The Rise and Fall of the Swell Mob of the Seven Dials

Imagine if Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist as a steampunk novelโ€ฆ

Deep in the bastion of Wellus House, the international manufacturer of gunpowder ammunition and weapons of mass destruction, lies the Babbage computer, projecting a new business opportunity occurring in the USA between 1860 and 1865. A Civil War will erupt resulting in a projection of 3 million users of weapons and 3 million casualties of weapons. This will result in huge profits for Wellus House if they can develop their latest prototype weapon in time. The Wellus House Prototype Ray Gun causing death in 5 minutes! Death by spontaneous combustion! Can the infamous Victorian master thief Bill Sikes exploit the resources of Fagin, the Godfather of the Swell Mobs of the 7 Dials, to break into the bastion of the morlocks before his illicit love affair with Ms. Maylie is discovered by murderously jealous Nancy?

Discover Oliver Twist turned inside out to become a steampunk gothic horror novel with all of the criminals starring front and center! All lavishly illustrated in full steampunk color by J.E.F. Rose. Discover the origins of the Morlocks and their diabolical invention of a ray gun that causes death by spontaneous combustion. Discover their fiendish master plan to sell the ray gun to both sides of a very profitable coming war: the American Civil War. Then discover why a feral Werewolf Bill Sikes is hired to rob the rooftop laboratory of the Morlocks to steal the deadly ray gun and destroy the steam powered Babbage computer of Wellus House Zendula. Can the first airship arrive in time to rescue the daring cat burglar and master criminal? Can a feral Werewolf be redeemed by True Love or else be executed by the ray gun of the Morlocks? Also enjoy fifty illustrations of Steampunk Oliver Twist and expose the sinister Master Plan of the Morlocks of Wellus House in The Rise And Fall Of The Swell Mobs Of The Seven Dials by J.E.F. Rose.


J.E.F. Rose created a myriad of illustrations for the book. They can be viewed in the mosaics below.

Bill Sikes, the star of the book is also featured as a 19th century werewolf in the one of a kind werewolf illustration series.

Main characters

The Morlocks

Secondary Characters




Morlock’s Fiendish Plan

Ghosts of Blackheart Manor

Sike’s Death Scene

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