Illustrations: Morlocks

Part I: The Rise of the Morlocks

A story from public image to their subterranean lair

Behind the grim facade of Wellus House Zendula there lurks the byproducts of ancient and modern industrial pollution the Morlocks! But where did they come from? How did they evolve from the noble Dwarves into the grotesque Morlocks lurking in the moldering remains of the decaying Old Citadel once the noble mountain city founded by Durham The Deathless? How is their society organized into what sort of industrial castes? What do they conceal behind their strange blue goggles and pince-nez? What are their virtues and do they even have virtues? Where do their strange tunnels lead to? Why do the lower castes barter pilfered weapons of war for comics and video games? And why do some persist in trying to escape their toxic depths to see for a few poignant moments the misty sunrise of the surface before the deadly purity of clean air kills them? And what is their message to us Normies? Discover the Morlocks of Zendula if you dare! From the horror novels of J.E.F. Rose. Then check out the illustrations and books featuring famous and/or infamous Morlocks in Gaslight Gothic Zendula, Raygun Gothic Zendula, and The Rise And Fall Of The Swell Mobs Of The Seven Dials. The Populist Revolt reveals the ironic mystery bedeviling everyone when two Caste 4 Morlock engineers escape the bastion of Wellus House disguised as β€˜Normies’ in garnish Hawaiian T-shirts to meet the blackmarket comic store provider of their needful things: video games and comic books. The stunted, rickety, blue goggled, out-ot-their-depths Morlocks are determined to attend Comic Con to murder the comic book writer who turned their beloved icons from larger than life virile males to the M-She-U only to end up as accidental stars of Comic Con when attendees in diverse costumes mistake the Morlocks as the ultimate triumph of costuming and makeup! Clearly the new villains being tested by Marvel Comics for an upcoming Marvel Film!

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Morlock Illustrations Part II: Did Dwarves Turn Into Morlocks?

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Morlock Illustrations Part III: A Message from the Morlocks

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