Robota emerged in the middle of the 19th century in Zendula. Discover the inventor of artificial life in The Rise And Fall Of The Swell Mobs Of The Seven Dials a steampunk version of Oliver Twist. By the late 19th Century the pathologically shy King Arthur Dagmar Astel fatally invented a robot doppelgรคnger of himself to be his public face. Alas the Robota King ADA was so sentient he not only fell in love with Queen Flavia but highjacked King ADAโ€™s role as king before finally deposing the biological ADA to become King of Zendula. Discover the tragic end game of Robota artificial life in Gaslight Gothic Zendula. Then meet โ€˜Helenaโ€™ the chosen wife of Adrian Reid in Raygun Gothic Zendula and discover why a biological human (with recessive Werewolf genes) would want to marry a sentient Robota. Then read NPC from the Randolph Conall Novellas #9 to see how another lonely man falls in love with an obsolete model Robota who may or may not be sentient enough to not only love him but fight and die beside him. Also check out the illustrations of the evolution of Robota the newest form of life in Zendula.

Robota characters can be seen in many J.E.F. Rose writings

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