I. Get to know Zendula through illustration

Follow the links below to view slideshows of the amazing and unique illustrations by J.E.F. Rose

The Government of Zendula

Religion and Paranormal of Zendula

The landscapes of Zendula

The Zodiac of Zendula

II. Get to know Zendula through stories

Follow the links below to read stories by J.E.F. Rose from various ages in Zendulian history


(Coming soon!)

1st Age: The Age of City States

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2nd Age: The Empire of Gildagad the Great

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3rd Age: Decline and Fall of the Empire, Darkness, and Barbarians

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4th Age: The Age of Restoration (Renaissance)

The Rise and Fall of the Swell Mob of the Seven Dials

Book only Edition

Illustrated Edition

Tournament of Shadows

Book 1: A Necklace Worth Dying For

Book 2: The Siege of Delhi

Book 3: The Dance of Destruction

The Secret Reports Concerning Crown Prince Rudolph: Adopted From Misfiled Reports By and About Crown Prince Rudolph

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

Book 8


Complete Edition (all 8 books + Addendum)

5th Age: The Modern Era

Fairawayland novela series: stories of old Hollywood

Only For The Lonely (Book 1)

Beyond The Pale Of Forgiveness (Book 2)

The Darkness Inside The Human Heart (Book 3)

The Magic Of The Movie (Book 4)

The Trojan Horse (Book 5)

Daffy’s Revenge (Book 6)

(more coming soon!)

6th Age: The Millennium

Fahrenheit Postdate 2025: A Nightmare Quartet Of The Future Of Europe

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Book 1: The Fiendish Machine

Book 2: The Wolf Age of Garmr

Book 3: The Dire Wolf Fenrir

Book 4: The Fiery Sword of Ragnarok

(more coming soon!)

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