Zendula despite the official closed borders policy which Hood is vigorously enforcing along with the Master and the new King and Queen who have all refused to sign the UN Migration Charter to allow unlimited migration of up to billions of Third World migrants to every advanced world country in the world which realistically means all wealthy Western Advanced world countries and not poor Third World Countries as well a realistically wealthy South Korea, Japan, Zendula, and Singapore but not China or India or any Islamic oil country. That would be genocide of course —-for the targeted countries about to be devoured by billions of Third World migrants by just the middle of this century by the UN’s own population projections. The Soros employee faces trial for human smuggling which will be controversial because she is also calling Zendula antisemitic despite Zendula’s support for the state of Israel which she has denounced as Nazi.

If condemned she might face hanging on the Fields of the Moon because one of her ‘refugees’ proved to be an Internationally wanted terrorist. Another of her ‘refugees’ raped an under aged child after experiencing an ‘sexual emergency’. Another of her ‘refugees’ deliberately urinated in a Holy Foundation to Mother God of The Waters to insult the Zendulian religious faith which is Shirk shit to Muslims. Another of her ‘refugees’ tried to attack Cleardan House with a bomb in reprisal for some long ago Muslim Ambassador from Mecca being murdered by Cleardan with his boot knife after the Arab kicked one of Cleardan’s poodles after trying to kill a child’s pet piglet while screaming ‘Allah u Akbar’ after demanding that Cleardan surrender Zendula to the ‘Peace of Submission to the Divine Slavery of Islam’ or else be executed for being a Najis filthy Kuffar. And another one of her ‘refugees’ tried to sexually assault a High Lord who promptly tore him to pieces —— being a Werewolf. That was unfortunate because Muslims fear dogs as equally unclean as pigs so his soul was ritually damned to hell for eternity, No wonder he died screaming hysterically. Or perhaps he was just Werephobic.

And another one of her ‘refugees’ attacked a cabbie after trying to steal his cab. The cabbie happened to be a Were Honey Badger who promptly tore him to pieces. Were Honey Badgers are famous for standing their ground. Another one of her ‘refugees’ raped and killed a woman walking home late one night. She happened to be a Fairawayland movie star so that was a tad embarrassing because Fairawayland movie stars were up to that point supporting the ‘refugees’ being Limousine Liberal Baizuos. After that they ceased to be Baizuos. Or at least most of them did. The Die-hard Feminist Baizuos suggested that the rape victim grovel and kiss the dirty boots of the rapist because he was a Person of Color while she was White, wealthy, and privileged. For some reason she found her spine and declined to apologize to her rapist for being a White, wealthy, privileged Zendulian.

Another one of the so-called ‘refugees’ fire bombed a Christian church to celebrate the Islamic attack of the French equivalent of Mecca: the Notre-Dame of Paris which climaxed another successful Islamic arson attack on the second largest church in Paris by another Muslim terrorist after over two hundred other successful Islamic attacks on French churches by Muslims over only five years. Every day in France a church is being burned or vandalized by Muslims. As this Zendulian fire bombing occurred during high mass over thirty worshipers died or else were badly burned which adds Weregild or Weregilt blood money charges to this secular Jew who is co-listed as an accomplice to the crimes of her ‘refugees’. And another one of her ‘refugees’ tried to attack the Israeli Embassy with a ‘Truck of Peace’. He was machined gun to death by the Israeli military guards. That was a tad embarrassing to the Jewish Baizuo who was on trial. But only a tad. She quickly called Israel a fascist state as well as a Nazi state for refusing to open its celebrated concrete wall to millions upon millions of Muslims & Migrants. The former routinely chanting ‘From the river to the sea’ and the later screaming ‘Give us reparations or else!’.

Like many Jewish ultra Leftists this Baizuo is also a secular Jew and a rabid Cultural Marxist and Communist as well as a Soros employee. She even hates Israel. Having abandoned her ancestors’ religion she has embraced the Cult of Woke. Jews are not suppose to take false gods. Unfortunately all of this has triggered antisemitic feelings among the heretofore tolerant Zendulians who have allowed Jews to live peacefully in Zendula for centuries because unfortunately many secular Jews are also the people who invented radical Leftist Marxism and launched Socialist Communism in Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and much of South and Central America which has resulted in over one hundred million souls being brutally starved, tortured, thrown in gulags, and killed. These godless Jews worship a golden calf called Karl Marx and have replaced their God with a bloody new god called Social Justice and Revolution while embracing a death cult instead of their ancestors’ religion of Judaism.

Ironically the Jews who suffered such a horrible genocide in WW II also unleashed this Frankenstein Monster not only upon the world but upon themselves because Hitler no less than Mussolini was originally a rabid Socialist. Hitler’s party was the National Socialist Party after all. And Communists and Lenin and Stalin also slaughtered Jews just as indiscriminately. For that matter Karl Marx, a secular Jew, was also a violent antisemitic who advocated for the genocide of all Jews. Hence the hot wiring of antisemitism into Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. It could be called karma. Not all Jews are rabidly Woke, godless Marxists and Socialists and Communists but some of the most notorious Marxists and Socialists and Communists and also Anarchists and Terrorists as well as the most rabidly Woke have been secular godless Jews.

And many liberal Jews are very visual, virtue signaling, holier than thou Baizuos. While conservative and practicing Jews are rarely seen or heard, being quiet and loyal citizens of the nations they inhabit, the Jewish Baizuos go out of their way to be holier than thou Baizuo Pharisees. And the Durham The Deathless Protocols forbid any revolution against the Dwarvish Protocols to the Magnanimous Charter which inshrines Property Rights, Due Process of Common Law, and Capitalism as the official economy of Zendula. And this Baizuo has also advocated for a Communist revolution in Zendula while supporting Antifa Anarchists to blow up the Government of Zendula after she milk shaked Chief Navigator Hood with a milk shake mixed with instant cement which is acid though he grabbed the milk shake and hurled most of it back into her face so she got the worst of the acid.

Hood has announced that he will demand that Israel must condemn her actions or else be charged as an accessory to her crimes which include being an accessory to all of the crimes of her ‘refugees’ which is a tad ironic considering the attack on the Israeli Embassy by one of her ‘refugees’. And as some of her Antifa Anarchists pals have rioted with placards calling for the murder of the King and Queen of Zendula as well as Chief Navigator Hood and the entire Steering Committee this Baizuo might also face treason charges which by tradition would execute her not by hanging but rather by tying her to four wild horses to tear her to pieces.

This will all be very embarrassing because Israel has recently tried to expel their own 50,000 illegal African migrants as an existential threat to Israel’s safety, law and order, identity as the Jewish Homeland, and demographic survival —-as Israel also tries to dump these existentially threatening illegal aliens onto other countries in the West which are already floundering under the impact of tens of millions of invading Africans and Muslims from the Third World who are waging demographic conquest garnished with rapine and criminality and terrorism such has Muslims and also the Africans committed in Israel which the Israelis found to be such an existential threat to their existence.

And this Baizuo’s antics have turned the spotlight on the Jewish connection to the raise of Marxism, Anarchism, and Communism as well as the National Socialists (Nazis) links to Socialism and Communism as well as radical Leftist Jewish support for open borders for every nation in the West and also Japan and South Korea and Singapore and Zendula —— except for Israel. Laws for thee but not for me!

If Israel can be a broadly identitarian nativist Jewish First nation based on genetic and cultural and religious in-group preference and affirming blood and soil then why can every nation? If the Jews have a right to have a homeland just for them to protect their history, heritage, culture, language, religion, identity, and right to always be the solid demographic majority of their homeland and never be reduced to being a bleeding minority in their homeland then why not every people? If the Jews can have a state of the art concrete cement wall then why can’t every nation —- with or without milk shakes mixed with instant cement?

There are also illegal alien migrants violating of citizenship by invading Zendula’s borders without permission, without paying taxes, without doing service for citizenship and without taking the Oath of Citizenship tied to a Transmutation Curse, while violating Zendula’s Common Laws (no one is above the law or outside the law or beyond the law) , while committing diverse crimes even if it is just by being scabs taking the jobs away from native Zendulian blue collar workers. All while exploiting Zendula’s expensive social safety net without paying into it. All while demanding jizya or reparations from Zendulians because of supposed ancient crimes of oppressive and/or exploitative colonialism or capitalism or some other ism by Zendulia’s ancestors (most of which never happened). All while calling Zendulians ‘muddy genes’ or else racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, migrant phobic, xenophobic, deployable, Pepe Dudes or Dudittes. All while insulting Zendula’a history, heritage, culture, arts, achievements, legacy of their ancestors, Common Law, government, the entire Magnanimous Charter as well as Zendula’s ancient religion as well as its people. All while calling Zendulians Najis filth on par with urine and feces and rot and decay and pigs and dogs and monkeys and apes and other loathsomely disgusting things. Though that might just be Werephobic because of the Werewolf -dog -najis filth -ritual haram damnation thing.

And some of these illegal migrants include Muslims who are banned per the ancient Cleardan Protocols. Laws are laws and if Saudi Arabia can ban Najis filthy non Muslim Kuffars from entering Mecca then why can’t Cleardan’s Protocols continue to apply to a people who call everyone else Najis filth and the equivalent of a Hindu Once Born Untouchable who sent an ancient ambassador to Cleardan’s own home to threaten him to hand over Zendula to the Divine Slavery of Islam in violation of Cleardan’s divine oath to Mother God of the Waters or else be executed by beheading according to the Sword Verses of the Koran —-while standing on a tea table screaming hysterically after kicking one of the old Elve’s poodles after threatening a child’s piglet while raving that Cleardan was Satan? But that might just have been Elvish-phobic.

These illegal migrants violates the social cohesion of Zendula, and its long term economic viability, and the long term economic viability of its social safety net, and it overwhelmed hospitals coping with the Third World diseases which the illegals are bringing into the country for which the Zendulians do not have herd immunity. They also poise an existential threat because these illegal migrants ignore and defy Zendula’s laws and peace and stability. As Prof Putnam’s report on diversity has revealed: diversity does not make a nation safer or happier. Quite the reverse. Diversity and open borders unravels social cohesion which is the glue that holds a nation together. It unravels a shared sense of identity and a shared sense of responsibility and duty. Shared heritage and culture and language and ancestors. Shared values. A shared identity. Shared mutual trust. Instead of a Progressive paradise diversity and open borders triggers paranoia, isolation, suspicion, anger, resentment, every negative emotion, and ultimately rivers of blood as to make Enoch Powell a prophet. And an exotic curry house takeout boasting exotic food usually concocted from chopped up dogs and cats and the occasional rat does not make up for any of the above debits —- especially as Muslim grooming gangs use the takeouts to seduce and rape underage girls per the ‘Right Hand Verses’ of the Koran.

The illegals especially poise a 5th column inside of Zendula. No one knows how many illegal migrants there are but they are presently raping the children of the working class Zendulians and launching bloody terror attacks while declaring Zendula to be Dar ul Harb abode of war allowing for and indeed requiring jihad per the sword verses of the Koran. Zendula has been declared to be ‘unfinished business’ because Zendula refused to submit or else surrender to the Divine Slavery of Islam uttered by that ago notorious Arabic Ambassador to Cleardan — in Cleardan’s own house —— while advocating for the right of Muslims to rape the children of the Kaffirs per the right hand verses of the Koran in Dar ul Harb abode of war —- while standing on a table —- while screaming at a child holding her pet piglet —- after kicking one of Cleardan’s poodles —- while screaming that Cleardan was Satan —- resulting in the old Elve plunging his boot knife into the man’s belly. But all of that might just be one gigantic historic misunderstanding.

If Muslims say the utterly perfect Koran requires them to all continue to live as if 632 and wage eternal war against the entire non Muslim World and destroy every najis filthy Kaffir Advanced World Nation in this life or else at the End of the World by exterminating up close and personal with swords every non Muslim and destroying absolutely everything which is not Muslim and therefore Kuffr off the face of the world —-by any means necessary —- which is by definition genocide —- then why can’t we continue to obey the Ancient Cleardan Protocols against a people of a death cult that celebrates the Medina Trench mass grave of 600 dead Jewish males who boasts of an End of the World prophecy explicitly commands all Muslims to pull out their boot knives when the trees and rocks scream out ‘Behind me! A Jew! Kill him!’to commence slaughtering every single non Muslim off the face of the earth?

If Muslims can call us Kufr ie pure evil as well as Najis Filth and also call our advanced world civilization and religion and culture and even our language Najis Filth and Barbaric Pollution by people of ‘No intelligence’ and ‘No morality’ on par with ‘cattle’ then why are we obligated to be merciful toward a people of a religion that demands our total genocide in this life or else the End of the World? All while calling their Shinning Plains of High Heaven a divine brothel were every murderous jihadist can earn entry by simply showing his hands dripping with the blood of the Kaffirs which he has slaughtered to earn 72 divinely pure virgins (who had not had their first najis filthy periods to be defiled by mensural blood which means they are under age virgin girls) plus two celestial houris divine white skinned whores with huge breasts that never sag plus pearly boys plus 70 Kaffir sex slaves who every jihadist can rape eternally?

The Master has ordered the total deportation of all Muslims and every illegal migrant plus a full criminalization of human smugglers of such cargo including prosecuting the NGOs of Soros while suing the UN for its Agenda 21 protocol and UN Migration Charter to deliberately import hundreds of millions of Third World migrants into the Advanced World super states in order to displace, replace, and erase the indigenous population with provenly violent hostile invaders who have repeatedly engaged in acts of unspeakable violence and rape and robbery and molestation and murder and especially terrorism as well as vandalization and anarchy designed to destroy every country from within while overwhelming and bankrupting every country form within, thereby deliberately engaging in the genocide. Like Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, Zendula is fighting all pressure from the UN to open its borders to any migration whatsoever which would result in the demographic genocide of its own people, the destruction of its ancient culture and language and identity, and the betrayal of its ancestors, and the disinheritance, disenfranchisement, and extinction of its own biological descendants, in a slow motion destruction of its ancient nation and civilization by cynical Globalists, Crony Corporatists, Cultural Marxists, Soros, and their genocidal Kalergi Plan. Outsiders and especially Muslims will not become official People of Zendula.

The newest Mundane Mere Mortals are of course the urbanized, atomized, depersonalized, Mundanes who have been reared since birth and educated (brainwashed?) by the ‘Ps’: Progressive, Feminist, Cultural Marxist Professors, TV and Twitter talking heads Pundits, ideological obsessed Press reporters, holier than thou Twitter Preachers, Facebook Politically correct virtue signaling Champagne Socialist Baizuos, increasingly radical Progressive Leftist Politicians, radical Marxist and virtue signaling new wave Priests, Politically correct Police more interested in being the thought police than actual police as law and order completely breaks down, cancel culture Publicity hounds, CNN Propagandists, well as Antifa Punching anarchists, rabid Third Wave Feminist Partisans, as well as aging Baby Boomers who have spent their entire lives burning down everything their parents and ancestors fought for, Outsiders who have been allowed to enter Zendula while openly loathing everything that defines Zendula, Globalist Crony Corporatists who have long ago sold out this country for their own venal profit which today means selling out to China, and most tragically of all the indoctrinated snowflake Millennials who have been psychologically tortured from birth by the ‘P’s to hate their country, hate their past, hate their heritage, hate their culture, hate their gods, hate their ancestors, hate their identity, and hate their very genetics.

Stripped of everything that people need to be psychologically sane, indoctrinated by radical Cultural Marxists who want to destroy this nation, neglected by their Baby Boomer parents, raised by impersonal childcare workers and then badly educated by teachers and professors to hate themselves while stripping them of every moral foundation and identity, atomized into depersonalized NPC consumers who are nought but empty vessels to be interchangeably dressed in Che T shirts manufactured by Chinese slaves, and groomed by endless Youtube narcissistic videos to be obsessed with their looks instead of their characters or self worth, filled by Starbucks coffee and estrogen soy while being physically (through Veganism), and also emotionally and spiritually starved of every essential thing crucial to life, the NPC Millennials are now like whimpering adult children being led like lemmings off the cliffs of genocide while they take their last selfies.

A famous experiment created the perfect rat paradise. Then the scientists watched the rat population explode before the rats then self imploded into either butch lesbian rats attacking everyone, cringing beta rats cowering before everyone, rat addicts, neurotic rats endlessly grooming to prettify themselves, and narcissistic rats endlessly admiring themselves. Then the entire rat paradise imploded into mass death. This is what is happening in the Progressive, Globalist, Cultural Marxist Leftist run cities as they descend into garbage, drug needles, urine and feces, and narcissists endlessly grooming and taking selfies as they refuse to marry and breed while aimlessly living on the dole or else their parents’ basements while only summoning up the energy to dress in NPC black bloc skinny jeans and T shirts to larp (live action role playing) as fierce Antifa anarchists chanting about burning it all down while ‘liberals get the bullet too’.

These Millennials might be pitiful except they are also brainwashed to be their nation’s destroyers and are determined to destroy their nation. No in-group preference exists for this spiritually suicidal human gerbils as they protest to open the borders to what will be hundreds of millions, even billions, of Outsiders by the middle of this century according to UN population projections. All while calling demographic conquest a ‘conspiracy theory’. There is no ability to project rationally into the future to conceive of the consequences of their actions. There is no awareness of their past or heritage. There is no connection to their ancestors. There is no Zendulian identity for them to embrace. There is no love of nation for they to connect to. There is no sense of duty or self sacrifice except the voluntary embrace of their own extinction. They are stripped of every distinction or uniqueness. They have no self worth or ambition to achieve, much less marry and reproduce. They are pureed into interchangeable human widgets. NPC non personalities.

Girls looking like boys. Boys looking like girls. They have been so NPC’d they now can’t even identify their gender. Much less their genetics. No work ethic. No job skills. No ambition. No aspiration. No survival instincts. Malnourished and cowering in their snowflake safe places. Whimpering that micro aggressions and mere words and even loud clapping is such unspeakable violence to their fragility that they literally cower cringingly. Begging for Big Brother Communism to rescue them. All while damning anyone who dares to utter a dissident thought which might clash with their NPC brainwashed cult ideology.

All as the acid of Cultural Marxism devours them and their cities and their nation and ultimately their world while they passively allow illegal migrants to invade Zendula without lifting a finger to fight for their homeland created by the blood and sacrifice of their ancestors. They pathologically hate the Pedigrees and their nation and genetics and also the still intact genetic peoples of the country like the Merrach, the Maleth, the Beorach, the Horse People, the New Terra Novans, the New Workers, and especially the Morlocks who are their bogeymen. All while being terrified by the ‘muddy genes’ of the Were and especially Werewolves. They even hate the hyphens such as the Chinese-Zendulians and the Japanese Zendulians and the Indian-Zendulans and the Jewish-Zendulians and the European-Zendulians who have been allowed to immigrate to this country lawfully and become enthusiastically patriotic Zendulians. The snowflake Millennials have become unconscious nihilists who believe in nothing except narcissism and taking selfies as they passively allow their country to fall to pieces around them as it is invaded by Outsiders intent on destroying it and them. If these new urban Mundane Mere Mortals succeed in their goal of voluntary genocide this nation will be destroyed.

But as their cult ideology also embraces their depopulation they are enthusiastically embracing not marrying or having children and indeed embrace abortion as not only a ‘lifestyle choice’ but ‘empowerment’ as they take control of their loins to kill any form of life before it can take root. Many Third Wave Feminists are not not only advocating for birth control pills but abortion on demand up to birth and indeed abortion after birth to give them the legal right to ‘mercifully’ murder their babies after birth. Babies are seen as an existential threat to a woman’s survival. Women are now defined by their ability to murder new life. Nurture is now haram to being a female be it nurturing new life or nurturing a family. The very building box of biological survival, the family and reproduction, is new a crime against humanity!

This death cult is also enthusiastically encouraging the poor Millennials to embrace homosexuality as a lifestyle along with other deviant lifestyles including pedophilia while renouncing conventional families and children as well as transsexual surgery to mangle and butcher confused children (especially autistic children) with untested and possibly cancerous drugs, drastic experimental surgery to hack out their genitalia, and sterilization. All despite the fact the original Doctor Money experiments failed horribly. All despite the fact hard evidence shows that up to 80% of all confused young people ‘desist’ on maturity and accept their physical sexuality and go on to be happy young people capable of reproducing instead of deeply unhappy and suicidal Trans who find themselves rejected by Cis, Gays, and Lesbians. The radical Progressive Left is determined to kill Generation Alpha at all costs.

But the ‘Normies’ in the Territories are happily marrying and having children. Many ‘Normies’ are having large families. Many ‘Normies’ enjoy being married and being mothers and want to stay home. The new Hood proposal to allow young mothers to have children and then returned to university or the job market after the age of thirty five aided and abetted by loans and bonuses and tax deductions is being greeted with excitement by the ‘Normies’ who see radical Third Wave Feminists in their mid thirties unmarried, childless, with mediocre and emotionally unrewarding careers facing the reality that they will now probably not be able to ever marry and have husbands or children now. They will live and die alone. The ‘Normies’ in the Territories realize that women can’t have both careers and happy families —- at least not the way radical Third Wave Feminists have advocated. So the population of the urban cities is actually dropping as the population of the Territories and the small towns and villages grow as Hood’s populist bills outlaw outsourcing of jobs as well as the importation ban of cheap scab migrants in order to re-industrialize Zendula and restore the potential of a happy and prosperous middle class will allow people to once again marry and have families to continue the chain of life which their ancestors bestowed on them. Pay it forward for Generation Alpha. If demographics is destiny then the conservative people of Zendula will be the future as the radical Progressive Globalist death cult literally dies out.

And ironically, the ‘Normies’ of the Territories are now allied with the Pedigrees who are offering them a new populist restoration of traditional normality conjoined with traditional nationalism and traditional patriotism as well as a restoration of traditional security in the form of secure borders, secure economic jobs for a secure middle class and working class, secure faith and values, secure social cohesion and mutual trust, and a secure identity: Zendulian. And most of all the Pedigrees are offering the ‘Normies’ of the Territories and also the atomized and disillusioned Mundanes of the cities a restoration of a concept long neglected by the Globalists: a nation is suppose to serve and protect its own citizens! And the Pedigrees, whatever their historic faults, have always served and protected Zendula and the Zendulian people!