Illustrations: Religion and Paranormal of Zendula

Enjoy fifty luridly colored illustrations of the Paranormal and Supernatural World of Zendula from the Sacred to the Taboo, from Blessed Virtues to Curses of Damnation, from the Gods to the Demons, from ancient Supernatural entities to modern beings both weird and bizarre, from Elves and Dwarves to Morlocks and Werewolves, from ancient Talismans and Rings to Relics of Damnation, with a detour into the supernatural world of John Nicholson of India thrown in! Then check out Gaslight Gothic Zendula and follow a young Werewolf member of the Thiess Guards (the police of the paranormal and supernatural) as he struggles to do a census of of Zendula’s dragons. The census does not go very well….

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Government of Zendula / Landscapes of Zendula / Zodiac of Zendula / The Great Mutiny of Zendula