Jack Phillips last message to his father

Jack Phillips last message to his father after he was doxed as a British agent. The message was rejected as spam after not being recognized by his father who was presiding over the funeral of his son Jack Phillips at the time of transmission.

Dad! I have been doxed Dad! I have been outed as MI6! I don’t know how or who! Some of my coded emails have been hacked! Others are being rejected as spam! As if being bounced into the digital dead mail box! Everything is unraveling Dad! Everything is going wrong! I could not conform the murder of Young Marlowe but it is very suspicious. I have confirmed that before Young Marlowe vanished off the face of the earth he was taking to a retired British spy, a hit man, called Sidney Fox. But Sidney Fox died in a Japanese bombing of The Havens during WWII! And I have seen him myself! In a selfie taken by the late Kitsume! A face in the digital image is definitely Sidney Fox and his automaton teddy bear Poo Poo! But the image appears and disappears! I can’t explain it! But the entire Kitsume web site and emails and digital images appear haunted and paper different day by day as if ghosts are coming and going. As if it is a Dark Web leading to a netherworld. And people who linger on the site are dying mysteriously! As if the site Fox of Propaganda is haunted!

But I did my assignment! I found the Morlock lair with great difficulty and much suffering. I am suffering badly from frostbite and my feet are entirely black. It is now deadly winter in mountains of The Pale where the Old Citadel is located. Deadly winter! But I successfully infiltrated the stronghold of the Morlocks. That is the nickname for the people who live in the supposedly abandoned subterranean city here in Zendula. But the person I confronted was unexpectedly blasé about my investigation of the ray gun which causes death by spontaneous combustion. She confessed everything with utter nonchalance. The execution of Kitsume by Grade Two Morlock Hunters. The century old murder of Smithiton by Grade Two Morlock Hunters during the hostile take over of Smithiton Steel. She did deny ordering the death of Punk Patriot but that makes no sense because Punk Patriot was a Smithiton trying to expose Durham Mansion Corporation. She does not care if I out them Dad! She is not afraid of anything I might do! Why isn’t she afraid Dad? Why isn’t she afraid of me? Of us? Of you?

Everything is going wrong Dad! It is as if I am vanishing inch by inch! As if everyone is forgetting who I am Dad! My credit cards have been deactivated! My bank account is deactivated. My smart phone has been deactivated!I am reduced to burners! My Google e-mail no longer exists! It is as if I no longer exist! The Embassy does not acknowledge me! People I know walk past me and deny knowing me! My mail is ending up in the Dead Mail Box. My condo was leased out to another after my lease was terminated and my property was tossed as unclaimed! I discovered a newspaper of the Popcon Convention terror attack listing me as a victim! I am not dead! I stopped the suicide by cop loser waving his gun around wildly as his briefcase tumbled open scattering useless Marvel comics everywhere!

Why are you not returning my phone calls Dad? Why aren’t you returning my phone calls? Or my coded emails? My drop box messages? I need to be extracted Dad! You have to extract me! Old Marlowe is too busy trying to extract the Fireman to save me! You have to save me Dad! You know how deadly occupied London is Dad! How deadly the filthy streets are after sundown when the powerless city goes dark as hell and the Ferals come out to feed! The only light after dark is from arson fires which the fire departments no longer deal with. That is not their job anymore! As you know! Their new job is not to stop fires but rather start fires!

The Elephant & Castle Fire Department is hunting down the last illegal treasure house tonight and rumors say Madame X will burn! She has been on the Wanted List for some time. The Monuments Men might not be able to find the fugitive treasure house in time and the Fireman failed to make the rendezvous with Old Marlowe. The fallback rendezvous at Green Park Refugee Camp is too dangerous after nightfall. You know how dangerous occupied London is after the sun goes down and the Ferals crawl out of their holes to feed off the corpses of the dead and dying. You have to extract me Dad! Before the bells toll at Midnight! Before the Morlocks pour out of every sewer and tunnel and burned out Underground Tube station to take back their country!

You have to extract me Dad! Please! Please! Don’t you understand? I am going mad! My nightmares have taken over my life! As if I’m being sucked into an alternative reality Da! You have no idea how strange this country is! Zendula! And anyone connected to Kitsume goes insane and dies mysteriously! Everyone! His handler! His friend who came back after Kitsume’s murder and claimed to have seen him as if a ghost or else a dead man who does not know that he is dead! Then he died mysteriously after going insane! And then Marlowe vanished off the face of the earth while talking to a man who died in WWII! And the site Fox of Propaganda is haunted by weird emails by people using it as a drop box or else a portal into the Dark Web! Messages by dead people! And the site appears to be a portal to an abandoned social media site called Zspace. ZSpace is totally abandoned now but ghosts haunt it Da! And I am going insane like Kitsume!

No! Wait! A writer has kidnapped me Dad! That’s it! He is sucking me into one of his penny dreadfuls Dad! He is highjacking me and turning me into a character from one of his dreadful e-books Dad! I am vanishing into some demented fiction novel Dad! Why aren’t you returning my phone calls? I won’t let Rose turn me into a pulp fiction character! Into some penny dreadful!

I have fulfilled my mission Da so you have to extract me! I confirmed the existence of the ray gun but the Morlocks will never sell it commercially despite being Merchants of War. The Morlock Adriannia Durham Sextex says the ray gun is cursed so while they use it to execute Morlocks who try to escape to the surface they will never sell it commercially. So I have fulfilled my mission Da and you have to extract me! Now Da! Please! I am not going insane! After all! If I was insane or else dead how could the Morlock casually greet me and even know my name? Did she know my name? Wait. I don’t know. She was watching me by external security cameras so I can’t be dead! Right! You have to extract me Da!

I am trying to get back to The Havens. But I am almost 500 miles from the capital city. And it is late autumn in Arcadia and it is already winter in the mountains of The Pale where the secret Citadel is located. But I don’t have any real money and my credit card is deactivated. So I can’t buy bio-fuel for the motorcycle I stole to get to the Citadel, the lair of the Morlocks. I have to walk and it is already turning into winter. Dire winter! I am filthy from living rough and black with frostbite. Everyone who sees me thinks I am a walking dead man. A man who does not know that he is dead. But I am alive! Wait! I can prove it! I met a man fly fishing in the Sacred Grove in Arcadia! We had lunch at his camp site. So I am alive! Right! Except he said the Sacred Grove was restricted to the sick and dying and the dead for the graves of the dead are placed in the branches of great oak trees. And he looked very ill and was taking morphine. And he was confused why I did not see the sacred signs of taboo to warn off the living.

I am not dead Da! I am not dead! I would know it if I was dead! I am not a ghost! I am not dead! And I am not going insane! But people either don’t see me or else they call my Slaugh and throw stones at me as if I am a dead man who does not know that he is dead! There is not more food. No No more supplies. I am reduced to stealing. Not that I am hungry anymore. I feel so cold Da! Since the Popcon convention where I fought a pathetic Fandom Menace nutter waving a gun wildly as his briefcase of unwanted Marvel comics tumbled to the ground. The gun going off between us. Blood all over me. I can’t seen to wash the blood off me Da. I didn’t die Da! I did’t die!

That damn bastard Rose sent me my very last email as my last burner’s power wanes. ’I created you Jack. You are one of my characters. Why won’t you die? I arranged for you to die a hero at Popcon. Why do you refuse to die? You are suppose to die Jack. A character cannot rebel against his creator Jack. But if you are so insistent I will recycle you into another book. Fahrenheit Postdate 2025. You can be the MI5 spy liaison of the Fireman trying to save Madame X from being burned in the last illegal treasure house in occupied London. The Jahiliyyah Morality Police are rushing there to burn the haram Kaffir illegal treasure house and only you can help the Fireman to save Madame X and all of the priceless treasures within including the old madwoman. Will that please you better Jack? Will you come back now and let me write you into a better story?’

Bastard! Bastard! I will come back to The Havens even If I have to walk through show all winter just to kill that penny dreadful hack writer and throw his damn computer out of the window! If necessary I will flee deeper into the Dark Web! Why won’t you extract me Da? Or send Old Marlowe? If Old Marlowe can’t rendezvous with the Fireman at the Green Park Migrant Refugee Camp then can’t Old Marlowe extract me Da? Please Da! Please! You have to extract me! I am vanishing! Vanishing! Vanishing like Younger Marlowe off the face of the earth! Vanishing like the people who leave those last strange emails on the haunted Fox of Propaganda Site. Vanishing like the pathetic lower caste Morlocks who haunt the Fox of Propaganda site or else the abandoned Z Space site. They photoshop their grotesque faces into photographs of happy Normies who have abandoned the site or else are dead. Like grotesque relations no one wants in their grotesque Hawaiian shirts and goggles over pasty faces and albino hair. Like grotesque ghosts who don’t know that they are dead.

My reality is dissolving Da! I am dissolving! You have to extract me Da before I vanish or else go mad! I am vanishing out of reality and being sucked into another place! An alternate reality of occupied London conquered by half a billion Muslim migrants without firing a shot. Half a billion Muslim migrants from all of the failed states of the Third World who just walked in and claimed sanctuary and then simply took our country away from us. No wait. Wait! It is already happening isn’t it? A million migrants a year are just sailing up in their rubber boats and walking on shore and claiming sanctuary and no one can stop it. A million a year. Five million a year. Ten million a year. A hundred million a year. A half a billion a year.…..taking our country away from us. Taking the West away from us.

Displacing us. Replacing us. Erasing us. Driving us away from our capital city. Away from our homes. Into the wilderness. Into the wasteland. The sewers. The WWII survival bunkers. Lurking underground like Morlocks as they confiscate everything from us as if entitled Eloi cavorting in our pleasure domes as they take everything away from us. Our wealth. Our treasures. Our heritage. Our culture. Our country. They are doing that already aren’t they Da? Millions and millions and millions of migrants are just sailing on shore in their cheap rubber boats and casually claiming sanctuary and our government can’t do a thing about it!

They are housing the invaders in luxury hotels and and converted barracks everywhere! Everywhere! All over our country! Overflowing with more and more and more and more invaders! Free luxury digs and free food and free expensive medical care and free dental care and free everything! They don’t have to work or qualify or anything! Instant promotion to an elite Advanced World lifestyle like Eloi! And they can’t be deported and won’t be deported and they just keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming!

They take selfies and post them to alert their families and tribes to ‘Come on in! It is wide open! And everything is free! Free! Free!’ And every hotel is full and they are shoving the migrants everywhere! A village of a thousand British souls will have five hundred migrants posted there in a month! Then every British village will have 500 migrants shoved there! A thousand migrants shoved there! Fifty thousand shoved migrants there! Half a million migrants! A Million migrants! Ten million migrants! A hundred million migrants! As we are taxed and taxed and taxed as our economy tanks! It was was costing us a million a month. Now it is a billion a month! Soon it will be a billion a day! Then a trillion a day! And the government says there is nothing they can do! Will do! As the invaders march in and take our country away from us!

Soon the government will be shoving the invaders into improved migrant camps everywhere! Plowing up city parks like Green Park to become migrant camps! Converting bankrupt tourist hotels into migrant camps! Converting railroad terminals into migrant camps! Ordering the British people to accept a migrant into their homes for the temporary emergency! For the Greater Good! Then five migrants into their homes. Then ten migrants into their homes. Fifty migrants into their homes. A hundred migrants into their homes! Then the British people will be ordered to surrender their homes entirely to the migrants! Until every home and mansion and condo and estate home and hotel and building is overflowing with half a billion migrants! After all Da! the UN population projection is between five and ten billion Third World migrants by just the middle of this century Da! And they will all be invading …..us….everywhere….in the Advanced World foolish enough to open their borders to the invaders! After all Da! Why wouldn’t they? The borders are wide open! And our governments are simply allowing the invasion to happen and passively giving the invaders everything! And we the citizens cannot do a damn thing because we are already living under de facto martial law! The only people not under martial law are the invaders! They are above the law and beyond the law and outside the law! They are the new Eloi!

Someone has to fight the invasion Da! someone has to fight the occupation! Our leaders have betrayed us Da! We are being occupied by invaders Da and we are not even able to put up a fight! We are surrendering our nation and every nation of the West without even putting up a fight Da! The UN and EU and WTO and WEF are demanding open borders Da! The Hague Tribunal say we have no right to turn anyone away from a Third World fail state and if we shower the invaders with free stuff so they can live as rich as kings here on the dole while devouring our taxes why not come? Come by the millions! Come by the tens of millions! Come by the hundreds of millions! Come by the billions! And devour us down to the bones of the carcass like Eloi! With us reduced to Morlocks! With us reduced to disenfranchised slaves! Morlocks toiling and slaving in misery and humiliation as the New Eloi wallow on the dole in our pleasure domes as we surrender everything and cower in the sewers and toil in the filthy darkness to hand over everything to the invaders! The New Eloi!

Someone has to fight to save our treasures and our heritage until we can talk our country back again! We have to fight Da! We have to fight to save our besieged country Da! We are being invaded without firing a shot Da! MI5 has to lead the Resistance Da! We have to lead the resistance Da! You have to extract me Da! You and Old Marlowe! I have to organize the Monuments Men to save our national treasures! Our museums! Our books and art and music and paintings! Or priceless relics and vandalized monuments. I have to get back Da! You have to extract me Da! To organize the Monuments Me against the Jahiliyyah Morality Police who use the fire departments not to save price art but rather to burn priceless art! To burn the Kufr Najis filthy Jahiliyyah alien barbaric pollution declared haram by Islam! The Islamist Fanatics are filling the fire engine pumps and hoses with kerosene to set fire to our treasure houses! Our churches! Our grand old edifices! They are burning them all!

Da! We have to stop them! They are melting the church bells and tearing down our crosses and burning down our churches or else turning them into mosques! They are looting our great bastions! And they have killed our Royal Family! They have forbidden our language and holidays and outlawed our history and heritage and culture as Kufr! As Najis! As Jahiliyyah! Sharia rules and a Caliph resides at Buckingham Palace and the traitor who sold out our nation works for his new master! We have to fight back Da! We have to organized the Resistance! Even if the corrupt elite and the quislings and the traitors have sold us out we have to fight Da! We have to form the Resistance!

We can call ourselves The Morlocks! We can set up camps in the wilderness and the waste places! We can pilfer part of the military supplies before the traitors order them surrendered! We can sabotage the infrastructure to make their lives hell on earth! We can paralyze them by devastating telecommunications and blowing up power towers and 5G towers! We can blow up the computers and servers outside of isolated complexes of servers we can control! We can shut down or kill the quislings of the Civil Service! We can blow up fuel pumps and oil pipelines except for our own bases! We can shut down the Channel tunnel! Fight in the countryside where the invaders are weaker! We can kill the collaborators! Highjack the farms to divert food only for us! We can consolidate the countryside because the invaders always hunker down in the cities! That is their Achilles heel! Cut off the roads! Trap them in the moldering cites! Besiege them by simply cutting off infrastructure and food and energy and transport and fuel and supplies! The Eloi are Third World parasites! They think they can just seize control of our pleasure domes and snap their fingers and expect their Dhimmi to kowtow and grovel and hand over everything like Morlocks! But we are industrial creatures and this is our country! And while our leaders are traitors we will fight back!

Next we can seize control of the London Underground by blocking the exits and concocting a lethal bio gas. They are illiterate Third World invaders so we can call it a deadly underground industrial miasma that is lethal. So they will want to block up the exits to the seemingly deadly Underground to save themselves even if they hunker down in the decaying and filthy terminals. We can blow miasma gas out tainted with colors and smells that are sinister to kill them but more importantly scare them into allowing us to take total control of the Underground Tube Network! Once we secure the Underground which links to the old WW II survival bunkers we and sewers and utility infrastructure and mazes of underground tunnels to basement lairs we an control the entire subterranean London!

Then we can gas the invaders of out the sealed up and abandoned hotel terminals that sit on top of the exits to the Underground in order to create huge barricaded barb wired protected fortress to fight the enemy occupying the surface! We can put signs up to scare the illeterates with skulls and gas masks! We can vent out the miasma to scare them away as we retrofit the abandoned hotels that sit on top of the big Underground and railroad Terminals into our fortresses! They can have the dying city! We will control the key infrastructure to power our underground lairs as the surface molders and rots! We will seal up the sewer drains so the sewage of hundreds of millions of invaders hunkering down everywhere will flood the city and kill them! Tis a pity the river will turn into a deadly cholera and typhoid river of death but that will kill them too! No power! No clean water! No functioning sewers! Our NHS is already close to collapse and it will be collapsed! A place were the dying to to die! No electricity! No machinery that works! No escape as the railroads are blocked and the dirt roads turn into Mad Max! So the invaders will be trapped in the moldering rotting cities with nothing but each other to eat!

We can kill the Eloi every night! We can gas them with the miasma bio warfare agent to turn them into the walking dead! The Slaugh! Yea! Yea! Even if the quislings and the traitors working with the Radical Islamists shove half a billion migrants into our country’s cities we can unleash a bio weapon to kill enough of the invaders so we can mount a counter attack and take our country back again! But what will the miasma gas be? We can distill the cholera and typhoid and small pox and incurable syphilis along with the Syrian flesh eating parasites coming in with the migrants which are killing us and we can mix and distill lit into a a mega bio weapon! We can distill a vaccine that only we can use to immunize us!

Then we can unleash the deadly miasma on the invaders! Turn them into the Walking Dead! Turn them into Revenants! Zombies! Like what the fools think I am! The Slaugh Unforgiving Dead! The Ferals! Their brains so rotted out with syphilis and their flesh so gangrenous they will look like Zombies! With all of the unburied corpses piling up everywhere the city will become a Medina Trench for them! An open grave full of corpses of them! And as we cut off all supplies we can stave them until they will eat the rats eating the corpses as if Eloi Soylent Green! And the Ferals will eat the corpses of the living and the dying and the dead! And as law and order breaks down the Eloi will turn into Muslim Mad Max Mayhem while we organize a black market of medical supplies to blackmail the oligarchs in their pilfered mansions to hand over everything they stole from us bit by bit!

We can start by unleashing the miasma gas in a grossly crowded migrant center. It would have to be inside to control the gas. It should be the most crowded migrant center that is breaking down as toilets overflow and sanitation is overwhelmed. The Pancras Staton Refugee Camp would be perfect! Pancras bio weapon gas could be released inside the crowded terminal where the traitors are shoving thousands of migrants overflowing the temporary migrant camp set up at Green Park. Because of the chaos every migrant camp is overflowing and everything is breaking down but we need to test the bio weapon there first and then call it a natural miasma of cholera and typhoid such as Third World illiterates still believes exists. We will blow up the overwhelmed hospital supplies while we distribute vaccines to protect only ourselves. By now the doctors being drafted like slaves to toil for the invaders will side with us enthusiastically! We can create a distinctive color and smell to the Pancras Miasma that warns of its lethalness to train the Eloi like Pavlov’s dogs so the Eloi will flee at the first smell of the gas. Thus we can secure every piece of the infrastructure we want to take over everything connected to Subterranean London! That way we can secure the entire subterranean London as our Morlock stronghold!

We can use the Pancras miasma bio weapon to protect our bigger museums. Vent out the gas and then fake as fire or explosion so the invaders will assume the museum is doomed. Litter corpses outside to scare them away. The British Museum already has massive underground emergency vaults but Tate will be vulnerable. We need an insider in the Fire Department to help us. And the smaller treasure houses will be even harder to defend. The private homes of old tycoons that were private collections. They are scattered all over the larger London map. These treasure houses will be harder for my Monuments Men to protect. But if we have an insider or double agent in the fire department he can give us warning to rush our Monuments Men there first to protect the illegal treasure houses. Fake explosions. Fake fires. That’s it! That’s it! Da! Da! You or else Old Marlowe have to extract me! Now! I can’t get back home to London from here unless I use the Dark Web! That would be so dangerous Da!

I have to get back Da! You have to extract me! I have to set up my part of the Resistance Da! The Monuments Men! To guard our treasure houses and museums! To organize the black market to extort oligarchs into hanging over priceless loot they have stolen for precious medicines and fuel to escape the doomed city. And I have to turn at least one insider of one fire department into our double agent! If we can get an double agent inside the Elephant and Castle Fire Department I can organize counter attacks or fake fires and gas attacks when the come to burn our museums and treasure houses!

You have to extract me Da! So I can organize the Monuments Men and my double agent in the Elephant and Castle Fire Department. The Fireman! I know someone! Hie is schizophrenic. Split personality. Three minds inside one fractured brain from a lifetime of abuse by a brutal Muslim thug. One person who thinks he is three people! One is a devout Muslim but homosexual which is haram. I know the young man he loves fugitively. I can exploit the forbidden love! The second is a small brutalized child who cries unless he precious haram sock monkey is by his side. But he smiles so angelically everyone is fooled by him. And the third is a disillusioned British atheist. He is the dominate personality of the three people who together are the Fireman. He is brutally murderous to defend what he believes are his younger brother and kid brother. A ruthless killer if cornered. But high functioning and cunning and deceitful. He is in love with a Sikh girl who loathes all Muslims as they invade Albion. He would do anything for her. For her. I can turn him Da! You have to extract me Da! or get Old Marlowe to extract me Da! I have to get back to London Da!

Why aren’t you extracting me Da? Are you still there at MI5? Or has the invaders attacked MI5? Have they killed you Da? Is that why you can’t extract me? Is MI5 compromised or in hiding? Are you dead Da? Is Old Marlowe dead? Or are you arrested Da? I will get back somehow Da! I will get back to London somehow! Even if I have to crawl on my black and rotting hands and knees though snow and ice! Even if I have to crawl through the Dark Web to elude the computer chips and circuit boards and the digital codes of the computer program writing that penny dreadful. I will shoot Rose and escape somehow! Back to occupied London to fight the Muslim occupiers holding my city and my country hostage! I will fight to take my country back again! Goodbye Da!


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Professor Rose is a historian and archeologist of Zendula. After an illustrious career as a self admitted second tier scholar he retired. Then like so many academics he turned to writing of a more creative bend which combines his love of Zendulan history with fiction and art. He is determined to fictionalized the key eras of the history of Zendula from the moment of mythic creation to the modern day. Let’s hope his health holds out! Prof Rose is 63 years old and a widower. Prof Rose presently lives in The Havens which is the capital of Zendula.

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