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Explore Fairawayland and discover the mystery behind the tragic life and mysterious death of Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart. The ‘Dark Star’ was the 1920’s most famous actor in Fairawayland, the Hollywood of Zendula. Does Daffy still haunt his silent films? And does The Dark Star’s ghost still haunt the moldering ruins of Gigantic’s once mighty film studio and decaying back lots? Was Daffy really murdered? And if so, by whom? And did a nitrate celluloid ghost commit murder? And what really happened to six famous actors and actresses doomed by ‘talkies’ who vanished forever during a ‘Closed Set’ filming of the climax of Daffy’s only talkie ‘Only For The Lonely’? Read the novellas of Fairawayland and discover the mystery if you dare….

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Novella 1: Only For The Lonely

Does the ghost of Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart haunt his studio? Was he murdered or did he commit suicide? And what really happened behind the mysterious vanishing of six famous actors and actresses doomed by sound who vanished forever during a ‘closed set’ filming of the final scene from ‘Only For The Lonely’?

Novella 2: Beyond the Pale of Forgiveness

Young Daffy is a struggling actor at Titan Studios when he agrees to wrote and star in a film recreating the notorious shootout of a Victorian gang of drug smugglers and the heroic policemen who stopped them. But Daffy discovers there is more to the story. In fact, the one criminal arrested for the infamous shootout might actually be innocent. Then who did murder half a dozen people? And is he still alive and ruthless enough to kill to keep the scandal buried? And if this is not enough, Daffy is emotionally embroiled in an affair with an ambitious geisha

Novella 3: The Darkness Inside the Human Heart

Daffy is on loan out to Gigantic Motion Pictures when Fairawayland’s most famous director is found murdered and just about every actor and actress that Daffy is working with appears to be involved. Who really did murder Dean Tanner Cunningham and why?

Novella 4: The Magic of the Movie

Daffy is writing and staring in ‘The Shining Prince’ for Tiger Davies but the imported director is the arrogant Von Haught who has just been thrown out of Hollywood for his extravagance and conceit. And the minor bit-part actor assigned the minor role of the mimic octopus monster is stealing the film in the worst possible way. Method acting is well into the future but Fetcht Maere isn’t just playing the infamous monster. He is becoming the infamous monster

Novella 5: The Trojan Horse

Daffy is the greatest actor in Fairawayland and the top star of Gigantic Motion Pictures. So why isn’t Daffy happy? Well, for one reason his love affair with the aloof Nordic actress nicknamed the ‘Snow Queen’ is floundering disastrously. Another reason is his ambitious adoption of ‘Anna Karenina’ is turning into a nightmare. And the final reason is his suspicion that the producer of Gigantic Motion Pictures is out to get Daffy —- preferably by way of death — Daffy’s death.

Novella 6: Daffy’s Revenge

Sneed, the producer of Gigantic Motion Pictures, has used the coming of sound and ‘talkies’ to destroy every actor and actress he does not like and Daffy tops the list. Daffy is rudely demoted to ‘B Actor’ and assigned a cheap toss- off last silent to end his once glorious career. Daffy and his favorite director highjack the film to a remote site of an experimental molten salt solar power plant where mysterious deaths have been occurring to film a new type of motion picture they call a ‘science fiction horror film’. But is the horror very real and is there really a monster behind the mysterious deaths at remote Solar One Power Plant? And can Daffy stop Sneed’s plan to financially ruin the other four motion picture studios of Fairawayland to seize a total monopoly of Zendula’s motion picture industry? Can Daffy stop Sneed once and for all? Or will Sneed finally and at last achieve his goal of killing Daffy?”

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