Raygun Gothic Zendula Book 1: The Wyckoff Process

Plot summary

Adrian Reid, a returning veteran from WWI, hopes to resume his acting career in ‘Flickers’ but finds out that his ‘one off spy gig’ has snared him in deadly game of duplicitous spies, ruthless double agents, treasonous spy masters, an emerging fascist movement, a British assassin so murderous he has even programed his teddy bear automaton to be a killing machine, escaping Marius Military Model Killer Robots, Morlocks, and a vicious studio producer who addicts him to morphine out of sadistic revenge. Can Adrian Reid kill his enemies before they kill him? His only ally: his wife who is a MMM Killer Robot!

Quick read

….Daffy sighed. “Those photographs are recycled. I know. That book Adrian Reid is holding, The Rhizome Manoeuvre, came out two years ago. Rare book rarely seen by anyone outside of except elite military personal preparing for the next world war. I remember that photograph because next to his hand is another rare book on Three Dimensional 3 D Tactical Analysis And Stereo Photography. Beside someone like Adrian Reid who the hell would possess, much less comprehend, books like that? So I remember the photograph. You had better seat down Felix. You see I was there when it happened, the day Gigantic destroyed its 180 pound diamond demigod. I can’t even blame Adrian Reid. He is the Hero as Victim. Sneed’s Gigantic Motion Picture Studio cold-bloodedly destroyed Adrian Reid. Sneed cold-bloodedly destroyed him in revenge over Tamara Gerald’ public humiliation of Sneed. I can’t blame Adrian — at least I did not blame him —- until last Friday night! He was there! The Wild Party on The Heights! He was there! And I was there! And I saw how Gigantic destroyed it’s 180 pound diamond …..”


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Professor Rose is a historian and archeologist of Zendula. After an illustrious career as a self admitted second tier scholar he retired. Then like so many academics he turned to writing of a more creative bend which combines his love of Zendulan history with fiction and art. He is determined to fictionalized the key eras of the history of Zendula from the moment of mythic creation to the modern day. Let’s hope his health holds out! Prof Rose is 63 years old and a widower. Prof Rose presently lives in The Havens which is the capital of Zendula.