Jack Philips delusional blog on Fox of Propaganda

Someone is after me! Someone is trying to kill me! You don’t have to be paranoid to suspect someone is trying to kill you! Someone is trying to kill me! 

Listen! I am not crazy! Listen! Listen! This site is haunted. Everyone who posts on this blog is dead. And now the people who killed Kitsume are after me. All of that pathetic LARPer’s delusional ravings are true. There really is a weapon of mass destruction which causes death by spontaneous combustion. I saw his corpse! He was burned alive! The same as the Guttersnipes which he was investigating. Guttersnipes who long ago were executed by the Morlocks of Wellus House by spontaneous combustion —- at least according to old urban myths.  And now Young Marlowe is vanished. And Kitsume’s friend who tried to continue this site has been locked away as insane. This site is haunted!

Look! Let me present the facts of the case! I am not insane! I am not insane! You must believe me! I am not insane!

Let me start at the beginning. I am calm now. I am going to explain everything to you. And then you will see that I am sane and everything I have seen is true. And this site is indeed haunted and everyone who lingers here is damned. Destroyed.

This site is a secret blog kept by Kitsume. He posted it on line just before he died. Kitsume was a pathetic cretin. Or at least that is what everyone originally thought he was. Everyone from Punk Patriot on down assumed Kitusme was just a pathetic LARPer pretending to be some Minister of Propaganda. We all laughed at him. He was the joke of the Media Tent during the Moon Protests. No one took him seriously. At least not until he implicated in the murder of first Tagger and then Punk Patriot. His vanishing after her assassination all but proved his implication in her murder. Which of course put into question Tagger’s murder. Shot in the back! Only a coward would shoot someone in the back! Then Kitsume’s handler was pushed off the balcony of his luxury condo in the tallest and most expensive skyscraper on The Heights. And just before he died the doorman saw Kitsume enter the elevator to go up to the penthouse suite. And the dead man who plunged to his death thirty stories straight down was Kitsume’s old advertising boss who was also directly implicated with the Chief Navigator who was trying to wage a coup after the King of Zendula was assassinated. Kitsume was up to his pathetic neck in the coup! He was the insider double agent Judas working for the scumbags! This grotesque web site is not the belated delusional ravings of a LARPer but the very real confessions of a murderer! Don’t be fooled by his erratic gibbering and delusional claims and self serving confessions of being a pawn! He was up to his neck in the coup! But there is more!

I have discovered that the erratic messages on the message board are being left by people using this dead site as a messaging relay post. And these messages are being routed to the dark web via an abandoned social media site called Zspace. Zendula’s old version of Myspace. Ignore the weird purchases of comics and Hawaiian shirts. You need to look between the lines to read the real intent. People are buying and selling dangerous things coached as ‘comics’ and ‘Hawaiian shirts’. This is an auction site for black market weapons of mass destruction pilfered out of Wellus House International! The most notorious Merchants of Death! The largest manufacturer of weapons in the world!

I have traced these sinister voyeurs photoshopping their grotesque images into abandoned social media photos of Normies even deeper in the Dark Web where they lurk. To weapons which cause death by spontaneous combustion. What a horrible way to die! Don’t you see? It is the ideal weapon! It destroys only the immediate area around the incinerated carcass and not the valuable real estate. If this could be developed as a larger prototype it would be the perfect replacement for a nuclear bomb. No radiation or destruction whatsoever! And who would volunteer to fight against an army armed with such weapons? Bullets? Sure? But to burn alive in five minutes as blue flames explode out of your chest? No way! Who ever wins this Dark Web auction will win the conquest of the world! 

And I have confronted a Morlock inside her bastion at the Old Citadel. It isn’t some abandoned city radioactive and lethally polluted with industrial contamination! I entered a gigantic greenhouse edifice encasing a paradise. As if something out of Brave New World or  else The Time Machine!  And  I met a Morlock! The Morlock who is killing her way to the top of the corporate ladder to control Wellus House International! She confessed everything to me. The entire conspiracy! But she laughed and bragged that she did not have to kill me. She would simply discredit me by digitally editing my social media to make me appear to be insane. And she has falsified my injury which I sustained during the recent Islamic terror attack as a fatal injury. She has bribed the hospital and morgue to say I am dead. I am not dead! I am not another ghost haunting this haunted web site! I am alive! But now even my father who works back at MI 6 in London believes I am dead. My obituary has been posted in the Times London. Not that I was —- am —— a spy of course! Just that I am a graduate of Oxbridge. My credit is stopped. My cell phone is stopped. The Embassy here doesn’t acknowledge me. My own father doesn’t acknowledge me! Everything about me has been edited or deleted or else terminated. She is literally turning me into a dead man! A ghost haunting this grotesque web site! 

And some old writing hack of ebooks called J E F Rose claims that I am nought but an invention of his fiction! A make believe character in one of his digital penny dreadfuls! In fact he is boasting he is writing me into his latest opus of 2nd rate melodrama called Fahrenheit Postdate 2025! And the weird thing is I have actually started to dream I really am back in London. But not my London. Some nightmare dystopia London of the future where hundreds of millions of Third World migrants have overwhelmed my country and overthrown my government and where Islamic radicals have conquered my city! And my London has turned into some grotesque nightmare fail state!

Look! There is a saying: import the Third World and you turn into the Third World. And I admit that the UN Agenda 21 and the purposed UN Migration Treaty will allow unlimited migration from the Third World. And UN population projections say the Third Third will be 7 billion by just the middle of this century. But this nightmare can’t happen! The leaders of the West won’t allow one billion or two billion or unlimited billions of Third World migrants casually walk into the West and conquer it without the West firing a shot! Our leaders are not cynical Judases plotting the destruction of the West just so they can loot the bones of the carcass!

But I keep seeing some sinister dark helmeted Fireman lurking in the devastation of the destroyed city. A destroyed city which looks like London. A London of some nightmare future. He keeps confronting me! He keeps accusing me of working for MI 5 when I work for MI 6! And demanding that I contact his handler Old Marlowe to extract him before the chimes toll at midnight and the Morlocks raise up from the sewers and the abandoned ruins of a destroyed city to wage war to take their country back again!

It feels so real. The nightmares. It started as if vivid nightmares. But now even in the middle of the day I see it. This nightmare future London of utter devastation. Overwhelmed and conquered by the Third World. The Islamic Thirds World. The Black Flag of Islam flying from Buckingham Palace. And this Muslim fireman keeps raving that his fire department is going out tonight on another mission to burn the last illegal cache of pre-Islamic conquest of Western Kaffir London to the ground! Shouting that I must warn the mad old Kaffir infidel that she is about to be burned alive with her forbidden cache of haram jahiliyyah art and CDs and DVDs and records and the debris of pre-Islamic conquest Western civilization and especially her thousands of haram books. All to be incinerated to ash and cinder! Madame X is about to die horribly!

I feel as if I am vanishing. No one appears to acknowledge my existence. My own father believes I am dead. Everyone believes I am dead. Bit by bit every evidence of my existence is being edited out of social media and government records. Even personal records. Every photograph of me is vanishing! Every bit of evidence that I ever existed is vanishing! My trip back from the Old Citadel was hell on earth. No one seems to see me. I have to steal to survive. Not even security cameras appear able to see me. I don’t know when I last ate. But I don’t feel hunger anymore and my feet are so frozen I have lost all sensation. The only thing that appears real anymore are my nightmares of London in 2025. A nightmare world as vivid as this world is vanishing. Dissolving. As if I am vanishing. As I am dissolving. As if a rotting corpse who does not know he is dead.

“I mean to confront this hack writer Rose at his office at some second rate college of The University of The Havens and demand that he stop writing about me as if some rebellious fictional character who refuses to die per some insane plot device! I am not going to be sucked into his Fahrenheit Postdate 2025! I am still alive! I am real! I am real! I am not a fictional character rebelling against his creator like Frankenstein’s Monster! I am not some Fireman’s liaison to save some mad old horder of forbidden art and books from incineration! When do Firemen burn down museums and caches of priceless treasures?

London can’t be conquered! It is impossible for Islam to rule Great Britain! Europe! The West! The West can’t be conquered by migrants from Third World failed states! Devouring into some deconstructed, post industrial failed state! Great Britain is a super power! It can’t be conquered by penniless, illiterate, and diseased migrants from Third World shit states! It is not possible! There isn’t any such military conquest or even demographic conquest or insane New and Improved Kalergi Plan 2.0! There is no Islamic Fireman shouting for me to warn some crazy old woman in her moldering old mansion in the outskirts of London that the Islamic Morality Police are coming to burn her Najis and Jahiliyyah alien barbaric pollution to ash and cinder! I am still alive! I am real! And I saw the Morlocks in their secret bastion in the towering mountains of The Pale! I meet her! The Morlock killing her way up the corporate ladder of Wellus House! And I saw Kitsume’s corpse! Burned alive! He died of spontaneous combustion! And the Dark Web is a maze leading me down deeper and deeper and deeper into a dark place where I do not want to be!….

Some examples of email messages on site:

Does anyone other than me think this abandoned site is weird? Who is hosting it now that everyone connected to it is dead?” Joey Z

“Kitsume was a traitor. I hope he burns in the Fiery Fissure. Ripley Q

None of the entries posted on this site since the grisly death of Kitsume make any sense. Who are these people? Who is running this site now? I think someone has highjacked this site to use it as a portal into the Dark Web. If so it should be shut down immediately. Hatchet

Zspace is still open for business and is not abandoned. Please use this site to reach Zspace. Morlock Central.

“Whoever has highjacked this abandoned site of a dead man should cease forthwith! I am not saying this site is haunted but it becoming creepy. Knight of Kek.

“Zspace is an abandoned social media platform and no one is there anymore. Whoever is using this site to go there should be advised that Zspace is dead. The social media pages there are dead. Everyone is dead. The pictures and photos are of dead people. It is a dead site. Going there would be like spelunking some abandoned old hotel or exploring some abandoned old mansion. I am not saying it is haunted but if a digital web platform could be haunted Zspace is haunted. Do not go there! Tagger’s Doppelgänger

Dear Morlock Central. I wish to purchase some more Hawaiian shirts for my compatriots. When is the latest comic available? I do not want Miss Marvel. I want the new serial The War of the Worlds. Zok.

Dear Morlock Central. I hear that you have more Hawaiian shirts available for purchase. Are they the promotional tie-ins for the upcoming War of the Worlds?” I do not wish for any other product at this time but am ready to make a bid at the upcoming auction. Zakak.

Dear Morlock Central. I have just been directed here from Zspace. I hear this site hosts a silent auction of samples of comic tie-ins for the upcoming War of the Worlds. I would like to see a sample before I make my bid. “Xox.

“Dear Morlock Central. I have seen your advertising on Zspace. The photograph is blurry. But I am definitely interested in consumer products relating to the upcoming Marvel War of the Worlds. But I need to know how many Hawaiian shirts are available and in what sizes. Voxtek.

Dear Morlock Central. Have any of you seen my son Jack Philips? Please contact me at my home in London. Mr Philips. 285 Mews Green. Blackheath London England.

Dear Mr Philips. Don’t you remember? You never had a son who visited Zendula during the Moon Riots. J E F Rose.

Dear Mr Rose. Just because all physical and digital evidence as been erased that does not mean that my memories have been erased. I had a son called Jack who was sent to Zendula on a confidential mission. Now he has vanished off the face of the earth. Mr Philips. 285 Mews Green. Blackheath London England.

Dear Mr Philips. I suggest you try deeper into the Dark Web. But I would not advise it. Let sleeping dogs lie. J E F Rose. 

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Professor Rose is a historian and archeologist of Zendula. After an illustrious career as a self admitted second tier scholar he retired. Then like so many academics he turned to writing of a more creative bend which combines his love of Zendulan history with fiction and art. He is determined to fictionalized the key eras of the history of Zendula from the moment of mythic creation to the modern day. Let’s hope his health holds out! Prof Rose is 63 years old and a widower. Prof Rose presently lives in The Havens which is the capital of Zendula.

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