Walk Like A Werewolf

The Rise And Fall of Elgar Lovell Reid Zendula’s Most Notorious Werewolf

Plot: Discover every sort of Werewolf in this book. Hell Hounds. Feral Werewolf Dog Men. Warg Werewolf mass killers. A Werewolf mystery about who the real Werewolf is: the husband or the wife. There is a Werewolf Vampire too! A desperate hunt for a presumed Werewolf called The Beast that is slaughtering all and sundry in a small shire village. The Full Moon Mass Murderer. A mad scientist conducting Werewolf experiments in Berserker Were. A desperate battle between a solitary Werewolf cowboy and a pack of cowboys going insane from Werewolf Rabies the only cure being a silver bullet to the brain.

There is also an adventure of a Werewolf matinee actor in a jinxed play about a haunted house inhabited by The Monster In The Maze. So of course he goes out to discover the mystery for himself! There is a Werewolf twist to the Green Knight tale too. And there is also the Werewolf Curse called the Curse of Blackheart! The Curse of the Black Swan of Lovell! And that is a curse that leaves a trail of corpses and horror all the way to a secret attic concealing unspeakable evil! And there is also a fierce political battle over one Werewolf’s fight against Werewolf prejudice and discrimination as well as the threat which Werewolves face from a new Burning Times when mobs with torches and pitchforks will once again set fire to their homes and nail their wolf skins to their barn doors. But when Werewolf Pride spirals out of control into a bloody Werephobic riot will Elgar Lovell Reid’s campaign for Werewolf Pride to allow Werewolves to come out of the closet and be proud of being Werewolves do more harm than good?

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