Fairawayland Alexei and Anna laughingStories of Old Hollywood

Explore Fairawayland and discover the mystery behind the tragic life and mysterious death of Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart. The ‘Dark Star’ was the 1920’s most famous actor in Fairawayland, the Hollywood of Zendula. Does Daffy still haunt his silent films?

daffy crying cartoonAnd does The Dark Star’s ghost still haunt the moldering ruins of Gigantic’s once mighty film studio and decaying back lots? Was Daffy really murdered? And if so, by whom? And did a nitrate celluloid ghost commit murder? And what really happened to six famous actors and actresses doomed by ‘talkies’ who vanished forever during a ‘Closed Set’ filming of the climax of Daffy’s only talkie ‘Only For The Lonely’? Read the novellas of Fairawayland and discover the mystery if you dare….

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