The Mystery of Burke and Hanning

A doomed expedition, a ghost ship, and the discovery of Lost Hyperborea

Ghost Ship Novel

Ghost Ship tells the story about a cursed Nineteenth Century ship that proves to be too unsinkable as it drags its trapped crew of naval explorers into the icy clutches of Arctic ice floes of Damnation Land. Only two men manage to escape the deadly snares of the cursed ship. Now they must dog sled south over a thousand miles of fearsome wilderness, primeval beasts, and frightening beings no civilized person has seen before. During their desperate escape Burke and Hanning stumble onto a lost prehistoric city half buried in ice and snow which is Lost Hyperborea. The lost city known in ancient myths as Asgard. The ancient city of the Gods! What they find is both wondrous and terrifying. All as they fight each other as well as the deadly elements while they map their desperate trek. All as they try to escape the fearsome Dire Wolves which are not only sentient but Werewolves. Burke also learns Hanning’s secret: he too is a Werewolf! Meanwhile, a modern expedition is close to finding the cursed ship Great Westward. And the closer to the ghost ship the modern expedition gets the frightening the paranormal dangers become…..for not only is the ghost ship cursed, it is now the icy tomb of the Slaugh Unforgiving Dead!

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