For the steampunk genre, J.E.F. Rose has published 4 books, a short story, and produced a one-of-a-kind art piece.

I. The Rise and Fall of the Swell Mob of the Seven Dials


II. Walking in the Footprints of Magic (Book 1 of the Gaslight Gothic Zendula)


III. The Prisoner of Fate (Book 2 of the Gaslight Gothic Zendula)


IV. The Face in the Mirror of Magic (Book 3 of the Gaslight Gothic Zendula)


V. Fin de Siecle (Short story and prequel to Gaslight Gothic Zendula)


VI. Captain Nemo’s Armory

Art piece to be entered at the 2021 San Diego Count Fair’s Fine Art Show

Featuring four steampunk ray guns, goggles, magnifying glasses, cigarette case, spectacles case, workable gears inside and outside, as well as steampunk Edison light fixtures.

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