Flickers are assorted short stories of horror, adventure, and romance based on the pre-World War One silent movies written by and starring the young Adrian Reid a sometime race car driver, motorcycle racer, expert in early modern Twentieth Century technology, and dashing self promoter of Kalamack engines. Unlike his more sophisticated WW I movies with Wild Bill Mufume these short movies, called Flickers, were experiments in the new emerging technology call motion pictures. Flickers features fast reads ranging from a young cowboy trapped with gangsters in a remote line shack during a storm to murder in the remote countryside which climaxes at the romantic ruins of Lost Utopia to intrigue in a haunted mansion to romance between young teenagers who can’t decide if they love each other enough to marry to an accidental romance of a race car driver turned chauffeur to a tragedy of lost love and haunted dreams to an exercise in horror as a young rancher confronts paranormal horror in the form of the Evil that walks in the skins of others while venal heirs conspire to stab each other in the back over a lost will. There is also a novelization of Adrian Reid’s first experience in Flickers: not before the camera but rather behind the camera as an armorer on a cowboy set where murder occurs and Adrian is Suspect Number One!

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