4th Age: The Age of Restoration

Welcome to the 4th Age of Zendulian History!
This is the Age of Restoration (Renaissance)

Original illustrations by J.E.F. Rose portraying the age:

J.E.F. Rose has published three books on this time period so far:

The Rise & Fall of the Swell Mob of the Seven Dials

An epic steampunk novel (Imagine if Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist as a steampunk novel)

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Tournament of Shadows:

A Detour Into Adventure In India In The Midst Of A Most Tragic Civil War

Follow Bill Sikes the Nineteenth Century Cat Burglar and Jewel Thief Extraordinaire as he corner’s India’s famous jewel market in 1856 while rumors of civil war circulates among the scared elite and the British Military secretly prepares to fight for their lives against a Wahhabist conspiracy to wage jihad. All as India careens into a bloody civil war and armies crash together in battlefields and sieges as the first state of the art rifle makes its appearance on the world’s stage and unleashes modern warfare as we know it: the Enfield Rifle.

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The Secret Reports Concerning Crown Prince Rudolph:

Adopted From Misfiled Reports By and About Crown Prince Rudolph

These ebooks will document the adventures of Crown Prince Rudolph. Each ebook will cover a historic part of his life as well as uncover undisclosed adventures never before revealed including exciting steampunk and paranormal adventures.

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