Gaslight Gothic Zendula: Illustrations

J.E.F. Rose wrote and illustrated a trilogy called Gaslight Gothic Zendula. Here on this page you can view the original illustrations from the book, divided into galleries.

Enjoy! Comment below on your favorite!

Gallery: Airships

Gallery: Allusia the Princess Royal, alias: The Cat

Gallery: Bear Sherker

Gallery: Chief Navigator Hood

Gallery: Eald Black Theri Anthrope

Gallery: King Astel

Gallery: Lady Desiree Manchinati

Gallery: Lady Flavia

Gallery: Lir

Gallery: Love Triangle

Gallery: Other Characters

Gallery: Prince Arthur Dagmar Astel aka ADA

Gallery: Prince Puski

Gallery: Robota

Gallery: Spies

Gallery: The Black Astels

Gallery: Supernatural and Paranormal

Links of Interest

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Book 1: Walking In The Footprints Of Magic (coming soon!)

Book 2: The Prisoner Of Fate (coming soon!)

Book 3: The Face In The Mirror (coming soon!)

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