Farenheit Postdate 2025

farenheit-2025-man-tunnelA Nightmare Quartet Of The Future Of Europe

Fan-fiction novels by J.E.F. Rose available now

These e-books portray London in 2025 when Great Britain and Europe have become transformed into Eurabia. It is seen through the eyes of a doomed Muslim fireman as he wanders the nightmare world of Soylent Green ravished London covered by millions and millions of starving Muslim migrants as his unconscious footsteps are drawn toward a hidden bastion: The Last Treasure House of Lost Europe.


What will he discover in that doomed place as one of the last decrepit Baby Boomers reveals the last fragile treasures of Western Civilization to a fireman whose job it is to incinerate the haram Najis filthy, Kufr tainted, Jahiliyyah barbarity which Lost Europe incarnates?

Illustrations, plot, and FREE book downloads here

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